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The Return to the Father

A message from the Voice of Christ through a choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Daughters of Light

Beloved of Heaven! Mirror where holiness is reflected! We have come again before you, wrapped in light. We bring in our hands the Book of Life, a blessed gift from the One who has no name, the One who created all, the One with the arm of justice and love, the One who makes the light shine and the breezes blow.

We come full of joy and peace. We shine with the colors of the sky that give joy to the eyes of your soul. We are the angels of God who have come to dwell with humanity through you. We are sisters, brothers, friends, and also co-creators with you. We are messengers of love. Or rather, we are love expressing in a particular way, just as you do in your own way.

The angels of God come singing as choirs of Heaven. The redeemed souls arrive. They arrive before this blessed land, full of Heaven and love, the countless who have made the choice for love.

Hosana on high and joy on Earth! A new day dawns, a day when love shines as never before in your souls. Oh, perpetual novelty of love! Eternal creation of endless life!

Well-loved soul of God, sweetness of Christ, joy of the Mother of the living! Remember that you are already in Heaven by your decision of pure love made in the exercise of your free will. You have decided in union with the will of the Father to spread divine light in the world until the time comes for you to continue doing so without a physical body. At that moment you will continue to preserve your body in all its beauty but as a spiritual body, glorified and full of beauty, health, and eternity. It will be the perfect reflection of the light of your glory, beautified by the waters of eternal life.

Pure soul, in love with Christ, Daughter of the light! Start calling our sisters and brothers to come to the light. Christ is both coming and already here. Christ lives in each one of you holy souls that receive these miraculous words. We give you life in this work. We give you Heaven through the healing of memory.

Oh, saints of God who have remembered the love of love! You will not regret having given your time and your lives to truth. We assure you that you will receive one hundred for one. You will receive eternal life in return. You who have chosen only love will live forever in its presence because of your choice.

Living Christ, remember that every expression of love is necessary and sacred. Everything you do in your work for God is blessed by Heaven and bears abundant fruit. Nothing can be superfluous in your expression of your relationship with your source. Among those who have chosen only love, some sing, others write, pray, work, or dance. They all love in the way of Christ. They have made the decision to move with the love they feel for their Creator. The strength of their longing to do something for their Divine Beloved is so great that they have burst into an explosion of expression. More and more will you see on Earth their manifestations of beautiful love. Rejoice, for a new explosion of love has begun.

II. Back to Love

Daughter of love, you must know that, recognizing something with the thinking mind and accepting it as a truth that is part of your being are two different things. That is why we have traveled a path that touches both your heart and your mind. We, the angels of God, who by design of the Mother bring before you the voice of the living Christ, know that there is no such thing as a heart and a mind, for both are a single spiritual reality within the human soul. We use the words “mind” and “heart” because we integrate the language of separation, which is what emerges from the tower of Babel, and we transform it into a new language, the language of unity.

You are in a perfect position not to get lost in symbols, that is, to gather what the separation intended to separate and bring it to the center of the universe, the heart of God, or center of universal unity. That center, or place, exists.

When we speak of your divine reality, the truth that you are, we are referring to something that human language cannot describe but which, nevertheless, can be indicated by words. We have used words throughout history to describe the indescribable, to serve the purpose of truth. There is no need to obliterate human language to direct the mind and heart to Heaven. Pronounce the word “love” with all your soul, all your mind, and all your heart, then remain silent, and you will experience the mystery of life. Pronounce the word “God.” Stay silent and see what happens in your heart.

Words are loaded with feelings, emotions, and beliefs, all of which have some effect on you. When evoking happens in you, it affects all of creation. That is why Jesus has told you that every word is significant. This is not a matter of concern, but a recognition of the power of the children of God. When we say that words affect creation we are referring to the thought that precedes them and its corresponding feeling. It is the union of thought and feeling that has power, not the word alone.

We have already recognized the power of the mind and also the power of feelings, and you know that in both lies an energy that creates your conscious experience. Therefore honoring your feelings and thoughts, as well as those of your sisters and brothers, becomes a fundamental basis for living as the Christ on Earth.

Love is inclusive. It integrates everything within itself and transforms it all into love. By embracing everything within love, everything is transmuted into a greater degree of loving consciousness. If you belittle your peers’ feelings under the assumption that there are good or bad feelings, or sinful or holy thoughts, you engage in an activity so alien to creation that it disconnects you from the creative choir of God’s children.

During the time when you governed your life through the thought system of separation, you used exclusion as a means of protection. You thought that when you separated yourself more, you were more different. By increasingly differentiating yourself, creating the unique individual you wanted to be, you considered your identity safe. Now you know this not to be true, and that the opposite is true. This recognition brings you back to the truth of who you are. It returns you to the Father’s house.

Returning to the Father’s house is an expression that refers to the return to the Divine Love that your being is, to your true identity as a well-loved child of God. It is in the parent’s house that you learn who you are, are given an identity, given a name, and where you absorb the thoughts, beliefs, and values that make up your vision of life. If this is so in the family house on Earth, it is because in it is a remembrance of celestial truth. “Father’s house” is an expression that symbolizes the origin of life and of your being.

Since what gave you life is what defines who you are and extends its nature to you, you are related to your source. That relationship of being with source is a divine relationship. It is what you are.

You are not only one with your source but also with the relationship between it and what you are. Recognizing this frees you from the fear of loss, loneliness, and abandonment. It allows you to return to love and remain within it.

In the parable of the prodigal son, many focused on the house but not on the father himself. Now that you have traveled the paths of the heart, of transformation, and of knowledge, you can focus your gaze on the essential. To do so literally recovers spiritual vision.

See how we are increasingly moving from form to content, from what is outside to what is within ourselves, from the surface to the depth.

A house is not the important thing. It does not affect who you are. What gave you your Earthly identity, regardless of whether or not it was self-centered, has been the relationship you have had with those who have served in some way as your “parents” regardless of whether they were really your parents or a single parent or even an institution.

In this context the word “father” refers to that from which you nourish yourself and obtain an identity, a way of being. Observe that in the human “family,” regardless of the form it takes, there may be many children and each has a unique personality trait even though all have the same parents or educators.

What your identity gives you, regardless of whether real or illusory, is your relationship with life. It is not life, nor parents, nor culture, nor education, nor the world that defines who you are and therefore your responses. It is the relationship you have with everything that determines your responses, not the other way around.

III. Your Relationship with Life

Relationship causes your experience, not vice versa. When you experience something, you must first have established a relationship in your mind which defines a meaning, and based on that assigned purpose, creates an effect on your heart. The effect was the one sought for, so the relationship was assigned a purpose.

For the mind to assign a meaning to a relationship according to what it determines to be valuable leaves the relationship without purpose. All isolation arises from a belief that the relationship is without value. From this belief emerged the idea of separation from God. Believing that the relationship with what life gave you is of no or of little importance cuts off any link with life. The source of your life not only created you but sustains you and creates you eternally. You are not just the eternally created one, but are eternally being re-created. This distinction is of the utmost importance to you as you go through the world in an increasingly visible and eloquent way as the incarnate Christ.

You are not created, you are creation. Focus on this statement. Stay in it in the silence of peace that has no opposite. Immerse yourself in the deep chasms that this truth contains. Well understood, all truth lies in it. From it emanates humility. When you accept that you are creation, you recognize that

God’s way is to constantly create your being. You do not exist at any other time than in the present, in God, because there is nothing else.

Love is eternally present, as are you. Thus you are love in such a way that the person you have been, even what you were a few minutes ago when you started reading this session, literally has ceased to exist. You are a new being in every moment. God is eternal creation, always creative and creating. Life does not age. Life is eternally nascent. To some extent we can say that you die every moment and are reborn every moment in a death that is not death but eternal life, and in a rebirth that is pure infinite joy.

If relationship is everything and there is no relationship outside the relationship with love, since love is everything, then we can say that this work leads you to the only truth to which you need to return, the direct relationship with love. This helps you to understand the sacred nature of this time of the new humanity of which you are a part, a humanity whose awareness of the direct relationship with God is foundational.

Spirits are opening to the direct relationship with love that their Creator is in a way that never happened before except at the origin of time. This opening to the love that resides in each heart, by the mere fact of existing, is the return to the Father’s house. The house is the heart that God gave you; the Father is the love that God gave you; the son is the being that God gave you. Can you see how much your Father who loves you so much has given you? Can you start growing more greatly in love with who you are?

I hope with all my heart that by now you have noticed that the voice that speaks to you in these words is your own divine voice. It is the voice of your true consciousness. It is your being speaking to you and the whole world. It is the voice that you have been given as an extension of the living word so that the world hears a different way to love itself.

Ultimately this is the purpose of your life: to express a relationship with God in your own way based on your unique way of being. If you do not do so, you are not really expressing yourself. If what you express is what others believe or what others have experienced as if that were the only form of expression and that you cannot have your own experience of God, then you are denying your relationship with God and thereby denying your being.

The denial of your being is really the negation of a direct relationship with your source. In the autonomy or separation thought system, a being without a cause has to be God or nothing. You know that only God is the main cause of everything, including Himself. If it doesn’t have another cause, then it would be God. In other words, if you are your origin and your cause, then you are like God, according to the thought system of separation. That is why separation was conceived, to be like God.

Does this sound a little familiar? Recall the Biblical dialogue with the serpent, who wanted to hide the truth by saying “you will be like Gods.”

Those who seek to be like God are left without cause and therefore without a source of life, because in order to be like something you must be an imitator and not an authentic being. To be like someone is to imitate them since they are living from a comparison. If you imitate anyone, you don’t have a cause. Imitation has no intrinsic roots. It has simply an external source which it seeks to copy.

Imitation is something like a drifting identity—not really an identity, but simply a copy of something. Imitating God has been the ego’s game. Being authentically as you were created is the gift of love.

To believe that you cannot have a personal relationship with God, with angels, and with realms beyond the body and mind is to deny an existing and direct relationship. That belief is part of the past and now unnecessary. It is impossible for some to have greater access to divinity than others. Some express the relationship in one way, others in a different way. Well understood, life itself is an expression of a relationship with the Creator.

The question then, is how is your relationship with love now? Is it a distant relationship? Is it a scary relationship? Does it encompass your whole reality? Do you constantly turn to it to nourish yourself with divine nectar that gives life to your soul? Do you feel the love that lives in you? Do you feel at peace with yourself? Do you resort to peace as an inseparable friend with whom you share your dreams, your desires, and your life? Do you trust love? All these questions are one and the same: What does love mean to you?

Do not believe you cannot know the meaning of love. You can, because God is love and knowing Her is also knowing Her purpose as Creator of everything. Certainly this is not something that the thinking mind can comprehend, given its limitations. But you are not that, nor the thoughts you think you think, nor the desires you think you want. You are more than all of that. You are not a body struggling to survive, or having the best time possible before your inexorable death. You are spirit.

For you who receive these words the struggle between body and spirit has long since ended, which is why peace now reigns in your heart and will forever. Nothing and nobody can take your peace away. Actually, there was never anyone who could, not even yourself. It was really your own decision to disconnect from peace, but that didn’t make the sovereign of your soul cease to live in your heart. It was not from peace, nor from love, that you separated, but from your own being. And since the treasures of the Kingdom reside there, when you disregarded the “nonsense” of your heart you disregarded everything that inhabits it.

How can you enjoy the peace of Christ if you turn your back on your heart?

The affairs of the heart are the affairs of your Father who is in Heaven. As we have said in this work, those are the issues that you have to deal with. Taking care of your heart is your only responsibility because your heart is what you are. By taking care of your heart you take care of your being. To take care of your being is to love yourself. Nobody takes care of what they do not consider valuable. Here you can find the staff of discernment that will keep you anchored to unchanging truth: How is your heart? What is happening in it? How well do you keep your blessed heart safe and sound? What dwells in it, fear or love?

IV. The Light Has Come

Knowing the meaning of love is perfectly possible by knowing its effects. You will recognize everything by its fruit. Confusion about the meaning of love lies in the fact that many wish to put it into words or give it a particular form when in reality it cannot be limited to form. Form is effect, not cause. While it is true that cause and effect are the same, it is also true that they are different. Being the same in being and different in relationship is the only authentic means of identification that God has created.

Focusing on form rather than on content is the basis of the old fear-based system of thought. Now that you live in love, you can avoid all confusion. When you recognize that perfect love dwells in your heart and you remain united to it, taking care of the affairs of the heart, the way in which love manifests itself will be somehow irrelevant. Even though you will express it without doubt because your only presence in the world will be a living extension of your being, you will not be focused on it. You will be focused on unity.

Being focused on unity rather than on form means that you will discover that your only function is to keep your heart within the light of your consciousness. To be fully aware of your heart is to achieve enlightenment. This means that you must be attentive, that is, observing without judging every thought, feeling, emotion, impulse, desire, reaction, response, or anything that arises in you. Such observation intertwines your being with your consciousness. This links you together with Christ and therefore with love, with the source of life.

You will meet new sisters and brothers each day on the new path that you will soon begin to walk. They are those who, out of time, made a pact with you and with God to meet in time to reinforce the presence of Christ on Earth. You will observe that your life will begin to feel as if you had hatched, like an explosion of life in which your expression begins to be discovered. After so many years of instruction, of preparing the mold and the dough, the yeasted bread bakes and will now begin to rise. The time of discovery of you by others has begun. This work will be the mainstay through which this takes place.

The expression of our divine relationship, which encompasses much more than these words, will arouse interest throughout the world. All those who since eternity have been created as the holy constellation of Christ’s love will gather to illuminate Earth and Heaven. Those who meet through this work and every work that springs from our union meet with me because we are one mind, one holy heart, one being. Remember that these words are spoken from heart to heart, from being to being. They arise in the Heaven of your holy mind, where all who have made the choice for love reside.

Although not a single mind nor a single heart will fail to be reached by this manifestation of eternal life, some will resonate with one type of manifestation, and others with another. Love has infinite forms of expression and all of them are necessary, inviting others to love and express their authenticity. Thus, this work will touch hearts that since eternity have been looking for a type of spiritual energy or vibration to join. That force or frequency is what these words create. Other manifestations will create other frequencies, all emanating from the source of beautiful love, therefore identical in origin yet different in expression.

Each time a heart and mind join the vibrational frequency that these words create, they will be carried by the waves generated by this movement of love. Each will be moved and come to the light, to the surface to be seen by others. You might imagine this work as a powerful trumpet that angels sound with a call for the children of light to come to light, a call that resonates throughout the world. This is not a mere metaphor. It is true.

You who have read these words since the beginning of this work know that what is said is true. You know that you are not the same as you were at the beginning. You have changed. My love has transformed you. You have been carried by the wind of my spirit. These words have touched your heart, bringing a memory of a love without beginning or end. They fill your soul. Your heart sings and dances to the beat of my voice because you recognize who is speaking.

You have chosen the best part that will not be taken from you. You who have chosen only love are an essential part of this work. Without you these words would not exist, nor would Heaven exist. You are a receiver of Heaven.

Remember that what God gives is to be shared. Therefore you will also share what you have received for the goodness of Heaven through this angelic expression because your heart will sing happily whenever you share the wisdom of love with your sisters and brothers. As a pure soul united to eternal love with whom God Herself has made a covenant of love for which you have joined Her, you have the right to be happy. To do this you must claim your birthright to live in the joy of sharing. Sharing what you have discovered here will be your joy for all eternity.

I assure you that when you decide to share what you are in relation to God, you will say just as your Divine Mother out of pure love one day said to you: “All generations will call me happy, because the Almighty has done great wonders in me.” From you will sprout a bliss that you have not known before on Earth, a peace long forgotten, a love that seemed lost but now is found.

If you knew how eagerly creation awaits your particular expression of God’s love, you would hurry to recognize the living miracle you are and the holiness that lives in you. Angels await expectantly. Already they flutter in the sky and surround you everywhere, beating their wings with joy, flying the majestic flight of Christ. They come from all dimensions, gathering around you to see the work of God. They come from all the angelic universes to contemplate the wonders of the children of God. They come to praise the Creator for having blessed them with the grace of your expression of being.

Oh, child of Heaven! Holy creation! If you knew the beauty you are and how much joy your soul experiences sharing it, you would live happily forever. There is no beauty greater than the holiness given you by pure Divine Love upon your creation. Nothing and no one can ever defile it.

Oh, divine light of your holy being! My children! You who have chosen me, because I chose you first! Let your light illuminate everything. Begin to shine so that the world becomes more and more luminous. Remember that light does not come from the world but from Heaven. Allow the sun of your pure souls to illuminate everything, as you create Heaven on Earth. Within the light of holiness you create a new world based on love.

The time has come. Before you realize it, you will begin to shine as never before. It is God’s promise!

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