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Love in Fullness

A message from Mother Mary, presenting herself as 'The Mother of Love'

I. Love, Only Love

Being who you are and sharing the knowledge of your being is how you reach fullness. That is what was meant when it was said that you reach your fullness by giving of yourself. You are now accessing this truth as I once did when I was walking the Earth with a physical body. The same goes for all those who seek the truth with all their heart. Space, matter, and time are not an impediment for divine truth to dawn in the consciousness of those who have been created as the children of God.

How the knowledge of your true being comes to you is to some extent of little relevance, for beyond how it comes, the beautiful knowledge arrives as what the mind and the heart really crave. Consciousness does not care how knowledge arrives, provided it arrives. The same goes for the heart concerning love, and the mind concerning truth.

Love, truth, and knowledge are a holy trinity that make up the reality of being. They are a unit. Observe, my child, that when we talk about being, we join it to knowledge. This is because those who do not know themselves cannot be aware of what they are. I have come to talk about conscious knowledge in this blessed love session.

Knowledge is beyond consciousness because it is your being. Knowledge resides in Christ consciousness and is not subject to degrees. However, the question of degrees is relevant to individual consciousness, or human consciousness. It is of great importance to understand well what is being said when we speak of singular consciousness and Christ consciousness. Both relate to the expression of knowledge.

Separate or individual consciousness was created as the effect of fear, for fear is what can perceive it. We have been called to this separate human consciousness. It is what makes an individual be known as such. For a world of separation to exist there must be a consciousness that gives it existence. That awareness is the awareness of separation, or the awareness of an autonomous human nature.

Christ consciousness is the consciousness of unity, and is what allows unity of the whole to be known. Awareness of unity is the awareness of love, since unity and love are the same. Love is union.

Both consciousnesses seek to make known different things because their purposes are different.

Love seeks to be known, just like every being. Fear seeks to be known, just like every being. What exists, regardless of whether real or not, seeks to make itself known because the natural impulse of life is to be known. Herein fantasies take their strength, as does the truth.

If individual consciousness seeks to know and extend the “I” of your identity—your uniqueness, your differentiation—and Christ consciousness knows and extends the totality of being, how is it possible for both to become one? The answer is through the capacity of love to make all things new, a process of transformation of what can be transformed.

Human consciousness, that part of consciousness that separated from divine consciousness to create an individual, is somewhat modifiable because it is not God and only God is immutable. Let us rejoice together to know this.

In the transformation of separate consciousness, it merged with true consciousness, or Christ consciousness, both now having the same purpose.

Your consciousness, that which makes you know what you know, no longer seeks to know what is not true, nor express what is not love. Now it is a totally loving consciousness, capable of knowing love and allowing holiness to be seen and recognized.

That which was basically conscious of the body and virtually nothing else has by an alchemy of consciousness integrated everything you are into a unity of being. This has returned you to the truth of your identity—which means a return to love.

II. Love in Fullness

Now that you know the truth and know who you are, there is no reason to devote yourself to anything other than the extension of revealed knowledge. This is because sharing is how you keep that knowledge; giving is how you receive.

Sharing with others the knowledge of your being is the goal of your creation in the sense that creation is an act of sharing through which God makes Herself known in order to be known. To be one with your Mother is to live alike, in the sense that as one is, the other is. All God does is spread, that is, manifest. She does it in infinite ways. All you need do as one with Her is to extend yourself, to make yourself known so that you are known. This has nothing to do with popularity or celebrity, however, something we have already spoken of and now need to expand upon.

What we are doing in these final sessions of this sixth book of this heavenly love letter, written by God Herself to communicate Her love to Her well-loved daughters and sons, is to calmly prepare ourselves to walk the path of consciously being, where we go united in love.

You are in the perfect condition to express the holiness that you really are. There is no longer a need to doubt or create confusion that only produces suffering, since your heart yearns to express itself as it is and not try to be what it is not.

The effort it takes to be what you are not is so excessive that if examined closely and observed without judgment, you will find it to be the cause of all tiredness and discouragement. Who would not be angry at themselves when they saw their inability to be who they are? And who would not be angry with a world perceived to be a place where you cannot be yourself?

To live in a kingdom in which you are constantly required to be who you are not, is to live in hell, literally. This is why many express so much anger. It is the cause of all conflict. You were never angry about anything other than what you perceive as something that does not allow you to be who you are. It doesn’t matter if that something is real or imaginary. Being will never be drowned. Life cannot stop, just as you cannot stop the wind.

You know now why the suffering soul cries. Like a beautiful little bird that feels caged, it cries for its inability to be. It matters not whether the cage is made of gold or clay, its bars prevent it from the flight for which it has wings.

Not being is such a limiting, contracting, condensed state that the being cannot even imagine it. Here you have a great revelation which will set you free because it comes from the truth that is always true. Your loving heart was imprisoned when you lived trapped in the illusion, and you longed to escape. To be what it is the heart must be free to love in its own way. This novelty of liberation is what you will soon make known to all. In fact, you are already doing so by receiving these words, for the path of freedom begins with the knowledge that you are already free, always were, and always will be.

If your heart seeks to live in true freedom, the one it is, the one without limitations or demands of any kind, and you have actually always been free, then where does the feeling of being imprisoned come from? It comes from every memory that exists when you couldn’t express the love you felt in your heart. Love given is the only thing you can keep, because it is the only thing you can receive. Remember, giving and receiving are one and the same.

All liberation is ultimately a liberation of the heart. It unleashes everything that conditions love. This is why in this work and in others you have been asked again and again to stop identifying yourself with the thinking system based on the linear logic of “if this, then that.” Loving without limits is the way of the love of the heart. Extend the love of your being to the point where you can embrace the whole universe within your heart without excluding anything, or it is not really loving.

Love is infinite, therefore it knows no limits. When I speak of limits to your being, or when you feel limited, it is not really because someone or something has put a limitation on you. Nothing external can impede you. What happened is that by a series of decisions based on a set of beliefs, you limited your ability to love.

Love is the essence of your being. It resides in your heart and is inherently bound to truth, which resides in your reason. Both truth and love live together, for the heart and the mind are a unit that we have called “fullness of heart.” Obviously, only a full heart can love fully. But what does it mean to love fully?

To love fully is to love without conditions, loving everything with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your heart. Loving everything with perfect love is the only thing that will make you feel free, because this is freedom as God conceived it.

Being free to love fully is the goal of this path. It has been given from Heaven because you asked for it from the depths of your being. You yearned to be yourself. The force that impelled you to express yourself as you really are and not as others say you should be is an undeniable force of your soul, a force as powerful as God Herself, the power of love.

The power of love is the power of being. This is why we have been talking so much about your ability to be who you really are. Loving is not about doing this or that, or acting in in any particular way, but about being authentically yourself in union with God. This condition of union with the divine is why you have been brought to the divine relationship. It is an essential condition since only in love can you know the love you really are. Who else can speak to you of love with authority but love itself?

God has not decreed commandments that you cannot keep, or set such a high standard that would keep you bent in a perpetual handicap. God is the love in which you love. God is the being in whom you are who you really are. God is the truth in which you exist forever.

To love without barriers is to love in the manner of God. That is the kind of love we are going toward. Be not discouraged or believe it impossible. You can, because that love is what you are. There is no reason for it not to express itself. Already you have received as revelation all you need know. All that remains is to enjoy the path of expression.

What a joy it is to know that we need not create obligations or set ourselves unfulfilled goals. What a joy it is to know that we should not be what we are supposed to be according to the criteria of the world. Joy is being what we are, in all times, places, and circumstances. What joy exists in the heart that has been released from the bonds that kept it from the expression of its reality!

III. Unleash the Heart

To love without limits is to love truly. That way of extending love is a way of being. Being and loving are the same reality. Those who choose only love have decided to be themselves, just as they really are and not in illusions.

That which does not come from love cannot be part of the truth of who you are because you are pure love. Expressions alien to love cannot continue to be part of the expression of yourself. When you identified with the ego you lost the ability to love unconditionally, to love fully.

The ego attempted to put limits on love. Simply that. Now that you have consciously decided to stop trying to limit your being, and have chosen to give free rein to the heart, the light of life will begin to shine in a way that it has not shone before, since it had not extended its luminescence to you fully.

Release those ties. Encourage freedom of the heart. Love without limit. Extend love to everything that can be conceived and beyond. Live like a soul in love. That is being.

Remember we have said that all fear originates in the fear of not being, and all joy resides in the joy of being who you really are. Remember also the relationship between the fear of freedom and the fear of not being. It seems nonsensical to fear that which allows you to be who you really are and also want to be.

There is no extension of being without freedom. Freedom allows you to be free to love. You are an intelligent being, so it cannot be that you have been both afraid of freedom and also stubborn in your desire to be who you really are without one cancelling the other. What happened? You had not associated your being with love.

You always wanted to be who you were. In fact, all your decisions were made on the basis of being something. Therefore, the freedom to be yourself fully that you always have demanded has always existed. You are aware that you have always expressed yourself, only that what you expressed was not your true being but an interpretation of what you thought you were supposed to be.

Therefore, in this session we have a clear definition of freedom: the ability to express your being as it really is. With this definition you can rest in peace because this is what free will means, just as God created it.

The freedom to be is what I am speaking of. Indeed, nothing else should be called freedom, since the free expression of who you are is the will of being. Let me say it one more time. Being free to be who you are is true freedom. It follows that all you need is to free yourself from everything that limits your way of thinking, feeling, and being. That need has been met because your liberator, the Holy Spirit, has freed you from all this, regardless of whether or not you can put this truth into words.

Do not be satisfied with what others have said about you. Reveal your own mystery, your own reality, which only you can discover with happy amazement. Therein lies your joy and your truth.

Somewhere in your heart you may wonder why a work that invites you to become aware of having chosen only love speaks so much of being, or of your identity in Christ. This is because you are love, a truth often forgotten, and because the direct association between being and love is not something that the mind, nor the world, can truly reveal to you.

If you hide from the night, you will not know the beauty of the moon. If you hide from tulips, you will not know their purity. If you hide from the sun, you will not know its light. Likewise if you want to know love, do not hide from your being.

Let your being find you and allow it to pass into your consciousness. To be aware of the being that you really are is to be aware of love. There ends the spiritual path. There begins the conscious expression of the being of pure love that you are, in union with truth.

IV. Know Innately

Love is the light that emanates from being. It encompasses everything because light illuminates all consciousness. Love is the essence of unity. Therefore, your being is unity.

Being unity is the same as being knowledge, which in turn is the same as being love. Therefore, we can now realize that the unity we have been talking about is nothing other than the being that you really are. So it is unnecessary to perform any practice to access it, or follow a path to know it. All it takes is to be what you really are, and not the “you” of illusion. Therefore do not betray your heart by trying to show yourself as what you know you are not.

You know what it feels like to not be honest with yourself. I refer again to that feeling you experience when you do not live in the truth of who you are—a sensation like a stab to part of the body and mind that makes you disgusted with yourself. You may say to yourself, “I’m betraying myself. I don’t like what I see in me. I feel bad about myself. I have lost myself.” Yet that feeling, which you know very well, is a perfect messenger to live in truth.

Although at one time you thought you had forgotten love, you know love perfectly because you know what you are. You also know the various forms that love takes. Love is expressed in different ways: harmony, peace, magnanimity, good advice, true discernment, compassion, union, serenity of spirit, mercy and many other ways. These forms of love are true. They come from the holiness that you are.

You came into the world with an innate knowledge that nothing can erase. Years, even centuries, can be forgotten in the history of humanity, but the knowledge of the truth that love is cannot be removed from your soul, since to do so would be the equivalent of erasing you from the book of life.

All that your heart knows is right, because it is true. What your heart knows is love. Everything your heart knows that gives you lasting peace and happiness is true because of who you are. Truth never changes and neither does your heart, because your heart is what you are.

Love is infinite and eternal. Living in love and dedicating your life to love is the only thing that makes sense, since only eternity is real. I bring it to mind again so that you become aware with greater depth that those who choose to live in love, who in this world seek love with all their hearts, already live a true life and are embraced by the resurrection.

My sons and daughters, there is a fundamental moment for the soul when it meets Divine Love. In that moment, the soul listens to the voice of Christ asking: “Do you give me your soul?” Those who have decided to love, those who have been looking for love above all other searches, those who for so long were thirsty for love and truth, experience an indescribable joy, the joy of knowing they have finally reached the desire of their hearts. They have found love. They have merged in God.

To you who receive these words I repeat: you have chosen only love. You have chosen the best part, which will not be taken from you. Be happy. Sing, dance, laugh, express yourself. It is Christ who has arrived. It is love embracing you. It is your own heart that called you. Listen to it, follow it, for it is the call of your being to fully be.

The voice of your heart, the one that would not leave you alone, is what has kept you on the path of truth. That path leads you to live as you are, and not as others say you should live. The path leads you to express your feelings in your own way, regardless of how others may express theirs.

As you can see, it is no longer a matter of following a devotion or a spiritual master, for they cannot teach you or give you what only you, yourself, can claim.

To be or not to be remains the question. Those who live in love are, because there is no other source of being than love. As I have said, only love is real. That is why it is so important to recognize love. Otherwise you are nothing, since outside of love there is no reality of any kind. Outside of love nothing was ever created. But in love there is fullness of being, so that my call, the call of love, impels you to be freely you: to love in freedom, to live in freedom. Give yourself the greatest treasure in all creation: the treasure of your true self.

There is no greater beauty than that which comes from the expression of who you are. You know this as an individual and as humanity, because despite everything, the human being is always looking for itself and does so in a thousand ways. That search, regardless of whether made consciously or unconsciously, demonstrates the force of being which pushes you to know yourself. It is simply invincible, a voice that cannot be silenced.

No one can mute the voice of love. It is the force of life. It is what God has given and continues to give forever, the existence of all creation. It is the power of God, the power of being. From it arises life, life that you know and life that cannot be known by the body.

The call of love leads you to live in union. Its voice is soft, persistent, and yet at the same time so powerful that it cannot be completely ignored despite all attempts not to follow it. Everyone is looking for their being. Everyone is looking for love.

Being, love, and truth: this is your Holy Trinity, the perpetual reality of your existence, your divine creation, unique and unrepeatable.

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