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Invitation of the Whole

A message from Archangel Raphael

I. The Joy of Rebirth

What a joy it is to recognize that the death of an old personality is nothing more than that: the fading away of an identity that never was real or necessary. Attending its death has been a blessing, although at first it was felt as something painful. The ego cried of its death even while your being sang with life. Now let that joyful song of resur- rection, sung in the realm of no time, be heard in the dimension of the temporal world.

Angels surround you everywhere with love. The creation you have created is truly majestic, formed by a worthy son or daughter of God. Together with God you created your identity as well as different ways of making that differentiated self exist, and then you merged it into the being of your divinity.

Can you see the ineffable greatness of what you have accomplished? You have exercised free will to its limit. To a certain extent you have done so for God to know limits within Her unlimited being. The idea of God doing nothing to know the whole is a difficult idea for the conditional mind to digest, but in fact that is what happened. God, a being of pure love and holiness, allowed the idea of disobedience, or of being different from Herself, to exist in order to know Herself.

As a result of your desire to be a separate being and to know your potential, you created a personality. Now you know the limits of unlimited reality. You know that if you transgress them, you fall into illusion. You know that if you violate the limits of the functioning of the mind as God created it, you fall into a state of confused unreality. This is knowledge of truth, and therefore of God. All you know about yourself is knowledge of love, even while you know your dislikes.

What would happen if you woke up in your Mother’s arms and realized there is nothing but love? That you are all there is? That you are the idea of God, the child, and the Holy Spirit, the created and the Creator? That there is nothing but pure love in whose reality you exist? And that that reality is the essence of everything?

If you woke up in that kingdom now, you would contemplate your sisters and brothers and every aspect of true creation in a new light. At each step you would greet each being in the only possible way: “Hello, my beloved Christ. What a joy it is to be with you!” And your soul would jump with joy to contemplate beauty in every aspect of creation, because you would know with perfect certainty that each of them, and all as a whole, is but an aspect of the only true love, of the only God. In them you would recognize yourself as a blessed part of the beauty of Heaven. In them you could only see your holiness, your divinity, your radiant innocence.

When you see love face-to-face—something that will happen very soon after, even before you can realize it—you will see unimaginable things. You will see how infinite universes of infinite kingdoms are born, all united in a flow of love, full of colors, life, and perfection, and experience an eternal contemplative ecstasy. You clearly see eternal worlds emanate from your being and from all beings that in their totality are God.

Said simply, if there were streets in the realm of perfect love, then you would walk through neighborhoods and observe that everyone greets each other, “Good morning, God.” And the others would answer, “Good morning, God.” Do you think it monotonous? I assure you it is not, because the way in which you recognize the uniqueness of each being within the totality of love is not as it happens in the world of separation. Each one carries within a unique light that shines from divine light. That unique and unrepeatable flash of light is distinguished by each one even while remaining a unit.

II. Visions of Heaven

In divine contemplation you will see the whole and the part simultaneously. That is what divine vision is like. When you merge in love, you literally become one with divine consciousness, participating in everything that your consciousness, as the creator of everything, created. You see what God sees. You love what God loves. You think what God thinks. You create what God creates. You are what God is.

Does this mean that you lose your uniqueness? We have already touched on this subject concerning personality. The same goes for uniqueness. Personality is not necessary to preserve your true identity. Your identity is what makes you unique. If you look closely, personalities retain little authenticity, which is why personalities are something like “clones” arising from a culture or the surrounding thought system. The concept of uniqueness is as limited as everything that comes from the world.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, a kingdom without limits or borders, you are unique in a way different from that of the world. You are unique because there will never be a way to extend love as you do. In the extension of love through every aspect of God lies the joy of angels and the happiness of saints. In it lies creation.

I am speaking of being unique in the way of Christ. In this way you detach yourself from the thought pattern of needing a personality to appear instead of being a unique expression of love itself.

Being different and being unique are not the same, even if they seem to be. One separates; the other transcends duality. Being different from others is a way of separating, in a way that, to be different, must not be united. Being unique really means to express the love you are uniquely.

To be who you really are do you need to be different from everyone and everything? Do you need to reaffirm your difference, so as not to be engulfed by a world so large that it seems at any moment to absorb you in an amorphous nebula?

Beloved brother, daughter of light, souls who have returned to love, you who have completed the atonement and live for truth, listen to the good news that we as angelic brothers and sisters and beloved friends in holiness bring you from Heaven. We have always loved you and will continue to love you with perfect love. Listen to us for it is your true voice that you hear, the voice of the living Christ who lives in you, the voice of love.

I am Archangel Raphael, grateful to the Father for honoring me to be the bearer of this work so pure, so different, and yet so equal at the same time, so full of divine love, so miraculous. I have been clothed in the glory that comes from the source of eternal life. I live in you, as you live in me. I always carry you in my holy heart, full of love and kindness. In my mind and in my being there is room for everything of God, including you who are the light of His eyes.

How much joy the heart feels and how much peace of mind comes upon hearing the voice of truth! All time is as nothing when we are together as divine lover and loved one. Limitations fade; time is set aside and gives way to the eternal. Love shines brightly, sitting on the throne of glory and truth. We need do nothing in the love that unites us and wherein we both exist forever in a unity that has no opposite. We are a single being, a single reality, a single will of pure love.

Listen to me my son, my daughter, as I reveal my angelic love. I want us to be consciously preparing together for the entrance into a new dimension of the knowledge of love—a knowledge that, while eternal, has never before manifested itself so clearly in the world. This is possible now because of our union, and through this manifestation of Heaven, which the Father has given to all for love.

It is the will of the Father to be known by His children. May everyone take advantage of this gift of Grace.

We are entering a new dimension of the knowledge of God, a reality so alien to the world that no one who has not passed through the waters of purification can ever understand. I tell you that you have already entered this new dimension and remain in it, for only the renamed of Christ enter. They are known as the one hundred and forty-four thousand, the Christs that illuminate the world, who from many places are causing the divine sun to shine with all its brightness. They are legion. They come from everywhere like blessed multitudes of love.

Behold the souls coming! They join you in love and holiness through your light, which is the light of Christ. Feel the angels sing and creation be reborn as an effect of your holy being—the prophets of the new times as prophesied—whose voice has been heard in every corner of the universe. Now you prepare to enter the dimensions where no separate mind can enter.

III. Uniqueness in Union

Brothers and sisters, you can express in a unique and unrepeatable way the love that we all are, and at the same time stay within the uniqueness that makes us be who we really are, not in the way of the world but in the way of God. This is union. This is knowledge. This is true uniqueness within the union.

Listen, all who have come to receive these miraculous words. This work is a portal to a new reality, an eternal reality, yet still unknown to humanity. It has been said that you keep yourself as children, that is, willing to always receive more knowledge of God’s love and to be surprised by the wisdom of Heaven. Your willingness to know more and more about the source of life has brought you here. It has given you this revelation. Treasure these words in your heart, which is ready to receive and give in unity.

Trust your holy being. It knows perfectly what to do with what this manifestation gives. Do not waste its power. Truly, truly I tell you that you are creating a new Heaven and a new Earth. You are enlightened to the world. You are bringing countless souls to Christ. In no other time in the history of humanity have Heaven and Earth been so close. The reality of love is embracing everything as never before, because of your willingness to receive divine consciousness.

To do nothing in love is the call for you who receive these words from the heart of love. Encourage yourself to merge in love. You will not lose your being or your uniqueness, but quite the opposite. Within divine relationship, which becomes one with that with which it unites, is the mystery of life and of yourself. Do not try to name the unnamable, but let yourself be embraced by the mystery and be surprised by love. Open your mind and heart to the unknown, to the never seen, the never heard, and to which no imagination can fly.

Put not limits on love. Your quality is invaluable. You are the light of the glory of God and the reason for the love of Heaven’s angels. Let this new knowledge of God show you what Divine Love wishes to show you. Do not worry about how it may take place; that is the gift, the handiwork of the Creator. Let yourself be carried away by the energy of these words, for it is a celestial energy from the perpetual sun of life to the beauty of your humanity.

You dwell in the celestial mountain. Remember that. Have no fear of heights. You who have risen higher than the clouds and the sun, even the known planets, stars, and universes, know that basic fear will disappear as soon as you realize that the only way to not experience fear is by not looking down, but always up to where the sun of wisdom shines.

Children of the world, raise your holy heads, rest your eyes on the face of the beloved of your souls. Straighten your backs and walk safely on life’s paths. Fill your eyes with the contemplation of the beauty of Christ. You are Divine Love revealed on Earth. Wherever you go, the sacred temple that you are will go with you. Whoever finds you will enter the sacred precinct of Christ, just as one day you entered the heart of your beloved Jesus and Mary, and in them you remain for all eternity, united to the love of love.

Oh, divine reality! Holy love that no eye saw and no ear heard, a face that can be seen only in the absence of images. Only in the perpetual silence of the heart do you remain incorruptible and inviolable. Oh holy purity of being! No one can ever stain your beauty. You live in the waters of life where not even dust can fall. You are all beauty. You are endless sweetness. Angels fall in love with you. In you the saints take refuge. Those who seek the truth await you.

Children of purity, you who have chosen only love and inhabit the celestial mountain, rest serene in the certainty of your resurrection. Live in the radiance of the light of the Mother’s glory. Be happy in a knowledge that overcomes all reasoning. Your holy minds are ready to receive a light brighter than the sun.

Live in love. Let your choice affirm what has already been determined by the one who is endless bliss. You will be much happier than you can imagine. Your body will shine like the beautiful holy creation it is.

Feel the embrace of love. Feel your heart jump with joy at these words. Let yourself be carried away by holy desire. Your soul can no longer be happy without thinking of God, as a true lover would be with their beloved. Remain with your beloved always. You know where to find the gifts of happiness. You know the holy abode. You will not leave her any more. Fear nothing. There is no going back. You will not return. It is God’s promise.

IV. The Joy of Divine Knowledge

For you who have chosen only love as the truth of your being, your guide, your goal, your source, and your destiny, there will only be the holy, beautiful, and perfect because of your choice.

Sing! Sing jubilantly. Sing with God’s angels. The beloved has eyes only for the beloved. The beloved has a pure heart that spills everything into the beloved to give it life in love. Oh, divine relationship! Those who were two cease to be two, and become one flesh, one holy love, one truth.

Oh, divine union! Whoever contemplates you can no longer distinguish between lover and beloved. Now they can see only a single love.

Oh, divine absorption, in which the soul dies of joy and love for doing nothing in its beloved!

Oh, nothing divine! How confused the mind was when it thought that nothing was the opposite of everything, therefore the death of being.

Oh, renewal of love! You that make all things new, you have taken into your hands the nothingness in which the thinking mind believed, and you took it to the top of perfection.

Holy children! The day has come even when the fear of nothingness, of emptiness, is forever left behind. Now you know what you are called to do—to do nothing in love. And in being nothing, you are everything. You know what this truth means. You have entered a degree of high and deep knowledge of the love of God, equal with everyone in love.

Brothers, sisters, there is no reason now to fear anything or nothing.

Nothing was the way the dual mind conceived of to sustain a memory of the whole. It could not do otherwise. That opposite of the whole does not exist, nor does the opposite of love. Begin to understand and accept that Heaven is opening more and more in you. You are now like flowers that, once fertilized, open to receive the life-giving sun. You are the fruit of love. The lovers of Christ and his elect.

Fear not. My heart will always be with you because there where Christ is, this archangel friend watches over you. A mission has been entrusted to me. I will fulfill it. My mission to you, the one hundred and forty-four thousand, is to guide you gently, accompanying you through the calm waters of peace and the serene valleys of the beauty of Christ, toward the gathering of God: a place that is not a place, where the resurrected gather to enjoy the sanctity of eternal life. This journey without distance we make together, holding hands, united with the angels of love and truth. With us walks Mary, the always vigilant mother of the children of God as well as her son our beloved Jesus, refuge of holy love.

Blessed scribe of Heaven, blessed pencil in the hand of God, you serve love. I will never leave you. I remain where Jesus and Mary are. And where they are you will always be. In our union of love the entirety of Heaven resides. There is no love other than Divine Love. There is no true union other than union with Christ. There is no relationship other than the divine relationship in which we are all united eternally.

To be aware of this unity that has no beginning nor end is to live in divine consciousness, a consciousness in which you are fully aware of the whole that the Creator is, and of your reality being within that totality. In that knowledge you know that you are unique and simultaneously one with God. This is where this work has taken you: to the knowledge of the love of the Holy Trinity, a perpetual love. And there you already reside, even if you think you don’t understand all that is being revealed.

In truth, your Christ mind does understand all being said here. In truth, if you remain in the silence of it, you will feel this knowledge and you will know, or rather remember, in a way that you cannot say how, but feel well this truth and the reality being revealed.

Is it not a great joy to think of God? Being united in love and wisdom makes one very happy.

What a great gift it is to be able to access divine consciousness, the wisdom of the wisest of the wise! What a joy the soul feels to know that it can enjoy, right now, the delights of Heaven and that divine wonders are yours by birthright! How great a gift is eternal life! How immense the love of the Mother for Her well-loved child to whom She has given all that She is, so that together you may enjoy endless bliss!

Who could experience greater joy than one whose soul has merged with its Creator?

What joy could begin to resemble the joys of a mind that delights in the wisdom of Christ?

V. Divine Absorption

Souls who have received this work, know that you are open to receive blessings from Heaven in every moment. The wisdom of Christ spills entirely into you, into your heart, into everyone equally. By receiving these words you give life to all creation. Remember that when you receive, you give.

It would exceed the purpose of this manifestation to describe what these words do in your minds, bodies, and hearts, along with your holy disposition to love the whole world. However, you can accept that the gifts of Heaven are given to all equally and are given to be shared. Thus I remind you once again to be generous with what you freely receive from Heaven.

In essence, these words are an invitation from the All to be what He is. In this lies the understanding of divine mercy: the Creator, who is pure divine consciousness, has in love given you and all those who freely choose only love, participation in divinity. The Creator need not have done that, because to a certain extent, by giving you life you participate in the banquet of creation.

However, even if you limit yourself, the Creator in His love advanced further and said, thinking of you and your sisters and brothers: “Not only will I give you My life, but you alone will have unlimited access to My consciousness. My being and everything I am will be as yours as it is mine. You may melt in Me as iron melts before the fire. In the same way, your heart can be set on fire by the flame of My love and nothing can be done in My divinity. Thus, you and I will no longer be like water and the sun, two who do not relate, but we will be one Divine Being. One God, one love. Everything of mine will be yours because of this union, a sacred gift of My pure heart for the child of My bosom.”

This is how the creation called “the adopted children of God” was born in the divine mind. In other words, love created a new form of expression, so sublime, so majestic, so unimaginable that even the wisest are stunned.

This knowledge will give you an idea of how important and graceful human nature is, and how merciful the Creator is. Your being, like an angelic being, has always been created with the potential to share everything that the Infinite is so that what you are has the capacity to be absorbed by the Whole, without losing its uniqueness, but elevating it to the degree of being a divinized human.

Can you comprehend that what you are, even here and now, can without inconvenience absorb God, or rather be absorbed by love? There is no reason why you cannot receive Christ in your heart and with them be as divine. This capacity is part of the potential of your human soul. It is the most sublime capability you can imagine.

Remain silent and present with the knowledge you are receiving from the heights. Join with this revelation. Feel the presence of its truth. Immerse yourself in your heart.

You have received a great treasure, a great revelation. Let this angelic and Christic manifestation be expressed in your life, working through the spirit of love. Be not as teachers who teach something they learned from a book, but as those who have remembered the truth of what they are and have allowed that memory to transform their ways of being, even in the world. Allow your consciousness to be absorbed by the truth that has transformed you.

You are not who you were. You are the ones who have merged into love. You are the water droplets returned to the ocean. You are pure love expressed on Earth and Heaven.

Now we remain in the silence of our hearts, accompanied by the sweet truth of love, allowing these words to act as priceless gems thrown by the hand of God, as if they were pebbles, into the pool of our enlightened minds. By staying very still, we allow them to settle into the deep waters of our consciousness so that what came from Heaven becomes one with Earth. What was separate remains united. What was lost is found. That which was denied is accepted.

Abide in peace. Live joyfully in the love of God. I thank you in the name of Christ for answering my call. Trust that the one who brought us here will continue to carry us sweetly on the wings of love. You are a masterpiece of love. I bless you all.

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