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Love's Creations

A message from the Blessed Mother Mary

I. The Function of Creating

Child of divine intelligence, created in supreme consciousness, power of creation made spark of love! As trees are rooted to the Earth to obtain that which sustains them, so is your being rooted in the lands of holiness, where love is the food that gives you eternal sustenance. You will grow, grow, and continue to grow with the majesty of the Tree of Life. Great will be your fruits.

In your being there is an unimaginable potential for the lower mind; but the mind of Christ in you can see with perfect clarity because in it resides reason and love. One day you, united with my divine son Jesus and with me, in union with an uncountable multitude of beings that chose for love, decided to bring into reality a creation that it has no opposite: the reality of the redeemed of the Lamb. This creation is what we will speak of now, since it is already here.

You have the power to create worlds of infinite worlds, as has been lovingly explained in this work. This truth caused a little fear at the beginning for those who did not yet understand that taking responsibility for their creations does not mean placing a burden on their tired shoulders but quite the opposite.

Once upon a time, a crazy idea crossed the beautiful firmament of the mind of the child of God. It was an idea so fleeting that it cannot even be remembered. Nevertheless, the idea of making it real was born. The world of illusions was created, and with it the ability to sleep and dream instead of staying awake forever, and thereby harbor dreams of a reality opposed to truth. Was that not a magnificent creation? Is it not worthy of respect?

Dreams are creations of the mind that dreams them. The ability to dream is not something proper to God but is proper to humankind, and something that deserves to be honored to some extent.

What I am saying is that your creative capacity is part of who you are as an individual and humanity, and should not be underestimated. You have literally created the world in which you live—not the Earth, but your world. You have created an individual body and mind, a separate being capable of being selfish, at least for a time. While that is something that the mind of Christ is not interested in creating and in fact cannot be created within the Kingdom of Heaven, it is something you have done, and is the state in which you live.

You have brought about the amnesia of God even though the eternal memory of love is what God created for you, not as a state but as what you are.

Now that I am clearly delineating your mission, I come to the point where I return to the source of who you are. You are a creator, even if that ability created distortion and transformed it into a skill.

Remember, creating and doing are not the same. The created cannot be uncreated, but the done can be undone. While the idea of separation made a world without love, together we have created the Kingdom of Heaven, the creation of which I speak.

That which Jesus created, in perfect harmony with divine reality, with the will of the Mother, is real and exists. Jesus, being aware of the celestial power in him and remaining perpetually in union with Christ, put his mind, heart, and human-divine self at the service of the love that God is. From it arose his creation. In order that it may be known by its sisters and brothers, among whom you are, a name was given. The formless took form.

II. The Boldness of Creation

Creation is always daring. It challenges the imagination and logic of the lower mind, whose only goal is survival and only understands the logic of what it can obtain. Obviously such a mind could never create infinite universes based on truth. But love knows nothing about survival because it is eternal life.

The mind of Christ is the creative mind of God. It is what gave rise to everything that exists. It created souls, beings, consciousness, the capacity to know oneself, free will, and much more. These creations remain in perfect harmony, along with beauty, compassion, mercy, sweetness, truth, and wisdom. Because God has no limits, these divine creations of infinite realities come from pure love. They were created to exist within a universe in which they can be in harmony with what they are.

Reality contains its essence. By this I mean that the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven, coming from the will of the Mother, shelters within itself all that is similar to itself. Just as it was necessary to create a world where fear and illusion can reign, likewise a Kingdom was created where wisdom and beauty can be. That Kingdom exists. It is not an idea, as is the world of illusion. I am taking your understanding to a point of no return. Those who pass through this door will never return to illusion. They will live forever in the reality of truth.

The capacity of creation has created the world of fear as an option within the unlimited options of a child of God. Recognize that if you could make Heaven a hell, you can do whatever you want. It is important to use common sense, which comes from true reason and dwells in the mind of Christ. It is more difficult to create a world alien to God and make Heaven a hell than to create in harmony with the will of the Creator. Does this not make sense?

In order to create something against the will of the Mother, which is what we call “doing,” we must reverse a frame of reference to create a pseudo-reality that is yet perceived as real. This distortion of reality is also a creation, although I would not call it divine.

Speaking more precisely, “creating” hell is impossible because only God creates and you do it with Her when you remain in unity with Her eternal will or not at all. Nevertheless “making” hell is possible. You can make your relationships hell, and the life you live as well, if you so choose. You can even try to make the life of others hell, although you cannot do it in divine reality. How is it possible to create something so alien to God? By creating with a mind separate from Her. It first involved the capacity to imagine. As with thinking or contemplating divine creations, the same happens with making the pseudo-creations of the world. They are amazing. They are something worthy of respect, although not of fear. However, you feared your creations.

More precisely, you feared your own creative power.

Since what you did was done without love, you believe that it turned against you. That made you afraid of who you are. When you perceive all that, deep inside you said, “If God gave me the power to create and with it I have been able to create death, tragedy, destruction, hell, and pain, then how could I not live in fear?”

You think that if your Father asks you, “What have you done, my child?” You would have to say, “Look, Father, at what I have done. I have transformed my life into hell. I created discord where before there was concord. Separation where once was unity. Sin where once was holiness. I have deceived where the truth should be.”

Although that is what you believe, the reality is very different. Remember, things are not what they seem. The thought system of the lower mind, or ego, does not understand truth or live in reality. The egoic mind works only in fantasy.

I invite you, as loving Mother and source of divine wisdom, to consider the following. “Beloved child, God does not waste time in dialogue about illusions, so the dialogue that you think you might have with your Father does not exist and is impossible. God listens to you but will not enter the ego game of believing fantasies to be true. To a certain extent, if that dialogue existed, it would be something like the following: ‘Let us see, my child. Where is that which you say you have created? Let’s watch it together.’”

And, looking, you would discover there is nothing, that what you thought you had done was but a dream, not real. And together Father and child would smile affably and continue to dialogue about love, which is the only possible dialogue with God.

What you once did in your dreams and caused so much anguish has been undone. Disowning or atonement was also a creation, one in harmony with the will of God. What you are now called to do every day and for all eternity is to continue creating what is within the Father’s love. You need not think about how that will be done because it has been demonstrated by Jesus. The road is made smooth. He is your star.

You need only recognize definitively that what you did one day that caused you fear was your creation and now you can deliberately decide, with the challenging capacity that all creation implies, for a new creation—a creation in perfect unity with the Kingdom of Heaven, created by Jesus in union with God and your will to return to the Father’s house.

III. The Creation of the Kingdom

The return to love is also a creation, a divine creation, just like forgiveness, the ability to erase all guilt and to be reborn in eternal innocence. In other words, the resurrection is a perfect creation that comes from divine mercy.

If you have the ability to create the world you want, then if you want to create a world where forgiveness is not possible and only condemnation exists forever, you will create that reality. Obviously, you cannot have an idea like that enter the Kingdom of God, but you can have fantasies where you make it real for you, even if not for anyone else. Just as there are those who use substances to numb their consciousness and divert their minds and hearts to unrealities where they feel protected, you can also create a world of reverie where truth is excluded.

In the dimension of being are infinite options. To think that there can be only the states of separation or fear, and unity or love, is an untrue limitation.

What you have done can be undone. You know this very well because you have changed your status from being a child to an adult, a child living with a parent, to an independent person, and so on. You have experienced many changes. It is important to recognize that you can change your decision to live in separation, or the ego. As you know, that decision has been made and your new creation, the world of the oneness with Christ and its perfect expression in the plane of form, is already arising and spreading.

Who created everything you know, as well as the unknowable, also created out of love as with everything that arises from Her being, which leads Her children back to what love is while respecting their freedom. God, in his boldness, challenged your human reality. The impossible for humanity became possible in God. A kingdom of birth and death became a world transformed, transcending its limitations. The limited joined the infinite to become one in love.

God has challenged human reality as brazenly as humans did with God. It is the game of life. The game of beautiful love— the child challenging the Father and the Father challenging the child in a relationship of pure creation.

The child created absurd worlds where everything that is divine can be canceled, where everything is upside-down. That upside-down world, where what is united is separated, where love is on the same level as fear, and where you can dream of unrealities increasingly apart from the truth, was a whole creation. A whole universe with abundant beings, rules, causes and effects, extensions, histories, identities, and its own system of thought—in short, a kingdom. Is that not a creation?

But when God saw the consequences of Her child’s idea, She created the thought of atonement and the return to love. This created the “Kingdom of Heaven,” conceived in the divine mind as a loving response to the fearsome reality of separation.

So the possibility of creating Heaven in each moment and circumstance of your life is a capacity at your disposal. This capacity need not wait to create a different reality from the world. You can practice it here on Earth because its origin does not reside in time but in the mind of Christ.

Divine creations include not only everything you already know as creation through revelation in your holy mind, but also everything that allows what is not of God to return to what is. When God extended Her “I am” to creation and “I am not” also made an appearance, a new “I am” of Christ was created. It is the re-creative capacity of God set in motion, a divine mercy.

Focusing on your creative capacity is essential for this work. For that reason I extend that truth as much as necessary, so that you can now start to rejoice in your new creations which arise from union with Christ.

The love of unity, the divine union of your separated being with God through which you return to the truth of what you are, is the means created by the eternal Father so that human nature separated from the divine is transformed into what it originally was, which in essence, though not in form, was what the child desired when creating the idea of separation. This is an important and radical revelation, which until now has not been shown to the human mind. Please listen carefully.

What I am saying is that behind the making of the sensory world based on the idea of separation was a holy desire to differentiate yourself and thereby have a self that allows you to fully be yourself. That purpose is as divine as God. The idea of your Father always was that you can enjoy an identity in which you know yourself as a unique and unrepeatable entity, even in relation to Him.

God’s plan did not include the idea of separation but of unity. The Father knows that it is within the union with Christ that you can know yourself as you were created, as a being that exists in unity. Therefore your being need not be separate from anything, including itself, to exist. You are who you are in the unity of love. The idea of developing a unique sense of identity based on separation is impossible to realize. God knows that. You did not, but now you do, so with your knowledge you have joined your

Creator; together you have returned to the harmony of Heaven. You never wanted to be separated from God or anything else, and in fact you never have been. You just believed that your only two options were either to be your separate self, or to be in union, in which case you believed you would stop being yourself. Remember, the ego’s concept of union annuls the parties and does not give space for a “you.” Such a union is frightening because it cancels your being.

Who would want to have a unique but peaceful identity if by joining you are lost in that union? If when you join something you disappear as a unique being, it will feel very similar to the death of your being, if that were possible. Mass movements or large organizations in the world are examples, where the “I” is lost and given up to the sum of the parties. It is even sometimes considered an ideal for the “major” to replace the insignificant little self.

If there were only two options—fear or love, separation or divine union, heaven or hell—there would be reason to fear. However, that is not the case. Multi-dimensional reality offers more options than you can imagine. We need not consider them because creation is beyond any mental exercise. The thinking mind is not the creative source or the origin of any true creation, nor can it understand true creation.

IV. To Create Is Your Destiny

The source of creation is for you to use in whatever way you want, as if it were a body member or an organ. Your creative capacity, the source of creation, is love. It cannot be defined in any other way. What love is and what it creates are one and the same. Cause and effect are one. Means and ends are the same.

Because love is the only creative source, everything that does not come from love can be undone. Indeed, love, as soon as it is welcomed in union with truth, undoes it sweetly. The sweetness of love is what guarantees that you need not worry about the effects of your failures. Nothing from God can cause pain or discomfort. God is infinite tenderness. She is the softness of love. Everything needing to be undone has already been undone.

Now we are living in a new creation, the creation of the redeemed son of the Lamb, a creation as holy and divine as all that comes from the heart of God. We are living the effects of the creation of Jesus of Nazareth. That is, we are already living in the light of the glory of the resurrection.

Be aware that you are already saved, redeemed, recreated, that you are a new being and that what was impossible for humanity has become a reality because nothing is impossible for God. This is the key to the liberation of all mental limitations and the perfect means by which you allow a breath of fresh air to blow over your mind and heart and waft the fragrances of the new divine creation that you are.

With infinite holiness God created Her children in Her likeness so that She remains one with them and thus to eternally enjoy happiness. She endowed them with free will, just as She Herself has. She clothed them with all power to create as resides in Her divine being. Her children chose to create in a different way than was the plan of the Creator. Then God instantaneously and simultaneously created everything necessary to undo what Her children did, if they so choose. Thus the goodness of the Lord is sealed and the will of the Mother and the son are respected forever.

Whoever wishes to live in union can do so because the resurrection has already been created and given. Whoever wants the life of love can live it because of the love of Christ. Whoever wants to come to me can. The doors of my heart are open wide.

You who have reached this point of the path, know that you are among those who have chosen only love, and are therefore souls reborn from above. Now all that you once did to separate yourself from God has been discarded and replaced by the perfect knowledge of who you truly are, knowledge that allows you to know yourself in the light of love and holiness.

You are the redeemed one. You are holy, not because of your merit, but because of God’s redeeming love. You are a new creation of love. A new creation that can never return to fear. You who have come this far will never return to the dream of oblivion. You are the one hundred and forty-four thousand clothed in glory. You are the living Christs that inhabit the Earth. You are the ones who made the fundamental choice for love. You are my assistants of the last times, the children of Mary. You are the triumph of love.

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