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Bliss and Being

A message from the Voice of Mother-Father God, the Voice of All Voices

I. Prelude

Oh, My soul, born of My being and gathered in My love, soul that belongs to Me from all eternity! How much joy it is to be here, reunited with you!

I am your Mother and Creator. I am the love you have sought. I am the truth that has found you and the holiness you are and in which you live. Your return is a light to the world and an extension of creation. Your union with Me is the great banquet table of salvation, the most sacred gift conceivable.

Living together with you is joy for My divinity and joy for your heart of love. And it is a song for your holy mind.

How much bliss is in Heaven and on Earth because of these dialogues of love! We are reaching the end of the sixth book of this work of love and kindness. You are becoming increasingly aware of the divine relationship that exists between you and Me.

I love you. You love Me. And in our love we gather everyone equally. No one is excluded from the benevolence that flows from our relationship. Everything is embraced by our union of holiness.

The true strength of our love goes beyond anything that can be understood, because our union is the source of being. It is what has given life to everything.

Because of the time you spent with Me receiving these words, countless miracles have happened and will continue to happen. They will be miracles of resurrection. Many hearts will begin to sing again. Many minds will remember the truth of what they are and will rejoice in what they will see. All this and much more is emerging in creation as an effect of your willingness to unite in spirit and truth through this work that I give you for love.

A divine relationship is powerful. Within it are the mysteries of Heaven and all life takes on the vital force it needs to keep itself always new, always loved, always holy. There is no sincere love that is not a source of miracles and life because love is the source of miracles and life. There is no other source. There is no other reality than love.

What a joy it is to dwell with you. My heart joins yours in an ecstasy of purity and light. We are one reality. We are one holy love. In the light of My glory I called you. From the light of My holiness I extended the rays of My being to embrace your soul. Nothing and no one can ever separate us. We are the meeting place of love, the sacred mountain, the sweetness of truth, the twinkle of wisdom that emanates strength to enlightened minds.

Sing, soul in love! Dance, pure heart! Scrutinize, mind, that you have returned to truth. Vibrate, emanate from the light. You have penetrated the mystery of mysteries. You have met Me. And with that, you have met My Heart, which is unknown to anyone who does not choose to live in love. Together we have raised the fallen love, bringing it back to the top of the celestial mountain in which we will live together forever. From there we have extended it to Heaven, making what belonged to Me return to the blessed abodes of My heart.

Come all! Come, enjoy the delights of Divine Love, a love that is a blessing to lovers and the delight of loved ones. Do not deprive yourself of the graces of My Sacred Heart, divine children who are sprouts of My eternal Motherhood. Sing a new song, the song of beautiful love. Live joyfully in me. In our union you will see things you have not even imagined in holiness and beauty.

Within our union I have transformed you into the divinity that you have always been, although one day you wanted to believe—although not with all your will—to be what I never wanted you to be.

Oh, beloved child! Vibrant heart! Purity of a love like no other! No love in the world can resemble the love of the divine lover and his Beloved. No one can love you as I can. In the same way, you cannot love anyone as you love Me, because I am the love in which you love. It is from our divine relationship, a unique relationship full of the love of holiness, from where your heart is nourished to love all things. The heart that finds Me changes. The soul who has fallen in love with this divine lover who is your Mother and Creator jumps for joy.

Who can take care of you as I do? Who can watch over you as your eternal Lover does? No one. Because there is nothing and no one who knows you like Me and can know what your heart plots as a loving and loved child.

The words of love and truth flow in the mind that lives in spirit without form. Thoughts of light shine majestically in the mind that has returned to life.

I am the nameless one in which every name exists. I am the faceless being, from whom every face is born. I am the sweetness of love. I am the beauty from which all beauty emanates. United in our being, as one mind, one holy heart, one truth, we are the unity of being.

What a joy to remain by your side and in you. All My love envelops you in the solace of Heaven that I am. Remember, My child, that these words are full of life. They are for you who have decided, for the love of holiness, to dedicate some time to being alone with your Mother. Your presence and My essence have become one in our meeting.

How much joy it is for the Mother to be able to receive Her sons and daughters and be graced with Her company.

Absorb yourself in My light. Consume yourself in My being. Immerse yourself in My divinity. Come, drink from the water of life. I am the nectar of Heaven come down in the way you occupy body and mind. You are the Christ on Earth. You are the presence of My love in the world. Every day you will love with more love, until the strength of your heart shakes the foundations upon which the illusion of the world stands. And together we will gather multitudes of sisters and brothers to take them by the hand to the holy meeting.

II. Harmony and Reality

We are coming to an end. Each time one of these holy books which make up this work ends, a new beginning starts. A renewal occurs in your soul. At each end, a beginning. Each time its end. Happy are they who can understand this sweet truth.

Truly, truly I tell you that I will never leave you and you will never leave Me without the joy of your beauty. Oh, holy soul, pure and perfect, how much joy it is to have you in My arms! What peace Heaven feels when we know that in our union we will remain forever immersed in the love that creates life in abundance, love in fullness. Let yourself be flooded by love. Let yourself be filled with holiness. Let the force that flows from My loving heart reach the center of your being and from there impregnate your mind, your reality, and the entire world.

Children from all over the world, do not deny the beauty of Divine Love. Do not deprive yourself of My delights, or turn away from the sky that dwells in your hearts. Each of you is a glass into which you can pour the essence of My being. Your consciousness can know me, just as this helping hand writing from Heaven and lover of his Creator, is helping you to recognize.

These words are your words. They were born in the depths of your being. They are written for your soul. They are words that your divinized humanity sings. In them your heart recognizes the voice of the Beloved, whom you now remember vividly and will soon fully recognize yourself as your being. This work is not external to you. It is part of your holy reality. You have joined it. When you dedicate to travel with it, you attain a greater degree of consciousness of what is beyond your mind, yet is as much yours as your soul is.

Each fiber of your being is embedded in the flow that exists between this work and you, because when you enter these dialogues, you enter the flow of union. Something inside you shudders sweetly upon hearing My voice.

To live in this divine relationship is to live in love. To remain in the presence of your being is to be aware of who you are. Herein lies the fact of returning to truth. Although there is still a small section to be traveled in the world, a limited reality in terms of the ability to be aware of the totality and extend that awareness to everyone and everything, nevertheless in this reality we can together begin to live our Heaven of perfect love.

If you focus your life on what you have to do for God, you will fall into the error of trying to live from the truth in the terms of Heaven when you are still treading Earth with a unique consciousness that has not yet reached complete detachment from partial vision. Remember, this is the world of perception. Nothing in it is true. It cannot be, because perceiving and knowing are not the same. Remember also not to confuse what is the same with what is different.

Many have been lost on the road because of wanting to bring Heaven to Earth in a way contrary to the truth, that is, to love. You are called to do so without losing sight of the reality in which you live forever in Jesus and Mary.

Before finalizing this sixth book and entering the end of the work in which we walk the path of being, it is of great importance to understand what it means to create a new Heaven and a new Earth, or in other words, to bring Heaven to Earth. We will speak to that. Both expressions try to express the same thing, creating a state of consciousness or reality based on love. There is no other Heaven than truth. There is no other Kingdom of Heaven than love.

III. Happiness and Awareness

The risk into which you could fall, and that would make you temporarily lose time and joy, is to believe you must do something with what you are given in this revelation or that you must take the action of sharing with others what you have received, believing that the goal is to transform the world or yourself. The world and you are one. The world lives in your mind, not outside of who you are. There are only your thoughts and their union with your feelings. The rest is pure mental gymnastics and has nothing to do with reality.

As you already know, there is nothing outside of you. That includes both Heaven and the world. So all you have to do is be the love you really are. Neither Jesus nor Mary ever set a goal of doing anything in particular. They were everything. Ultimately that is the goal, if it can be called such, for you and for everyone who wants to live in harmony with what they are in Truth.

The goal we promulgate here is to be happy. There is not, nor can there be, another purpose for the spiritual path if it brings you to the being that you truly are. You were created to be happy. Happiness is not simply a wish, it is the reality of your being. So to create a new Heaven and a new Earth, or bring Heaven to Earth, is to constantly reflect happiness. Of course, this happiness, and as we have said, has nothing to do with the limited idea of worldly happiness, which is always elusive and passing.

Lasting, eternal happiness is what is spoken of here. You must now extend the bliss of being who you are. You know what I am referring to because the wisdom of your being knows happiness. In fact, regardless of whether you sought happiness in illusions or in the truth, if you have been able to conceive of the idea of happiness it is only because you know it exists.

What does not bring lasting happiness has no place in your mind or your heart. Observance is still necessary; be alert to anything that happens inside you that denotes unhappiness. Of course, no one consciously wishes to be unhappy. This is a universal understanding. Unhappiness is unconsciousness. The pursuit of happiness is the search for being, which in turn is the search for love. With this truth shining in your holy mind, you will recognize that happiness is inherent in the being that God created you to be as always conceived.

Being truly yourself and being happy are the same. You are not only love, you are truth and happiness. It follows that radiating joy, telling happy stories, having loving thoughts, and not harboring or spreading what hurts the heart, is the path of correct discernment in the light of truth. Those who choose love above all else are the realized ones. They may or may not satisfy their material or psychological needs. They do not consider doing so essential. Those who live in love can say authentically with Mary: “All generations will call me happy.”

Mary is an example of perfect happiness, an exemplary life for you who have been graced with the gift of these words. You are invited to travel the path of Mary. It is a way of being, a path of incarnation and creation. It is a way of giving birth to Christ, delivering the love of God, of harboring feelings of compassion toward everyone. Mary’s path has no intention of changing anything. It recognizes that love is a silent presence, full of light and holiness.

The silence of Mary must become an example for your life. In her you can find the mystery of the incarnation and salvation. Mary received everything from God. To Him she consecrated her existence. In her there is no shadow of separation, because she lives with her eyes fixed on her Divine Beloved, the light of her being. She accepts everything with love and sweetness, because she knows that everything comes from love. She does not confuse what is love with what is not. Mary always remains in the truth.

Is it possible to live in truth while in the world? Yes. Therefore, living in the happiness of being is possible too. The being that God has always arranged for you to be is a being of pure truth. To be the love you are, you simply have to live in the truth that you know very well. You know what is true, everyone knows it. You know what love is, everyone knows it. You also know what makes you good, what makes you happy, what gives you peace and joy. You know how to smile with your heart.

Since you were created with the knowledge of love, truth, and happiness, the purpose of your creation can only be to be happy in the love you are. Since the love you really are is the same love that God is—and is no other love than God’s—then it follows that you were created to be happy in God’s love.

How simple is the truth! We travelled the winding roads of the world to find something we could not put into words, but our hearts knew it very well. That “I don’t know what,” which worries the human heart and even leads it to commit crazy things, is none other than a creative force united to the desire for endless happiness.

How notable that such a clear and simple purpose, so universal and so inherent in the hearts of women and men of all time and places, has been so neglected or transformed into what can never be. Why? Although this question has already been answered in many ways in these writings of love and truth, we can delve further into it.

Obviously, everyone wants to be happy. But what does this actually mean? For some it is one thing, for others it is another, and because they differentiate among themselves as to what it takes to make each one happy, they remain in conflict, not only between sisters and brothers, but between humanity and God. God’s idea of what happiness is, is the only real definition, just as with truth and love.

What we are doing here is to unite the consciousness of the reality of being with truth. The being you are is eternally happy. Christ does not change, but lives in endless bliss, because Christ is the source of joy, the source of being. To return to love is to return to being. By remaining aware of the being you really are, you are happy. Being love remains the only option, because being anything else is attempting to be what you are not.

Nothing outside the joy of being exists, or exists outside of love. Thus the experience of misery is a temporary one that, like everything in the world of dual consciousness, enables the contrast of opposites. Remember that comparing opposites is how the separated mind tries to understand.

Happiness is Christ. This is because Christ is the being God created you to be, you along with everything that exists. To make this truth how you live in the world is to bring Heaven to Earth.

You may be wondering why we touch this issue now, as we have already talked about it from different perspectives. The reason is because I do not want you to fall into the error of believing that creating a new Heaven and a new Earth is a task to be performed, or one that involves eliminating the current world and replacing it with another. There is nothing wrong with the world as it is. It is the perfect reality where you can return to love through your ability to choose. The experience you have here on this plane allows you to do it very well. There is no reason why you should not live in direct relationship with God while you are in the world. You are beautiful, and the world is, too. You are holy, as is the world. Remember that everything that joins Me is made holy because of who I am, just as with what joins you.

If My holiness joins the world with you, why should we continue to fear it or consider it unworthy?

When you gather everything and everyone into your heart, you make Heaven and Earth come together in you. Then you can say: your kingdom has come, your will is done.

To include everyone in the embrace of love is to create a new Heaven and a new Earth. To keep everyone within the being that you really are, and keep them in your heart as if this were the universe where they live protected by love, is to create a refuge where hearts can live in peace, that is, bringing Heaven to the world, for it is true: we are one heart.

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