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United in Freedom

A message from the Voice of Christ through a choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

The new human reality is being manifested, arising from a new love, always eternal, and always new. Learning to read the signs of the times will now help you to abandon the fear that arises from believing that the world is so complex that it cannot be understood. Remember once again that what cannot be understood cannot be loved. Certainty arises from true knowledge, and peace cannot exist in a kingdom where insecurity rules.

Could a God of infinite love create an insecure world? We will answer this question again from the new light that shines in your holy mind.

God did not create the world. God created the Kingdom. There is a big difference between them which we will discuss here.

The insecurity you perceive in “society” does not come from God but from those who create what you often call “the world.” In this sense, “the world” is the externalization of human thought.

Children create worlds plagued by fantasies, ghosts, heroes and villains, stories and fairy tales—candid, maybe, but unreal, and therefore dark in some way. It is a world created by a childish mind.

Crazy people tell crazy stories and believe in crazy things. They also create their world.

Truth seekers create their own world in their own way, a world that allows them to withdraw enough from the hustle and bustle of vanities to be able to listen and observe their thoughts and feelings, and to be alone with their inner voice.

A poet seeks a time of solitude to contemplate the beauty of raindrops falling on a stream, or to be ecstatic in the beauty of those same drops on the window glass sparkling in the first rays of the sun, flashes of light that expand in multiple colors as they pass through each droplet, prisms as of a miraculous crystal.

Every mind creates its world. A troubled mind creates a turbulent world. A serene mind creates a world of peace. This truth does not refer only to the thinking mind but also to the “mind-heart” unit which always remains united, regardless of whether you identify with the ego or with Christ. The mind and heart have always been united. There can be no separation. An egocentric mind will have selfish feelings. A mind identified with Christ will have loving feelings because of what the mind of Christ creates. Feelings are creations, as are thoughts. Both come from the spirit that the mind and heart, as a unit, serve. Does this mean there is more than one spirit? Oh yes, of course—one is the spirit of love, the other of fear.

Here I define as spirit any creation that is not physical. In this sense, all thought is spirit because it proceeds from it, just as feelings do, as well as decisions that are made because of free will, which act in the sphere of will.

Considering the definition I have given of spirit and matter, we can realize that beliefs in angels and demons have a core of truth.

When we speak of the angels of God and their luminescence, we speak of a reality that is true. They exist. They are beings that emanated from the glory of the Mother, created by the divine mind, and confirmed in truth by their own will to choose only love, always. Having made that irrevocable choice, they chose to live the love that God is. In this sense, and only in this sense, they are one with God. They are free to choose and they chose.

God creates infinite beings, as is evident in the creation of the physical universe. Not everyone has the same nature, although everyone has a single source. The painting that a painter paints is not of the same nature as the painter, even if it is her expression.

Beings that many call dark also exist. They have a will. They were created with free will. Emanating from the love of the Creator of everything holy, beautiful, and perfect, they also made an irrevocable choice not to choose only love, always. In their free will they prefer to live without love.

If well understood, what for generations have been called beings of light and beings of darkness are not opposites that arise from a dual mind. They are beings originally created by the Mother of lights. Within the reality of freedom, both are one, since they are free to live in love or not. God loves them with the same love, for they are Her creations, but She does not force them to remain united to Her. Like every free being, they have a will, a will that must be expressed, for which purpose they use their mind and heart. Some extend a reality of pure love; others of fear. You can call them light and shadow, angels and demons, as you wish. What you call them is irrelevant to the truth. Both are creations emanating from the same reality, and they are still embraced by that reality.

Love embraces light and darkness. Love embraces everything. Indeed, it is an act of perfect love, respecting freedom and allowing the mind that has not chosen love, because it does not have to do so, to continue to create its own reality without love, not as the work of its source, but as its own work.

Is it true that now you can easily understand what was once the mystery of freedom? This revelation finds resistance in the human mind to simplicity and to the magnitude of what it means to be free. That is why we return to this in this work.

Freedom requires the free choice of will to be what it is. Thus when God planted in Eden the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” and gave humans the option to choose, God was not setting them up or putting them at risk, but giving them freedom.

That story is a perfect symbol of the goodness of the Creator who has created free will to give humanity and every free being the freedom to choose love or not. In nothing else but in this freedom can it be said that, as a human being, you are one with the Creator. Herein lies the point: you are one with God because you are free. Remember that love is freedom.

When some use expressions such as, “Demons seem to torment me,” they are also expressing a reality that has a point in common with the truth, even if it is not expressed with perfect accuracy.

These “demons that afflict people” are not identities. They do not exist as free beings. Rather, they are non-loving thoughts which become enmeshed in a thought system when the will of the person moves away from love. The body does not create them, nor do they have anything to do with the physical itself; but like everything mental, it creates its own reality—in this case, a human reality far from love.

Being possessed is those same thoughts, or mental patterns, when they have become obsessive. When one speaks of a “devil that tempts people,” in reality what is being talked about is a whole system of thought of separation or division, consequently of war, of all murderous thoughts, of fear or not love.

In the same way that one speaks of “temptations” or “demonic possessions,” one also speaks of mystics, scribes, saints, blessed, and enlightened. Or if you prefer, of divine inspiration. These, in a literal sense, are like the previous: a system of thought, but based on the love that comes from God. They are in perfect harmony with the mind of Christ. This is why that system of thought which we call “the truth,” unites your human nature with divinity because of your choice. The luminous thoughts that manifest through your mind are the extension of a willingness to live in love and truth.

Given the law of attraction of likeness, when your will prepares to live in love, what your mind receives is one with love, and therefore with peace, beauty, harmony, bliss, and lightness of spirit. Opposites reject each other; likes unite.

Everything you see in your life is an expression of what happens inside you. As inside, so outside. We have often repeated this truth. I do not do so here to be redundant, but to start connecting the dots that will allow you to understand reality from a new perspective, which will allow you to be aware of your freedom.

II. I Take Pleasure in You

You are here receiving the word that comes from the consciousness of Christ because your heart yearns to hear my voice. You are freely choosing me; you are freely loving me. Your desire, together with your will, makes you literally open the doors of Heaven to what lives there and is the source of your being and of everything. You are not doing it because you are holy or perfect. You do it for the simple reason of freedom.

Your soul is Heaven where God has put what She created. Within your mind and heart is a divine reality that is but a thought away, and which you can access without any restrictions. How you access it is not something you can define, since the path of access to the divine relationship, or unity, has been determined by the Creator. In fact, the path of access to unity, unity itself, and what exists in it as its reality, are one. The relationship and what is related to it are a unit.

To some extent, pure love is externalized because when your access in unity becomes one with you, it thus expresses itself in a way only you can. If you decide to leave the world of time and space and inhabit another dimension of creation, the divine relationship goes with you, for it is an essential part of your being. Wherever you go, love will go with you.

I have said “to some extent.” What I mean by that qualification is that you can remain united to love and allow it to be expressed through you, but you cannot make yourself what you are not. You did not create yourself. Your being of pure beauty and wisdom is like a glass of pure crystal which the Creator molded with Her own hands, to pour out divinity.

If you cannot create God, nor create your being, and therefore cannot define the way in which the divine expression manifests in you since it arises as a result of your joining the Creator, then where is your freedom? You are free to love or not to love. To join love or move away from it.

Remember the simplicity of the truth: we can only be united in freedom. In this truth we begin to understand more about the creation of the new.

Truly, truly, I tell you once again that the new is already being created. What we will do now is make clear the basis of this novelty whose reality you are beginning to glimpse more and more.

Why is this important? Because if you don’t have a base upon which to build the novelty of the Kingdom in the world, you will continue to create conflict in your mind and heart, just as it was created when you put the formlessness of being on an equal level with the form of ego. When spirit is compared to the self of form, that battle is lost beforehand in favor of the ego. Whenever you put yourself in a position that what you offer is either of an amorphous and unresolved identity, or one that is shaped and resolved, you will choose the second. This is characteristic of human nature. And it is in perfect harmony with the will of who created you.

Yet form cannot prevent love from spreading. Only the will can prevent it, because to extend is to create, and the will is not something inherent in form but in spirit.

If God had not wanted you to adopt a given form, She would not have created humanity nor the creative potential to create physical bodies, nor the time, space, and laws that govern physical reality. She would not incarnate Herself as human. In other words, no matter what it looks like, you could create the world you created because it was an option that God placed among your unlimited creative options. And it is perfect as it is, for it is nothing more than a reflection of your mind, reflecting the choice your will makes.

The same world can be very different for everyone. In fact, the world itself means something different for each conscious mind. Not a soul that walks the Earth sees the same world, because there is no single soul that is the same as another. Each mind sees its own reality, just as does God’s mind. Christ only sees love because that is his reality. Fear only sees fear because that is its reality.

The Creator, contemplating the creation of your mind, heart, soul, and spirit, looked upon it and said, “I am pleased with what I have created. Let it come alive.” This is how you emerged from the thought of pure infinite love of the Mother. The creative capacity of your mind and the powers of your soul are a gift of love from Heaven. God does not create the concrete, but the pure abstraction of being. Everything that it contains within itself has no limits of any kind. The concrete is a form of expression of your spirit, which expresses through the mind.

One of the soul’s potentialities is to create its own world. In fact, if well understood, this potential is where the Kingdom comes from. The divine mind also creates its own reality, as does every mind. Creating your own reality is a creative act which allows the mind to be what it is; otherwise it would not have an environment in which to express itself.

In your world there is an expression that denotes that you must have a certain “creative space” to create. In other words, certain conditions are needed to allow your creative power to manifest. A pianist needs his hands and a singer needs his voice. Even so, your hands also need a piano, or a canvas to paint and a palette of various colors. But even with all that, something else is needed: the creative space to allow inspiration to manifest.

If you put a black suit and an elegant white shirt on a dummy and sit it on a bench in front of a piano with a musical score before it, no music will sound. The same will happen if you put a brush in an inert hand, and place it in front of a painter’s easel.

What does it take for a work of art to exist?

The mind connected to the heart has the ability to create art. To do so, it will create the necessary conditions for that expression to manifest. The function of form is to serve spirit: the human mind can create music, but for it to manifest, the body needs a certain type of hands, brain, and vocal and auditory apparatus.

When mind-power and the mind-act are a unit, everything that is expressed is but the mind itself made expression.

Remember that although the mind is the active means by which spirit creates, it does so because of its creative will. The source of creation is not thought itself, but the will, which uses the mind to create what it decides. Spirit alone does not create, for it would be an idea without expression, like a seed that was not planted, or like an ability to sing a beautiful song which would never be sung. Spirit alone would have no purpose.

Does it make sense to create a capacity that cannot manifest itself? Of course not. Thus when the capacity was created, the means and the conditions for its expression were also created. Power and action are one unit, cause and effect are one.

The mind and spirit cannot know itself if it does not manifest itself. The ability to know oneself is a power of consciousness. Consciousness becomes reality, or if you prefer, reality is manifested consciousness.

Manifestation arises from the unmanifested, born in the heart of your being. Here we can understand the workings of the laws of creation. It seems so simple. That is why it is often difficult to accept.

III. Simplicity and Truth

My brother, my sister, light of my eyes! God is simple. Truth is simple. Love is pure. When the mind returns to love, it remains in truth. In doing so, it returns to a state of simplicity, which often stuns those who remain entangled in the complex gymnastics of the ego’s thinking system. In fact, while reading some passages of this work, you have encountered resistance to accept as simple some things promulgated here, because when you contrast them with your experience you perceive them as difficult.

It is easy to say that if you choose love, everything that you express will be loving. It seems too simple, and even somewhat naïve, to say that if you live in truth, the light of Heaven will shine on you and in you, it will illuminate the Earth, and your bliss will be so great that it will have no comparison.

And yet, it is true.

Why is the simple rejected in favor of the complex, the easy in favor of the difficult? The reason lies in your assessment. You accept what you value and reject what you do not. Nobody wants to follow a thought system that they don’t consider valuable. If you value simplicity because you love it and cultivate simplicity in your heart, you will begin to see things very differently. You will contemplate everything through the eyes of Christ.

God knows nothing of complexity. Love is crisp, clear, and humble. It does not spin because it is straight. It does not create anything, but only extends. It is like the wind that blows. Love simply creates new love.

Now we can address the creation of the new in more detail. The old was marked by a struggle between truth and illusion, love and fear, good and evil—the desire to separate the divine from the human. The new is neither one thing nor the other, nor is it the sum of both, or a particular combination of a little of one and another bit of the other. Between divine and human there is no winner or loser. Neither arises from a war in which one triumphed.

The new is not a kinder humanity, according to the criteria of good and evil pre-established by the thinking mind. The new humanity is really the same humanity as always, but in complete harmony with the source of the being that Christ is. Out of the meeting of the will of humanity and the will of the Creator, a new reality emerges.

We could say that the new world is one in which humanity becomes the creator of a new love on Earth, or the extender of divinity.

Just as here I am revealing to you the mysteries of Heaven without needing to have a physical body because I am not subject to time or matter, since I am pure consciousness, in the same way you will transmit the wisdom that you receive from me to all creation. Minds will become aware of the unity in which they live, and communication will flow freely throughout creation as now occurs in the language of souls.

To some extent, the new is the universal awareness of the truth that says:

We are one mind, one heart, one soul.

The human spirit was created as a communication vessel for divinity to extend to the rest of creation, like veins bringing the flow of life-giving blood to all members of the body. If humanity gets sick, creation gets sick. If humanity heals, all creation is healed. If humanity falls, the created falls, since it was created for, in, and with humanity. It is an undivided part of your being. Indeed, what is created is the extension of the Child of God.

Since what characterizes the new is the return to the consciousness of communion, the new world will be a world of harmony. Only united hearts can be in concord and thereby express peace, harmony, magnanimity, and lasting happiness.

If the communication of the human soul to its Creator is canceled, the rest of the unity of creation is excluded from communion. When that happens, there is an obstruction in the channel flow of communion. I am not talking about the flow of life, of course, which continues from the Source to the created. I speak of direct communication from mind to mind, from heart to heart, from soul to soul, and from them to God in a constant flow.

To communicate, beings who live within the consciousness of a direct relationship with God do not need words, as occurs in the world of separation. Each one will feel perfectly what another heart feels and will know in the mind what another mind thinks—and will rejoice in it. This will also happen at the level of spirit. And all that occurs without limitation. For this degree of communion to be restored in your consciousness, it is necessary to live in love, for that type of communication is the way to communicate unity.

If we deepen our gaze into the new, we can say that just as your spirit expresses itself through your mind, I express myself through your soul. Put simply, I am the spirit of wisdom and you are my continuator. Without you, nobody else receives my wisdom; without me, neither you nor anyone else receives it, even if everyone is loved by me. Without you, no one would participate in my divinity.

IV. Love Extenders

Now you can see the relationship between your inheritance and the new.

To be the heir of God is to follow His legacy, which means that your role as a child of God is to extend your inheritance. Full realization of this truth is new. Naturally, if what you extend is the legacy received by the Father of Love, what continues is Divine Love.

The angels are here in union with me to communicate what they receive from me. As is clear in this manifestation, I speak not only from my own reality as the living Christ who lives in you and our Creator, but also from the individualized reality of the archangelic and angelic Kingdom. In the same way, you will extend what you receive. An example that has already begun to happen is what you do with what is revealed here. You receive it by the grace of our Divine Love and your willingness to receive revelation. As you receive, you give. When you give, you keep receiving. By continuing to receive, you keep giving. The more you give, the more you receive.

Sharing is the reality of the new. That is how Earth becomes one with Heaven. In the Kingdom of God everything is a perpetual sharing of pure love without borders. If the world that the new mental pattern creates is a world of pure sharing in communion, then what difference will there be between Earth and Heaven?

If you look at what is being said here, you will see that it is not about understanding how expressions of love will look in the new order that is already here, but rather understanding that nothing of the old will have space in the new. New thought patterns will replace old ones. The new reality will be created through a mind that will work and think very differently. Indeed, it will not think in the way it has historically conceived.

The mind that creates the new—or more accurately said, the mind through which the spirit creates on the plane of the physical universe—will be the Christ mind of humanity. From there, the dimension of time and space will be such that there will be no distance from the Kingdom. It will cease to be a reality perceived as has been expected, but known as an aspect of the whole. Time will be seen as a point within eternity; space will be seen as a grain of sand within an infinite universe. The body will not have the same quality as the current body; it will remain a choice for as long as there is a need for choice, but it will be a totally benevolent medium in which only love will be chosen.

Nothing alien to love can exist in the new world. That is the novelty. That is what one will do with the Kingdom of Heaven.

To a certain extent we can say that the new world is a recreation of the existing world in the sense that it does not cancel time, space, or matter, but rather realigns it so that the exchange between Heaven and Earth is visible to human consciousness.

The link between the divine and the human has always existed. What will happen now with increasing visibility is that it will be recognized as what it is: a unit. You will not “go to Heaven” or “return to Earth” but will live in both, consciously.

Imagine a world where you cannot be deceived, where you cannot hate, where you cannot harm because it is harmless and because the thought of harm is nonexistent. Try to visualize, at least for a moment, a world where there is no death nor any needs, let alone shortcomings. Where everything is laughter and revelry. Where the light shines forever, creating endless colors.

Try to deliver your imagination to the desires of your heart.

Imagine a state of perpetual peace that cannot be threatened, just as the waters of the sea are not threatened by the beauty of the dim glow of the moon, but rather serve to reflect it in all its beauty. A Kingdom where joy governs sovereignly and love is the only thing that exists, even as it is expressed in infinite ways, all beautiful, all holy, all pure. A Kingdom where you are simply loved forever with perfect love, and all you do is live embraced by an unconditional love that absorbs all your feelings, thoughts, and reality. In it, all live in love and joy and rejoice in the truth, because the only joy that exists is the joy of souls, the joy that comes from the wisdom of love.

That world, one beyond the beauty and love you can imagine, exists.

It exists because it is in your mind. And if it is there, you can create it. Indeed, you are already doing so in union with me.

Sisters and brothers from all corners of the world! A world of unwavering peace and perfect love is not only possible, it will be the irrevocable, inevitable reality in which humanity will live happily as it walks towards the Father’s house. It is God’s promise and it is your will.

Now I say to you who have chosen only love: thank you for creating a new world based on love, a new reality that is already here.

Thanks to all extenders of love.

Thanks for answering my call.

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