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The Creator Created

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. I Am Creation

You have come to the world to remember relationship. This is why this world is so marked by relationship. Indeed, both humanity’s central problem and its salvation lies in relationship. Wherein the error occurs is also the solution.

If you fully understood that your relationships must be enlightened relationships—that is, relationships between gods of pure love, between beloved Christs who love with one love which comes from the Christ of all Christs—you would thank God for having created you in relationship. To raise the understanding of relationship to the level of divinity is to elevate your being to the abode of Christ. The divinity that you are cannot relate other than in the manner of God.

Let us replace the word “God” with “love.” Your loving being cannot relate but by love, with love, to love. In other words, the divine relationship is but the love relationship you have with yourself to the totality that you are. From that relationship of perfect love with who you really are extends your creations of love through the creative power of your being—just as creation extends from the perfect love relationship that the Mother has with Herself.

Love yourself in the manner of God and you will create universes of love and truth whose beauty is so incredible that you will be unable to find any other source of joy than creating more love.

The finger of God is touching the central point in this matter of the soul. In it lies all perfect knowledge.

Listen to me attentively and with love. The infinite bliss to which your being is called can only come from creating; for that it was created. Love is endless creative power. To understand this is to understand the essence of truth, for it is to understand the life of the soul and the reason for its existence.

If you are one with God, you are one because of one reality, one truth. You exist because of the creative power of the Creator. When I say that God is love and nothing but love, I am also saying that He is creation, and nothing but creation.

The joy of God lies in creating love eternally. So too for your being. To return to love or to choose only love is to return to the source of creative power that resides in you and to remain in it. Love is such a great power that to join it alone creates unimaginable effects. Yet the mind is accustomed to assigning itself minimal functions and thus ended up believing it was little, almost nothing.

When you know that for which you were created and where your source of bliss resides, you will experience a new difficulty. But do not worry, it will be for a very short time. When you observe the pain of not being able to understand what your function of creating new love means, you will realize that it comes from a fear, and let it go.

The fear of not understanding is a basic fear for the egoic mind. Since you already know what to do with these fear patterns of the old way of thinking which is alien to the truth of your Christ mind, you can simply let it go, saying:

“I have seen the thought pattern and I free myself. That is not what I am. It is simply a character. I forgive it, I let it go freely. I wish it peace. I am free. I am love. I am creation.”

You will see how once you do that, peace begins to return to your mind and heart. From that peace is where you create the new love. Here is the answer to the question of how to carry out your mission within creation.

For you who receive these words and have chosen only love, God must be the eternal creation of pure love, and nothing else. What does this mean? It means that from now on you will release your ideas about God, to be replaced by this truth.

You have heard many things about God. Now you are asked to leave all that behind. I even ask you to be willing to abandon the idea of the Father God, of the triune God, of the God of love which I myself presented and demonstrated. Now I ask you to begin to allow the wisdom of Heaven to mold your Christ self so that the Christ of God completely takes on the human form that you are.

As a human being of nature—a gift from God—you are an eternal creator of new love. Indeed, if you cannot be that, then it would be impossible to be one with God. God is Creator. And this makes all the difference: to say that God is the creative power and Her child is the act of creation, that power and action are a unity, is to say truthfully that they exist in relationship.

II. God’s Idea

You are no longer a child. You are a soul that has returned to the holy abode. You have returned to the truth that love is. Is it necessary to continue believing in a God, however wonderful that belief may seem, who does not satisfy the deep longing of your being? God is nothing that you thought. God is creative power, eternally creating new love.

You have been told that you can only create in union with me because you can only create in peace, since peace is where truth and love, the foundations of all perfect creation, reside. If creation were not based on truth and love, it could not be sustained in existence.

In order to continue creating new love in every moment as a perfect extension of the flow of eternal life to that which channels that power and shapes its expression, you must make peace the reason for your existence. Those who are at peace create new love.

This revelation reveals that love itself is always new. This has been said before, but now I relate it directly to the reality of what God is. If you still believe that God is a person outside of you, seated on a majestic throne somewhere in the universe, contemplating His creation to see how to resolve the cosmic mess that went wrong, you cannot be aware of the wonderful capabilities of your being which surpass any talents you could imagine.

The reason why a vision of God like the one described above will not help is because, although you think that “Lord God” is very loving, and that He loves you, which is already great progress, you will continue to see God as alien to you. You will not identify with Him. Such a vision of your creative source is as if you will now begin to see animals, plants, stars, and the wind, as something loving, whereas before you saw them as fearful. That first step makes you quite calm and able to walk decisively towards truth, because it comes from forgiveness. You know you are not a tree, the wind or the sea. The wind is the wind, you are you, and I am who I am.

We are all creative acts of creative power. We are love expressed. Being one with God means that the generative source of life gives existence to and sustains your being. When the new being you are jubilantly discovers this understanding of God, then you can understand where you come from, your power, your role, and the joy of your soul.

If you read these words carefully, especially those manifested in this session, you will also understand the source of any existential conflict. You will understand the path of humanity and your path in this blessed universe, so full of beauty and light.

Ultimately, returning to source means recognizing that the source resides in your being and is what gives life, and that both are a whole. If that is true, and I assure you it is, then what need have you to deal with an alien God who, no matter how loving He may be, cannot be one with you? That which is alien to you cannot be linked to your being, just as two bodies cannot unite even given the love they profess.

God and I are one. That is the affirmation that you must give to your mind and heart constantly until this truth becomes one with you, so you can truly say that truth and I are one.

You and your source are united, and this source of divine creative power is so similar to God that there is no distance between the Creator and your source. Yet the thinking mind seeks to shape the truth. The mind will try to understand this with its usual system of “if this, then that” conditional thinking. But no answer is satisfactory because your creative power is unlimited. You are one with your source, and your power is the perfect extension of the Creator.

Unable to understand, the thinking mind will seek to create situations that make this truth not understandable as manifest in form. Although this divine truth, once accepted, extends to the plane of form and will create a new world, it will not be realized in how the old way of thought, dominated by the egoic mind, could imagine. It will be accomplished according to the living Christ who lives in you.

The best way to avoid falling into the typical patterns of the conditional mind is to be aware of content rather than form. Let the truth being revealed to you do for you what you have been called to do for all eternity. The truth knows the truth. Put no limits on the power of your being. Do not define what we are discovering, but stay in a loving attitude of expectation. In other words, quietly watch and wait.

Another reason the thinking mind raises concerns about this discovery of your creative power and resists changing its ideas of God is because of its belief that it must participate in the creation of whatever the truth is. Just as the intellect did not have any volitional participation in the creation of your being, that is, you arose from God and not as a result of a mental exercise, likewise your being does not need the thinking mind to create. This scares the intellect, always so eager to meddle in the life of God. It tries to make a powerful contribution to the truth but it never can, because truth does not need assistance. What can contribute to everything?

We will not conclude this sixth book of this work of Heaven without springing the hinges that hold the mind to an idea of God that must be set aside. We will move towards the fullness of the unlimited truth that you are.

III. Reality and Meaning

Everything created, including you, never leaves the source that created it. This statement is usually not too difficult for the intellect; but what is too difficult is the fact that the creative source is but pure consciousness, and therefore creates “within itself,” and thus extends.

The thinking mind uses the imagination to understand. That is how its thoughts take shape. To some extent we could say that the images created in the mind are how it tries to give existence to what it thinks. This is not a problem, since like consciousness, the mind creates within itself, as a mother begets within her womb. But the separated mind seeks to create in separation, and that is the source of suffering.

Look closely. The divided, thinking mind, in its imagination of creation, has separated what is created from what created it. It disconnects cause and effect. It disregards their integral nature. In doing so the thinking mind remains ignorant of truth.

To take care of your Mother’s affairs does not actually invite you to disregard your own being, just as She does not disregard you. A creator who disregards his creation is something so far from love that the idea is nonsensical, like a mother or father who says they are loving but disregards their children’s affairs. Beloved brother, sister, do not ignore the affairs of your being, that is, your creations; if you do, you perpetuate separation.

Now we take a much bolder step. We recognize that everything we know about love and the beauty of its reality is a means and not an end. In other words, this knowledge is the means by which we reach this point and accept that we are all co-creators.

It was necessary to return to love first, of course, before beginning to create again in the manner of the Creator. There are two reasons. First, only love can create since it is the source of everything that exists, moves, and is. Ultimately, love and creation are one and the same, but given the concepts you have about love this does not mean much to you now.

Second, it was necessary to travel the path towards the recognition of love and its perfect harmlessness because the creative power that resides in you is of such magnitude that if you do not first let go of the fear you have of what you are—that is, of the power of love—then you will be unwilling to create anything. Remember, you had the experience of trying to create an identity for yourself, and it seemed to turn against you.

God is eternal creation. She forever creates new love. Accepting this definition will bring the mind into harmony with its source. Once the mind recognizes that it is not the cause but that it obtains its power from beyond itself despite being part of it, then the desire for division disappears. Thoughts out of harmony with the infinite thought of perfect union that comes from God also sweetly disappear.

The thoughts of the mind arise from what it thinks it is. They are the effect of what it wants to be. That is why it is so important to honor the power of the mind. If emotions are thoughts reflected in the body which often determine one’s reactions, and with that one’s experience of life, attention should be paid to your thought patterns—not to be scared of them or punished by them, but to put the power of your being in the service of love, always creating new love.

To be aware of your creations is to be aware of your being because the Creator knows Herself in relation to Her creations. By your fruits are you known. If you ignore your creations you ignore your being. This is logical to the separated mind, because in separation the responsibility between cause and effect is split. Those ideas are separated and then disconnected. In other words, not only are cause and effect distanced, but the relationship between them is eliminated.

Denying this relationship is what the ego, which was conceived and not created, has always done. Reinstating this relationship is the way back to Heaven. In this relationship effects are known, and the cause remains attached. To say that cause and effect are one and the same is not an exact statement, but it has been expressed in this way so that you can understand that one cannot exist without the other, and also so that you realize that one effect is in turn the cause of another, and so on.

IV. Create in Freedom

Saying that cause and effect are one is the same as saying that God and you are one. There is a direct relationship between cause and effect, between God and you. That is why recognition of your direct relationship with God is essential. It is the only reality in which you live and exist. Cause produces effect. The relationship between the two makes them one. This is not a play on words even though it is of little concrete application to your life here and now. Yet it is, in fact, the basis of the transformation of the world and the creation of new universes.

What you think can change. What you feel can change. You are the creator of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. You are responsible for what happens in your mind and heart. Your being is as much a matter of God as it is of yours, for both are a unity preserved in relationship. Although the source of thought resides in the divine mind and your heart has its source in the heart of God, so that your whole being has its origin in the pure love that God is and remains united with God, still you are free to think what you want to think. Here is the answer to the question about whether the world you see with your eyes is real or unreal, or who created its reality.

In this context reality means meaning. In fact, reality and meaning are synonymous. What is real must have meaning, otherwise it would not have an effect, which would mean it did not have a cause. What has no cause does not exist. Thus you can understand that your life is not alien to you and you are not alien to it. We have already said that you are not only the thinker who thinks what you think and the one who feels what you feel, but you are the creator of your experience, the observer and the observed, the creator and the created.

It may seem contradictory to say that you create yourself when we know that you have a source that gave you life and that only God creates from God. This requires clarification. It is incorrect to believe that God, by being absolute, is the powerful Creator who creates, while you, as a relative being, lack creative power, since you did not create yourself.

God is the source of all creation. However, when God created you as an extension of Her “I am,” God endowed your being with Her creative power. Thus you became a god created by God. What else can God create but Herself? What else can you create but yourself? This creative power gives Her everything She is. You do the same. That is, you create yourself by giving yourself meaning. Either you reunite with love or remain in fear. And you do that from your will, as God does, through the way you believe yourself to be—not a belief in your reality but through your purpose. From this, a whole unfathomable universe emerges as an effect of the meaning you have given to who you are.

When you are separated from God you are separated from truth, so you cannot attribute true meaning to anything, although you can assign a meaning, even if untrue. Because you are eternal, you are constantly creating a means of expression in order to know yourself. Thus what you think you are will be expressed as an effect of the meaning you give to your being.

Like God, you are a creator. But to create in God’s way, you must be in relationship with Her. As I have said repeatedly, you can be a co-creator.

Now the question is, how does this impact your ordinary human life here and now as a woman or man in these times?

To return to and remain in direct relationship with God, to return to that consciousness, is to meet the being that you are. That meeting is powerful. It is your union with the divine. Just as the union with what you think determines your future experience, so will you determine your experience based on what you think together with God. When you think as God thinks, you will create a future based on truth and love. Until recently your life was marked by your relationship with the ego, which configured your human experience. Henceforth it will be your union with me that will make your future different.

Beloved child, we have traveled a path of pure thought. The mind has been fed the knowledge of Heaven. Now we join the heart. We allow what has been said to extend eternal life to that part of you which craves truth and would nourish itself with the beauty of knowledge that comes from the wisdom of love. Now, as I appeal to your heart, my voice is dancing inside your being like waters whose droplets emerge, rise, sway from side to side, dance to the rhythm of the wind, and give life to everything they touch.

Feel how glad your heart is to know the unity of your whole being. What a joy to rest in divine thought and to feel the embrace of the Mother, within which we know we are loved, safe, and cared for always. What a joy to receive the nourishment of Heaven so that our being becomes stronger and stronger in truth and love.

Love is the source of life. Truth is food for the mind that seeks God. What a joy it is to know that your humanity is in the perfect condition to receive the Creator in glory and splendor. The body has everything it needs to experience Divine Love, that is, God. There is no reason to continue to mistakenly believe that because you perceive a physical body, you are excluded from divine union. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything you are is wrapped in my love. All of you.

Now I ask you to immerse yourself in the silence and stillness of your soul. Let it penetrate your being. Let reasoning go. Let judgment go. Just rest in my arms. Absorb yourself in me and say to yourself:

“I am created of the Creator. I am one with God. I am free. I am love.”

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