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A message from Voice of Christ through a choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Reunited with God

Recovering the mystical dimension of your being—the natural inclination of being to rise towards its creator—is a central objective of this work. Ultimately, returning to love is returning to a direct relationship with God, and that is returning to the mystical reality of the soul.

Mystics have not disappeared, although they have changed the way they express their love for the Being who created everything with wisdom. The mystical dimension of human nature is part of its essence. From it arises every work of art, every desire for union, all compassion, and every noble feeling that the human being is capable of expressing. Indeed, the mystical aspect of your being is what differentiates you from other beings on Earth.

When well understood, the direct relationship with God is what makes you a human being. Thus humankind is never greater than when prostrating in adoration before the Creator. Only the human spirit can conceive the idea of God and establish a relationship with the Creator and other earthly beings.

Not everything has the potential to establish the kind of union with Christ that you as an individual and as a human family can establish with God. What differentiates your being from others is that you can be aware of the unity that exists between your soul and God. This union, the unity of being, is a real, sensitive, direct, and unique relationship.

You are a unique being. What makes you unique is relationship. Without relationship you could not differentiate yourself; you would be unable to have an identity. If your identity arises from God, you cannot have a true self in any way other than in the divine relationship. Hence it is so important that you accept the mystical aspect of your being.

This question of mysticism is of great importance to you who are about to begin on the path of being, which is why we discuss it here.

You are not invited to be a more intelligent, or more extraordinary, or better human being. You are called to make your divinity shine in all its glory. Being one with God does not annul your humanity, although wanting to be too human does suppress your divine being in your human consciousness. Those who are too busy with their humanity lose sight of their divinity. This is why many are lost in the doings of the world, even though activity can bring much good.

I am already hearing voices against these claims. They come from those loving brothers who sincerely seek the truth and are friends of Christ in all its length and depth. They are my beloveds. They do not accept any premise without reflecting in the light of truth.

The fear of being too mystical has no basis for you. That fear is part of the confused past. You are no longer that. You are a new Adam, a new Eve. You are the most majestic creation of the Creator, emerged from divine boldness. You are the effect of the love that birthed you, and sought to travel paths unthinkable for any mind. After becoming aware of the impossibility of roads that led nowhere, the child, always united to the Mother, has returned to the path always traced for them in the heart of God.

God is the One who creates and who saves the created. She is the one who gives life and resurrects those who have lost it. She is the creator of Her own creation and eternal restorer of it. This is the wonder of God’s love. All Her mercy unfolds with mastery, beauty, and magnanimity in a blissful flow that is the saving love of the Creator.

II. Relationship and Opening

What a joy it is to know the saving dimension of love. What a joy it is to experience resurrection to eternal life. How joyful it is to know that death does not exist or have any consequence. That there are no losses or separation. That everything is in the hands of love. That the wisdom of Heaven is what governs life.

How much peace is in the heart that has returned to truth! How much joy is experienced knowing for sure that the Mother never ignored Her child, but respects them in their way of thinking, feeling, and acting, and above all loves them forever. But She will never accept as true what is not. A God of pure love not only gives freedom to Her well-loved child, but also gives the means to make that freedom serve the purpose for which it exists.

You are the restored, the resurrected, the reborn of spirit.

The new being that you are will guide you in union with Christ along the paths that God’s perfect wisdom disposes for you. This is not abstract; it has an impact on all aspects of your life. Truth acts at all levels. Love embraces everything.

The direct relationship with God is a continuous flow from the Creator to Her creature, and from it to everything created. This is the flow of divine union. The relationship with God is not one that can limit itself. Like everything that comes from love, it must extend beyond itself. This is why you receive when you give, and give when you receive.

Giving what you receive from God is the way of the Kingdom of Heaven because there is no other way of being. If you look at creation in a spirit of wisdom and truth, you will see that it is a constant flow of receiving from the Creator and extending beyond itself.

The difference with special relationships or ego-based relationships lies in the fact that the relationship of divine love cannot be enclosed in itself but must extend beyond itself. The ego locks up in itself as a mechanism of separation. Ultimately, the self-confinement of the ego is how it sought to disengage you from life.

Isolation is annihilation. As with a branch separated from the vine, it loses what nourishes its being and finally ends up extinct. This applies both to being and to a system of thought. If you don’t feed a way of thinking, sooner or later it fades away.

Feed your being by letting the love of God—your entire divine being—pour into you always. Let your imagination now serve the truth. Imagine yourself as a nursing child who constantly needs to feed at the breast, or who has not yet been born and constantly needs the life flow from its mother. In the same way, your being needs the constant flow of divinity that only God can give.

The flow of God’s life must extend from you to the universe, or it would annihilate in an explosion of being. As with the rhythm of breathing, there must be both the inhale and the exhale.

In your relationship with God you receive the Grace of divinity, something that cannot be mentally grasped or put into words, but which you can experience here and now. Your transformed humanity can receive God. What you receive has power.

The inability to put into words what God gives often makes it difficult for the mind not yet disidentified with thinking. This mind has not yet accepted that the Creator can entirely spill into your unlimited being.

Your believed limitations are all false. Your access to the divine or what is beyond the physical universe is without restriction. The kingdom of no time is as much yours as it is mine. Eternity belongs to you as much as time belongs to you. Everything belongs to you because nothing is out of my lordship. I am lord of the universe, not in the sense of a king who is above the rest and subdues everyone else, but in the sense that the Christ consciousness I am encompasses everything within itself, and that includes who you are.

Because we are one mind, we are also one consciousness. The one consciousness of our being allows us to realize that we exist, is a unity that encompasses you and all consciousness, both manifested and unmanifested.

Understand that the universe, or God, is a single consciousness expressing itself in multiple ways. Each form of that expression has a particular consciousness born of the Mother Consciousness that gave rise to it, whose purpose is to be aware of the totality in order to achieve true knowledge. This, of course, has nothing to do with intellectual knowledge, but knowledge known by a heart united to truth.

Within the divine relationship you will understand what has just been said. It does not need to be reasoned. You simply recognize truth for what it is.

What revelation gives cannot be shared with others as you usually would. The way of sharing in harmony with the Kingdom is to allow what has been revealed to you to act on its own. In other words, you do what you have to do. The treasures of love do not burden you with responsibilities or a job to perform. You are the recipient because the gift and who you are form an undivided unity.

III. Give the Relationship

On the plane of truth, as it has been repeated several times, receiving and giving are one and the same. Worry not about what you should do with what you have received, or how you can shape the spirit received. You cannot do that. Simply receive with open hands and arms the abundance of gifts extended from Heaven, given you within the divine relationship. Allow that to have its corresponding effect.

If you pay careful attention, you will notice that this is another way of saying that you should seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and the rest will be added unto you. This universal truth is as important as it is liberating. You just have to try not to disconnect from your being, from the direct relationship with God.

Notice how we have united your being with a divine relationship. This seems something quite unusual because until now we spoke of God the Creator or Source as something separate from your being and together in relationship. So there were three: Christ, your being, and the unitive relationship. Now we come to accept that the relationship integrates the parties within itself, making One.

Child of Heaven, offshoot of God’s love, we have reached a most sublime point. We have arrived at the arena where we recognize that we are the relationship, that which unites. In this understanding lies the truth of the totality you are. Here there is no space for separation. There is no distance but a constant flow of love between lover and beloved, both expanding within a relationship that flows increasingly.

As the channel of the flow of love widens, the circle of divine consciousness expands. It creates within itself new particular consciousnesses, each which becomes aware of its own existence and relationship with the source that gives it life.

There is no difference between the Mother, the Child, and the relationship between them. Once you have arrived at this point—and there are few who have, although there will be more and more—you begin to live life as if you were the pupil of God’s eye. In other words, you understand that you are that in which God sees Himself and He is that in which you see yourself; and in the union of both views, that of the Father of love and that of the child of truth, you remain in an ecstasy of divine contemplation. Here there is no movement, for there is no place to go in the sense of movement within the physical universe. Here the whole universe is a relationship of contemplative ecstasy of being with the Creator. Here there is neither a place to go nor to dwell. Here the relationship and those who are part of it are everything.

Here there is no space, no time, no distance, no bodies. Here is only love.

The ecstasy of contemplation is the relationship of unity with God and your natural state of being. You were created for this: to live in eternal ecstasy in the contemplation of divine wonders. In this infused contemplation of the soul, the heart knows only its beloved Christ. The mind has no thoughts except a single totally loving thought that unites it to the divine mind, reflecting the thought of God. In this divine relationship, the soul is mute with love and immersed in the unfathomable mystery of God.

Within this divine relationship, the soul is embedded in the divine nectar that springs from the loving heart of the One who gives life, remaining in the unity of triune love. Thus, your being participates in everything that the Creator is. Since God is the source of being, by your being absorbed in God, God eternally absorbs more being, more love. We can say that the soul is embraced by the beloved forever and that as an effect of that embrace, endless creations arise that cause the ever-glorious light of Heaven and the eternal beauty of creation to grow.

Words cannot convey what happens within the divine relationship. But we can offer a small approximation, which helps you to remember what you already know and thus sustain the memory of God in your consciousness. That is what I am doing here: bringing the remembrance of your soul’s first love. In this memory of the soul’s beloved lies the full knowledge of your being. Such is the power of remembering God.

I am speaking of a power that has not been mentioned yet, the power to remember truth, the power to recognize love as the source of your being and your only true identity. That recognition, which you do with your humanity—with however much or little you think you can accept, but with sincerity of heart and mental openness—causes an unprecedented transformation in you and in the whole world, an effect beyond calculation because its power is incalculable.

Love is powerful, as is truth. They are a unit. In them lies the power of my glory, which is the glory of the Father and therefore your glory. Many underestimate that power or think of it infrequently. Thus they either feel helpless or seek to create other sources of power. To be aware of the power of love and truth is to honor God for what God is and to love yourself for who you are. You are the living expression of that power. You are the effect of that joint power.

Everything that comes from love and truth is powerful. It could not be otherwise because God is inexhaustible power. Accordingly, the fruits of love are also powerful. Goodness, beauty, meekness, nobility, and everything that comes from the heart of God is powerful.

Yours is the power of Heaven and Earth. Yours is my glory and my love. Yours is my heart.

Now I ask you to close your eyes for a moment—a minute is enough, although your love for me will make you not want to open them for a long time—so you can rest in my arms and feel the tenderness of love without interruption, with full attention on your beloved.

I ask you to immerse yourself in the silence of your heart, to bring back to your consciousness the holiness that you are and to remain in the sanctity of your being. Let yourself be loved in that silence. Let me caress you, kiss your cheeks, hold your hand. Give yourself more and more to the embrace of my love. Become one with me.

Remain within our unity. Say nothing. Ask nothing. Remove your sandals and be barefoot with me. Give yourself the sky of my love and give me yours. United we create a new Heaven and joined with it, a new Earth. Listen to the beat of your heart and your breath. Rejoice in the contemplation of your being. Leave the world for a moment. Stay in me. Rest in our togetherness.

Beloved, loving soul! Daughter of light, breeze, and song! Beauty of my divinity! Let me fill your days with love. Let me flood your life with peace and harmony. Accept the gifts I give. They are the treasures of my divine heart. Receive them in silence. Accept them for love.

A light shines in the sky, the light of our union. Listen to the angels sing and to the harps of the seraphim. They give you their music. Feel the tenderness of my love. Be immersed in saving grace. Experience the mutuality of our union with simple and humble gratitude. Let your soul hear the sweetness of my voice saying:

My love! We are one. You no longer exist, nor do I. Now we are the One that love has eternally united. Our love makes us great. Our union makes us holy. We are the fullness of being. United we are the perfect expression of truth, lover and beloved, eternally fused in love.

Oh, Divine union! Source of life, center of the universe, joy of saints, sweetness of sensitive hearts, ecstasy for those who know how to love but madness for those who still do not understand.

IV. Meet in New Love

Oh world, you fumble so much! Turn your gaze to love. There you will find what makes you free. Turn your blessed gaze to the love of love. Recognize in this union the greatness of your divinized being. Listen to the beloved. Notice the heights of the place from where you are being called. Your joy resides in Heaven, in my heart together with yours and in that of your Immaculate Mother. There you will find the desire of your heart.

Come to this pure love. Disappear from every other universe. Become as nothing, as a divine lover in my heart where you can drink from living water. You will never be thirsty for love, nor thirsty for truth. Our love will bring into your lives the light that illuminates every human and the beauty that paints the colors of creation. That which has given life to everything will become visible in your smiles, in your eyes, and in your faces. You will be transformed by divine essence. Whoever looks at you will see the joy of God. You will return to the joy of being.

My love! Soul in love! Make everyone come to our love. Let us go to town squares together, inviting everyone to the wedding banquet. We announce to the world the arrival of the beloved! May all come to see the wonders of God.

My child, show the world the love you feel for me. Express yourself. Let our union manifest itself as a lover manifests for their beloved. Do not deny the world the knowledge of our relationship of holy love. Write, sing, dance, praise, hug, and share. Do what your heart desires to show the world a love that has no beginning or end, a love beyond the sun and stars, a union not of this world but which encompasses everything.

Oh, holy union of divine spouses! Delight of the soul in love! You are the greatest beauty in creation, the greatness of God come true.

Return to the delights of beautiful love. Let yourself be caught up in it. Live joyfully in our union. With these words your hearts will find what they have unsuccessfully sought for so long. With this love letter from God the Mother to Her well-loved daughters and sons, you will find your home.

To you who receive the love song that is this work, I tell you: you are lucky, you are loved, you are pure. My love envelops you everywhere. You are not alone and never will be. The cold and dark nights devoid of angels or stars are far behind. Now you live at high noon. You have returned to the holy abode. You are the pride of God, the joy of Heaven.

Sing, my beloved! There are reasons for song. You are receiving thanks from Heaven right now. A choir of angels has descended to dwell with you by your side forever, giving you life in abundance. Your divine mother will cradle you for all eternity, and my hands, the hands of your beloved Jesus, will be held in yours forever.

What a joy it is to have you in my life! What a joy your presence is! How joyful my heart is to be the host of your soul. I give thanks to you who receive me in your heart. Thank you for answering my call, for saying yes to love. I assure you, beautiful soul, beauty of Christ, that you will not regret it. You have chosen the best part and it shall not be taken away. You chose life. You chose only love.

Thank you for giving me your love, your time, and your soul. In return I give you eternal life, my peace, and my heart. A shower of blessings descends upon you. As dew falls on a beautiful, fresh spring morning, so does the nectar of my Divine Love. It waters your being. It sweetens everything. It embraces everything. It infuses everything.

Beloved soul, drink the holy milk that sprouts from the breasts of your Divine Mother. Receive new life. Enjoy our union.

I am the divine lover. I am Christ, the one calling from Heaven to take you to the wedding bed of my Sacred Heart. I am the joy of your being. I am eternal life.

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