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Known Christ

A message from Archangel Raphael

I. The Heart Knows

I have come in response to your call. I have come because I love you with perfect, supernatural love. We are united in the abode of pure discernment. The wisdom of God is ours by birthright. We are one mind, one heart, one soul. We are the harmony of creation, united in the reality of love.

Oh, beloved of light! You have come so far in audacious daring! You dared to go over thresholds that the ego forbade you to cross. You have challenged the sun, the sea, and human knowledge. You have challenged the thinking mind, the heart that is not heart and love that is not love.

Oh, holy daring of those who seek the truth, joy of the Father, smile of the seraphim!

Sisters and brothers from all over the world, I invite you again to dare to fearlessly defy the beliefs of the world—not to criticize them, but to abandon everything learned and to open your minds and hearts to what can neither be learned nor taught. I extend this invitation that comes from the wisdom of Christ, through which we lovingly ask you to abandon any idea of needing a teacher or being one. Do not be carried away by those who cannot truly lead. Your perfect guide is your holy heart, united with the love that God is.

You are the wisdom of love. You need nothing because everything is given to you by your Creator even before you feel the need. All power and all true glory reside in your being. There is nothing outside of yourself. Remember this truth with joy and humility.

You are not self-sufficient. Neither are the lilies of the field. But the Creator has thought of everything that holy creation, emanating from the heart of the Father of Lights, might need for life. There are no shortcomings in creation. Everything is linked to everything else because being nourishes each other within a constellation that joins all. That network of relationships is the guarantee of unity and full satisfaction of every need that every being may have even before it can conceive of the idea of needs.

God knows nothing of needs, for God lacks nothing. Not knowing, if it were possible, would be an insufficiency. To know more than others would likewise be an insufficiency, for if master teachers possess knowledge that others do not, they would lack equality. To be superior to others is to separate from them and therefore to disconnect from the union of totality. If you disconnect from the totality, you disconnect from the whole, and with it from love. Love is everything.

With these simple statements of truth, simple but powerful, you can understand that being your own teacher is as unnecessary as it is to search for any external authority.

You have certainly gone through a stage where you established yourself as your own teacher, then abandoned that stage and went on to allow the Holy Spirit to be your inner teacher. That was a daring move in contrast to the beliefs of the world. Letting spirit guide you is so alien to the ego that in its ignorance it cannot even understand it. To stop being your own teacher is something only you can understand, which you do through your own experience. That clearly demonstrates that you were never truly an ego.

Here we have another simple explanation of what the ego means. You created the ego in order to identify yourself as something alien to God—being your own teacher, an imaginary teacher. When you identify with an ego and make it your teacher, you become your own teacher. Here you can find the logical inconsistency of the egoic mind: it is simply absurd to believe that a teacher that resides entirely in your imagination can guide you with certainty.

An imaginary teacher arises from fantasy and can only guide in illusion. To use the imagination as a source of knowledge is to guarantee ignorance, for reality as created by God cannot be imagined. Truth is beyond any imagination, as is love.

II. To Trust Is to Love

If one day you were to realize that you lived in an illusion, it would be because you realized that you were letting yourself be guided by an imaginary teacher who never guided you to anything that provided happiness, security, or fulfillment. Only the truth can lead to truth. Only love can take you to love. Only your heart can lead you to the wisdom of the heart.

On the day you decided to abandon your ego as your life teacher you had to choose another teacher because you still believed in the need for teachers. You were not ready to abandon that idea. In His endless mercy, God gave you the spirit of wisdom, the Holy Spirit, to guide you in the transition between ceasing to be your own teacher and the ability to let go of the idea of learning completely. The Holy Spirit is your guide from one state to another.

Once you chose truth as your guide, you had to gracefully receive someone “outside” of you to teach you because could not yet imagine how to function without an external teacher. Actually, your inner struggle was against external teachers that tyrannized you in illusion. An externalized Holy Spirit exhorted you to live in the truth—two apparently contrasting, contradictory opposites.

It did not seem possible at the time to leave the perceived conflict of the absolutely opposite teachings of two external teachers. So you left the conflict in the wisest way, choosing the voice of the Holy Spirit as your only teacher, even if you perceived it as external. This ended the inner war. There were no longer two sides but one: the truth.

In other words, God created the Holy Spirit to serve the purpose of transformation, that part of Himself that extended to you as a bridge between the state of fear and that of love. When the Holy Spirit became unnecessary it returned to the formlessness of God. When you were prepared, truth in the form of the Holy Spirit ended its service and withdrew from that role. The Holy Spirit left you, not in the sense of moving away, but it became your own heart. Truth stopped being something perceived as alien and became what you are.

This is the path of Christification: the path of transformation in which you pass from a state of fearful ego consciousness to a state of loving consciousness. At the end of that transition, you move on to the state of knowledge. What does this mean? It means that once the conflict is over—when you choose to continue with total devotion to your perfect guide, the spirit of wisdom and truth—you are ready to accept that you and God are one. The idea of God is transformed when the idea of yourself is transformed.

Equality before love, and therefore before wisdom, is the essence of reality. Therefore, to live in a direct relationship with God, a relationship without intermediaries, is to live in the truth of who you are. Only in a relationship of pure love can you be the same, while still being who you are. This is equivalent to saying that love is unity.

If you are no longer your own guide, and the Holy Spirit ceases to be your external teacher, you have two options. Either you are without a teacher and adrift, or you accept that you do not need a teacher. Herein lies one of the difficulties of the path of being, which involves the recognition of a direct relationship with God.

For those who continue to believe in the need to learn, ceasing to have one or more teachers is impossible because they will feel dissatisfied, incomplete. They will perceive themselves as missing something. They will feel deprived. Still, that is their choice—they do not want to take a step forward into the unknown. They do not make space for the new.

Sure that the known gives them more security than what they cannot imagine, they cling to structures that have given them a sense of certainty and achievement. After all, insecure people will look to external teachers for confidence, given lack of confidence in themselves. We are referring to all who accept as authority anything outside of their own being as God created it.

There are many who present themselves as confident, but who fail to recognize that they hide their own uncertainty, since they do not know what they are.

If the vanished ego is no longer your guide, and the Holy Spirit ceased to be your teacher as it returned to the formless reality of God, how do you continue? This question is critical at this point in your spiritual journey. In fact, you have already wondered about it, perhaps not as clearly as expressed here, but the question can arise in your mind and heart in multiple ways.

Usually, this question from the depths of your soul manifests as disorientation or a desire for renunciation. We will expand on this, given its importance.

Once you abandon the need to learn and with it the need to teach, there may be a feeling of not knowing how to handle yourself in life. It is strictly temporary. In fact, what I do with these words is to gain time and avoid extending this transition period beyond the minimum required.

Should you visualize your predetermined goals and hold them in your consciousness to achieve them through the power of the mind? Is that how to direct your life? Is this how miracles are accomplished? Is it necessary to predefine goals to achieve them? Are goals your guide? How are you to own yourself?

Let us think together about it. A savior and a teacher are the same. If you were your own teacher, it meant that you defined what you needed for your own salvation and the means to achieve it. When you released your own mastery and gave it to Spirit, you recognized that your plan had no chance of success and surely God’s plan would succeed. Even so, you still defined what your salvation was and what you should be saved from, and left the “how” in the hands of your Divine Savior—though not entirely.

Ultimately, when looking for a teacher, you are looking to be saved from ignorance. What else would you want knowledge for?

What is the radical change that has been talked about both in this work and in that of many others?

It is about moving from using what you are, to allowing what you are to serve the purpose of love. For this you must trust in love with your mind, heart, plans, desires, needs—everything. That is true renunciation. That is true confidence. That is the return to love. Indeed, the return to truth is to allow what you are to return to your holy abode. That is freedom.

III. Abandonment and Fullness

Freedom for your mind and heart is releasing yourself from the plans you predefine, from the supposed desires you experience, and from everything you previously thought was true. To throw yourself into mystery.

Do you need a plan? What might you need it for? Do you think that the One who created you needs to be told what is most convenient for you? How to make things work in harmony with Her perfect will?

Living consciously in a direct relationship with God implies complete abandonment. You can do so perfectly. It is a matter of decision. No one can make this choice for you. That is the choice we are talking about in this work. When you take the fundamental option and choose only love as your being, and therefore as the source of your knowledge and work, what you do is allow what you really are to lead. How will it work? Where will it take you? What things will it create for you? Nobody knows. Not you. It is created as it goes, now and when tomorrow comes. But we don’t need to know. Do you need a plan? Do you need to know where you are going? For what purpose? So as not to go adrift, so as to arrive at the correct port?

Brother, sister, there are no ports in the Kingdom. There is only one place, and it is both a port of arrival and departure. In the reality of God, which is the only reality, there is only love, not many destinations. Love is the way. Love is the port of arrival and departure. Love is the ship you board and the sea upon which you sail on a journey without distance.

Sons and daughters of the wind! For those who have made the discovery, there is no path. No place to go. No distance, no time. There is no trip. There is only love. There is only being.

Do you need to be told something? Love will tell you clearly. Do you need to acquire something? Love will make it come your way. Do you need someone? Love will have them come. Do you need a situation to disappear from your life? Love will make it disappear.

Love is powerful and wise. Love has will and understanding. It is the source from which the capacity of the mind to create thoughts springs, the heart, its capacity to create feelings. Love is will, free will, and everything that constitutes being. Love precedes everything. You need not try to force desire to create realities you think you need. You need not do any such thing. You need only abandon the idea that you need to meddle.

Are you being asked to have a passive attitude? Yes. Clearly, yes, not in the sense of making an idol of inaction, but the passivity of being willing to receive and allowing love to act through you. You already know this, but now you need do it in a direct relationship with God. In other words, in the context of this work, renunciation or abandonment to trust in love means that you trust the power of your relationship with God.

Your direct relationship with the living Christ that lives in you carries within it your fullness to a degree that you cannot even imagine. If you could imagine it, you would not have reached the truth, for what you are is beyond imagination. That is why using your imagination as the source of desire or as a means to an end is to set a limit. God does not imagine your life. God creates reality. God is reality, not imagination.

As with everything that comes from the ego, imagination is limited. While it is true that the ego is now gone, it is also true that the mind’s tendency to create fantasy can persist. It is from that fanciful pattern that you will now be free. God knows nothing of fantasies or dreams. That is why desire has no place on the plane of being. Your being is not imagining anything, nor wishing for anything, for wishing implies lack.

When you live in the truth, imagination and desire cannot be your guide, because they are not the creative source. If you are a creator with God, that which gives rise to your creative capacity in union with the Creator cannot reside in a place where the imaginable resides. To believe that mental images arise from the source of creation is the same error as believing that the heart is where both love and fear dwell.

The passivity we speak of here is the inaction of the ego. Ego energy should not continue to be fed. Its inaction causes the deactivation of the typically fearful energy patterns of thought and emotional response.

IV. You Are Wisdom

Relying blindly on feelings or desires is as misplaced as believing in your thoughts as if they were the source of wisdom. If what this work brought was the idea that your feelings and desires are guides to the truth, then it would not bring Heaven to Earth.

To act from wisdom that is not of this world is to act from a place in you that is beyond what you call thoughts and feelings. It is that place where the knowledge of Heaven dwells and to which you have direct access without intermediaries or techniques. Love is that place, space, or center. The beautiful knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven is nothing other than love itself.

All truth lies in love, and God’s wisdom is given to you within love.

What we are remembering here is that truth comes not from a technique, or meditation, or something that results in a given action. It comes only from love. Therefore if you want to be wise, love. If you want to access knowledge, love. If you want to be like God, love like God.

Being love is the central postulate of this work. It is how certainty lives in you. Without love, there is fear. Where fear dwells, there is no security. Where uncertainty reigns, there can be no happiness. The opposite is also true.

God does not feel like humans do; His thoughts are not like human thoughts. Christ knows that there is no distinction between thinking and feeling, for both are aspects of the same reality. Both are effects of the heart. You think and feel what you think and feel because you are who you are. This means that your way of expressing who you are is reflected in your feeling and thinking. But it is not your thoughts nor feelings that guide. They are simply expressions, effects, not causes. As effects, they can be the cause of other things, such as your state of happiness. Still, they are not the cause of who you are.

That something causes the way you experience the circumstances of your life does not mean that such a life has been given you. You are not your experience, nor your way of feeling or thinking. You are Christ. This distinction is of the utmost importance. There is a risk at this point, but it is a risk that you will not incur, because prudence has become your eternal ally.

The risk we speak of lies in the belief that you can and want to teach something. Likewise, this can manifest itself as an excess of desire to be too human. Returning to the state where you were a human being with very little or almost none of the divine is not an option. Consciousness cannot go backward in development. Once enlarged it cannot go back. A degree of consciousness is never lost. As an individual and as humanity you have no choice.

The only possible way at this point is to continue forward, or upward if you prefer, rising more each day. Your being will not want to look back or dwell in the past. You have already tasted the fire of blame and escaped from hell. Why would you return, now that you know where sweetness dwells, and from whence comes the light?

Being human and God simultaneously is something to get used to at the beginning. It requires balance. You need to be attentive and observe in silence. Your being will guide you.

Trusting who you really are is the surest way to live in love, because Christ lives in your being and with that, true life. In order to live with that kind of confidence in yourself, it is necessary to live consciously in unity—that is, to live in the heart of God, which is where unity resides. Truly, truly I tell you that you already live in God. As we have said, you are now called to make this truth such a real fact that your life manifests the Christ that you are.

The living Christ who lives in you is your sure guide. This is the way, the truth, and the eternal life.

If all you have done is feel more comfortable with the illusion of what you thought you were, just grabbed the pieces of your old identity and reconciled with them, trying to silence the guilt or not to feel so insignificant, you have not chosen only love, you have not escaped from hell.

But it is not the old being I address. It is not the old being who will lead you to the new. It is not feeling, thought, or imagination that will take you to Heaven; it is Christ—all that emanates from the being that you really are. This is why we have said that it is in your direct relationship with God that you access the purpose of your life.

What you are and your manifestation are a unit. To the extent that reason and love remain united within your consciousness, to that extent you allow Christ to be known through you, and thereby realize the purpose of your existence.

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