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The Art of Living

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

1. Prelude

My love! Purity created by love! What a joy it is for us to be alone with you, to write from Heaven and receive the wisdom of love. We must also love you in your freedom, and so we respect your time and the tasks of the world. Our relationship will never be an interference in your life, but it will be the essence of your reality. We are in union. We are with you at all times and places. Not only do we help to write this work, we also help you receive what Christ consciousness has determined to be received by you through this blessed work and in every other holy moment.

We are with you when you sleep, when you prepare breakfast, when you dive into prayer. We are one with you even when you are doing worldly things, whatever they may be. Remember that you are alive but it is Christ who lives in you.

A bright and splendid light surrounds you everywhere, though the body’s eyes see it not. The beauty of your light extends to the ends of the universe, giving light and life to everything. It is the light of the living Christ shining in you. It is the light of your being.

Wrapped in the halo of holiness in which you were created, you dissipate the fog, causing the clouds to transform into rain and return to Earth the water that was removed through the condensation of consciousness.

Oh, holy child of God! Soul that lives eternally! Oh, pure holy soul! Blessing of creation! You who have made the choice for love and have become aware of the divine relationship in which you exist and are, remember that a spring of thanks and miracles flows from the heart of the Mother of the living towards your being and from you to everything that exists. Blessed soul, you are the light of the world and your function is to illuminate. This fact is so powerful that even though we explain it in a thousand different ways, we will never be able to embrace the inescapable mystery of love and truth that you are.

You are my sun, and illumination is the sun’s function. You are a child of light. You are a child of the wind. You are a child of God: light, wind, and love; or power, movement, and creation. These are the three pillars of being.

This sixth book of this work from Heaven, given to the world through my loving and generous scribe, focuses on the final preparation for your eternal ministry—your mission or work for the love that God is. Accordingly we dedicate time to unravel the mystery of light, or enlightenment.

When you have finished this book, and even more when you have completed this work in its entirety, you will have no doubt about your purpose in the universe and in the world.

I make a distinction between “universe” and “world” so that you remember that there are infinite realities to create and that have already been created within the pure potential of the divine being. When I refer to “world,” I refer to your constellation of relationships as an individual and collectively, with everything that is part of the physical plane. That is your “world.” Remember that it has countless dimensions. Creation has no limit.

It is necessary to clarify this definition of “world” and to remember it, given the confusion that has occurred since I stepped onto the Earth and taught. I spoke of the reality of “the world” and “the Kingdom of Heaven” as opposite realities. I will discuss this here.

You did not create the universe. You did not create the world either. But you did create and constantly create your “world.” It is that world I have been speaking of for a very long time. Your “world” is a concept that approaches truth in the sense that it expresses what happens in your mind and heart, and within it, how you relate to everything. Thus you create your inner and outer “world.”

In a sense, the word “world” seeks to define the relationship you have with everything. And since that relationship is determined by the relationship you have with who you are, and in turn directly linked to the relationship you have with God, the source of your being, then the divine relationship is everything.

During the course of this Heavenly manifestation that God has wanted to give to humanity, a work which is unique and perfect because of its purpose, we have been exploring the reality of the soul’s relationship with the Creator, of your being with God. This is how we started when we began to walk together along this path so full of wisdom and truth. We will continue for all eternity. Being aware of this is the essence of enlightenment and knowledge.

II. Light, Wind, and Love

Within the framework of this work, enlightenment means to embody the living Christ who lives in you. To embody love. This is because God only relates to Her one child, that is, Christ. This matter of the “only begotten son of God” has also created some confusion. I will not expand on it, but will say the following.

God has only one child. That child is Her divine being. In reality, all relate only to their being, and from that relationship all other relationships arise. Truly I tell you that God and you have only one child, your being, just like me and every living being.

God’s Being we call Christ, love, child of God, or Kingdom of Heaven. Since that is the only true, real being, when you were created, you were given Christ to be what you are. In other words, the Creator of your being could not give you another being than Her own, since there can be nothing alien to the being that She is. This is the same as saying that love gives of itself because it has nothing else to give, since there is nothing outside of itself. Whether or not you accept this truth is something else entirely, but reason will tell you that it is true. There can be no true being other than the being that God is.

You can be the child of God on Earth and in Heaven because you can be your true being, completing your path to the truth by walking in truth.

So that you do not get lost in abstraction, and for this to be clearly understood, it is important that you remember, beloved child, that every path of life that each of you has is in itself a path of enlightenment, of truth. It is in itself a path to supreme knowledge. If you open yourself in your mind and heart you can reach the fullness of love. There is no reason not to do so except for the conscious, free, and deliberate decision not to do so, which is to embrace fear rather than the joy of love.

True knowledge and enlightenment are the same. It is not reached by effort or action but exclusively by divine revelation. It is a gift. Just as life was given you, love was also given you. Where it makes an appearance you may recognize love as a gift from the Creator. But it is also true that you can prepare to receive it, and that your disposition is valuable, a pure present to your Father-Mother God and Creator, although even your disposition or renunciation are not required conditions.

You can incarnate Christ without mental activity. You can embody love without the ability to speak, or even the ability to express anything with the body. Moreover, you can incarnate Christ without even being a human being. Plants can embody the living Christ, as can animals and the elements of matter. In short, being the embodiment of love is possible for all who inhabit Earth, and for the physical universe as a whole.

Do not worry about whether you meditate or not, whether you read the right books or not, or even if you act rightly. Only and exclusively take care to keep your mind and heart open to receive love. As long as you receive the love of God, you will become one with Him. The rest is a matter of the unity of your being with its sacred source, that is, of your direct relationship with God.

You—yes, you—must reach and remain in Divine Love. It is what you are here and now. Embrace all of it, accept what you are being in every moment, how you gather within your heart what you are. With this, you live in unity and allow your being to become aware of the divine relationship, your relationship with God.

The relationship of Divine Love is not one in which two separate beings look at each other at a distance, much less as if they were related by indifference or violence. It is a relationship of pure love, of unity, a link in which what you are and your source become one, like the lover and loved one who by joining can no longer be happy without each other. Or like a loving mother and her newborn. Or like a grateful father whose light is his son.

Remember, it is on Earth that you begin to recognize love. Those who say they love God, whom they do not see, but do not love their brother who they do see, live in illusion. It is necessary to begin to love what is seen in order to finally be able to love what cannot be seen.

The path of life that each of you are traveling is the path of awakening to love. It is the perfect path for awakening to occur.

It is true that some wake up sooner, others later. But it is important to recognize, in the serene light of truth, that from the moment you are born into the world you begin to awaken to the consciousness of love. You become more aware of who you are, and that what you are is love, and then you awaken to the love you really are. Each of you is waking up to the truth that you are, regardless of the form that each of your lives takes.

The state of unconsciousness—or more accurately stated, of denial of love or the deep sleep of Adam—is prior to your incarnation on the physical plane. When you entered the dimension of space and time, you began, so to speak, the last phase of the awakening of consciousness.

This has also been discussed, although I do it now from a new perspective. I do it in the recognition that none are more awakened or less enlightened, more awake or less awake. Either you live in the light or you live in darkness. Either you are awake or you are asleep.

Everyone in the world has woken up. That was necessary for them in order to make the choice they have made. No one can truly choose while asleep, except to continue to sleep or to wake up. That choice is not made in this world, but prior to entering it. The choice that all are called to make is the choice for love.

For this you must reach a degree of consciousness that allows you to make this choice. The dimensions of time, space, and matter collaborate.

For this you have come to the world: to choose again. Even so, once you awaken, you have to travel a path. Life is movement.

Let us put this together. The life you live in this world takes you from a state of unconsciousness to that of full awareness of the truth of who you are. This path has its sequential phases.

The stages of awakening can be described as follows. One begins on the path of the heart. Next you begin the path of transformation. When transformed, you travel the path of knowledge. As soon as you reach the supreme knowledge and choose to live in the truth that has been revealed to you through wisdom that is not of the world, then, and only then, do you begin to walk the only eternal path, the way of being.

These paths, concatenated with each other, begin to be traveled with greater or lesser degrees of consciousness, but all have a common denominator: forgiveness and love, which are like the two legs with which the soul walks. These legs are no longer needed when you complete the path of knowledge. On the path of being you no longer walk, you fly. You travel with the wings of freedom.

The truth is that in this world everyone is learning the lesson of forgiveness, through which everyone forgives themselves, God, everything, and everyone. The way this lesson is learned is, to some extent, irrelevant, because everyone is learning it, and they will learn it in one way or another.

Do not forget that the plane of space-time, the material realm, not only hosts the physical body, but also contains a reality beyond the body that remains part of the temporal universe.

III. You Have Chosen

The reality in which you experience life through your body is a perfect path to awakening. You wake up through the body. You know your true self through the body. The body is a means that serves the purpose of awakening. It is not the only means, but is the means chosen by God for you and for all who inhabit the physical dimension.

Is it not true that things like the body and the world are worthy of being loved, honored, and respected for what they are? The perfect means for your awakening to love in union with your mind, your heart, your soul, your being, and everything that inhabits the Earth and beyond?

We are talking about a divine relationship. Be aware that the spiritual paths that you have traveled to arrive here—from the path of the heart to that of knowledge—have ended. We start a new path now. To explore it together is what I prepare you for in this sixth book of the love letter that invites you to choose only love, to choose only your true being.

Being is pure discernment because it is pure consciousness. If you remain within the discernment of true reason—something you can do perfectly beginning here after completing the paths prior to this one—there is no danger of your getting lost in the world or in any other universe or dimension. Once you know who you are, and you accept that knowledge as the only truth about you, and you are determined to live in a conscious relationship with this that you now know, then wherever you go you will remain who you really are.

When I say that you have decided to live in relationship with what you have discovered as the only truth about you, I am saying that you choose to live within the divine relationship, within the reality of love. Accept that you are Christ. Accept nothing else. Accept that you are love and nothing but love, and that God, or the source of your being, if you prefer to call it that, is the one who instructs, guides, informs, drives, moves, and lives you. This is the same as saying that your will has joined that of your Creator by a deliberate act of your agency. This is how God becomes your joy and your fullness.

You are established by God and remain united with your Creator in a union that nothing can dissolve. Life cannot be separated from that to which it has given life. Thus you never stopped being the living Christ who lives in you even though you have traveled a path in which you thought you were something else.

Once you accept who you really are and live in harmony with it, what effect can death have on you? None. That is why the statement that death does not exist, nor does it have consequences, is perfectly true—there are no consequences for who you are. Ultimately in death nothing happens. What you are simply continues to be manifested and will continue to do so forever. Here you have the simplest and clearest definition of eternal life.

Just as recognizing your true Christ identity and living in union with it makes death cease to have meaning, the same happens with the illusion that the world has some effect on you. For those who have found the truth, creation is recognized as innocuous, and life as neutral. They know that the world of dualities, of cycles and changes, of beginnings and endings, has no effect on their being because they have no cause in God. They have not only discovered the treasure of their true being, but that discovery has led them to know that, being the living Christ, their being is the cause of everything, as they are being the effect of God upon it.

If Christ is the cause of who you are, in the sense that it is your origin and your being, then what is not similar to it has no cause. When this truth shines in your minds and vibrates in your hearts as those who have reached God on Earth, then you know that what is not love has no consequence. You have reached the holy indifference of the world.

Indifferent to all that is not love, the enlightened ones walk the Earth, sowing peace with their presence alone. They separate the tares from wheat with their holy discernment, so that the fields bear more and more abundant fruit and nothing obstructs the growth of what will become the bread of eternal life. They spread the seeds of the Kingdom where hearts are thirsty for beauty and truth. They give life at every step. They awaken souls. They live love in the manner of God. They do not confuse what love is with what it never can be. They do not disguise goodness for what is not, nor do they call things what they are not.

It is not for the holy to live with the profane. It is not for love to live in the house of fear. However, the holy can step on the profane Earth and sanctify it in the same way that love can enter where fear dwells and transform it into a dwelling worthy of Christ. Holiness and love can do that because they know what they are in union with their life-giving source. They know why nothing can change them. They know they can never cease to be what they really are. Not only do they know it, but they would never think of being anything other than what they forever are.

If what you are cannot change—and that only applies to who you really are—then where is there room for fear? Remember, all fear is the fear of not being. Hence the importance of understanding with perfect clarity what you are, not only with your mind but with your heart united in truth.

Once you love what you are, which is to say that you love Christ, then you stop fearing, for the simple reason that once you join the love that your being is and remain in it, you cease being afraid of losing love, the source of all fear. If you cannot lose yourself, then what real loss can you experience? What battle can reach the Kingdom where only the unshakable peace of the Creator of the holy, beautiful, and perfect reigns, and in which nothing else can exist? What fear can be justified once you live within the strength of God’s spirit, where nothing untrue can reach?

You enlightened ones who love yourselves in the manner of God, and therefore who love everything that exists, do not fear the truth, whatever it may be, however it may manifest. This statement is essential to the path that you will travel from now on, increasingly in harmony with the will of the Father. The lie is the basis of the ego; the truth is the foundation of eternal life. That is why it is so important that you observe your mind and heart and make sure that you never discover in yourself anything that is untrue. Lying is not a characteristic of love. Telling the truth and nothing but the truth, at all times, places, and circumstances in which it is called to be told within the embrace of love, is living as those who no longer are identified with illusion.

Not infrequently the enlightened ones may seem heartless, although they are not. They live in the heart and their mind is linked to the truth, therefore they have abandoned madness if they were ever in it. They do not fall into the pattern of ego that presents itself as sensitive when it is but a game of emotions disconnected from truth. They do not cry for what makes no sense to cry about. They do not laugh at that which, by not proceeding from holiness, does not cause joy.

They are real. They do not act. They live thinking of God.

The way of being Christ now and always is the way of the truth in which you were created. Once you recognize this, not with the intellect but in spirit and truth, you cannot desire anything less than God. The high does not coexist with the low, just as the sky does not touch what is under the sea. The enlightened have learned to live with their feet on the ground and their eyes on the sky. They are not contaminated because they live in the eternal purity of their being. They speak only words of eternal life, of God’s works, the fruits of holiness. They do not seek to please because they know that is impossible. They are the living expression of God.

Being the Christ you have always been is not something that changes because you are on Earth or in any other dimension of creation. Although you cannot stop being what God has arranged for you to be, what is sought here is for you to be aware of who you are. Being is not the same as accepting who you are and living in harmony with it. Being aware of the Christ being you are and allowing what you really are to express is all that should be called the art of living.

Does who God is cease to be because God manifests in time? Is God only true in the Kingdom of eternity? Can the truth cease to be what it is simply because it is part of matter and space?

Sisters and brothers of all time! The spatial-temporal dimension of creation is not an obstacle to the truth. Nothing is. Therefore, do not think that because in the past you did not find within yourself the love you were looking for, that love does not exist. Nor think that because you do not seem to dwell in endless bliss, that it does not dwell in you. Now you have awakened to love. You are no longer what you once were. I made something new of you. You need not complain about a past that is not here nor will ever be present again.

The time when you were governed by the forces of the body has been left behind. Now you rule everything that is part of you. You know that if you don’t rule, then the body will. That is what happened in the past. But now you have claimed your power and your glory, and the movement of your spirit has given life to a new creation in you: a new being, a new reality, based on love.

Nothing can attack who you really are. Nothing can hurt who you are by divine disposition. Nothing can contaminate your holiness. Your innocence has been so sheltered from everything alien to it that nothing can taint it. You are the virgin, the saint, the redeemer, and the redeemed. You are the sweetness of love. You don’t need others to tell you this. You know it. You need not prove it to anyone; know it and rest in that sacred knowledge every day of your life.

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