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Peace Has Come

A message from Jesus speaking from both his Humanity and Divinity, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. My Love Belongs to You

Son of the wind! Daughter of the fire of love! What a joy it is to be certain! What a joy to live in the truth!

The firmament of your holy mind is now clear and you rest in the eternal peace of the Christ that you are. Peace has finally arrived.

Oh, eternal joy, unequaled joy, joy of redeemed souls! How sweet are the panoramas of the world when you look at them through the eyes of love. How beautifully we contemplate everything when seen with spirit and wrapped in the embrace of love.

Oh, holy God, eternal Father, how great are your works! You do everything right. You have given humankind the grace of divinity. You have made them return to love without prejudice to their freedom. You who are patient and loving without equal, accept this prayer that springs from our hearts united in spirit and truth, hearts in which all who long for peace reside.

Oh, saints unknown to the world, but known from all eternity to me and to my Father who is in Heaven! You have many reasons to celebrate. Wake up to the joy of God. Live consciously every day of your lives in the bliss of Heaven that you are. Every wisp of wind, every snowflake, every innocent look will tell you about me. I am tireless love.

Beloved humanity! I have been calling you for more than two thousand years. Before that I called you through the prophets. I have been calling since time began to roll, like a wheel that comes off its axle and keeps turning until it stops. I have looked for you in all the corners of the world. I have become your yearning for love so you do not forget me. I was present in the beauty of the birds of the sky and the lilies of the field. I have sighed for you in every moment of your life.

Immersed in an ecstasy of contemplation, in the embrace of my Sacred Heart, I cried when you turned your face and laughed with you when we gazed together at the sky. I raised you when you were down, and cradled you when your faith waned and your strength weakened. I held the lamp of my love every time you felt dejected and confusion took hold of you. I have loved you. I have instructed you. I created you. You are forever in my love. I am still loving you, instructing you, creating you.

I am your beloved Jesus of Nazareth, the son of sweet Mary. I am the one that many say they know, but they don’t know me when they make me a marble idol, believing I am different from themselves in spirit and truth.

I am the one who, like you, was created a human to give a face to love; and having given it, I became one with God. I am the first among all humans of the world, the firstborn of God and your elder brother. I am the one who on countless occasions sent you my angels from Heaven to aid in your discernment and to keep you from falling off the precipice into the world’s hallucinations. I am the one who inspires you with the right word. I am the one who has sent you to all who have loved you, and they have done so in my name. I am that for which the soul sighs with holy love. I am the abode of light. In me, your being sings of joy and your heart dances with beautiful love. In my being, your mind rejoices in truth and all creation praises God, its Source and Creator.

Oh, light of Heaven! New life has arrived! Peace has come. Your arrival is announced with a heavenly hymn, a prelude to a love that will never cease. The angels of God sing it. It has arrived. The sovereign of Heaven is here, surrounded by seraphim and divine lights, whose beauty pleases the spirits that live in the harmony of holiness.

Oh, eternal sovereign, blessed peace, queen of everything created, source of love itself! You have reached the soul that is here, absorbing these words, which are a perfect expression of the wisdom of love.

Soul in love, together we have walked the paths of the world. Now we will walk the paths of Heaven. To you and to all who receive my voice expressed in this way, I say: Come, blessed of my Father, come to enjoy the delights of the peace of God that together we have achieved. Because you have reached the truth, nothing and no one will take away what is yours by birthright. I tell you: my love belongs to you.

II. The Sovereign of Being

Peace has come, love has overcome. The heart has reached what it longed for. There is nothing to look for anymore. Now we begin to express more vividly what we always were, although we did not always recognize it. Learning to do so is impossible because this is beyond all learning. But have no concern, since it is unnecessary to learn.

You were created with the ability to express God’s peace in all its glory and beauty.

The truce has not only been signed, but peace is now your only reality. You who listen to my voice and follow it know you now live in peace, that the miracle of the resurrection has been performed in you. Remember that you are the one. Start with me now to enjoy who you are, to enjoy the feast of life. There is so much to be happy about! There is so much joy to share!

Oh, expression of love! How beautiful is your countenance. How sweet your voice. How smooth your walk. How graceful your look. How knowing your words. How bright your light. How beautiful your waist on which the seal of purity rests. How innocent your colors. How blessed your form. How holy your thoughts. How beautiful your feeling.

Beloved of my core, you have gained Heaven by abandoning yourself in me. You have entered the holy abode, in which your true mind resides, united with your heart. You are holy. You are the living expression of God on Earth and in Heaven.

The time has come for you to make the truth about yourself the only truth that interests you. Believe me when I tell you that who you are will accomplish great wonders in you and in the whole world. In effect, you are already doing them. Above all, remember that the works of the spirit are for Heaven and not for what is not eternal, even if they extend to it.

Your being resides in Heaven, because Heaven is you. Therefore, all you do when you remember the truth about who you are is to remember where sweetness dwells, where tenderness lives. Remember where you live.

Now that peace has come and you live in truth, observe the panoramas of Earth from the Heaven of your holy mind, and respond from the beauty and serenity of your heart until the day comes when you are no longer seen in a body, although you will be remembered forever by those who chose only love.

Now, looking from everything at a distance, and remaining immersed in the happiness which you long sought, is it not me that your heart was looking for? My love? Together we have lived for eternity, embraced in the unity of truth. Where life existed, in any of its forms, there we always were and will remain. We are the extension of holiness. We are the unity of being. We are creative light.

What is being said here, from the depths of heart, is that new times have begun for you and for humanity. The time of Christ’s peace in you has begun, a peace unlike that of the world. It comes from Heaven and has been given to you. There is no need to fear conflict anymore because only truth is in you.

Your purpose—to find yourself—drove you to achieve this. You are powerful! So much so that you snatched Heaven for Earth. You have begun a new era in the consciousness of humanity, an era marked by a direct relationship with God, an era of the living Christs of God on Earth. It is the era in which humanity accesses a greater knowledge of God’s love. It is the era of truth.

In our relationship lies all true meaning. Every relationship expresses something. If it is a relationship with truth, it will express truth, even if it is within illusion and manifests with the illusory. Truth is the source of all meaning. Thus to live so that life makes sense, where you have the certainty of your function in creation, you must live consciously in relationship with love. A central aspect of how you live from now on, a new life in which peace is your only reality, is to understand that each one has a path to travel that it is perfect, since each is according to the design of the soul with the Creator. It matters not whether the paths of others make sense to you or not, whether they seem to have much suffering or none, whether they seem valuable or miserable. None of that matters. Put aside everything that is not Christ. Doing so is not abandoning your brother but abandoning yourself to love.

Those abandoned to the truth, which is the peace of God, think not about how to change their lives or the lives of others. Nor are they concerned about having those who are close them walk a certain path, for each soul has decreed out of time, in union with the will of God, to transit a particular mode of human life. Recognize that each soul belongs to its Creator. Do not seek entry where nobody and nothing can enter, for it is an inviolable space reserved only for the soul and God.

Peace and truth are one, and outside of truth there can be no certainty of any kind. That is why when you make the truth central, you can be reliable, even in the various environments of the world. You cannot trust the lie; nothing about it is certain. Hence fear arises. Now that you know that the lie can be unmasked, you need not feel insecure about anything.

Those who have found the truth, and that includes you, know that they can live serenely, as if walking through a dark forest with a bright torch lighting the way. The torch is the light of Christ, the light of wisdom restored to your holy mind. You need but shine it towards whatever you wish to see clearly, and appearances will be put aside and what was hidden will be sweetly revealed. You no longer need to teach anything, but if others ask, you will give from the sweetness of your heart and the generosity of your soul. When love asks, you will act as a patient parent who has let go of their attachment to learning; even if they need to keep repeating lessons for a child who needs more time to learn, they do it for love and with love. You live serenely because the sovereign of Heaven, the peace of Christ, now reigns forever in your heart, purified by the unction of the Father’s love.

III. Peace is Now

As I have said, you are at the entrance to a new path that you will soon begin to consciously travel, the path of being. You can only travel this path after having finished the paths of the heart, of transformation, and of knowledge. This path, which is the destiny of the other paths, is the only eternal path because being who you really are is that for which you were created.

An essential aspect of this new path you are now entering, is that of no anticipation. Living in present love is God’s way of life. God is not confused, thinking there is something forward called the future, when in reality it is imagined. Nor does God think about the past because that is not true mind. Remember, love does not think at all, it simply is what it is, now and forever. The same must happen with you from now on.

For love, once again I tell you: if the past weighs on you, do not think about it. I take care of the future. Live in the present in my love. This is the key to living in peace—living in such a way that the love you are is expressed here, now, and forever.

There is only one source of happiness: living the truth of who you are as God created you to be. So if you live in the present that love is, you will live without worries and dismantle forever the insane compulsion of the mind to anticipate things.

Speculative thinking is insane, as is everything that comes from the ego. In an attempt by the thinking mind to control things, it believes that if it anticipates, it will be able to change what is and what will be. That part of the mind is not real. It knows nothing about creating. The future is something we create together. In fact, it is something we are creating now. Simply put, in every moment you create time or stop creating it. You create illusion or stop creating it.

The thought pattern of anticipation is the source of psychological time-making from which the ego was historically nourished. It is the source of pain that occurs in besieged minds unable to rest in the serenity of now. That spiritual siege—the compulsion to make time by focusing the mind on thoughts of the past or the future—is something like a demon that suffocates the soul until you definitively tell it to leave and never come back.

Past memories do not interest those who will travel the path of being. Their only interest is in remembering God, that is, the love they really are. Why do they want only to remember what they are in the light of truth? Because they know that this is the will of their Creator. They live in relationship with their source. They make the sacred link with God the reason for their lives, the only object to which their minds and hearts are directed.

Anticipation is typical of the fearful. Anxiety, which is the result of spiritual siege, is nothing but fear coming from the whims of the ego. As we have said several times, the ego is gone. Peace has come. But now you have to learn to live in peace.

You have been told that you cannot teach the peace of God because it is teaching love, which is beyond all possible learning. Nevertheless you can learn to recognize, value, and embrace the conditions of peace.

Living in the present, immersed in the love of the living Christ who lives in you, is a condition for living in love, and therefore for peace. It is akin to the condition of breathing for the preservation of life. This truth is not a cause for worry, but something you should be aware of.

If you notice that your mind is lost in past ramblings or in speculations about the future, as soon as possible look for a calm place, breathe deeply, slowly, and consciously. Focusing your attention on the breath, say to yourself:

My love, essence of my being, a part of the mind has been lost. Let us gather it in. May everything return to the peace of Heaven. Let everything be embraced by the truth. May everything return to love. Amen.

When you have calmly observed that part of the mind which intermingled with the memory of the old madness in which it was hurt, and you have returned it to love, you will see how peaceful you are. Wrap everything in peace and there will be no signs of yesterday.

For one who lives in truth, there is no difference between that which occurred a second, a century, or a millennium ago. All past is simply that: past. The same goes for the future. It matters not whether the mind focuses its thoughts on what it will eat tomorrow, or what the body will wear upon waking, or if it will go to in a distant future.

You know all this yet I repeat it here at the gates of the new path because I do not want to take risks. Prudence is not a friend of the risk-takers but of those who live in the truth. Living in the present is the basis of traveling the eternal path of relationship with God.

That relationship is now, as is the peace of Heaven, life, and your being. At no other time than in the present can you be at peace. At no other time than now can you be aware of something, including this relationship. Whenever you disconnect from the present you disconnect from your Christ consciousness. Love and the peace of God cannot live in the future nor remain stuck in the past. Love can only be what it is now, being the eternal present. Be glad that this is so.

IV. Everything Is Perfect As It Is

Staying anchored in the present is essential for those who walk the Earth as the Christ of God. They understand that awareness of now, while still located in time, is so similar to eternity that both realities come together in an instant of love and truth. The present moment is such only when it is a “now” of pure love. That is possible to the extent that past, future, and all judgment are released. Present-love is when everything is allowed to be as it is in the certainty that everything is perfect as it is.

In order to live anchored in ever-present love, it is necessary to accept that the life of each one, as it is, is the perfect path that God prepared for each of Her children and for the collective as an expression of the covenant of the soul with its Supreme Creator.

Christ, the infinite relationship of all realities, holds within itself universal harmony. This means that the laws of love, which are what sustain life, are the basis upon which the universe works. That means everything. No part of creation is not linked with the rest. This relationship may not be seen, but that does not mean it does not exist. You can see its effects.

The union of the totality—divine union—and the present are the same on the plane of truth because truth is eternal, not subject to or conditioned by time. That is why the divine relationship is everything. In fact, God’s relationship with everything created and everything created with God is the only real relationship. Other relationships, whether the relationship between the numbers of a mathematical equation, or between different ideas in a theory, or even between the value of relativity between two beings or their relationship with time, lack meaning when they are disconnected from divine union because they require union in totality.

Everything is linked to everything by love. The thinking mind can believe that it can create new mental interrelationships between things in a different way than God has established. This is what separation means: to establish a type of link that lacks a foundation in perfect love. The thinking mind is its own reality; with that it would create a world that by definition cannot join anything, as it conceives of it, so as not to lose itself in the totality, since it believes that being the same prevents the possibility of being different.

It is not for the mind to create reality. Life has been created by God and is eternal. When speaking of separation, or the loss of love, in reality what is being spoken of is living by a thought system whose foundation is the desire for autonomy, rather than lovingly accepting the fact that we are all interdependent, including the Creator. Can a Creator be such without a creation that She Herself created?

There can be no peace without truth. This is why, again and again, when we remember that peace has come, we speak of truth. In your mind, that part of your soul that lives together with the love of God, is the true reason of Christ. It is there where the beauty of reason dwells, where without exception all the treasures of the Kingdom are found. And there are so many! All of them are united like a beautiful bouquet of blessed flowers. Love, reason, truth, peace, harmony, creation—all are priceless pearls co-existing within your holy mind together with countless others.

Heart-centered living—in which reason and love remain united—is the way of Christ.

What I am saying is that the enlightened ones who have achieved the peace of Christ in this world are those who from their own very dissimilar experiences have internalized— made flesh—the fact that there is a Being superior to everything that exists; that this Higher Being governs creation; and that it is a Being of pure love from which everything arises eternally, including themselves. They know that this Supreme Being of pure love, which some call God, others Abba, Allah, Sun, Yahweh, or by countless other names, is the same holy love that surrounds all existence. This certainty which comes from the wisdom of the heart is the foundation of peace.

Everything that exists must have a basis upon which it rests. Just as a tree cannot exist without roots in the ground, or a house without a foundation, the same is true for all creation. Nothing exists by itself apart from the source of life that is God.

The sweet recognition that there must be a “something” that gives existence to everything, including you, is the basis for you always to live in the love of Christ. This recognition is not only a universal truth; it is also the basis upon which peace, joy, and beauty are built. It is the basis of life.

All life was created on the foundation of perfect certainty. Doubt is not part of divine reality. Does this not make sense? The significant point is for you to understand certainty.

The only certainty necessary is to recognize, with love and pure acceptance, that nothing and no one is autonomous, nor need be; that the relationship of everything with everything within the love of God is the reality of life. The only certainty necessary to recognize is that love is the only reality.

Accepting the divine relationship as the only reality within which everything exists is the precondition for peace because it is the condition for truth. Those who live remembering this truth every day until this memory becomes part of their way of being have abandoned loneliness and lack forever. If infinite love governs your existence, how can there be fear? Remember, where love is there is no room for fear. This remembrance of love is essential for those who incarnate Christ, for you who receive these words will very soon go out into the world in your holy ministry.

Love is the foundation of reason. Love is the abode of truth. Love, reason, and truth are a yoked unity that dwells in the heart of your soul, the center of your being. Love is not interested in living anywhere other than the sacred temple where truth dwells, because one is the essence of the other. Love cannot co-exist with illusion because love is pure reality and what is not real can never be accepted by reason as worthy of being venerated. Remember that veneration is a harmoniously embedded feeling in the love relationship that flows from the created to the Creator, and from no other relationship. Part of the holy panorama of divine truth is that the time in which humanity is living now, this new time in history, will be marked by the union of reason and love. That union that has not always been recognized or honored but it is the basis of soul life and creation.

To return to unity and to remain in divine relationship is to remain in the unity of reason and love. It is the state in which you live as the Christ you are, you feel what the Sacred Heart feels, and you think what the Divine Mind thinks. Once you recognize the sacred union that exists between love and reason, you begin to allow truth to be revealed to you. No effort or trial is necessary. You begin to allow the Christ you are to truly manifest itself because of the love it is. In that way you recognize that everything is perfect as it is, not according to the old thought patterns of ego, but according to the truth that comes from love and reason. This is how you joyfully recognize that peace has arrived. The sun shines again. The sky is clear. Christ has arrived.

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