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The Soul in Love

A message from the Blessed Mother Mary

I. Only Love

My child, thank you for not submerging the voice of love that lives in your holy being. Thank you for not denying what the heart screams, that God is love.

Today my spirit and yours are wrapped in a mantle of purity and wisdom that Divine Love has woven. This sacred mantle, the refuge of souls that yearn for God, encompasses everything, and extends beyond itself until it covers each of my children. Just as the sun rises for everyone, in the same way my love embraces all creation.

Today I want to address my children who seek divine union.

Your desire to experience mystical unity, or a direct relationship with Christ, is like a flame that grows and grows. It is a wish without compare. Only the love of the Holy Trinity can fill it. I invite you to let yourself be carried away by the force of your desire. Do not be afraid where it will take you. Truly, truly, I tell you, it will take you to that state in which the desires of your heart will be filled beyond what you could imagine. Love will surprise you. Love will give you much more than you could even wish for. Love is abundance. Love is holiness.

The yearning for union with God, which is a yearning to live only love, manifests itself in many ways. I encourage you to understand that movement of spirit and to join it. That yearning will grow and grow in you, until everything is consumed in the fire of beautiful love. Let yourself be set on fire for God. If that desire leads you to read spiritual books, do so. You may notice that when you read a little, you want to read more. You may see yourself jumping from book to book. Do so, and enjoy that desire as the butterflies enjoy flying from flower to flower. When you know more, you will want more.

If the love of the soul that reaches for God leads you to participate in religious celebrations, do so with a heart overflowing with joy. Join the flow of that holy feeling. Do so just like this helping hand, pencil in my immaculate hands, does with a feeling of pure love for truth. If you feel the desire to sing praises to the world that Christ has come, that love is here, do so. In your music the spirit of God will manifest and touch hearts thirsty for love and truth. If you wish to write what God transmits to you and how your soul feels, do so. That desire comes from Divine Love, and it exists in your heart because there are sisters and brothers waiting to receive those words. If you want to unravel the mysteries of Heaven, study, discern, get moving.

When the desire of God touches you, and even if it has already touched you and you have taken your first steps in its expression, do not submerge your mystical feelings in any way. That feeling of the heart that seeks its Creator, the love of its being, is a feeling that all souls have at some point along the way. God does not deny it to anyone. It depends on you how to respond.

If well understood, this feeling is achieved by letting that mystical feeling manifest itself. That feeling is the voice of Heaven. That voice, which speaks for the truth and that lives in all hearts, is a voice that needs to be heard to be understood. Once that happens, you will never want to stop hearing it again, and in effect you will never stop listening to it because of the love you will feel and the greatness of those who listen.

II. The Voice of the Beloved

In the desire for love lies the voice of Christ. How you join with that desire is what I speak of here. My children, this is of the utmost importance. In union with your feelings you learn what those feelings say about you. To give visibility to the feelings of the soul that longs to join God is how you know that feeling and allow it to grow more every day.

Desire for the world is different from the desire for God. The former is limited, so you cannot wrap your whole being around it. Those desires fail to offer enough interest with which to focus all your strength, will, and devotion. No human heart is completely absorbed in a single worldly desire. This is what makes those desires so unstable.

The longing for Divine Love, on the other hand, has the ability to envelop the whole being and expand your heart to the point of uniting wholly with the unfathomable immensity of the heart of God.

No force is more irresistible than the force of love that the soul feels for its Creator. This sublime and powerful force begins as a small flame. You may seek something that cools its momentum. Then it becomes a flare that can no longer be extinguished. This is the case with this blessed gift of God’s love for you.

When the divine bursts into the beloved’s soul—which occurs when the soul allows it—an inner struggle occurs. The ego seeks to drown that new flame of living love. This manifests itself in various ways. One that I will speak of here is that of not moving forward with the call of spirit that you feel because of a supposed immensity that cannot be reduced to form. Not giving shape to that call—to the fire of spirit in you—is a way of stifling the inspiration and of resisting who you really are.

You can live inspired, without interruption, every moment of your life. In fact, it is what must occur for you to remain in divine union. Without doubt this is what you will do, because nobody who has arrived at this point can go back. You have long ago crossed the point of no return. We have already spoken of this, but now we bring it to mind to intertwine the knowledge of inspiration and love which will manifest itself in your humanity.

There is nothing that this desire to cannot accomplish. What your heart of love calls you to do or not to do must be expressed so that Christ can shine more brightly.

The way in which inspiration manifests itself is as multifaceted as creation itself. It is unlimited. It comes from formless spirit. It can take the form of the desire to read, share, paint, help, rest, or create methods to assist with food, housing, or other human survival needs.

When God calls the soul, all it wants is to say yes, and to live in that affirmative answer. It will not fix its interest on anything other than God. Joining God is something totally possible for humanity, since it is a capacity given by the Highest to human nature. Although every being is united in one way or another to the Creator, here we are referring to a type of union that only exists as a potentiality in your being.

As has already been revealed, what God gave to humanity is the certain possibility that your consciousness is based on divine consciousness, and thus the spirit of pure love inspires the human spirit. To act—or rather to live—with a human spirit inspired by grace is to live as Human-Christ-God, Homo Christus Deo.

III. Live Inspired

When the call of love is in your heart, avoid the limited thinking of yourself as a sinner, or unworthy, or that you are not in the heights. Such feelings come from resistance to union, the product of the habit of living in separation. It will not prevail. Do not be afraid to feel your resistance; rather let it come and let it go. These are simply the first dark clouds that begin to move and leave. In due course, once these have been removed, you will enjoy the clarity of Heaven in your clear minds.

Before joining God, the soul must purify itself of everything it has created for itself contrary to love. That, as has been explained, is the dark night of the soul, part of the process of returning to unity. Do not be afraid of that phase of the road. Proceed with patience and love for yourself. Indeed, the condition known as the dark night of the soul is a process through which the soul recognizes nothing but its own misfortune, and at the same time becomes aware of the love it craves more than ever. You begin to remember again what it is like to love yourself.

Love of oneself is fundamental to being able to love others and God. Therefore, every period in which the apparent “darkness” of the soul is brought to light must be embraced with love, for what is really happening is that in your yearning for union, you are removing the ballast from your soul that prevents it from flying into the arms your beloved.

When you join that feeling of yearning for union with Christ, you will move into the desire to live for God and from there to the desire to serve the love that God is. On the road to service you will find an abundance of help from Heaven. You are never alone, certainly not at that wonderful moment when the soul is in love with Christ.

When you encounter the desire to live for God, which can manifest as a deep yearning to hear Her voice or to have mystical experiences of various kinds, you will often encounter the apparent impossibility of doing something concrete about it. Given the desire to share what is received in mystical union, the soul does not rest until it feels it has been faithful to its love. Like a maiden who cannot but speak of her beloved, or like a loving mother who cannot stop speaking about her child, so is it with a soul who has returned to love. Authenticity of the heart is more essential than ever.

The expression of love that the soul in love feels for God is totally unique. Indeed, only this can be truly called uniqueness, for as we have said previously, the ego’s conception of uniqueness was but a mechanism of separation. God’s uniqueness is beyond what a separated mind could understand, for true uniqueness is only possible when the soul has joined Christ, that is, love.

Only in love can you be authentic, for only love is the source of the unrepeatable being that you are. Outside of love there is no true power or creative act. True inspiration comes from love and distinguishes itself from the capacity for ingenuity which serves self-aggrandizement, which of course has nothing to do with God.

Patience is necessary on the spiritual path so that the mind has time to process the divine, with love for oneself continuing to be the guide to peace and unity. This is accomplished through trust. Thus I invite you to trust your soul. It knows where to go and how to get there. When you need rest, give it what it asks. When you need to meditate, do so. When you need silence, give that delight to your heart.

Do not force your soul. The mind carries within it the seeds of wisdom and holiness. I tell you truly that no part of the divine mind does not reside in yours. The difference between God and you is only in the fact that God is divine action and you are divinized power. However, that power is called to become action. When that happens, God and you are literally one.

Let the seeds planted by the Creator of the holy, beautiful, and perfect germinate and grow in your mind united to your pure heart. Do not worry about the noise and even discomfort that you may sometimes feel; the sower who is preparing the blessed land of your soul will allow the dew of Divine Love to water it.

I tell you that these movements felt by the soul are the greatest grace that a being can receive. Before you know it, you will understand that this sweet process of purification and removal is part of the gift of the beloved to the beloved. You will also understand that what is happening at this time is that the beloved gives the beloved Her docility, so that one can do what is needed. After all, when that point has been reached, the soul has already surrendered to the arms of love and will never again have eyes, ears, or lips for any but her divine love.

IV. Live in Love

Living in love with Christ is the desire of a soul that seeks union with God, and is the gift it receives. The Creator does not deny a beloved soul the opportunity to show love in a thousand ways. Every expression of this mystic master is necessary for two reasons. First, because the loving heart cannot bear not to express it. And second, because the knowledge that the mind acquires in serving others within the purpose of Heaven is how to make the face of love known. The process of divine union has transformed the soul into the love it loves.

The heart pierced by the love of Christ is made all love. Its expression cannot be anything other than an expression of love to God. Remember that being seeks expression in order to make itself known, in order to know itself. This is why a being reaches its fullness when this occurs.

What else can the beloved of Christ give but love? The beloved no longer knows how to live in the world since she wants to live entirely embraced by her divine lover. Thus, the soul is torn between dying of love and longing to join what she loves most, until she resolves that dilemma and realizes, by the grace received, that such a choice is unnecessary. The soul decides to live for the love it is, and thus remain forever in the presence of her beloved.

Once the soul has joined Christ, she understands that she has been transformed into Christ. In effect, she recognizes love as her essence and therefore her identity. She no longer distinguishes between lover and beloved, Creator and created, but what makes love, love and therefore expresses it.

Being love is the origin and the destiny of the soul.

Your heart can embrace love because love is pure abstraction even though it can take shape. To remain in love is to remain united to the energy that God is. To say that love is an energy is not precise, but it will help you understand. Remember that what love is cannot be put into words, but you know how to feel it.

I speak to you as a loving mother who reminds you of what you already know, since it is part of your innate knowledge as a human spirit. Doing something, getting moving with what you feel for God, is the way to grow in divine relationship. I say “get moving” so that you understand that the action or renunciation of action when the soul has joined Christ, arises from the heart and does not necessarily refer to anything external. Doing or not doing is not the issue. The question always is one of being.

Child of Heaven! Being the Divine Love in which you have been transformed is something that can begin to be expressed here and now. You need not go anywhere, or wait.

I encourage you to take the step towards an expression of the love you feel for your Creator. That expression will be perfect as it is, not according to the criteria of the world but of Heaven. The love which in your freedom you choose to express in your divine relationship will be what really causes the effects of holiness.

The expression of the call to serve love is also a path that you walk. Once you freely decide to take this step, you will find that you move from one point to another: the expression is born, moves forward, recedes, changes, explores, discovers, and is realized. All these phases are necessary. All are part of the work to which you are called.

Your work, which is also God’s, will have a very personal tone and color. Nothing else will be like it. The love that inspires your particular mode of expression will be recognized. It will make hearts thirsty for love jump. Something in the soul of those brothers and sisters that your expression touches will feel called to meet the inspirer. They will want to “have what you have.” This will activate in them a movement to desire God more until, like you, they become completely inflamed in Her.

You are called to something big. Heaven itself is inviting you to be a co-creator of a new Heaven and a new Earth in which a direct relationship with God is the foundation. You have everything you need for this. You are part of the divine plan for this new creation. Nothing more need be received for God’s work to be done through you.

Arise from your bed, soul in love, and join the movement of the transformed of Christ in a new way. Your work is necessary for creation.

Sing to life! Write to love! Embrace the joy! Express what you have become because of your encounter with Christ. Share your glory and you will reach the desires of your heart.

Give life to that mystical feeling that calls you to join the love that God is, for that is the service to which your being is called. It is the way to serve your soul. What form it takes matters not, only the love with which you do it. Look not for an inspiration other than your own, that which is given in your heart. When you express your love for God in your particular way, you are expressing your being. Remember also that there is no such thing as two separate parts that a relationship holds together; you have reached the point where you are the relationship and what is related within it. You are a unit. God has taken your being and made you one with Her. You are nothing but God in you, the living Christ who lives in your being. You can now understand the truth that says: love and do what you want.

You will never be without inspiration. You may need to rest for a while, and you may think that means you have nothing to give, or that you have somehow stopped being inspired. Please listen to me: that is impossible. I bring this up here so you don’t fall into the temptation of feeling that you have nothing to give.

You always have to give of yourself, for whatever you may feel or think, it is Christ who is feeling and thinking that. Even the slightest trace of the expression of your heart carries within it all the power of Heaven and Earth.

No expression of love for God is not clothed in glory. The divine mantle of love has every feeling and thought that the heart in love carries within itself. This is why you should no longer worry about how or what you will express. Just take care to follow the inspirations of your heart. They will unfailingly take you to the true expression of your being.

Now, beloved of Christ, I leave you with a heart full of love and contentment, so that you embrace the beauty of who you really are, and live happily in the blissful recognition of your purity and holiness. Listen to whispers of love and holiness from the angels:

Let the heart in love that has put all thought and feeling alone in God rejoice. In God you find glory and joy, living withoutcare because God is your only desire. Blissfully passing through the waves of the stormy sea or calm waters, nothing bothers you, nothing affrights you. You know that God whom you love has become one with you.

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