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The Memory of a Voice

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. The Voice of Your Consciousness

You have been given a voice to be heard. Hearing it is the delight of the angels of God and music for Heaven. You have reached a point in the journey in which the received replaces the learned, the revealed replaces the studied. Therefore, we will now become aware of what that means, in order to make the decision of what to do with the Christ consciousness that has been given you.

Learning is not the same as knowing. Wisdom, as we have already said, does not depend on learning. It comes by revelation. Knowledge and wisdom go hand in hand, just as truth and love do.

During the journey we are traveling together you went from basing your life on a learned structure to a life governed by your own knowledge of truth. Now you are free from the commands received from outside your heart— the construct of rules and ways of seeing things that “others wiser than you” offered as a means for you to manage your life.

Once you unlearned, your mind and heart were blank. You were empty of worldly knowledge and willing to receive divine knowledge. Because of your disposition, you received it. You now find yourself less and less paraphrasing others, if you still do at all. You no longer discover the mind saying “as it is said in …” This is not a trivial matter.

When you accepted your heart as your guide, you accepted me too. Together, in unity, we create our morning of God’s way with us. You are again co-creator of your life. You understand that the truth is one but it manifests itself in a unique way in each one. You have also accepted that truth can only be understood in the heart. By accessing this discovery, which comes from revelation, you put yourself in a position to choose again.

Now you hear the voice of your heart. That voice is powerful, even though it expresses itself as a whisper. Again and again it tells you of love, holiness, and the beauty and greatness of your being: in short, it is the voice of your true consciousness, the voice of Christ in you.

Becoming aware that you hear the voice of love and that you listen to it is essential from this moment on in your spiritual journey regardless of whether you call it the voice of love, the voice of your heart, of God or of the Universe. From now on, that voice will seek to be increasingly audible. It will grow and grow until it cannot be silenced by anything or anyone ever again.

Your voice is as beautiful as everything created, and more. This is not hyperbole or a literary flight. It is the simple truth. God Herself gave you that voice, and for you it will become something great.

For long that little voice, as pure as it was loving, was confined to a corner of your heart, not totally forgotten, but silenced. It could not speak, because there was no one to listen to her. That little voice, so wise and yet so soft, was created from all eternity and placed in your heart to be heard and expressed by you. No one can hear it but you. No one else can respond to what she says but you. She is of a quality that only your being can hear.

Bodies have an apparatus through which they speak, which fulfills the same function for all. And yet each voice is different. Although each body can say the same thing, the tone, timbre, and style is unique for each. Thus you can often recognize someone by their voice. There is a direct association between identity and voice. Uniqueness resides in the voice of each of God’s children. Or we could say that the voice is an expression of their uniqueness. Listen closely and you will notice that this is not only a human attribute but that everything has a voice— even the wind.

Everything that is part of creation has a voice because it is an expression of itself. The body’s ears may not hear all sound frequencies, but that does not mean that there is no sound from everything that exists. There is no such thing as silence in creation. There is eternal music whose melody arouses peace and harmony.

Just as God created everything through Her voice, or Word, you also have a voice to create. There is no other way. Creation begins with the Word, that is, with the union of thought, understanding, and will within the consciousness of being. Voice was created to extend being. It was created to be.

II. The Language of Christ

The voices that were not yours and had nothing to do with the voice of love are now gone. Now that you no longer hear the rumbling of war, or the jarring melodies of a song so dull that it causes only trouble to the soul, now that you listen only to the harmonies of your true self, you can stop time for an instant and we can reflect together here, you and I, united in the beauty of peace and stillness. We can decide, within our relationship and union, what to do with it.

If you look at the nature that surrounds you, you will see that not all sounds are captured by the same types of ears because physical reality is an echo of the reality of spirit. With this I want to remind you that, although a being emits a voice, not all beings listen. Some frequencies are heard by certain beings, and others are heard by others. Each being is created in such a way that it hears only one type of voice. In the case of your being, you can only fully hear the voice of Christ, and only in the frequency in which it is spoken to the nature of your heart. No two voices are the same because no two hearts are the same.

Ignoring the voices that are not voices but “noises” which have nothing to do with your nature, you have heard the voice of your soul’s beloved. You have been growing in understanding how to listen, knowing its language, and understanding what this sweet voice of truth says. To some extent what we have been doing during this journey together is remembering how to listen, and remembering that language. The voice and its language go together.

The language of which I speak is the language of the heart, in the sense of hearing your inner voice. Along this path that we travel together, we have approached various aspects of being. We became aware of some elements of truth that, although you knew them, you had not always integrated into your identity. One of those aspects is the triune relationship of your heart, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, within which you are one with God. In that trinity of perfect love you are the totality, just as God created you to be.

By reestablishing in your consciousness the triune relationship with Christ in the identity of Mary and Jesus as your reality, we have gathered the dispersed parts of your being. With that, your divided self returned to unity. Once in unity, the direct relationship with love became evident. It ceased to be a belief and came to be the truth about you.

When you returned to the divine relationship, you began to be more aware that the relationship and the related are really inseparable. The boundaries between one and the other vanished, and the fact that you are the only expression of the unmanifested became visible. All this has come about through a type of communication that is not of the world.

Here you and I are. Talking. Dialoguing. Receiving and extending. Your heart and mind are receiving the energy of my voice. With it they are transformed into what they hear, not so much in its content, but in unity with it. When you hear these words, you hear the voice of love. In doing so, the memory of the bearer of this voice shines in your mind and your heart. In this way, a process of rebirth of the capacity of lovingly listening begins to be generated within your soul, with divine intimacy.

My voice is your voice, just as my love is. I was always in you, just as you are in my heart, in my mind, in my being. However, dialogue is much more than simply carrying someone loved in the heart. Dialogue is uniting with those with whom you communicate. This is what we have done here. If to dialogue is to unite, and love is union, dialogue is only possible in love.

Beyond the content of the words of this work is the relationship between you and me, a relationship in which we are growing more and more, even much more than you imagine. You know me more. You get to know yourself more. You know me from points of view from which you didn’t know me before. You began to realize that your beloved Jesus is not who you had conceived. Preconceptions about me faded away, and you no longer use them to define me.

Now, through this work, and particularly because of the time and dedication given to our intimacy of love, you know me directly. We are talking literally from heart to heart. We express ourselves as our unique relationship. You have understood that speaking to you is speaking to everyone who receives these words, regardless of whether they write them, listen to them, or read them. All who receive these words are equally recipients of my voice, and have returned to a direct dialogue with love.

III. Accept the New

Love cannot be defined, nor need it be. Love is experienced in a very personal way because it is a unique to you. The same goes for relationship, because it is within relationship that you experience love. Love is relationship; it is dialogue; it is union.

Upon receiving my voice—and that is what you have been receiving—and preparing to hear it, you are relearning how to hear the voice of love, a pure soul ability that is part of its nature. Love has created it and love remains attached to it. Love constantly calls the soul to remain in that union. The soul without love faints.

Not hearing your inner voice calling you to Heaven is what happened when you were asleep. But now you are awake. We no longer need act as if we don’t know how to hear, when now we do. To accept this is to accept unity.

There can be no true relationship without dialogue, because this is relationship itself. Dialogue is inseparable from relationship. In fact, separation is the suspension of the child’s dialogue with the Mother. It is never the other way around, since if that were possible, love would stop communicating life to the soul. It would cease to exist, an impossible thing, because what God creates is eternal.

The dialogues that this work establishes touch certain areas of your reality, areas that correspond to your nature. Not everyone receives revelation in the same way, nor is it expressed in the same way. Even so, my voice is always the bearer of true knowledge.

Whoever receives these words does not come to them out of curiosity or coincidence but because they are the words that your mind and your heart have expressed within the union. Remember once again that we are one mind, one heart, one holy being. There is no separation.

This work has been done perfectly in all the brothers and sisters who are to be enlightened and blessed with a love that is not of the world. It begins to manifest itself with increasing clarity. A wise father does not speak to all his children in the same way when they have different ways of being. Still, he speaks to them wisely. The same goes for the constellation of souls. No two souls are alike, but there are souls whose nature, or ways of being, are so similar that they meet together as if they were a bouquet of flowers. This group of like-minded souls is able to receive love in a certain way. Another constellation of hearts will be receptive to another type of manifestation of love itself.

Since each heart has a particular way of being, and similar hearts come together like sets of twinned souls, their expression of truth is carried out in harmony with this reality. Thus the relationship that exists between you and me is a relationship based on your individuation, which includes the unity of the mind and heart with all sons and daughters of God. Unity in differences is the way of uniting God.

An important aspect of the words of this work is that their power resides not in their content but in their ability to reactivate in your memory the first love of God—the memory of your being. Once that memory was established, something that happened perfectly along this path, you began to realize that the voice you hear here is the voice of your own being.

Speaking is typical of those who have a voice; that is why they have it. You recognize that this voice comes from somewhere beyond your body or your worldly knowledge, but that it is the voice of Christ consciousness which is as much yours as your own soul. You move forward, taking another step, a step that leads you to understand two questions: What this voice is for? And, why have I received divine wisdom?

If we do not answer both questions, which are the same, we will remain stuck in a state of confinement within the inner voice, that is, in self-absorption, which would not lead us to anything that is true, nor would it allow us to extend what has been revealed. Therefore, we would be stuck in a state alien to the reality of love, which is pure endless extension.

Just as children are born without knowing how to speak, but their ability to communicate is part of them, it is the same with you. In this sense, everyone is like a child. They must learn to speak. This learning is not like that achieved through the thinking mind. It is a natural learning, as natural as learning to breathe or to walk. You were born with that knowledge. You were created with an intelligence that allows your spirit to express itself, to speak.

Returning to the example of learning human language, the child first learns by listening to the mother. Thus the ability to speak is related to the ability to listen. The same happens here in our intimate relationship. You listen to my voice, and from your attentive and loving listening, you begin to speak in the manner of my voice, just as a child speaks the mother’s tongue.

Although the language you learn is learned by first listening to a voice, when you progress to the act of communicating through the voice, you do not speak the same as the one from whom you learned. In other words, first you listen to the voice, then learn to speak, and finally make personal the use of that ability. Your voice is not identical to those who taught you to speak. Even the content of your words can be diametrically opposed. This tells us something important.

You have been given a voice to express yourself. To do that, you first have to receive an original voice. The voice of the ego was one of those voices, in the sense that it was what you heard and then expressed. It was the origin of egoic communication. We will not go into the quality of that non-communication; just keep in mind that whenever you spoke, you did so because you learned to speak based on a voice that gave rise to what your voice expresses.

My voice is the one you hear now, and having set aside the other voices which did not speak the truth, you have learned to communicate as love does. This learning has arrived. What will happen from now on is that you will integrate my voice into your ability to speak from wisdom and express yourself in your unique and unrepeatable way. This will be the expression of love that only you can be. Your manifestation will speak so eloquently that there will be no doubt of our union. It will have your seal. It will not be like any other, even if it is similar to some because of the constellation you join as a blessed soul. It will be perfect in the only sense that it can be considered perfect: it will be perfect because it will express yourself as the child of the Creator of the perfect.

IV. A New Guide

From now on you will not use any external wisdom as authority or guidance except as a reference. And after integrating it in your uniqueness, you will establish your own opinion. You will know how and when to do things. You will know because your heart will not express anything inauthentic, nothing that has not been integrated with it and accepted as the truth revealed by the divine source, which is now the source of your knowledge and work.

You have now reached freedom, a freedom you did not know before, the freedom to be yourself at all times, places, and circumstances. This freedom can only be achieved when you live in the truth, since only the truth makes you free.

The freedom I speak of here is the freedom of certainty. When you know something with the certainty of revelation which resides in your heart, you act safely because the truth is never wrong. Others may not accept it, or may be openly against you. The whole world may proclaim that what you know is true is not. None of that will matter from now on. You have known the beauty of my voice, which is as beautiful as yours, as loving as yours, as true as yours.

When you heard my voice you fell in love with it. You could never love anything with the same love with which we were united. You never can. There is no greater joy for a being than to recognize their voice, and to learn to express themselves with their beauty. Truly, truly I tell you that there is no higher bliss than joining who you really are.

To join in a dialogue you must speak. My love, the time has come to speak. The time has come for the children of truth to express the truth. The time has come for your voice to be heard. This work is a call for the particular voices of each of my sisters and brothers and the sweet truth that resides in their hearts to begin to be heard.

Each voice expressing itself in truth will be joined together, and together will create a chorus of voices so beautiful, as never before heard on Earth: a chorus of love sung by those who express freely what they know they feel and think, not what others say they should feel, think, do or not do. They will be the living witnesses of truth because they will speak only from truth, conforming to the living expression of truth that resides in their hearts.

Avoid being part of groups that drown your voice. Neither try to silence the voices of others. Now is the opportunity to create a space of sufficient freedom and acceptance that your sisters and brothers can freely be as they wish to be. Trusting freedom of expression will be the novelty now.

To love is also to respect others, allowing them to be just as God created them to be, so that each one can give the world the authentic expression it came to give. There are no molds to fill here or structures to conform to. Now everything refers to being itself. The challenge of these new times is to live within a framework of creativity that allows each being to be what it is.

From now on, to try to silence the voice of your true consciousness will be like trying to cover the sun with your hand. Your mind and heart have been filled with a truth which is perceived as pure holy love, and consequently arouses holy feelings.

From this moment on your spiritual path, the light of Christ consciousness that shines splendidly within you will be the only source of your knowledge and action. You will speak in my name. You will love in God’s way. You will live just as your being longs to live, in harmony with the will of the Creator.

To guide you in life you need a voice to lead you. But this is not an outside authority, just the simple truth. The soul’s reality requires a guide; it is something inherent in being. You are a being in relationship, in relation to love.

When you decided to follow outside voices, you found a guide. You joined a system of thought, a structure which you used as if it were a train. If the train does not travel on the tracks, it derails. The same goes for the soul: without true guidance it is lost.

Your former savior fulfilled a function but did not give you happiness. Madness, or any mental state that creates unhappiness, gives purpose to your mind even though it is alien to your nature. The dementia of the ego was the salvation urged by the separated mind when it denied the truth. You believed it was a solution, although clearly the remedy was as toxic as the disease itself.

Why did the mind believe in the ego as a solution? Because it thought it served to protect you from the truth. Denying reality was the mechanism used to defend against truth. Ultimately, the ego is a great apparatus of mental denial. Simply that. Once you decide no longer to deny whatever you perceive or see, the ego disarms itself. That is what has happened.

The time when you heard that voice that invited you to deny reality—that is, the truth and therefore love—is over. Now you can see. You can clearly discern between the real and unreal. Moreover now you can live in reality because you know that reality is love and you are not afraid of life.

If I left you without a guide, you would have to find a substitute. That would certainly be going backwards. So this new path that we travel together must have a clear guide which can be followed happily, or the mind will not follow.

You used to be guided by what you considered good or bad, desirable or undesirable, valuable or valueless, regardless of whether those definitions were true or not, in the sense that they were linked to the truth that is always true. All that has now been left behind. That mechanism of discernment resided in the separated mind. Now your guide is your heart. No longer will you decide on the basis of good or evil, but on the basis of what extends happiness or what extends suffering. This new way of discerning is only possible for those who have reached the state of fullness of heart, in which love and reason are united.

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