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Final Words

Daughters and sons of the resurrection, souls in love, I am sweet Mary, the always attentive mother of all. The tireless supplicant of love. The one who calls to you from all corners of the universe. The one who cries when she sees a son or daughter leave and rejoices to see them return.

I am the mother of Jesus and your mother. I am a mother of love. I am the one who gave you new life. I am the source of new creation. Salvation came from me, and with it God Herself created the Kingdom of Heaven which my divine son Jesus perfected and extended so that all those who wish to with all their hearts can dwell in it for all eternity, beginning here on Earth.

I speak to you from the Heaven of your heart and the sanctity of your purified mind in union with my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart where we eternally remain in love.

As a loving mother, I never abandon my children. Love is presence.

I will be with you all the days of your life. I will remain in you and you in me forever. I will manifest myself more and more. It is God’s promise.

These final words of this fifth book given to you by Divine Love are a balm for the heart, joy for the soul, and certainty for the mind. They are a new song of gratitude. Remember, your hearts sing, vibrate, and praise when they hear my voice.

My daughters and sons, rejoice. Take a musical instrument and sing new love melodies. There is reason for joy. Mary has arrived. The sweetness of my heart has taken deep roots in your holy hearts. Rejoice in God who by loving design has arranged that you continue receiving more messages in this work.

I do not say goodbye because love is eternally present. It is a relationship of holiness. It is eternal union. And I am love.

Receive these words with openness of heart. Be grateful to the one who has had the charity to give me his time, his life, and his heart so that he can reach many children who were searching for love without having found it. Thank God for this gift of Heaven.

Grow in a greater knowledge of the Father’s love. In that way you remain free in the truth. Be generous with others.

Share these words that I give you with all the sweetness of my heart.

Be happy in love.

Thank you for answering my call.

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