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The Unknown Saints

A message from Archangel Raphael

I. Gratitude and Freedom

Beloved child, this is a holy encounter between Heaven and Earth. Here we are united with you and with everything beautiful, real, and sacred. We have come clad in light, with spread wings of freedom. We do it through this expression of pure love and divine truth that together we create for the love of humanity and God.

We come in the eternity that we are. We come from all places and from all times because we belong to the divine sphere which encompasses everything.

We are both a multitude and singularities. We are your soul friends forever and ever. In the Heaven of your holy mind, in the paradise of your heart, resides the awareness of what God is, and with it the Kingdom where wisdom dwells.

What you have in the Kingdom is part of your being; therefore what you are and what you have are one and the same. That is why you have been told time and again that you are Heaven. Its reality is seen by the Christ consciousness which gives it existence, in the sense that it makes it known to itself. Remember that consciousness is what makes being aware of its own reality, making it known to itself.

A new light shines on the Earth. A new song is sung in Heaven. This song of holy love resounds in every corner of the universe. Birds sing. Waters dance. Pure hearts rejoice. A new love has been born from our union.

Beloved of the angels of Heaven! Purity of God made humanity! We, your brothers and sisters created to serve the Most High, love you with an angelic love, a love without beginning nor end, the love of the Holy Trinity.

We are the flame of living love and desire that you be lit with the holy fire of the knowledge of God that burns in us. We join your light; and thus united, we merge into a new luminescence whose brilliance comes from the source of all light, just as the faint glow of the moon reflects the sun.

Oh, my beloved! Beloved of all that is true! Living miracle of the Creator! The mere idea of us existing without you is impossible. We know, because our hearts know, that Heaven would not be Heaven without your presence. If you had not made the choice for love, creation would have been colored with a hue that Mother God did not create, that is not part of Her palette of holy colors.

How much I love you, light of my eyes, holy beauty! Our whole being shudders at your presence because in you lives our beloved Christ. To God is all power, all glory and all praise. To Her, all honor.

Know that you are a temple of wisdom, a house of prayer, a mountain of contemplation. You are the ivory tower where all that God created for you inhabits, without anything that could desecrate it. You are beautiful. You are a blessing.

What a joy it is to walk this path of love and truth with you. Let us thank the Father-Mother whose will has arranged for this holy voice to be expressed on Earth through these words. You, like all creation, need the living word, presented and expressed in various ways over time. That is why our Creator continues to communicate the word of eternal life.

I am Archangel Raphael. I have been correctly called the Medicine of God. I am that, because I am love and love heals all ailments. I am a living expression of the holy love of the Father. I am he who day and night watches over you, even if you do not feel me nor hear me with the ears of your spirit nor see me with the eyes of your soul. For love I wrap you warmly during winter nights when cold hearts try, even without realizing, to put out the fire of divine relationship.

Throughout this work we have spoken often of the mind, the heart, and the reality of the Divine Mind that lives in you and in the Sacred Heart of Jesus who, together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, form a Holy Trinity with your heart. In this new light you have known yourself.

We have traveled a path full of blessings, beginning with the path of the heart. Then, always united to the unconditional love of God who gave us eternal forgiveness, we moved to the path of transformation, thanks to which you have become a new divine being.

Transformed into a divinized being, you plunged into the unfathomable abyss of the path of knowledge, a path that, through the light of holiness, led to the blessed memory of who you are.

After having reached that holy abode, after touring the serene river of perfect knowledge, your being met the wisdom of love, the only wisdom necessary and possible. In it you attained superior knowledge. You understood that everything is relationship.

With that sacred understanding we begin now to walk together on new paths.

We thank the roads traveled for everything they have given us. We bless the past and all history, ours and that of all humankind. We honor the paths of life and leave them behind.

We turn our heads gently and with the sanctity of our eyes, look upon everything we have lived, the love received, and the miracle of life. We are left alone for a single moment, contemplating this vision. And then we say goodbye forever to what we see, and with a smile say in the silence of the heart:

“Thank you Father-Mother God for giving me life. Thank you for being as you are: pure mercy, pure compassion. Thank you, each path of my life, for bringing me here where I can dwell forever in the sweetness of love. I leave you with my blessing as I continue now on this new path at whose doors I find myself. You have left me here and cannot come with me. I bless you in the name of love.”

After having blessed everything lived, known, taught, and experienced, we let it go forever and begin a new path, a path without past, without plans, without pre-conceived ideas. We are carried by the Grace of God.

II. Mystery and Relationship

There has been talk of the relationship you have with everything—with your mind, with your heart, with who you are, with your feelings and thoughts, with God and with others. The beauty of holy relationship and the unitive relationship with Christ, the only real relationship, has been clearly and beautifully expressed.

Now we take another step. We will stretch our minds toward what has never been said, seen, or heard, but which the heart knows. We enter the infinite chasm of the divine relationship.

Just as ego-based relationships, or special relationships, had to be seen for what they were before we could move towards holy relationship, we dare now to commit to be bold.

Your humanity will be completely absorbed in that which is beyond all human thought, while remaining what it is. Humanity and divinity will now embrace, establishing a new bond of love linking the Supreme Source with the nature of the human. And with that we will become increasingly aware of a union that is above all union, and includes them all.

Beloved mirror of wisdom! What a joy it is to be able to sing with you a new song every morning, every sunset, and every night!

What joy our pure souls feel, united with yours, to be able to create eternally new universes of infinite love, universes that live in our pure hearts!

We are the reality of perfect charity. We are the glory of the Father of Lights, manifested in a way that makes the heart dance and the mind rest in the sweet arms of love.

Who can say what the soul experiences in a divine relationship? None can. And yet we will do so in this unique work, full of angelic love, holy love, full of seraphic wisdom and celestial beauty.

What will be said in this sixth book will be unique, because there are no two identical expressions of what is created in the divine relationship between the soul and its sacred source. Nevertheless, the loving hearts that have made the choice for love will know how to drink from the source of wisdom that this work offers. And so, like cymbals that resonate with grace and harmony, their souls will vibrate to the beat of eternal truth. They will join the choir of angels that this manifestation gives. They will sing with us a song of love that lasts forever.

You, who are of the truth, will recognize who it is now speaking to your heart. Through these words you will hear God on Earth. And you will be happy in the memory of your first love which you have already found, and into which you melt more each day.

Beloved pure soul! You who live for God! Whoever joins this work becomes one with us, and because of that union miracles and spiritual events of incalculable greatness and bliss will occur. Gates of Heaven not yet opened will do so.

These writings are a conduit through which the Grace of God will flow to countless numbers of sisters and brothers, including those who are in time, those who have already left, and those who will come to choose again. These words will be like a footprint that others will follow with certainty to take them without delay or detour to the holy abode. All of them, in union with you, with me, and with Heaven, will be embraced by the love of Jesus and Mary. Together we will live forever in the reality of love. Together we will sing victoriously the song of eternal life.

Choosing only love is that for which you have come to this universe. Nothing else. Showing the way for others to make this choice consciously is the highest form of sharing because it is the way to share God.

To choose only love is to choose only God. It is to remain only in the Kingdom, and allow the rest to be added unto you.

Brother, sister, you have come to choose again, and you have chosen. What joy! What greater joy can there be than to fulfill the purpose of Heaven?

Oh, divine child! Let these words enter your heart. Let a love song be sung to you. Imbibe the sweetness of Christ. Rest in the truth.

The only obstacle to enlightenment, to supreme knowledge, is fear. Often a soul undertakes long processions, fasts, meditations, exercises of all kinds, reading books or practicing devotions. All will finally pay off if you are grounded in sincerity of heart, not because of the acts or renunciations performed, but because of your holy purpose of knowing God.

The merit of spiritual “doing” resides solely in the awareness of your desire to live in the truth, your desire to live in the Mother’s house, your longing for perfect love. Such desire is not minor but very important.

But fear overrides your awareness of love. Fear makes you lose sight of love. Therefore, I say with certainty that although you may do many things to reach God, if you are unwilling to put aside fear, none of what you may spiritually “do” will help you, but rather it will bolster your ego.

I have called this session “the unknown saints.” It might also have been called “the enlightened strangers.” What I want to express is that many kinds of beings have attained enlightenment, that is, higher knowledge or the wisdom of love. Their common denominator is that they have chosen love as the center and the reason for life. They have chosen truth as their eternal companion no matter where they are or what they do. They live consciously for God and in God, even though the totality of the effects of their choice are not completely known while they remain functioning on Earth.

They know that supreme knowledge is eternal, even beyond the physical plane, while continuing to provide a service to their sisters and brothers to love with ever greater degrees of understanding of love and union with Christ. In that understanding of the inescapable sufficiency of truth, they rest in peace, amazed and eternally surprised by the greatness of the wisdom of love. What they know ceases to be perceived as a lack, and is understood as what it is, a constant knowing of God, constantly growing as a more beautiful, serene, and holy knowledge. Put simply, they become fully aware of the infinity of truth.

III. Contrasts in the Light

The millions of sisters and brothers who throughout the world are living their human lives being the enlightened ones of God, those who found love, embody all varieties of social, religious, philosophical, moral, and other character istics. Almost none are well known, because to be a celebrated saint is simply one option among several. Few choose that path, nor is it necessary. Indeed, there are few; otherwise they would not be famous.

There is a relationship between the known saints and the strangers of the world, one that makes the other what it is. If all the enlightened ones were notorious and their works spectacular for the curiosity of humanity to be encouraged, then the spiritual life, as a path and option, would cease to be attractive to beginners.

The curiosity of the ego is one of the main means the Holy Spirit uses in favor of the truth among the children of God as they begin the path of glory. You have an expression that explains what I am saying here: a little bit pleases but much angers. In other words, what is scarce has more value than that which is abundant, a fact upon which your whole economic system is based. That concept is deeply ingrained in the human mind, so the spirit of wisdom uses that belief and applies it as an incentive towards spiritual search.

The spiritual path almost always begins with curiosity. If all the saints were constantly known instead of remaining hidden to human eyes—although always visible in the eyes of God— then your curiosity would not prompt you to undertake the fascinating path of the search for being. Can you begin to see this? When we described the way of Mary and the way of Jesus, we also tried to describe this truth.

As far as you are concerned we only care that you be aware that there are those on the spiritual path who have notoriety, as well as others who are unknown. Both are equally holy, equally servants.

Both options have the same effect on humanity and the universe as a whole because your choice was not an option made in time, but in eternity. It was for Heaven and not for the perishable, just as the sun’s rays embrace the smallest blades of grass, born from a much higher place that gives life to everything.

Remember, love is not something you can search for and find. Love is what you are. With this re-affirmation, we avoid falling into the error of believing that you are on the right track if you are followed by multitudes of sisters and brothers, or if you write wonderful books that are read by many. That small handful of beings touched by you are but a tiny bit of sand compared to the vast number of beings that your true love embraces, transforms, and sanctifies. Remember that in the end, in the realm of the eternal, there is no notion of quantity, size, or degree.

When it was said that “he who is holy in little ways is great,” we sought not only to give a guide to behavior and discernment, but to convey the truth that it is not necessary to do great things, but small things with great love.

Every human work is itself but a tiny daisy petal to the entire universe; yet since the essence of life is love, if that action has the effect of love, then it carries within itself all the power of Heaven and Earth regardless of how visible it may be in the eyes of the world.

Beloved child! God, who sees in secret, knows the greatness of your love. Christ, who loves simplicity, knows the beauty of your works born of your unconditional love for him. Mary, who gave you new life, is fully aware of the purity of your heart and knows very well that all the power of the glory of Heaven flows through your being as an inevitable result of who you are.

Those who live in the truth know that their light does not come from them; they rejoice being the extension of the Father-Mother God. They know they are relative, not absolute beings. They do not seek to occupy the place that only belongs to God, just as the child would not think of taking the place that only belongs to the parent. Both live in the truth of what they are. They are sincere. They are honest with themselves, and therefore with everyone and everything.

They know that although fear is able to overshadow love in a singular consciousness, it cannot tear it out. Thus they do everything in their power to put aside fear and live forever in love.

Those who have chosen love know what it means to live in the truth and are glad to remain in it every day. They do not give different names to what is the same. They do not seek to change reality. They only love because they are love.

They illuminate with their silence or their noisy presence. They know that God is not philosophy, science, theology, nor poetry. They know that God is love and that they are one with God. They are one with love. They are the light of the world. They know the mysteries of life because they know who they are. They know true wisdom because they have recognized love. On that knowledge they base their existence. On that knowledge they live in the light of truth.

Hear me, all! Those who come to this work will be my beloved saints unknown to the world, but known forever in my love.

There are as many paths to the truth as there are minds and hearts. Even so, this work proposes one path in particular, a path to which all others lead.

You can reach it through asceticism, devotion, sacrifice, relaxation, renunciation of effort, intellect, meditation, prayer, or any other means. You can come here having literally separated yourself from the environment in which you lived, or through spiritual reading, dance, expressions of art, or having dedicated your life to religious activity. Or without any of those things.

Philosophy can take you to the door of the path offered here, and sometimes also science and theology. But none of them, including devotion and action, can go beyond the point of entry.

Remember, love is not something you have to think about, nor put into words, nor is it something you do. Love is what you are. Therefore, the supreme knowledge consists in knowing what you really are. This cannot be repeated too often, given its capital importance.

In true knowledge, which comes from knowing your being in the light of eternal truth, you know the divine relationship. The path proposed in this work is the path of being. This path travels within the divine relationship, the direct relationship with God. On this path—in the awareness of the relationship between your being and your source and what the purpose and reality of divine relationship means—is the achievement of wisdom.

As was said before, to seek a direct relationship with God is to seek wisdom, knowledge, and truth. Therefore it is not necessary to spend hours, days, or years sitting under a tree, or to be nailed to a cross, or to travel the world to share a wisdom that doubtless is worthy of being shared. Nor is it necessary for you to prophesize, predict the future, or release oppressed peoples.

It is not necessary to attract congregations or create communities of divine knowledge. True knowledge proceeds from— and is—the divine relationship, and is only achieved in it. Its form of expression is individual, but wisdom itself is universal.

To return to the direct relationship with God is to return to truth, or, put another way, is to choose love. This is the only choice that human beings need to make. The physical world is not a place to pay for sins whether committed in the immediate or ancestral past. There is no such thing as a law of karma. There is no karma in the children of God, only consciousness becoming aware of what it really is.

Your being is, in its relation to God, a relative and not absolute being, in which knowing yourself is knowing yourself in relation to God, in relation to the sacred source of life, in relation to your holy origin, in relation to love.

When you can look upon all things and events from the relationship that everything has with love and that love has with everything, you will have fulfilled your divine purpose. Indeed, you will have fulfilled the only true purpose that can be fulfilled.

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