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Fused in Love

A message from Archangel Raphael

I. Unity, Divine Treasure

Now we continue to grow in understanding and acceptance of the end of relationship. When you realize that relationship and what is being related to are one, it makes no sense to talk about one or the other, or a bridge of union.

You have long been told that your mission is to do everything in love. That is, the reality of your being is to merge into the love that God is, a love that has no beginning or end and from which arises all life, all beauty, and every existence full of holiness and truth.

Being one with your source means just that—being a unit, a seamless continuum, without division or distance. Truly, truly, I tell you that herein lies the greatest difficulty for the thinking mind and that which was lost at the origin of separation.

Being one with God, being equal to God, and being God are three concepts that are not directly related to each other and which lend themselves to great confusion.

“You will be like gods,” said the snake to Eve in one of the mythological accounts of the fall. Let this tell us something. I will reveal it in a new light.

Being like God suggests comparison as well as a separate identity. What compares cannot be one. Only separate things can be compared. Yet God can have no comparison since God has no opposite. To try to be like God is to try to live from separation. This is the basis from which the ego mind works. Comparison has always been the method of the separate mind. Comparison is an unnatural mechanism. From it arises a whole universe of things contrary to love.

From comparison arises fear. It could not be otherwise, since fear can only exist within a dual reality. In that illusory reality, whatever is compared must be placed side by side, at an equivalent level. You put good alongside evil, contemplate them, and decide what each is. Ultimately this is the science of good and evil. By doing so you create confusion of incomprehensible magnitude. This has led you to ruin in the past. I do not say this for you to worry, because you are now in perfect condition to see it for what it was, an unfortunate folly that will never return to your mind or your heart.

You may think that if the past is past, never to return, and that you no longer live in the wild state of separation, then to remember that foreign state is meaningless. And to some extent that is correct. But sometimes things must be put into words that previously inspired tension, worry, and fear in order to see them from a new perspective and release any fearful associations that may linger.

When the separated mind created the idea of comparison, it put love alongside fear and tried to view both together and endow each with meaning. One would be beautiful, its opposite would not. One would be worthy, the other not. Thus was born the comparative mind, which is the daughter of the dual mind and sister of the conditioned mind operating within a system of “if this, then that.”

But love is. It has no opposite and cannot be compared with anything, just as God’s peace has no opposite. Yet this matter of being what has no comparison makes it difficult for you to know yourself or recognize yourself as who you are. The thought pattern of comparison has inertia within the mind, even though the mind no longer feels guilt and has reached a high degree of wisdom and peace.

This knowledge you have reached has not been reached by the ego mind, nor the separate mind. The intellect never provides access to truth, nor could it lead you to the happy recognition of the love you really are. That was accomplished by your being, the living Christ who lives in you. Revelation has no relation to the intellect because revelation is not subject to reason.

II. The End of Duality

To move forward we must become aware of the false creations of learning. The mind that thinks it can learn, which uses what you call intellectual reasoning including comparison, has had to create an entire illusory world where learning was possible, even though such learning is alien to the reality of love. Remember that the impulse to be is natural for every being; the perpetuation of its existence is what motivates it, no matter what. The ego seeks to survive at all costs.

The apprentice mind works by comparison because it has no other mechanism of discernment. It is what created the idea that you could be like God, believing that everything can be compared to something. In order to use that mechanism of comparison to help you return to truth and love, the Holy Spirit, in its infinite goodness, stated that you had been created in the image and likeness of the Creator.

During this journey we have traveled together, you have put aside forever the idea of an image of God and your own being. There is no longer in your mind the belief that you are an image of God, because you know that perfect love cannot be limited by an image. Images are of the imagination, not part of the reality of love. They are unreal. Now we must also abandon the idea of similarity. Similarity implies comparison. It disallows a reality without opposites. The mechanism of the perception of similarity is part of a dual world. We need no longer continue with that journey. Today we will abandon this forever, with sweetness and love.

Because God has no opposite, neither does your being. Thus the method of comparison cannot help you understand what you are. Within duality there is always an opposite. Every time you think of the “good” as compared to the “bad” you cannot fail to recall the attributes of the opposite. Thus within the good is the memory of the bad, and in the bad that of the good. In such a condition, the mind cannot escape sadness because every time you want to think about happy things and sustain the idea of jubilation, you are compelled to remember its opposite.

If you look closely—without judgment—at what the dual mind does with opposites, you will see why it had to create the idea of a demon, or of a fearful hell. Such a mind cannot think of God without thinking of its opposite, and vice-versa. It cannot conceive of Heaven without there being hell. This is how the mind creates monumental confusion. If you follow the logic of this truth, you will also see why the dual mind cannot cease to create suffering. When you try to create healing, you will think of its opposite. In fact, it ends up creating sickness to give life to what is healthy. This is the mind’s criteria when separated from reality.

The dual mind uses opposites as a means of knowing by taking something and immediately placing in the mirror its opposite, thus observing both, scrutinizing them and holding both in consciousness in order to create an identity for each and assign meaning to each. Such meaning, of course, must be relative. Thus the comparative or apprentice mind cannot live at all. This is why it cannot conceive of love.

To some extent, those who are obsessed with hell are obsessed with the idea of a benevolent God as well. One cannot exist without the other. Herein lies the basis of fanaticism and dogmatism of all kinds.

We previously spoke of “the cloud of unknowing,” which must first be perceived in order to transcend duality and move toward what cannot be compared, and therefore has no resemblance to anything else. The path of knowledge lies in not wanting to know anything that the dual mind wants to know or pretends to know.

III. The End of Atonement

Merging into love means just that. What merges with something is no longer separately distinguishable.

When gold melts and mixes with other gold, both become “molten gold” and are one, in whose unity you can no longer see the parts. There are no parts. The same happens with your being, Christ, and God.

When you do nothing in love, which is your function, do you lose your identity? I will answer this question with a “yes” and a “no” so that we can fully understand.

On the one hand, no, you cannot lose your true identity because it is what you are. If you lost it, you would lose your being, which would be nonsense. Being what you are not is an impossible contradiction, which is why the ego is impossible. In

God you are just as you were created to be. Being one with the divine being does not cause any loss of identity. In fact, in love, which is what God is, you live perfectly in union with who you are. By joining love, you join what you are.

I said we would also answer with a “yes.” You do lose your identity to some extent, because when you do nothing in love, or merge into divinity, you lose your human personality as you have conceived of it according to the false criteria of the thinking or conditional mind, the dual mind.

Let us continue to observe the duality of the separate mind. You can observe physical states of disease and healing, a transcending of the opposite. For the dual mind, health and illness are part of the same continuum. For it to assign health, there must be “healthy” and also “sick.”

Let us pursue this mechanism in light of the reality of the knowledge of your being. In order for you to be, according to the mind that lives in opposites, you must simultaneously “not be.” Such is the inherent conflict you felt powerfully during the “dark night of the soul,” but that you have actually perceived throughout your egoic life. Every conflict arises from the struggle between being and not being. There is no other source of internal struggle, nor any other place to heal the gap that this perception manufactures.

To be or not to be remains the only fundamental question that would have you live in health or illness, in reality or illusion, in fear or love. To try to unite what is separated is to attempt the impossible. Perhaps here you may argue that you have been told often that “Jesus has come to gather what was scattered.” That is true. But that statement does not reveal how he will do so; it simply says what will be done. Indeed, the way to its accomplishment is to put aside all comparison and to abandon your reality of opposites, which the unnatural mind created and which became known as the myth of the tree, the snake, and Adam and Eve.

Look at all the opposites in that scene! Adam and Eve represent opposite genders, separate feminine and masculine. The snake represents the opposite of God, the enemy of divinity par excellence. The tree is named that of the knowledge of good and evil. In fact, it has even been given the name “science” as opposed to “knowledge.” The tree of the science of good and evil represents perception as opposed to knowledge. In short, the scene is full of symbols of separation and duality. As you know, duality is another name for separation. They are identical.

To abandon separation in favor of unity is to abandon the dual mind and transcend it. You have heard that you cannot do that for yourself since that is the work of God. I will explain this also with a “yes” and a “no.”

When one is identified with the ego, the mind is perceived as trapped in an illusory reality marked by the dimensions of time and space, which in itself is the opposite of the eternal, unlimited reality that divine love is. Therefore, our being needs help “external” to the mind, which allows it to untangle the threads that bind it to that world. That “external” help comes from God, which is reality without opposite. And so it happens.

Although at the level of perception the help received was considered external, that was because the mind still could not understand unity except as a very limited concept. Therefore it could not understand that it, itself, had begun the undoing of what it had created. This was accomplished within the unity of God, the living, eternal Christ. The Christ in you is the personal savior and redeemer of all separate minds. What saved you was not the ego but the Christ in you. You must recognize that what saved you was God, since Christ and God are a unit.

What had to be done for the expiation to be complete was to delve into the illusory reality of perception and from there gather the opposites, abandon them, and transcend duality. Thus the mind of Christ worked with everything within the world of perception and used it for the purpose of redemption. It was as simple as that.

Let me put it metaphorically. What happened in your restoration is that your Christ being took everything the ego had done, and like a salad, separated the ingredients, combined them in a different way, and obtained a new meal—one that caused you to desire it. This is how the Holy Spirit began to make you like the delights of the memory of first love. Nothing was left unused of what you had created in the world of separation, but recombined to create a new perceptual constellation. This is how false perception was replaced by a reliable one, the primary condition being the ability to pass from it to knowledge, and from knowledge to being.

Although it was the Christ in you who led the process of atonement, it was your will that arranged your liberation. Your return to love was a deliberate act of your will. When you exercised that free will, everything that was true in you was reactivated. The result was your return to the divine home in which you have always really lived.

All this “work” that was done for atonement or transformation, which we have called metanoia, was nothing more than a disintegration of the idea of the personality that you were, which was separate from the truth of your being.

IV. I Am Everything, I Am Love

The basis of the ego is a personality that masks your true identity. Unmask the ego! Rid yourself of that disguise that not only hid your holiness but also prevented you from the flight of freedom. This was the basis of the atonement that Christ performed on you, with you, and for you, not through the imposition of an outside will but through of the free determination of your own decision. That decision mobilized Heaven because your goal was worthy of God and the holiness of God’s well-loved child.

You have now arrived at the place where you recognize that you deliberately created separation and also deliberately created the means to access the atonement that God created even before the idea of fear existed. Atonement is as eternal as God because atonement is love.

Now that you are able to recognize these two decisions taken out of time—that of separating you, and that of forever returning you to the unity from which you will never leave—we are ready to go beyond it.

When you arrive at this moment there are sometimes physical symptoms such as dizziness or even sensations of vertigo which may make you feel like a ship without a rudder. The old personality is no longer at the helm. Now you may go through a period of transition until your being can take total dominion. These states are transitory, caused by the last resistance of the personality to yield to true identity.

To reach this point in the path of the soul is to arrive at the moment when you take full responsibility for what was decided—not with fear or a sense of guilt or failure, but with the simple understanding that there were certain options exercised. It is as simple as that. I do not attempt more of an explanation than the simple truth.

We choose because we are free. “Eternal Father, Source of my being, as I left, so do I decide to return,” the child told the Father. And so it was, since the will of the child is as powerful as that of their father. And the Father accepted it, just as He had accepted His child leaving.

The water droplet that separated itself from the ocean symbolizes the personality. That is what will fade away. Does that mean you will not have a personality? Again, yes and no. You will not have it in the sense that the attributes of the old identity that you thought you were cease to be what they were. That old personality no longer exists; it has been transformed. However, you embody a new personality to be a reflection of God’s love on Earth, something that can only be done with a physical body.

For those who still cannot live without a body and a personality, one is given so that they can see it on Earth and see in it the living Christ when they contemplate. That is what a new personality means: a new being, a Christ on Earth, one of the one hundred and forty-four thousand redeemed.

You are one of those who submerged their personality in the waters of life and were baptized with a new perception, a new personality, all of which form a visible and perceptible unity. That new unity serves the purpose of love. That unit is literally a new human being, who with two feet walks the paths of the Earth but no longer as a human alone, but as the Homo-Christus Deo, sowing light with every step.

When you merge with love, you no longer need a personality; you do not need to differentiate yourself from anything or anyone, for you are the love with which you merge. You know what you are. You have no need to see an unreal opposite to remind you not to forget your true identity. In this way the soul rests in the peace of being.

What now remains for us in this final stage on the path of being is to remove any vestige in your mind of attachment to the personality, making of it an idol. You have had a face-to-face encounter with love. In that encounter what you thought you were dissolved, as if in a cosmic explosion, with your “parts” reabsorbed by the All that created you and that is the source of your being.

Without a personality with which to relate to yourself, you also have nothing external with which to relate. There is only the whole of everything, and therefore neither the relationship nor the parties exist. In the being that you are, there are no parts or features of being, only an infinite extension of love, that is, of being. Can the world teach you what this means? Obviously not. But you do not need to learn it, for it is what you are.

Believe me when I tell you that what forms each petal of each flower, what makes the light shine, what gives life to birds and fish, what creates mountains and makes lovers sing, is your being. In this sense you are everything, because you are love, nothing but love.

Discovering that God is love is revolutionary to the world and for you, to now discover that you are love and nothing but love.

Now I ask you again and for love to close your eyes for a moment, and forget the world and all your beliefs, and immerse yourself in this truth:

I am not a personality.
I am love and nothing but love.
I am everything.
I have melted in love.
I am Christ, eternally one with my Father, one with the truth.
I am the Heaven of God.

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