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The Power of Being

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Be Life

Beloved of Heaven! Your way of being, when expressed as who you really are, is a gift from Heaven for creation—a powerful force that creates life, extends truth, and shares love. Just as feelings and thoughts are powerful—you have already recognized the power of the mind and heart—so is that from which you derive your strength.

Every power of a child of God has a source.

What I will reveal here is the force that emanates from the being that you are. Whether you call it life force, power of will, or desire, it is from there that you are nourished by all the forces you have experienced. The force with which your being is endowed is the power of God. The power of being. The strongest and most tenacious of all movements that exist.

Being is a matter as essential as life. In fact, being and life are one and the same. Life is. Love is. Being is.

When you observe nature and marvel at the unstoppable force of life, and you are speechless, seeing that it has its way even under in the most adverse conditions—as when a seed of a daisy falls on the roof of an old house and a beautiful flower is born in a tiny crevice—what you are seeing is the manifestation of a power so great that it has no compare.

Certainly life is powerful. Although you think you can destroy an entire planet, life would simply go on without the slightest impact. It may use that fact to manifest itself in a new way, but it still remains manifested life, life expressed as the effect of God’s love.

Life force is unwavering. Nothing can stop it. Nothing can extinguish it. It is the source of everything your eyes see and beyond. Its essence exists within everything. Nothing is outside of life, because life is the foundation of creation and its expression. You know this very well, because you are a daily witness to how life expresses itself in countless ways, always new, always vibrant.

Not a single space in your world is not surrounded by life. There is life in the waters, in the skies, in the clouds, in the birds, in the mammals, in the elements, and in the mind. In everything called into existence, the life of God resides.

Life is the foundation of everything. It is what we call God, therefore everything lives in Her. This recognition is relatively easy to accept when you contemplate the manifested aspect of life, what you call creation. But rarely is it recognized when talking about the being you are and your expression.

II. Being, Power, and Expression

The power of being is what makes your life what it is. That power is what creates your intelligence and your emotional nature. Being is the source of all that you are: your will, understanding, and memory. From there arises everything else. Your being is the basis upon which you exist and manifest. We have already said that you think as you think because you are who you are. The same applies to everything. You act as you act because you are who you are; you feel what you feel because you are who you are.

If being is the foundation stone of your existence and every manifestation that comes from you originates in it, then to return to being is to return to the source of life. This is why we walk a direct path to being; if we are not walking to being, we are not walking anywhere.

Every spiritual path based on liberation is such, if it has the ability to reconnect with the true being that you really are. Allow yourself to be aware of your being so that what you are manifests freely. This statement is of great importance. It will allow you to understand the purpose of your journey. In fact, in this statement you can find the meaning of life and with it our divine relationship. Once understood, you will quickly begin to re-establish your relationships with the purpose of the divine relationship.

I am not asking you to love me because I need love. I am not asking you to follow me because I need followers. I ask you to remain in the intimacy of our love because I know that in our relationship is where you learn to be who you really are, and you find the space to express yourself freely.

When you reach the state in which your being manifests itself without limits and you allow yourself to be who you are as well as loving what you are, then you attain happiness because all pain arises from a lack of being. Remember, sin is a lack of love; and the being that you really are is a being of pure love, so every time you are not that, you lose contact with the love you are. This is a simple expression of the truth of life.

Life cannot be extinguished, no matter how often attempted. The same goes for being. You cannot annihilate who you are, since that vital energy called “being” is what makes you exist, regardless of whether you allow yourself to express yourself through your consciousness or not. As I have said, you cannot be less than you are, all you can do is deny your being, but that denial does not make your being cease to be.

Trying to drown what you are is like trying to submerge God. Simply impossible. Remember that if you observe your feelings, you will realize that in your anger is a force that comes from your being, which is telling you, “Let me be.”

Can you begin to realize how important and urgent my call is? This is the call to be. The call to release the full power of being. This is not a trifling matter but a matter of life. If your being does not express itself in all its freedom, there is an aspect of life that cannot be manifested in your consciousness. Of course, it will continue to exist and nothing can eliminate it from creation, but its expression will be hidden from your eyes, and with it you will not be able to see the fullness of who you are. That will cause contraction, that is, fear.

Freeing your being is really meeting with everything you feel, think, and experience, and allowing the power of it to become one with you. In doing so, the force of being is released and expands beyond yourself, while you are still being who you are. This is extension. This is creation.

If you see the full picture of what has been revealed, you can clearly see that creating and being are two sides of the same coin, so to speak. So in order to return to the role of co-creator, you must be willing to be authentically yourself, always, no matter where your being takes you. Before now you couldn’t do so because you didn’t know who you were. Or rather, you had forgotten. But now you know. You are remembering who you are, and remembering it well.

Knowing each other is a matter of all eternity. We will always know each other. However, the degree of knowledge you have achieved now is enough to know what you should do in relation to truth.

Given the revelation you have received, you will be unwilling to stop being who you really are. Not only you, but, as already said, humanity as a whole will participate in this reality in which the truth will be the only light shining, every time with more brilliance.

The beauty of who you are is beyond any concept of beauty. Even so, it is something you can recognize and accept. To express the reality of love is to allow your true identity to manifest itself as it is.

Abstractions that do not lead to anything that can be truly shared are unnecessary since they cannot be understood. What you are, and the calling of Heaven, are a unity. When you are ready to listen, the voice you hear in yourself is one with you. When you recognize this, you begin to feel the urge to shape it. That impulse is really the need for expression, which I am here calling the need to speak.

You can certainly communicate, or even create effects through silence. Everything that now emanates from you will be an emanation of the light of Christ. There is no need to think about whether you should feel this or that, or think this or that. Like your heart, what your mind receives is holy because of the transformation that has been completed in your consciousness. That path did not begin when you joined this work, nor did it begin when you came into the world, but as already stated in these writings, the journey of return to eternal truth began the moment that the idea of fear was conceived in your mind.

Remember, the paradox of the spiritual path is that it is a path without distance. A path whose origin and destiny are the same. You come out of the truth, for you were created in truth and you return to it; there is nowhere else to truly exist.

III, Be True

What is the truth? Christ is the truth. This perfect statement, as simple as it is powerful, contains in itself the total eternal reality. Truly, truly I tell you that what you receive here surpasses all understanding of any separate mind, but it is accepted and understood perfectly by those who have returned to love. They know. As children of truth, they have been willing to receive divine revelation, and through it have welcomed what they really are. You are the living Christ who lives in you. Nothing more.

The magnitude of knowing who you are is rarely understood. Many are still distracted by trivialities that lead to nothing that makes real sense. They are children of love, who like children look at the flowers along the road and focus on the many things they discover. They are loved. They are holy in their essence. Their being is part of God. However, they are not yet ready to recognize their own reality.

Knowing is not a characteristic of the intellect but of being. Well understood, you will realize that the only true knowledge is the knowledge of being—that is, what you are. Nothing else should be called “knowledge” because the being you are is a being of pure love and truth, as well as holiness, purity, beauty, harmony, light, and perfection. In the wisdom of God you are all that truth is. To express truth is to express yourself freely. However, doing so still has a certain degree of challenge until it becomes as natural as it is to breathe or to allow the heart to beat.

The consciousness of knowledge is really an enlightened consciousness because the light of truth is its source. Said more accurately, in the light of holiness you see the truth and become one with it because of what it is.

I have said that there is still a certain challenge in allowing what you are to manifest in all its glory. This is because the thinking mind still continues to define, or label, what it believes are the attributes of being. Given the characteristic of the conscious mind to focus on specificities, to it an unlimited being lacks form. However, here I will remove a veil which will help you not fall into that mental trap.

Remember that what we are revealing in this work are not new things that almost nobody knows, but remembering what every heart knows perfectly because the wisdom of love resides in it. This statement is being repeated often because of the strong inclination of the mind to want to show itself as wise, superior to others, not out of love of knowledge.

Undoubtedly knowledge has been used by the separate mind to divide, to pose as superior, where but a few enlightened and graced with special gifts seemed able to access the treasure of wisdom. According to that way of thinking, knowledge resided in a “sacred” place with very little access, as if the narrow door which I spoke of as an example of paths in life had instead referred to the portal of divine knowledge.

It is as impossible not to access knowledge as it is not to breathe and stay alive. You were created with the perfect knowledge of who you are because God knows you perfectly. It is impossible for you not to know yourself in the light of holiness.

This work does not give you knowledge. That is inherent in your being, given to you in your creation, not as a gift or something added, but because knowing and being are truly one and the same. You are knowledge. Remember that being and knowing are really one and the same on the plane of truth.

Being knowledge is what makes you a chalice of wisdom. There is no book or doctrine that could teach what this means to you. It is a matter of the heart. Nevertheless, there is utility in what has been shared. I refer to the various manifestations of the desire to share knowledge that is not of the world, whether through writing, art, worship, or any other type of expression. The usefulness they have, and therefore why they exist, is that they allowed you to become aware of your desire to know something that you somehow intuit is not of this world.

IV. Look Up at the Sun

You are not of the world, despite being in it. You know this very well or you would not devote so much effort, individually and collectively, to seek understanding beyond worldly knowledge.

Intuition is perfect knowledge. It is a memory coming from the nature of your being which cannot be eliminated.

Activating divine memories in you is the goal of this work that I give you with all the love of my heart. I know that in your memory lies perfect knowledge. I know that in your memory, not in illusions, is knowledge of who you really are. I know because I created you with infinite wisdom, and the truth, in all its magnificence, is part of you. I know because I have known you forever. I know you more than anything else. Only you and I know who you really are. Only you and I can make that knowledge fully manifest. No one knows you as I do.

To be a true worshipper is to love love in spirit and truth, for love is spirit and can only be contemplated by spirit. The knowledge of the love that you are can only be expressed by a spirit that has accepted truth as its only reality.

Outside of truth is nothing, as there is nothing outside of love. In the sincerity of the heart resides the holy entrance to the perfect expression of the love that you are.

I have said that there are still those who remain distracted by things that have nothing to do with the knowledge of Christ, the being that you really are. I have said this here not to belittle anyone, but to become aware that in the world of survival, effort or time devoted to knowing yourself is useless. That world arises from a pattern of selfish thinking, concerned only with survival. Naturally, for those who only seek to survive, the affairs of eternal life cannot have much value except that they allow one to feel superior to others and thus perpetuate the desire to be special.

It is necessary here to speak again of desire. Remember that the ego’s desires cannot be satisfied, for the simple reason that if they were, they would cease to exist, and nothing that exists, whether illusory or true, would want to cease to be. Can you now see the connection between the impulse to be and its expression? The lack of water creates the need to obtain it. In order to achieve that, the need arouses the desire to drink. When you drink, the need for water disappears and with it the desire to drink. What happens now with the “need to desire” which arises from the desire to meet needs? In order to continue existing, it will look for new needs that give life to other forms of desire, so that you can continue to desire. Lack, need, and desire go hand-in-hand and feed each other. One cannot exist without the other. Indeed, the fact that the body is thirsty again responds to this logic of the ego. Remember, the body faithfully obeys the mind that rules it.

For a mind identified with illusion, the dynamic of desire is unending, because desirelessness would spell the end of the ego. In fact, when you abandoned the false self you thought you were, you were abandoning desire as your guide. Certain emotional patterns still lead you to feel desire, but they will not persist much longer. Such desire will give way to the movement of spirit, from which the ability to desire originates. Such desire is a distortion of a natural impulse of the spirit. Desire originates in the force that moves the soul towards its Creator. There is no more natural movement in a being than the force that impels it to join the love from which it comes and which indeed it is.

Bring desire to the center of your heart and give it to love; this is how the unstable balance of the thought pattern of the ego, with its deficiencies and dissatisfactions, returns to the source of your being, through the awareness of your ability to desire and the effects desire has on you.

The ego’s desires are life forces, or energies, separated from being. That is why they are unstable, as if adrift. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of wishes confuse the mind and heart with things you neither want nor need. However, they are there, and there is no need to deny them. In a way they are like clouds that make it difficult to see the beauty of the sky.

We seek now to remember that there are only two desires in the soul, the desire to be and to know. Properly speaking they are not desires but impulses of being. These vital forces come from the truth of who you are. Both impulses go together, for being and knowing are like the two powers of life. When joined with the desire for expression, you have the totality of being, knowledge, and expression.

The only desire that can be fully satisfied, because it is not a desire itself, is the desire to know yourself as God knows you. This is because when you remain in that knowledge, you can know who you are and also be what you know, for by doing, your being continues to express itself, just as it always did but now from truth and not from illusion.

To those who are still distracted and trapped in the dimension of survival, I say with love and truth: there is no need to survive. You were not created for survival. You were created to live eternal life. In it you will reach the desires of your heart. You emerged from the very core of my divinity to enjoy yourself forever in the bliss of my infinite love. A Kingdom of pure light, infinite joy, and lasting fullness awaits you in me. Do not deprive yourself of the delights of God. They all exist for you. Come now! Lay hold of the treasures of my heart, for they are closer to you than your breath.

I am the eternal life that lives in you. I am the voice of your true consciousness. I am the one who has always known you like the palm of my hand. I am love that has no beginning or end. This voice that you hear, which one day was a humble and loving whisper which called to you from afar to return to his holy abode, is the voice of your own heart. It is you who called me; that is why I answered. It is you who invoked me. I have run to meet you in these words full of love and wisdom.

My sisters and brothers, I invite you to look up at the sun so you never see shadows again. Stay united to love. Appeal to your heart, for it knows the truth. It knows your unwavering faith. In your center lies the knowledge of your holiness. Understand it all with love and truth. This is a call from Heaven to all who have chosen only love as their eternal reality, to those who have returned to truth. It is a call to lift the flight of your thoughts towards the thought of the pure love of God. It is a loving invitation to abandon the mediation of beliefs that led you one day to think that you were insignificant when in reality you are the center where my love lives.

My beloved! Remain always in the truth of what you are. Your being will guide you perfectly along the path of holiness. Your purity will be seen and loved. Your beauty recognized. Your uniqueness restored. Trust your heart. Trust the knowledge that you have consciously recognized. Stay in peace.

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