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Great Is Love

A message from Archangel Raphael

I. Heaven Is Here

Holy extension of the Father, love transformed into more love! Thank you for responding meekly to the Grace of Heaven.

I have come once again to dwell with you in this particular way. I come with a happy heart, full of joy. Being with you is a gift from Heaven.

I am present by the will of the Father who loves you and all His children with unconditional love. In His name I deliver these words full of simplicity and truth. I also do it for the love of humanity, which lives in times of great need for the word made flesh.

God is present in all time and space. There is no place where He is not.

Where the light meets the water and the wind caresses the treetops, there is He.

Where the grasses germinate and sing their melodies in the morning, there is He.

Where tenderness dwells, there is He.

Where a heart is broken and hope is disappointed, there is He.

Where you are, there is He. Where He is, there is love.

My beloved, I have come full of tenderness to anoint your head and heal the world of all ailment. I know, as you know, that sometimes it is not easy to receive the energy of love from above. Allow me, because of your love for all and for Christ, to reveal what the wisdom of Heaven wishes to reveal.

Know that this difficulty to which I refer is because the structures that have been created by the mind to live in separation were constructed by a series of thought patterns and emotional responses which come from memories engraved on the body and personality that must be reconfigured so that your humanity can receive God Himself. Yet let us move on, relying on the benevolence of the Creator.

Divine energy greatly exceeds the spiritual energy of the ego. It is more powerful in every way. Yet love will not do anything with you that you do not accept, for remember, love is freedom. At the end of a process that leads you from a fear of an imperfect love even though it may contain seeds of truth and hence of Divine Love, you will happily sing of the wonders of Heaven.

Conditions of deep sadness, lack of energy, and weakness often experienced on the path to true light are the response of the body-mind to what it thinks cannot be encompassed, even though each cell yearns to do so. These states fulfill the function of allowing the human self to rest and be apart from things that do not help on the path chosen by the soul. This is where we must put into practice the ability to accept what is, as it is, to let whatever has to come, come, and to let go of what has to go.

Sometimes it is necessary to rest in order to give the mind respite. This is of great importance, because one of the states that you most likely experience when you have decided to express the Divine Love that you really are, is the feeling of trying to put the ocean into a thimble. But it is just a feeling.

Truly, truly I tell you that when you were created, you were given everything needed for the exercise of your free will, which includes the possibility of experiencing human limitations, and also of letting yourself be transformed by love and become one with that which created you.

There is a new temptation at this point we have attained, in which we recognize that unity is simply that: unity. The temptation is that of seeking others to receive the message that you know you should convey, and for which it is urgent. You are aware of your finitude. You know—not intellectually but throughout your consciousness—that you will not remain in the physical body much longer compared to the eternity you know you have ahead. This knowledge can cause paralysis in many ways if you fail to embrace it with love and truth.

Here we need detachment with all its beauty. Creating what you think would be desirable, expressing the love you feel for God that you have undoubtedly received from above, is to some extent essential, since your heart cannot rest in peace if you do not. You feel that anxiety, a feeling that what has been announced will be accomplished immediately, and that what has been promised will be realized now.

Along the path that we have been traveling, a path that began long before you received these and other words, you have been forming opinions about the life of your soul, and of what the encounter with Christ would mean, and its effects.

All such preconceptions will now collapse, one after another. That final crumbling of the mind’s concepts about the divine, and particularly the unity of both the human and divine natures, can be very painful at times because your soul is emotional. You are surrounded by the fire of Divine Love, now able to feel every movement of spirit. In this phase you may feel irritable at times. It does not matter. Be patient with yourself. There is still a section on the path to go—certainly not long, but it must be travelled.

The section I am speaking about concerns time, a time of waiting in the anteroom of the path of being. Remember, you have been brought to the point of access to that path where the realization of what has been accomplished begins to be fully expressed.

The expressions you have made so far are pure and full of love and holiness. However, what will be expressed when we begin to live the way of being will not compare with anything before, in the sense of the greatness of the love it will express and the vital force it will deploy.

There is a time for everything, even for the moment when you begin to be what God has arranged for you to be for all eternity. Done does not mean finished. On the plane of infinite truth, there is no such thing as an ending. New expressions are always created. Do not be afraid of not accomplishing your mission of expressing Divine Love in perfect harmony with the will of God, which is your own will. It is impossible not to do so. In fact, you are already doing so perfectly.

II. We

Without doubt the works of God are seen in their effects. However, these effects do not visibly show their cause, nor all of the effects. What the body’s eyes see and the physical senses perceive are like the tip of an iceberg in relation to the works of spirit. Still they are of great importance; since sometimes seeing a little leads to belief in a lot.

You feel a sense of urgency because of what you have seen and heard. Without doubt you have a very big mission, because great is the love that inspires it. Its importance means that you will feel that you are failing yourself, your sisters and brothers in Christ, and God Himself if you deviate from the path. Hence arise the states of discouragement that many experience during this phase.

Yet discouragement cannot be part of the new life you are living, because it suggests that you have lost union with your soul. If you understand what that means, you know how impossible it is. You cannot any longer lose connection with your true self. Your singular consciousness has been so transformed that it is now absorbed in divine consciousness. There is no longer a me and a you, but an us that is a unity with All. Why do you think Jesus gave the “Our Father” prayer in the form of “us” and “we”?

Now you begin to become more aware that this path you are on is the path of spiritual giants—those who courageously overcame all obstacles that would prevent them from being as God created them. They left behind the cowardly ego that dared not venture into the mysteries of Heaven, under the pretext that they cannot be unraveled, or are useless.

Leaving the old self behind and allowing the truth to shine as who you really are is a decision of such magnitude that if you could see it fully you would be impressed with the fundamental option you have chosen.

Spiritual cowardice is a fear of daring to love differently than the world loves—a great obstacle on the spiritual path.

The ego thought system is always characterized by the concrete, the limited. It cannot conceive of a love not of this world, a love that is pure abstraction because it is pure spirit. In fact, that thought system doubts that the relationship with Christ is real. It insists that what is not seen through the bodily senses and therefore not understood does not exist. That memory repeats itself like an old song played on a scratched record. You know now that the opposite is true.

You have seen and heard what eye and ear never did. Revelation is mysterious to those who live by the senses.

Undoubtedly many so-called spiritual proposals are fantasy. The ego wishes to show itself as spiritual in order to achieve self-confidence, whereas true spirituality comes from the love that God is. Distinguishing between them is necessary so as not to fall into a confusion that only delays revelation to those who seek the truth sincerely.

How to distinguish one from the other? By attending to the wisdom of your heart.

You “smell” what you receive—a spiritual sense of smell which is simply the ability of the heart to recognize the truth. It will tell you without fail if what is proposed comes from love. You will feel it in your heart. Follow that knowledge. Faithfully obey that inspiration. It will always take you on the path of beautiful love. It will hold you firmly in the truth that is always true.

If you accept this “smell,” or that we have also called the intuition of the heart, and integrate it into your consciousness, embrace it in love and acceptance, trust it and be guided by it, you will leave decision-making more and more to that mode of communication.

The intuition of the heart is a form of the deep communication of Christ. It is the way your divinity guides you within a world of choices.

Your intuition will always tell the truth. It is a knowledge you know to be true even though you know not how it came. Allow such knowledge to manifest. You have advanced enough not to fall into spiritual confusion, so if you pay attention, you will have no fear of stumbling, for you will not stumble. I remain by your side. Christ is in the center of your being. All of Heaven surrounds you with its glory. The truth can no longer be denied. Your will, will be done.

III. Communion and Unity

We have said that “me” and “you” have given way to “us.” This needs explanation. The “we” of Christ is not a group, a set of separate beings like independent units that come into contact with each other. Being in touch with something or someone is not the same as being one with it. You will stop fearing anger, greed, or any feeling that you know does not come from love.

You will no longer confuse aversion with heartbreak. But you will understand that aversion to all that is not holy comes from the spirit of Divine Love in which you have become, and is a grace that allows you to honor love for what it is. You will know with new light. No one who has heard the voice of Christ and chosen only love can delight in anything that is not of the same nature as perfect love.

Now when you speak of “we” or “us,” you include everyone in prayer and with love. You recognize in that form of expression that you are united with everything, not in the sense in which the separate mind understands it, but how God has established spiritual unity, that is, holy communion.

We are communion. That is why it is perfect to pray from that place rather than from individuality. A self-centered prayer does not give space to the experience of transformation of which we have been speaking, which brings you to the unity that only exists in a direct relationship with God.

Of course, unity in totality includes everything you are. For this reason we have repeatedly remembered that this work takes you from the sweetest memories of the heart to the most powerful thoughts, so full of light and power that they create a new pattern of thought. The energy of these thoughts carries within it a power of truth so immense that often the mind becomes absorbed by it. The quality of the feeling of this work also causes the alchemy of the soul.

Only when your thoughts are full of wisdom and truth, and your feelings are the reflection of pure love and holiness, can you say that you have achieved unity. In fact, if you observe what you have been experiencing in the words given to you from the Heaven of your holy mind, in unity with all that is real, you will recognize that it is touching your heart and transforming your way of thinking, not only in terms of the content but also how your thinking functions. You no longer think as you did before; you are not the same as before. You no longer feel how you felt before; you are new.

The power of your transformed mind is evident. You can no longer hide the light of your sun. Not even the heavy clouds of yesteryear could do so. Much less will those who have not yet fully awakened arouse old patterns. This is because you now dwell in a high place in the universe that can only be reached by God, and which, like God, dwells in the heavenly mountain. From these heights you enlighten everyone, as the sun does without ever touching the Earth.

What I mean by that metaphor is that now you are aware of the spirit that animates all things. And even though it animates bodies and matter, it is not touched by it. Just as the air of the atmosphere is unchanged by matter passing through it, just as ether cannot be modified, so is it with the spirit that lives in you. This is why the novelty of knowledge shared with others does not reside in its content but in the form of expression. To do what is eternal in a new way is to create in novelty.

Searching for new forms of expression is ultimately the desire of being. This inherent impulse of being is where everything that exists, including you, comes from. Spirit is always new, not in its essence but in its expression. In other words, love cannot change, but it can be expressed differently in every moment. This knowledge is what has allowed you to understand that you are a unique expression of love itself. This allows you to understand the nature of your call.

You are called to give love a unique face—that face that only you can show because your way of loving cannot be repeated. No one can love instead of you, because one can only love with the heart that was given.

Notice how when we talk about the work you do in response to your union with Christ, we cannot stop speaking of novelty and uniqueness. This is because the work you carry out is the pure expression of your being that shows in your own way what the essence of love is for everyone.

IV. A Unique Voice

Do not look for God to answer you the same way as others. Do not even look for an answer based on your own ideas about what you think is appropriate for you. Not infrequently, the truth surprises God’s children, taking them along paths they never imagined possible. A doctor ends up dedicated to chanting mantras worldwide, abandoning his old function of unhealed healer. A writer of fiction novels becomes a priest. A religious leaves her habits to become a servant of the poorest. The carpenter’s son from a small town climbs a mountain and returns in forty days to redeem the world.

How inexplicable are the ways of love! They take you where they will, according to your nature, known only by the love that created your being. The realm of space and time is illuminated by beings that express themselves in the world as separate entities but remain clearly linked to love itself. This is different from the Kingdom of Heaven where there is neither matter nor time. The physical universe is a particular expression of love itself. Otherwise it could not exist.

Each soul is a universe, in the sense that it is a unique expression of God. At the level of expression there is no equality between the children of God, just as no day is the same as another. Yet the life that makes all exist is the same. It is your being. Only you can give the response of love. It is not about creating spiritual works or helping others, but about expressing love to God exactly as your being wishes to express, allowing your heart to delight in demonstrating the love you feel. Just as a loving wife does with her husband, and he with she. It is as simple as that, as pure as that, as sublime as love.

Would it occur to you to express love in the same way others do? Maybe. But in that case you will not be loving in your way. The expression of love will be missing something: you.

I tell you, all who receive these words, rejoice! The day will come when you will be unable to distinguish between the love you are and its expression, between the divine lovers and the relationship that unites them. You will reach the full understanding of unity and will not leave it for a moment. You will no longer seek union, you will be union. You will no longer crave unity, you will be unity.

As you walk the path of direct relationship with God, you become consumed in the fire of Divine Love. A flame has ignited and joined the fire of Heaven.

Before we conclude this time together of love and kindness, I want to remind you that one of the obstacles that you sometimes experience on the path of expressing in your own way what you have received in divine revelation, is continuing to believe that this expression is from the conscious self, when in reality it is carried out from the center of your being, which is obviously not the same.

The power of your being is great, as great as love is. It is not at the level of a self that does or does not act, of a self that somehow seeks to act from its old thought patterns in the work of God. No, that part of the mind does not participate in any way in the type of manifestation we are talking about. Yet your humanity does participate fully; indeed it is your transformed humanity through which the spirit manifests itself even though it is not the cause of that expression but a useful, although temporary, servant.

Expressions of love come from the heart alone, from the center of your being which is one with the heart of God. That is where the unity that never changes resides, and the love that never ceases to love, lives.

In the center of your being is where the divine relationship resides, where relationship and the related are one. All else is a means by which love manifests itself, be it the mind, the heart or emotions, the body or the imagination and memory, in short, any other aspect of your humanity.

When the human joins the divine, it serves the purpose of love but it is not the source of being. Herein lies a whole universe of truths that will set you free. Not infrequently, confusing the means with the end has been the cause of much pain. It will not be for you if you stay alert to the truth and live centered in your heart. This is why we appeal to the heart again and again, to avoid confusion.

Remember that at the level of beliefs is always the possibility of division. That is why the call being made is a call from heart to heart. In the center of your being you know what is true. Outside of it nothing is true, which is why living centered in love will assure you that you will remain united forever in unity as God created it, not according to the ideas of the thinking mind.

This is of vital importance for you who have come so far in the elevation of your humanity that you can no longer return. Your feet can no longer touch the ground. Now you live in the heights, where the temple of God stands with all its majesty, simplicity, and purity. It seems that you live in the world, but you are from Heaven. For a time your human figure will continue to be seen in the world. It must be so to complete the work of God, which since eternity has been conceived to be expressed through who you are.

You will leave a big legacy in the world. You are already doing so. However, beloved in Christ, despite being great, I tell you that what the world will see will not be even one iota compared to the greatness of the complete work that God performs through you. Remember, love’s masterpiece is you.

Truly, truly, I tell you, great will be your light, as great as love.

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