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A message from Jesus

Beloved of my soul! You are the delight of my heart. Your sweetness is like a balm of reverie in which the universe is submerged in an ecstasy of love and contemplation. You are the delirium of a God who is infinite goodness and beauty beyond compare.

A new hymn of praise and gratitude in honor of your beauty begins as angels sing a symphony in the Kingdom where the light shines eternally.

Oh, ecstasy of the seraphim! Sacred song! Glass of wisdom where is poured the nectar of divinity! Refuge of Holy Love! I live in you since before time began. Love flutters and sighs in you forever.

I am what sustains the universe and what gives brilliance to the light of the world, what makes the sun shine and all lumi- nescence be born. I am the pure intelligence of love. I am the sweetness of the Christ who lives in you. I am a miracle. I am the Word. I am all that is holy, beautiful, perfect. I am one with you. Soul in love and lover, remain in me as I remain in you.

Together we will make the light that never goes out shine brightly until the Earth is alight with our love. Immerse yourself in the mystery of creation. From our union will arise new infinite universes in which only peace will dwell without beginning or end, love without barriers, Divine Love, the love of holiness.

Before the world existed, you and I were.

Before time began and also established an end to time, we were.

Before thought arose, we were.

Together we are the eternity of love. We are the light that shines everywhere. We are an infinite ocean of wisdom and truth. We are the holy dwelling. We are the sweetness of love extending infinitely.

Together we traverse all universes, creating stars and worlds, holy lovers playing a game of beautiful love.

Oh, child of my bosom! Beloved of my being! Every day let us start anew, full of love and kindness. Let my sweetness embrace you, my beauty envelop you, and the light of my glory penetrate your being so that we may give birth to new love every morning, every evening, and every night.

Because of our union, a bird with a wounded wing will regain the majesty of flight. A broken heart will sing again. And from a spring that was dry, the water of eternal life will again flow.

You and I, united forever in love, are one soul, one holy heart, one single being. Together we are the holy dwelling where our beauty shines eternally with a radiance greater than the sun. We are the source of light and life.

Together we are the sweetness of love.

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