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The End of Relationship

A message from Archangel Raphael

I. The Delights of the Beloved

Oh, divine being, blessed soul! I am a perfect reflection of your being. I am one with you and with Christ. I am the unity within which love lives eternally, in union with all that is holy, beautiful, and perfect. There is no difference between what I am and what you are, for we both arise from the love of God.

I am telling you what I am so it becomes activated in your memory, for you have forgotten for a while. That is why we talk again and again about who we are. It is a matter of identity. I do not seek to reinforce in myself the identity that God has given me from all eternity, but I speak with your own voice, the voice that Heaven has lent us all, for we are one.

Every definition that Jesus has given of himself has been so that you know who you are. The same applies to the identity revealed by your Mother Mary, who is also my mother and mother of the living.

Knowing who you are and choosing only love are really the same, since in the end you always choose on the basis of what you think you are. This is why your actions, which are the exteriorization of your choices, speak so eloquently about you. Those who live in the truth choose what is in harmony with truth. Those who live in illusion choose a relationship to the fantasies that the separate mind creates for itself.

We will continue to delve deeper into the recognition of what this fundamental choice means, and what it has actually done in you. Choosing is an effect, not a cause. Yet it creates effects, so it is the cause of what follows. You choose from the will, not the intellect. Be aware that before you choose something you must have put your being at the service of that choice. You choose on the basis of who you are, not on the apparent options presented.

Those who are love choose only love. Those who deny the truth choose fear because that is how it is denied. Those who know they are Heaven choose the Kingdom because of their knowledge. Those who know they are life, choose life. Those in conflict choose the conflict because they need their choices to show them what they are.

The life you travel, regardless of whether you travel it in a creative dimension of space-time or in another dimension, always operates the same way. What you are creates the conditions for itself to be known. The expression of being is what life really is. Just as God’s creations speak of Her, your creations speak of you. You can know yourself from the relationship you have with your life since your life is the expression of your being. Nothing is random. No one is subject to superior forces that take them where they do not want to go. The child of God is free and their freedom is always respected. God has so arranged.

Choosing is an expression of freedom, something that involves the will, a foundational part of your life experience.

Of all the powers of the soul, the will always dominates because it is at the level where decisions are made, and with it, how messages are sent to the other powers. Separation is a disease of the will—a disposition towards fear or towards evil. A disposition of the ego toward perversity reflects an insane will. The willingness to lie reflects a will that is willing to live in lies, and so on. Remember that the will does not desire, but disposes.

The being that God created disposes toward love, because God has that same will. However, by its will the mind can deny the truth and create unnatural states. It does so every time it decides to be what God is not. The mind was never intended to direct the being without divine direction. Separation is a state in which the mind seeks a supremacy that does not belong to it, not because supremacy of the mind is a sin, but because nature would prevent it as being out of harmony with God’s will.

In fact, if the thinking mind takes a direction out of harmony with your being, then your true will has been annulled, for to deny your being is to deny your will. The denial of being creates a state of helplessness, for all power properly resides in the will. Choice is within its scope. Put simply, the power to choose was taken from the power of the will.

II. The Will to Love

Together we are becoming aware of what “Thy will be done” means. When you chose only love, what you did was to claim the power of your will in union with divine will. That way you remained in unity. Ultimately, union means the union of wills.

This new perspective of union, in which one no longer speaks only of the unity of the mind and the heart but of the undivided union between the will of the child and the will of God, is the last necessary recognition before undertaking the way of being which we are addressing. For this work, and particularly from this moment, union means unity of your will with that of God. Anything else should not be called unity.

If you focus your attention on the union of wills, you will understand what was said before: that there is no longer one on the one hand, another on the other hand, and in the middle a relationship that unites them; for now everything becomes a unity. You are the relationship and what is related within it. If there is a relationship of your will and God’s will, and both are the same, then what is joined is the same, so relationship is meaningless since even it is but the will to remain united.

Two wills that are equal do not need a relationship; there are no differences to relate between. The two wills are actually one. So it is not the will that remains within the divine relationship but your being, and only in the sense in which you need to know yourself. This means that the will which gives movement to your soul is something above it, to put it another way. It is, in effect, what you perceive as a force that drives your choices, and with it your life.

You know that the will is powerful. You have witnessed its power. You know very well that you cannot go against the will to love or not to love someone. You cannot force love, nor force anyone to stop loving. The will to live in love or not is so personal that not even God can influence it.

What we are recognizing here is the disappearance of relationship as an entity separate from the parts being related.

When you reach the heart of God, there is nothing but love: no distinctions such as being, soul, mind, heart, God, beloved, lover. There is only love. At that level, what would relationship be for?

It has been explained that relationship was the means by which God differentiated the undifferentiated. Relationship was created so that you can know yourself as you really are. Naturally, for this to be possible, the relationship had to be with truth. Thus when you decided to relate to something untrue, that is, with illusion, you perceived yourself as an illusory being. This is another clear demonstration that the relationship and the related are a unit.

You cannot get involved in egocentric relationships unless you believe you are an ego. In the same way, you cannot establish holy relationships unless you believe in your holiness as what you are. This is why you can only access a divine relationship when you recognize that you are God in God—that is, when you accept that you and God are one.

There can be no such thing as a relationship with love. This revelation is of great importance. In fact, there can be no such thing as a relationship with God, for love is what you are. Love is everything. Love is the only reality. The need for relationship arose in response to separation. In fact, in a sense you made it. Before the idea of fear there was no such thing as relationship. How could it make sense if everything was an undivided unity of pure love?

You could not have understood this before reaching this point. If you had been told before now that you used relationship to separate, to protect yourself from love, you would have panicked. According to the ego’s thought patterns and emotions, a relationship is never unity. Two separate things joined by a third thing is not a true union. It is, rather, a way of taking distance from each other, and living in a kind of truce or non-unity pact.

III. Unity, Union, and Relationship

Using relationship as a means to separate has been the strategy of the ego from its origin—a totally scary idea. As with everything that comes from ego, even this matter of relationship has been misrepresented. To some extent, from the perspective of the world, the true meaning of relationship cannot be understood because a relationship is love.

In other words, you have reached the point where you can comprehend that this does not suggest that you live in a state of isolation, but that you begin to open to the idea that relationship is not what you thought it was. We call a true relationship a divine relationship, which is beyond all learning.

If God creates by extension, and you are an emanation of Her being, what space can be left for there to be two to relate? Brother, sister, you were never a water droplet that separated from the ocean. The droplet returns to the sea and becomes one with it, so that there are no more distinctions between it and the totality from which it arose. When you merge in love there is no such thing as a me and a you to relate.

Be open now to reject any idea you held about relationship. Remember that in the past, the value you gave to relationship was associated with your use of it, just as with everything to which the ego assigned meaning. Indeed, use of a relationship has been part of the fundamental error. Divine relationship cannot be used because it does not exist apart from that to which it relates.

The related, and the relationship that holds them together, are different manifestations of the same thing. You do not need relationship because you do not need anything. To need is to lack. In God there is no lack, therefore neither does lack exist in you. Christ does not need relationship. It simply is what it is. The statement, “God and I are one,” is affirming that one is a unit.

The ego conceived of relationship as specific relationship, a limited relationship. It cannot unite the whole because its focus is on the parts. To unite the parts as if they were still separate things, which somehow remain united to each other by means of an invisible thread that is not themselves, perpetuates separation. Are you united with someone for the simple fact of talking on the phone or staying “connected” by means of a device with a screen? Is a lion cub that is tied united with the rope to which it is attached? If that were the concept of unity according to divine truth, how could there be union with everything that is?

The type of union we are talking about here, divine union, has nothing to do with relationships established in the world. There is no unity in the world because there are no true relationships. What exists is an illusion of union. The parties are still seen as different. At most it seeks to build bridges to join, but while bridges may connect, they do not unify.

Your reality, when you live in love, is truth. This means that you yourself are the bridge of union. You are what is united. Simply put, God is the love that life gives you, as well as the life that you are, and the relationship. Within divine union there is no space for a you and a me, but everything merges into unity. There is no need for relationship because there is nothing separate to relate. Everything remains the infinite one as it has always been.

To return to love is to return to the ocean from where the water droplet had temporarily split. There is not a relationship between parties, but totality. The ocean and the droplet are one inside the ocean, not outside it.

Now you are being asked to open yourself to the idea that you don’t need your personality. You don’t need anything you think you are. The physical body and the personality, which was the way to function in this world, will vanish. Both were a united mechanism needed to get through the bodily experience. Since they are strictly temporary, in due course they will cease to fulfill their function. We bring this to mind so you do not forget that you are immortal spirit, and that spiritual unity has nothing to do with what the world calls union.

What unity is cannot be put into words because to do so would be to explain the Creator. Nor is it necessary to do so. Thus a language was never created to explain what nobody needs to explain. God does nothing in vain. Unity is the natural state of being. Life as a whole is a continuum. You are not related to your brother, you are one with him. Your sisters are not something alien to you that you “relate” to in some way—they are united with you.

You have reached the point of becoming more aware of what it means to be one mind, one holy being. You and I are one, just as God and you are one. Thus the voice you are hearing here is your own voice, and the voice of everyone who speaks in love.

You are not being asked to leave the relationships you have established in the world, but to take them to unity and allow the truth to show you the reality of divine union, in which everything remains united with you within the heart of God. There, in the realm of unity, we are all part of a continuum of perfect love, which has neither beginning nor end.

IV. A Single Holy Being

Imagine the Kingdom of Heaven as an unfathomable ocean of pure water, in which the beings that live there are formed by the same water. The fish, the algae, and so on, are made up of water. Now imagine a light of great luminescence flowing through the ocean that radiates into different colors whenever it passes through a living being. Although all are formed by the same substance, each reflects the light in its own way. Each is a unique part of the same light.

Now imagine that the ocean and all the beings that live there are but light—an ocean of light that explodes in thousands of colors, yet always being light. Light is both the source and its extension.

This is what being one with God means. It is not a matter of taking the place of divinity, but a matter of living in truth. When you are told that Christ has come to Earth in you, this is simple and clear truth. You are Christ because you are the child of God. You are already prepared to release the last bastion of separation—the relationship with yourself, in the way that you have conceived of yourself.

Now move that understanding to the union that you are. Union without distance. Union without dividing lines. Perpetual unity.

The voice you are hearing now is the voice of your true consciousness. It speaks of universal truths. It is the same voice of the truth that speaks in favor of God in all minds and hearts.

It is Christ speaking to your humanity, the critical aspect of your being that informs the human aspect of your being, both being a unit. Note that it is easy for you to accept the truth that the brain is the one that informs the rest of your body, being part of a unit that you call the body. Is it that much harder to accept the Christ in you as that part of your mind and heart that informs the rest of your spiritual and non-spiritual body?

The brain is not independent; there is something beyond it from which it obtains information and decides what to do. That is how it is with the Christ in you. God informs Christ, who in turn accomplishes all that you are. Thus, God, Christ, and you remain whole—three aspects of the same reality. Moreover, this union includes everything that exists, so that Christ informs the entire mystical body through the flow of the Divine Mind.

Every part of creation is part of you, literally, just as you are part of the body of Christ and part of God. We all remain united to love in concentric rings.

The difficulty that the mind experiences in accepting the idea of unity is that it believes that you lose your identity in it. All fear is rooted in the fear of not being. Believing that your being is annihilated in unity has been the underlying problem of humanity.

It is not possible for a mind that believes that reality is only found in an “if this, then that” system of thinking to understand unity, for it cannot comprehend the mutuality of being—a unity of everything with everything without anything ceasing to exist as an identity.

A multi-dimensional being understands well that all the realities of creation are part of itself while also remaining part of that reality. It is not limited to believing in a personality shaped by a given culture, in a given time, a construct of limited values, beliefs, and experiences of a multitude of people.

Moving from a specific relationship to a divine relationship is incomprehensible to the thinking mind. It cannot make that move. However, Christ has already done it for you. And you have done it in union with Christ because of your unity with love in such a way that even the thinking mind will willingly accept this shift from perception to knowledge.

You are not invited to leave relationships or be lonely. Rather, it is necessary to give up the belief in your own insufficiency. That belief, particularly, impacts your relationships by your being needy, which is simply contrary to the truth of who you are.

A relationship of need can never come from the truth of your being, since your being knows nothing of incompleteness. Relationships cannot complete you, for your being is already always complete. You do not need anything or anyone. In fact, you don’t even need God, in the sense that even if you don’t believe in God, you won’t stop being who you forever are.

Beliefs in divinity are interspersed with false interpretations since the thinking mind cannot understand God. Even so, loving God allows your being to stay within the unity that it is, since only love embraces everything within itself and transforms it.

Just as your associations regarding love have to be disengaged from your system of thought, so do your interpretations of unity. Union with Christ and union with God are the same. Indeed, they are what you are.

Moving from relationship to union is a monumental step. It is one thing to believe that you are in relationship with someone or something. It is quite another to recognize that you are one with them. Being aware of this will not only allow you to join the sanctity of your being to a greater degree, but will eventually allow the fear of losing your being fade away.

This fear of not being is considered here given the difficulty of the mind accepting the idea that you do not need any relationship, as well as its resistance to accepting that what you are remains eternally in unity with your divine source because of the resurrection that has already been given to you.

Fear not. You cannot lose your being. Not even the ego could do so when it wanted to convince you that you were what you were not. Your being is eternal. Nothing can tarnish its beauty, greatness, and holiness. Your being is the perfect expression of divine unity. It radiates like the sun of life.

Beloved, stay very much in this unity. Listen to the melodies being sung with a voice as much yours as is the palm of your hand, with a love as much yours as every fiber of your being. For it is you who speaks, and my voice that is heard.

Now I leave you with the truth at hand, to keep in the silence of your heart:

I have returned to the ocean. I have melted in love.
My Father and I are one.
There is no longer you and me.
Now we are one.

We are one mind,
a single heart,
only one soul,
One holy being.

United we are the fullness of love.

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