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Talking to Heaven

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Heavenly Voices

Blessed soul of pure light, divine creation! Glorious child of the wind, what joy to have you with me forever. Contemplating you is my joy. My love for you never sleeps.

Oh, divine relationship! Cause of all love, bliss, and beauty!

Holding hands we will walk the path of eternal life.

We are the light that illuminates nations. United we are the fullness of being. Rays of purity that embrace everything that exists arise from our union. The birds sing in honor of your return. The flowers give away their colors to brighten life. A small drop of water splashes in the pond. Stillness embraces everything. Silence becomes the sovereign of creation. Contemplation, the reason for existence.

Oh, Divine Love! Gift from , holy grace, treasure without equal!

Soul in love, voice that spreads the word of eternal life! Sweetness of love!

What bliss to realize that you have started a direct conversation with the heights! Communication with Heaven is present in these words that express the reality of your relationship with Christ, which is love.

Love calls you. Love speaks to you. Christ is your being, expressing.

Every time you join with what these letters, words, phrases, and sentences symbolize, you bring to your consciousness the reality of the love that you are. You become more aware of your relationship with the source of your being. As you have been reading you have felt many things, and a whole world has moved within your holy soul. Your heart trembled in the serene depths of peace upon hearing the sweet voice of your Divine Beloved. The mind rejoiced in the memory of your first love, and your soul began to fly back home.

You have been transformed by love. You have been reborn from above. The past is past. You are a new being, a truth you recognize not only with your mind but also with your heart. Now you feel the tenderness of your being. You know where the light dwells, where beauty dwells, where to find the wisdom that so pleases a mind and soul that loves truth. Now you know who you are.

Knowing what you are and being what you are, are really the same. For the moment, the knowledge of who you are seems to enter through your mind. Thus you point your finger to your blessed head, and look up to see beyond the body, a little above in the space around you, from which the flow of knowledge comes, pure joy that comes not from the world. And yet the mind and the heart are a unit. Therefore it matters not if truth seems to enter through a thought reflected in the mind, or by a feeling manifested in the heart. Remember, we call mind that from which all thought arises, and heart that soul space from which feeling emanates.

Because the mind and the heart are a unit, and I assure you that they are, it makes no sense to continue distinguishing between thinking and feeling. Both are the same, although their expression is experienced differently. But they are not different; both come from the same center of your being. To say that you will only be guided by your feelings, leaving aside reason that has feelings join with wisdom, would be as harmful now as it was before, disconnecting intelligence from love. Remember, now that you have returned, nothing can be left out of the consciousness of love.

When you live in the Father’s house because you have chosen only love, there is no reason to continue living as if you were a homeless orphan. The time has come to recognize and accept the truth unconditionally. You are everything that is part of your being: mind, heart, soul, spirit, and expression. You are also will, understanding, and creation. All that constitutes yourself. They are not separate parts, even though known in various ways. You are a whole. What you are is as sunbeams are to the sun; the expression of who you are is a ray of light emanating from the perpetual sun of your being.

II. Causality

This work is a call. It is an adamant invitation to stop seeing yourself as you will be, and to start living as what you are eternally. It is true that one day I said that I am who I am, and you are who you will be. That was said because it was like that at the time. But you were also told that there is a time for everything. Transformation is for time, not for truth.

There is a reason why you found these words. You have come here by the unfathomable design of the mind and heart of God, in union with you. You called me and I answered. I have looked for you and you let yourself be found. You gave me your soul, and I gave you my being. Nothing happens by chance.

The resistance, acceptance, and any other feelings or thoughts you have had throughout the reception of these words are part of knowing yourself in relation to God. Ultimately this is why this living expression of Divine Love exists: to act as a catalyst, moving the depths of your being like a wind that blows upon the ocean, creating water currents that allow it to remain pure, or like the moon, always beautiful and pure, that exerts on the serene waters of the sea a force that makes them dance, creating waves that come and go, thus giving life to everything that lives.

What would waters be without movement? The whole sea is in motion. Nothing within it is entirely still; not a single cell or atom lives without constant motion. Movement is the dance of life and has an echo in the soul.

These words create movement in your heart and mind. They come from the source of life, the source of movement. Within your being, the waters of your crystalline consciousness have moved. You are no longer the same. You have completed a path. You have reached a very specific place. You have come to the full recognition of your direct relationship with God, and you begin to manifest that relationship to create in union with love.

Every true relationship implies union or it is not a relationship. But coming into contact with someone or something does not mean you join it. The same goes for your being. Along this path we have traveled together, you have gone from understanding what you are to being what you are; from talking about love to being the love that talks. If you are in contact with God, however, you must be in union with Her: you have become one with who you are. This union will allow you to speak more clearly about yourself.

Now I ask you with all the love of my heart that you definitely give up what you once thought you were, thought you should be, or wanted to be. I ask you to accept that you and I are one, that there is nothing in your beloved Christ, in your beloved Jesus, in your beloved, always pure Mother Mary, that does not reside in you. I ask you to allow what you have received to nourish your mind, your heart, your memory, and your will so that the seeds of truth that we have sown together in the Eden of your soul continue to bear more and more fruit to be seen by those who are tired of the desolate but illusory views of the world, and therefore do not find peace even though peace has arrived.

You have traveled a path of knowledge and have reached perfect knowledge. I call you now to live in harmony with what you know you are. I invite you so that you may live in the fullness of being, and therefore in the happiness that cannot be taken from you. Your joy, your peace, your gaze, and your voice will reflect the holiness you are and the divine being in which the body dwells. Thus you will awaken others to love and you will experience having been created by love to live in the joy of giving.

Those whose hearts yearn for peace, those who fight for a better world, even those who condemn God for having created a painful, meaningless world will join you, and join in love. They will do so because they are of the truth and truth is limitless. Every time you decide to live in the reality of love, you activate the memory of truth in other minds and the remembrance of the first love in other hearts.

What you are now is a perfect, necessary, and essential expression of the love of Christ. You may have had other expectations for your life. Or you may find that, upon attaining enlightenment, you would do other things or experience extraordinary things worthy of being told for generations to come. If that is the case, I ask you to give up all such ideas.

Love knows nothing of form, even though it can be embedded in them. The secret of the relationship with God lies not in mystical visions or hearing voices that others do not, or knowing what others do not. The secret of divine relationship lies in the love that it is and in nothing else. Is it not worth growing more and more in love, allowing love to widen your heart so that you rise in holiness, instead of continuing to believe in a love so chimerical and small that it is not worth living?

Love is not what you thought it was. You already know this; you have experienced it. Therefore now is the time to live in union with that knowledge and allow it to manifest itself because of what it is. You are not a being who will soon cease to exist. You are not a gear within a machine destined to undergo what others have. You are a child of God, subject to love.

Begin to accept that love is a vivid force that cannot be neglected or set aside. You cannot make love insignificant, for it is the force that governs life. You know this because together we have been sharing in a clear and conscious way through this celestial work, as we bring love to the world. These dialogues are like a sweet conversation we share on a sacred mountain, a loving exchange between dear friends that flows from heart to heart, from one soul in love to another soul in love. This dialogue need not cease because we will soon begin a new path; it will continue forever.

I will never stop making my voice heard in hearts thirsty for love and truth. My voice is food for the soul, my wisdom is blessed nourishment for the holy mind. Truly, truly I tell you, if my word stopped manifesting you would cease to exist, no book of life would record your existence in the universe, no mind could remind you. My voice is the breath of spirit, the vital breath that gives life to everything that exists, the source from which all light emanates. It is what makes your soul cry, laugh, sing, dance, and wait for your beloved.

My word is life. It makes pure hearts sing. It gives peace to minds that seek rest. How could I stop giving life to my children through my word if they would faint without it? Beloved child, can you begin to realize the value of these dialogues? Of the eternal treasure that is the time we spend together, you and I, united in love through these words of eternal love, of endless life?

III. Universal Relationship

The tone of these dialogues is different from other writings not only because you are a unique being, but because humanity as a whole is no longer what it once was. Within the consciousness of the new humanity are new forms of expression. Remember, all that exists is consciousness; nothing exists outside it.

I invite you now to take a little tour with me of the history of humanity, because in it you will remember your own history and that of creation. We proceed in a simple way, without stridencies or complex concepts that may cause confusion. We will do this from the perspective of love, love that lives eternally together with reason.

Although it is true that you are not your story, it is also true that your heart has an inherent tendency to seek its origin, for as has been said, the soul always returns to its first love which is God. In observing the history of creation including humanity from this perspective you will begin to take some distance from the past, so that the road we will begin to travel will be cleared of predetermined ideas.

Humanity, and with it the soul, came to the world of time from a dimension outside of time. Time is not eternal, unlike the Kingdom of Heaven, which is. After being was created in the eternity of the Father of Lights, the soul went into a state of condensed, limited consciousness, a contraction in which it “experienced” the state of amnesia of which we have spoken. Naturally, for this experience to happen, an entire universe had to be created. Remember that consciousness experiences itself to know itself. In effect, experience is “collected and created” by consciousness.

In the realm of the non-eternal universe there are three dimensions.

The realm of separation—if you prefer to use that expression, or of differentiation through disunity—is a temporal realm, but not everything in it is physical and spatial. From a state of deep amnesia the soul passes into a state of remembrance of itself. In the initial plane, there is time but not space; there is no matter. Some have tried to explain this dimension from whence the soul comes to the space-time universe as “past lives,” or the concept of reincarnation. Thus the belief in karma was born.

The second state can be observed in the plane of time and space. Coming from the temporary state without space or matter to the physical plane as you know it now, you have actually elevated your being, in the sense that you passed to a greater degree of knowledge of who you are and of what creation is. We could say that you went from almost complete isolation to a greater degree of awareness of relationship.

To move from an isolated state of consciousness to the state of knowledge of the existence of relationship, you walked a path. First you related to your body, which if properly understood is a relationship with something beyond you, and therefore is a start towards a relationship with the whole. After a while you began to relate to the environment that surrounds the body. Along that path within the realm of time and space you move into a consciousness in which you transcend the body while remaining in the spatial universe.

On the space-time plane or path of the bodily world, you grow in the awareness of relationship. First you relate to what you somehow perceive as what life gave you. Usually you call it “mother.” Then you expand and relate to “another me,” often called “father.” Then you relate to “other selves,” usually the family. Later you broaden the spectrum of relationships and develop links with many more selves, the society in which you live.

Can you start to see how the way of humanity—and that concerns the collective as well as the individuals, since they are a unit—is but a journey towards a greater knowledge of the breadth of relationship? A walk from a coarseness of being towards a growth in consciousness?

The first humans—your brothers and sisters far away in time but united in holiness with who you are because they are an essential part of the mind of Christ and the heart of God— certainly had a degree of relationship much more limited than yours today. No matter how much effort they made, they could not know the wide panorama of Earth, much less the vision that you have from the clouds above what you call your home.

The impulse of humanity to occupy all the spaces of the Earth, and even to explore other worlds, comes from the inherent need of the soul to reach the divine relationship, a relationship with the whole. Truly, truly I tell you that the heart of humanity will not rest in peace until the happy recognition of the divine relationship is reached. And you cannot do so without first walking a path of purification of both the bodily and spiritual senses, both of which are mental.

It is always necessary on this path of purification to get rid of the false associations that the mind and heart have woven around the meaning of relationship. Enlightenment is a state that is reached after a purge of false beliefs. It is actually a process whereby an understanding of the nature of essential relationship is achieved. Let me say it sweetly but clearly: when you realize that relationship is sacred and you accept relationship as the fundamental stone upon which truth exists, you are enlightened. Never before. Two thousand years ago I expressed this by showing what others later called the mystery of the Holy Trinity, even though what was meant was simply that God is relationship, is love.

The fact that a truth as simple as this has been the subject of so many discussions over the centuries, with humans seeking to understand with the thinking mind the meaning of the Holy Trinity, demonstrates how difficult it is for the ego to understand relationship.

If relationships in the world are difficult for the thinking mind to understand, even more so will be the divine relationship, which is nothing other than the relationship with all that is true—the relationship with the All of everything.

Relationship is the means and end of knowledge. For this were relationships created. That is why one day I told you that relationship was created for you to be happy. Since you cannot be happy without knowing yourself—for the simple fact that happiness is what you are—then it is obvious that relationship is what allows you access to the bliss for which your heart longs.

At this point on the path you can clearly understand that relationship is the center of the life of being because consciousness realizes its reality in relationship with everything that is. Isolation hurts; it amounts to an annulment of being. Egocentric relationships generate pain because they are limited relationships, not sufficient for the being to fully know itself. In fact, ego-based relationships are relationships with illusion or fantasy since they are but related to an idea—never to the truth—of another being.

Seen from the perspective of relationship, you can understand the movements of humanity and God. I speak now of a relationship that has nothing to do with the relationship between bodies, but about your relationship with God—your being with the truth.

While being a social being in the world is an important achievement on the path to broadening the consciousness of universal relationship, the truth is that it is still a limited relationship. It is as if you decide to relate to a ton of grains of sand, instead of relating to every grain on the planet.

Not only with the intellect but with the heart do you grow with these words in the experience of your relationship with Heaven. By this I mean that you begin to realize in a very concrete way the Heavenly voice that is speaking. You recognize the voice. You remember it. Something inside tells you that you know it. A movement in your heart wishes to continue listening to the voice that speaks to you of love and reveals the beauty of who you are.

You can only know your being in relation to truth because your being is true. You can only know yourself in truth within your relationship with me because I am truth. This is why you feel peace and the embrace of love when we spend this time of pure discernment together. We are both united in the pure abstraction of love. We are a divine relationship within the unity of being of everything created. Sisters and brothers from all over the world, what I am saying here is that the return to love is the return to your relationship with the divinity that you are. That relationship sets you free because in it you are the truth.

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