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Choose Only Love

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Ecstacy of a Heart in Love

Words heard by a soul who has chosen only love, having been infused with the living Christ within

I. Introduction

(From Sebastián)

During this session, Mother Mary told me that she was aware of the feeling of my soul, and of her joy for my having returned to her being, that is, to the Divine Love she is. When she said that, a vision of the living Christ who lives in me became present in all its glory. It was the glory of the Father, the beauty of love, and the magnificence of souls—all of them, in their essence. Unlike all other manifestations in which the message arrived instantaneously as symbols and music that were interpreted by Archangel Raphael, I directly saw images that were able to be humanly described, and I also heard the words below.

II. In Praise of Love

Oh, holy love! Divine Love! You created everything that exists, moves, and is. You are the essence of life. Your strength is more powerful than the energy of the universe, your softness more beautiful than the tenderness of a spring breeze, your scent sweeter than the nectar of a flower. Who invokes you is sated in your beauty. Who looks for you, finds you.

Oh, purity of Divine Love! Poets can but seek metaphors with which to approach your beauty. Who can hold you down? Who can silence your sweet voice? Wherever I look I find you, for you are everywhere.

Holy infinite love, essence of my being and of all life, in the dark of night I found you. There you were illuminous, present with the tenderness of your heart, like the dim moonlight. By day I saw you in all your brilliance. I recognized you in the sweetness of your unmistakable voice. Your presence is for me what the wind is for the birds as they undertake flight. You are rest, you are movement, you are the game of beautiful love. Without you nothing would exist. In you everything rejoices in the joy of living.

The birds sing. The leaves that fell from the tree that gave them life are now lifted by the wind as if your arms raised them to take them to Heaven as an expression of your benevolence.

Every morning the nightingale sings to you. Flowers bless you every night when you go to sleep. Every drop of water sighs for you, plunging into the depths of rivers, seas, and oceans, like the souls that seek you merge with you.

Oh, miracle of life, extension of truth, pure expression of perfect love! Marigolds are born from your belly, and from your mind the noblest desires. From your heart arise the most beautiful melodies, from your eyes come rays of light that illuminate the entire universe.

Oh, holy love, love of gratitude, love without opposite! You are the delight of the wise and the sleeplessness of lovers. No one can cage you. You can never be held by one hand, yet in every friendly hand you exist.

Oh, force of love that puts a smile on the faces of hearts in love and calms the storms of minds stunned by the noisy world!

Oh, peace, you live in love! You are one with me, because I am one with love.

Oh, sweetness of divine perfection, purity of a love without beginning or end or width in creation, longing for those who seek the truth! You have been scribed by those who, unable to remain silent, write to make you known to the world. For you songs have been sung, paintings portrayed, and sculptures formed, giving life to marble or gold.

Oh, mystery of beautiful love, living miracle of a power unseen but felt, a force unheard but which manifests!

Oh, holy Divine Love, sweetness of angels and ecstasy of lovers! You surround me everywhere, there where my feet fall and where my eyes look.

Time will pass and you will continue to create life. The planets will pass, the lives of humanity will pass, sunrises and sunsets will pass, but you will always be new, always loving, always creating life.

Where do the sunrises go? Where does the night go when day comes? They go to nothing, they come back to you, the love that creates life, love without borders, love without condition.

Where do bodies go when they are no longer in the world? To you, my beloved. They return to you, the breath of life, the vital force that calls matter into existence. What moves, moves in you. What sings, sings in you. What sighs, sighs in you. What suffers, suffers in you. What screams, screams at you. You are the source of life. Creative love. Holy love. Perfect love. Essence of being. Love that creates life. Love in fullness. You who give life to the trees, their branches, their leaves, to the grass, the Earth and the sky. You who created my soul to be yours. You are the joy of my existence. You are what my being has been looking for, forever. You are the reason for my existence, the shelter of my mind, the joy of my heart in love.

In silence, I find you. In noise, I long for you. In peace I rejoice in you. In the storm, I look for you. In light I see you reflected in all your glory. In the night, I invoke you and you come. Every beat of my heart belongs to you, for you are the reason of my life and the love of my loves. A love that creates life. Love of holiness. Love in whose light I love. Origin of life and purpose of existence.

Oh holy love! Extend your arms to me. Let us stay together, embraced in an ecstasy of love. One day, crying, I called you. Another day, happy, I found you. I sang songs for having come back to life. My heart vibrates upon hearing your voice. My mind rests in peace upon knowing your truth.

Oh, holy love, in whom I have merged for all eternity! You and I are one, like waters of the same river.

Oh, joy of the heart that lives in love with God, who always lives happily in the certainty of being loved, who sings a song to life in communion with the beloved.

Oh, blissful soul in love! By singing to the beat of the Sacred Heart, becoming one with life, plunging into the infinite ocean of love, your consciousness of being, you come back to life. You return to love, to the Mother’s house, where you have never really been absent.

Oh, bliss of the loving heart, lover of God, You live always in safety even in the midst of storms, remaining serene and peaceful. You are like a tree planted from the seed of truth that the winds cannot move. Nothing can rip you from the arms of your beloved.

Oh, foundation of holy love, foundation of life, creation rests on you. You are firmer than the firmest rock. You are sweeter than honey.

Joy of a soul in love! God is your contentment, creator, and eternal companion in love. In God you live happily every day of your life. In God you live united to love.

Oh, face of holy love, how beautiful you are! Your gaze melts hearts hardened by the heartbreak of the world. Immerse them in the beauty of your divinity.

This sacred one in the heart of love fears nothing, because he lives with his beloved. Nothing bothers him, because he knows his beloved. Nothing confuses him, because he knows he is loved.

Oh, holy love, shelter of minds that seek the truth, strength of those who seek God! I long for that soul, the realization of the angels, perfection of the universe, diversity in creation. Everything that exists, exists for you and in you. You gave us life, so that we know you; and knowing you, we are forever happy in the grace of beautiful love, in the purity of Divine Love, in the greatness of your holiness.

Oh, pure love, food for the soul! You are the blessing of lovers and loved ones, joy to the heart that lives together with its God.

Oh, beloved Christ! You are the love in which everything was made. You are the love of life, the joy of my heart, the love to which my soul sings, the love that my heart seeks, the life that my being wants to live, the truth that the mind with so much effort has sought to find.

Oh, my beloved Christ! Love of my loves, joy of my heart, refuge of my mind, in you I rejoice for all eternity.

Oh, my beloved Christ who became one with me! I am all yours. My thoughts belong to you. My feelings are for you.

My beloved Christ of incomparable beauty, infinite goodness, and endless mercy, you are the hope of the world. You are what creation is waiting for. You are the home we are going to. You are the Heaven in which we already live. Our consciousness rests joyfully in you. Our memory wants to remember only you. Our understanding seeks to understand the mysteries of Heaven, because in them it finds you.

Oh, my beloved Christ! I reveal my soul. I give myself to you. You are my everything. My soul was thirsty for you, but you have calmed her. You have given her drink from the waters of eternal life.

III. The Response of the Beloved

Beloved soul, you came out of My being. You are the delight of My heart, living miracle of my divinity, always conceived to be the vessel of My wisdom and recipient of My holy love. Let us together tell the world about the sweetness of our union, the purity of our beautiful love. Now that the journey in which you searched for Me is over, we will let the light of our divine relationship be seen by all who seek the truth, because they seek love. Sensitive hearts, those most called to love, will recognize in our words and deeds the voice and the movement of truth they long for, since their hearts know what My being is. They live in us, just as we live in them.

Hearts that find the love that unites us, you, and all those who are of the truth, live happily in the realization of their being. Their souls sing happy songs. Their minds tell happy stories. Through the purity of their vision, they see the love they are. They are resurrected to the sanctity of being. They are the ones who have returned to love.

When the soul meets love, everything changes within. The days are brighter, the nights are no longer dark, the beauty of the stars and the moon can be seen. Shadows are no longer feared, since once the heart is happy in the eternal meeting with the beloved, they simply represent one more way to reflect the soul. The mind plays with them, having fun with their forms. Thus, the days are a blessed scenario where shadows give knowledge of what is happening in the mind’s projections. Never again are they feared.

Now the shadows are what they are: one more way to know. There is no reason to cancel them. You watch them and let them be. They are allowed to come when they come. The mind recognizes that this occurs when the sun is behind it. You observe that and say: “Oh, I have turned around. I am turning my back to the light.” And then you do the only thing necessary, turn your eyes to the sun, contemplating the light of the beloved face to face again, continuing to receive the warmth of that embrace and continuing forever to feel the ecstasy of the beauty of that light.

For the soul in love, there is only the sleeplessness of living together with Her love. If you look closely at this statement of truth, you will see the perfect certainty that resides in it. With this I want to tell you, My beloved, that for the heart that has found Me there is only one sigh. Your mind is fixed on love. Your soul focuses on love. Your being lives submerged in love. Your body reflects the love in which memory, understanding, and will remain tied together like a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Only love can gather together everything that is part of your being, because those scattered parts that were previously bewildered, had their origin in it. In order to live in harmony, it is necessary to love and let yourself be loved. Receive and give constantly. When you decide to live that way, all your movements become loving again regardless of how they manifest themselves, for they are all love. In that state, which is the state of reunion, your memory brings memories of love, your imagi- nation imagines ways to love, your intelligence discerns what love is and unravels its infinity, the heart feels the joy of loving and being loved, the will prepares to be alone with the Beloved. Herein lies joy.

The soul in love does not concern itself much with the affairs of the world, except for the opportunity it offers to receive and give love. She lives without worrying too much about herself. He forgets himself. He does not even care much about feeding or dressing well, much less being distracted from his contemplation. She is consumed in love. He is one with his beloved divine, with thoughts only for love. Your whole being rejoices.

IV. The Response to Union

When the soul is united—or more accurately, when it meets its essence—it cannot love anything other than what it is because nothing outside itself has value. For love, unreality does not exist. Just as the heart knows what love is, so your soul knows what Christ is. The knowledge of being is perfect. Nothing confuses it. It enjoys truth. This gift received by the soul simply is what it is, and cannot be eliminated or lost.

Hearts that respond to love welcome your unity not only with love but with each other. There is no distance between one soul in love and another. Lovers recognize love. This recognition by the being of love is inherent. You can easily recognize this capacity by observing creation. Peers know that they are peers. This knowledge is innate and cannot be acquired or lost. It is what leads birds of a feather to fly together.

The mind returned to truth is not only capable of recognizing what one has become, but is attracted to it. It, in turn, is attracted to what is similar to it. In unity, the mind acts like a magnet; all truth joins it, like iron filings to the magnetic force of love.

Once the heart is free to love what it desires to love, it cannot love anything else. The high only joins with what is in the heights.

At this point in the spiritual path, it is important to remember that the essence of your being is like the water of a stream which rises to the sky to satisfy its desire to be rain. When it ascends it does so to irrigate the land that needs to be watered. Where had that water that was in the creek come from but the rain? This is the cycle of life. This is the cycle of love.

Love comes from Heaven. In it resides its source. It is not of the world, although it may be in it. Love is divine. How divine is your being!

If the waters of Heaven descend to fulfill their mission and then return, why would you think you do not do the same?

Very literally you are a droplet that has descended to Earth as a blessed emanation of the being of pure love that God is. Once you have watered the soil from which life is born, you will return from whence you came. You will not continue to be the water of eternal life, but will be the light that shines everywhere. You return to the sun.

While life is not energy in the same sense as electrical or mechanical energy, it is similar. Everything that exists is coated with energy—vital energy in the sense of strength or power.

Just as energy is transformed, so is the soul force, or spiritual energy, that constitutes your being. It is accurate to compare your soul to a droplet that, once raised, becomes light. The energy that transforms the droplet is the same energy that gives life to the sun. In other words, the essence of energy is the same in every manifestation of it, regardless of the form it takes. The same goes for each being: all are born of the same substance and are made up of it. Each one adopts its form according to the will that created it.

Every body, every thought, every beat of every heart, every flow of every drop of blood, every breeze and every living being, every feeling felt, is a form that being adopts. All come from love, because love is the source of existence.

If love is the essence of being and that from which all life arises, when the heart meets with love you are meeting with your Source. We call this returning the return to truth. Once it has met what it is, the soul cannot do anything other than that for which it was created: spread love and enjoy love.

It is of great importance that we restore in your memory the direct association that exists between bliss and love. This is because often in a bleak past that has nothing to do with truth, love has been linked to suffering. Loving and being loved is the joy of the heart that lives for love. It is the joy of the soul that has returned to the arms of the divine Beloved. It is the fullness of being because it was not created for anything else.

To enjoy eternally My presence is the gift that I have always given you as a creation, since in Me everything is endless joy. In love there is no room for sadness. In love there is only the light that gives life to everything that joins. Undoubtedly it can embrace misery, just as truth can embrace illusion and reason can embrace madness, but whenever it does, it ends up transmuting them into more love.

V. The Joy of Truth

Tt has been said that everything is consciousness. Therefore if that statement be true, love must also be consciousness. We shall discuss this now.

Love, being the substance of all substances, is the source of consciousness. In fact, the creation of consciousness is an act of God’s love. The Creator, with perfect wisdom, created your being and endowed you with the ability to know yourself, because that is how God can know the holiness, harmony, and other treasures of the Kingdom. In doing so the being participates in divine jubilation, which consists of ecstasy in the contemplation of its beauty, from which all goodness, all life, and all holiness arises. There is no greater joy for the being than knowing oneself in the truth that has been created, and extending that knowledge eternally. This is the only definition of joy that makes sense to you who, having received these words, receive love forever in

your heart and truth in your holy mind.

Since truth is love made right, and as such it is the cause of life, there is nothing for which the soul can truly yearn other than the holiness in which she is truth. This is why a mind that has been healed and has returned to innocence only wants to be what it is, just as God created it. It no longer fears truth or love.

Now you know that truth is the cause of your freedom and also your beloved companion. You will never be separate from truth because having heard and followed its voice you have recognized your holiness. In your full innocence you have rejoined the beauty of what you are. Sister, you no longer fear yourself. Brother, you know, since you have seen and heard it in your heart, that there is no reason for anything but the joy of living. She has returned to life and recognized her unchanging innocence. He has forgiven himself and forgiven everyone.

Like flowers blooming in springtime, so the soul reunited with its divine Beloved opens to receive an endless flow of holy love. The small stream in the desert is overflowing, growing and growing until it floods and gives new life where there was barren land.

Sing with joy, soul who has returned to love! Dying to the world, your feet no longer touch the ground, your arms extend to the sky. Her open hands are an incessant plea, asking God to fill her eternally with more love. Her eyes only look at the beloved. Her breathing becomes one with her divine Beloved, because now His love is the air she breathes and the food that gives her life.

The mind that has stripped itself of illusions to give way to the truth needs nothing. In it shines the sun of wisdom. In its abode dwells holiness. In its thoughts there is only God and everything that refers to Him. It lives safely in the certainty of holiness. It has met the one who lives within. It knows and is glad in knowing the mirror where Christ is reflected, where the light of truth lives so it can enlighten the world. Know who speaks to your heart. Vividly remember the love of your loves. Live thinking only of God.

The attention of the heart is fixed on the object of love, on God, because when love makes an appearance, the consciousness of love awakens in truth. Now you do not cease living in love.

What can a mind lack whose only need is to live in the truth, once it has recognized that it, itself, is the eternal truth since it is one with the divine mind? And what can a heart that lives in love need once it understands that the love it so much longs for is itself, having been made one with the Sacred Heart?

Nothing is missing from the soul that lives in the fullness of love. Nothing is lacking who lives in God.

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