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Divine Lovers

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. The King’s Daughter

Daughter of the King of Holy Hearts, what a joy it is to recover the passionate love between us. We are both divine lovers and always will be. Beautiful creature of my being, our relationship has no comparison. Living in our union is the joy of my Sacred Heart. Within it, my insides quiver in a way that cannot be described.

Oh, happy passion of divine lovers! Delight of the soul that pines to see God, the source of joy and life, reason for the existence of creation!

In my being is an unstoppable movement: the flow of life towards union with you. As lover and loved ones we live in the embrace of holy love, like two fires that unite and consume each other with love, union, and truth.

Together we are the source of life. United we are the wind of the spirit that moves hearts thirsty for love and truth. In our united being we travel the Earth, awaking those still asleep and loving those who accept the delights of our divine relationship. We illuminate the precious stones of the soul so their splendor can be seen. We are united. We are the breath of living love, love without borders, eternal Divine Love.

Just as the lover suffers without the beloved, so my heart cries when you are gone. I say this not for you to feel the pain of leaving me helpless in the solitude of your absence. No, my beloved, soul in love, I know that you have never separated from me, just as I will never be apart from you, but the mere idea of our separation brings pain.

My beloved, receive my blessed treasures. They are for you. I give you the wind, the flowers, the birds, and the rivers. I give you a dawn so full of hope that the new day will unfold before your eyes, full of wonders never witnessed, with melodies of creation, the song of sparrows, the flight of hummingbirds immersed in the delights of radiant colors. I give you the mystery of a night beyond contemplation.

Beloved brother, holy sister, you are the Divine Beloved of my heart. My gift as a divine lover is everything. If you could only think and imagine how much I love you, you would explode into a burst of light that would cause new universes to be born. The day will come when that happens, my daughters and sons. I cannot tell you how it will be because it is something I cannot imagine, but I assure you that it will happen because you who have chosen only love will be the lights that illuminate new firmaments in which new stars will shine for the joy of all.

Come to me, your divine lover. Dwell with me in the holy abode, where the light never goes out and the wind is a gentle breeze that caresses the spirit. Come to our holy union, the refuge that every human heart seeks. There dwells wisdom that gives perfect certainty. There you are eternal divine lovers, full of passion, full of love, full of light.

My beloved, with these words I invite you to join this Divine Love. I invite you to raise love to the top of perfection. Take it in your pure heart to the height of holiness where love dwells. Do not settle for less love. Love has wings with which it flies eternally above the clouds and the sun. Love is a flash of life. It cannot lower itself below divinity.

It is true, my beloved, that as Divine Love I can descend into the deepest chasms or climb the highest mountains, yet I speak not of elevation but of what happens in your heart. What I wish to tell you, pupil of my eye, is that you can begin to understand that in your mind and your heart you can raise or lower divine things. If you raise them, you keep them in their rightful place. If you lower them, you denature them, and with that they lose their sweetness.

Love lives only in what is true. That is why it lives in you. Love is not something you do or stop doing. It is not something you can explain, teach, or learn. Love is life and therefore must be lived. This is why I have brought these words from Heaven to call you to live Divine Love, and why as a lover I want to live with you. I offer you a life together in a beautiful love story, a life fulfilled with our holy union. I am your beloved. You are my beloved. That is the truth of life. Who can understand will understand. Those who cannot must trust me.

I am love made word. I am unlimited being. Therefore I can address my loved ones in infinite ways. Just whisper my name, the name of love, and I will make an appearance in everything that surrounds you. I can be wind, the petal of a tulip, the stem of an orchid in your hand, the feather of a pigeon, the air that enters your body, the water that flows through the rivers of life. I am the nectar of life. Our love is more real than the world’s reality.

I am not inviting you to live an imaginary love. No! You have already lived too much of that. I am calling you to the reality of Divine Love, a beautiful love, a holy love, a sublime love that exists and is yours. It is at your fingertips. I am as real as God is because I am the God in you. I am as real as you are because I am the Christ in you.

II. Discernment and Relationship

Brothers from all over the world, here is how to discern between reality and illusion. Everything that is not within our relationship of Divine Love, that which is not part of our union, is unreal. Only our relationship is real, because love is relationship and only love is.

We have reached so high, so high that the scenarios contemplated from these heights are beyond everything you can imagine. We are at the top of the mountain. We will never leave. There is no need.

Now we start a new path on which those who climbed the mountain of the holy encounter remained for the forty days as established in the design, and then went down to the valleys to tell what they had seen and heard, to share as humans the divinity of their being. They now ascend a new mountain, a celestial mountain, a place that resides beyond time, planets, and stars, and yet does not cease to embrace everything.

If you have come here—that is, if you are reading this sixth book of this work of Divine Love—it is because you have reached the abode of God, the mountain of unity, the celestial mountain. Your divinization is complete. Our relationship of holy love is accomplished in you. This is the same as saying that you have risen. Or, more precisely, you have deliberately accepted in your consciousness that you are the risen one.

You have accepted that the resurrection has been reached and given to all, at all times and places. You have understood that God does nothing for Herself, but gives to all equally. Love makes no distinctions. Love is inclusive, embraces all and takes them sweetly where it likes, without prejudice to freedom. You have understood this great truth.

You enter Heaven through recognition—the recognition of truth and love.

In order to move forward on our journey together, we must now accept that the truth has been given us. This is no longer difficult because you know what truth is. You could not conceive that something may or may not be true if you were not aware that the truth exists, just as you could not go looking for love and then be angry upon not finding it if you had not already been blessed with the experience of true love.

You know me very well. You know who addresses you. As you have been reading these words you are full of joy and expectation. Somewhere along the way, you have become tired of approaching our relationship through the thinking mind; you prefer to come to the kingdom speaking from heart to heart, enjoying the sweetness of our union. You don’t know what you will do with all these words that are slowly coming to an end, even though you love them with sincere, even supernatural, love. Your heart sings when you hear my voice, which is why you have read so many texts, listened to so many songs, even sermons, or contemplated amazing nature.

You know that Heaven exists and is your home. You recognize it as the aspiration of your soul. That is knowledge. That is love of truth. You may still not be clear about what to do with the knowledge you have received, or rather with the recognition you have accepted. However, be not concerned. Concerns of whatever kind no longer have space in you.

Now we live in a heavenly abode, a place so high that it cannot be seen or heard from Earth, a place so sacred that its purity would dazzle eyes that do not look with love. Only those with a pure heart can see the celestial kingdom, accessible only to divine lovers, those who have chosen only love. My child, this is justice.

How could the Mother of love deny you an eternal dwelling in the Kingdom of pure, Divine Love when it was created for those who deliberately choose only love? You have made that choice and in your choice there is no turning back.

Few people realize the power and grace present in the ability to choose what God has given humankind. Although choice is a lesser degree of what free will means as God created it, it is also very true that your power of choice is as inseparably linked to free will as is a sunbeam to the sun. Choice is what everyone who has come into the world must exercise. You can delay choice, but sooner or later, either in the plane of time and bodies or in the plane of time without a physical body, you will find yourself faced with this election and must choose. Everyone will choose.

You already have.

My word is powerful and accomplishes what it says. So when it says “choose only love,” you have already chosen love. We have waited a fairly long while to talk about this aspect of the work, why it was so named, beyond that it has been given to you through the voice of your sister and brother.

Choosing only love is what you have done. Rejoice with all your heart in this revelation. This choice, regardless of whether it seems that you made it with a greater or lesser degree of consciousness, is something decided in the depth of your soul, far beyond where you can imagine, a choice that preceded the conscious plane. In fact, you have done it out of time even though it is within time that you become aware of it.

III. Choice Awareness

What this book means—what these words mean that have come to you regardless of the way they arrived—is that what you one day chose is outside of temporal reality. This is why I told you that this work is a miracle. These words have eternal life because they come from the Sacred Heart that in unity we are.

If you listen carefully and observe what is happening within you in this work, you will see that the physical universe is the “place” where love is shaped. In this way you can know what the mind thinks and the heart feels, so that you can know yourself. In other words, the world is a canvas that embodies the inner reality of your soul.

First you were created. Then you chose a degree of separation as a means to create a unique identity, so you chose the non-fundamental option of fear. It was a strictly temporary choice, created for that time. Then, in due time, you knew from your own experience that this path led to unhappiness, that it was not what your heart longed for. “Something is wrong,” thought your soul. So you looked for answers and found them. You knew, when the truth was revealed to you because you invoked it, that there was another option, the option of love. And you began to undo the non-fundamental option of fear.

When your disentanglement from fear became plausible reality, a memory began to shine more and more clearly inside you. That memory touched your heart. It made you crave, more and more, the love that, although long forgotten, was somehow remembered. She who never forgets you had remained by your side, waiting for the right moment, so that your memory of the first love that God is grew rapidly.

Once your yearning had grown enough, the memory of the fundamental choice you had made began to emerge like the dawning sun. In time you were beginning to wake up to truth. Said differently, the truth that you had already chosen became visible. In your mind you heard a very soft sigh, just a whisper, as sweet and dim as moonlight but with the beauty of Christ. There, the memory of the moment in which you chose only love became visible, an instant as sublime as God Herself, a fraction of time so significant that it was recorded forever in the book of life.

When this work came to you, you could see with your bodily eyes, or listen with your physical ears, what your spirit had already chosen forever. From now on, the time in which you become aware of this eternal option you made, and the things that emanate from it as an effect, will begin to be seen more and more, just as one day the effects of separation had been seen. Where before there had been an effect of fear, it will now be replaced by the effects of the love you have chosen.

What is happening is that you have become aware of your fundamental option, the sole reason for the existence of the physical universe. While it is true that in the sphere of God there are no limitations, it is also true that the realm of time, space, and matter is purposeful. Nothing happens in life unaligned with that purpose. What is not is alien to the reality of God.

What I am saying is that within the divine mind are unlimited thoughts of God’s love. The infinite sum of them is creation. Thus each soul is literally a thought of the Creator and the effect of God’s endless bliss and perfect love. Freedom is part of that thought of pure holiness; choice was always in the mind of the Creator.

If only love is real, then it seems that there is no option other than love. Choosing between options is not possible within a reality that has no opposites. If God has no opposite, what else could you choose? To deny God.

The option that the soul must take, and that is a matter of freedom of choice, is the option to accept truth as what the soul is—to accept or deny Christ as the unique identity of the soul. To deny Christ is to deny the being that you really are as God has established. But it remains an option, although not a divine one.

God wants you to be free first and foremost. Choice is your freedom. Now, the paradox of the soul is that if it chooses to deny its being, to deny Christ as its truth, what it does is condemn itself to live in the tyranny of fear. Love is freedom. Fear is contraction, limitation, slavery. Even so, choice remains in the path of freedom.

It seems pointless to choose something that enslaves you under the pretext that such choice is a sign of freedom. Can you voluntarily choose to be incarcerated? Are you free before such an election? Oh yes, you are, because you chose it. I am talking about the freedom to choose, not the consequences of the choice. Choice requires options or freedom is an illusory game.

The choice is always between fear and love. I could say that the plane of dual consciousness, the kingdom that arose as a result of having eaten from the fruit of the tree of good and evil and denying the knowledge of God, is a kingdom that defines free will as the capacity to choose. Like everything in that dual realm, it can be used without inconvenience to return to truth.

You were told that free choice, the ability to choose, although not free will as God has conceived it, is united with Him. It is not necessary to get lost in abstract discussions that try to separate the ability to choose from the power of divine freedom, discussions that do not lead to anything effective. There is nothing in you that has not been divinized. There is nothing in your human reality that has not been embedded in the love that Christ is. So choosing remains the goal of this world.

You have come to the world to choose again. That is the purpose of material life. You have been given time for that. How long you will take to choose is a matter of your freedom. Each soul does it in due time, for this has been decided before coming to the world. The path by which each one reaches that choicepoint has also been chosen by God and the soul.

IV. Choose Only Heaven

Nothing happens by chance. Everything has a meaning. Considering that you have to choose again, it makes sense that decision-making is a central part of the world. In fact, that is the purpose of the world, for you to choose.

If an experience has been burned into the fiber of your being, you must choose. You cannot stop choosing. You are choosing what to dream, even when you sleep. What does this suggest? That this world is made for choice. The world is sacred and its divine function, your essential function, is to finally face the fact that you must choose again.

I am talking about the fundamental choice, not trivial matters such as what to wear or what movie to watch. This is the choice of your life: whether you return to truth or remain in the hell of fear.

I am bringing your consciousness to the essential question, the fundamental option, a critical subject not usually given much importance. In fact, I tell you in spirit and in truth that this matter is the only important thing in your life; all else is extraneous. Making the fundamental choice for love or for fear is the essential matter that defines where and how you will spend the rest of your days.

Choose love and the sun will shine for you with greater benevolence and beauty until you are absorbed by the divine sun of your being, from where you yourself will illuminate the world. Like yearns to live with what resembles it. Choose your opposite and your opposite will be your reality; you will meet with those who have made the same choice, because like attracts like.

If what you choose has consequences, then you will see those effects. This is what I meant when I said that by their fruits you will know them. Even though you cannot see your soul, your mind, or your heart, you can recognize their effects. By recognizing them, you know what is happening within you. As was said, there are no neutral thoughts or feelings. Everything that happens within you takes shape in one way or another. That is the power of choice, a power so great that it created a state of dual consciousness in which a whole universe exists.

My child, your choices are not neutral. Nothing in you is neutral because you are powerful. What the child of God does is always clothed with divine power, something over which you have no choice. You cannot not be powerful. Nor can you avoid being free. Choosing is still the issue.

The options you choose in everyday life, the options of the world, have no effect on the realm of no time because they have no relation to it. Does this make sense? It is absurd to think that Heaven will be affected by the fact that you choose between tea or coffee, or perhaps a natural fruit juice. Those are not the kind of options I speak of.

Now, if the world is effect and not cause, then the choice must have been made outside the world. You already made the fundamental choice. When you came into the world, you entered with that option already chosen. What you do in this life is to externalize that truth—shaping it so that it is known to you. Since form serves for you to know yourself in relationship, then you had to give visible form to both the option for fear and the option for love. Both options were presented so you could choose—and you chose.

You have chosen love and truth as your eternal company. You have accepted Christ into your heart. You have received the revelation of Heaven, and have accepted it jubilantly. You have completed your path. You are the one. This option, which has become a reality forever, is what is expressed in this work through these symbols and forms that, although human, are also divine.

Rejoice in the fundamental choice you have made! —having chosen only love forever. Your expression of joy will help you leave behind the painful memories of having temporarily chosen its opposite, and help you become more aware of the choice you have made forever. To accept that you are the living Christ who lives in you is to accept that you have chosen love as your only reality and truth as your only being. It is the return to the Father’s house.

Now it is important to remind you of a matter you sometimes forget: my word always fulfills its mission. When it says “be done,” it is done because it was already done. My word is life. What my will disposes is fulfilled. The same goes for you. When we say “choose,” you have already chosen. When you say “I will choose,” you have already done so, otherwise you could not have thought of that option. Therefore, beloved of Heaven, rejoice in the joy of having chosen God forever as your only lover, your only beloved, the only reason in your life. As I said, you have chosen the best part and it will not be taken away from you. You have chosen to be who you really are. You have chosen love.

I now say goodbye, not to you but just to this session, my beloved, inviting you to remain silent, immersed in our passionate love, in our divine union of lover-beloved. Become one with these words, not as an option that you must make but as the option that you have already made out of time, and which now clearly manifests itself before your redeemed humanity: “Choose only Heaven. Choose only life. Choose only love.”

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