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Shanti, Deo Maranatha

A message from the Blessed Mother Mary

I. Peace, God, Truth

Shanti, Deo Maranatha!

Listen to the new chorus whose melody extends from Heaven to the beauty of your being. You are the reality of love. We are all united in this glorious vision. Celestial spirits, full of love for you, announce to the whole universe the wonders of the child of God. They sing to you a hymn of praise for being what you are. Union with the mother of love, in whose heart you remain for all eternity, creates the reality of harmony and peace.

Oh, beloved soul of my being! Blessed child of peace! Your beauty is the ecstasy of the seraphim and the happiness of my divine motherhood. The angels sing on Earth and in Heaven.

Their divine luminescence shines and their thrones are alight with the fire of beautiful love.

In the dwelling of the saints are colors that cannot be imagined, oceans larger than those on Earth, mountains of sapphire and jasper, flowers whose perfection elicit exclamations of joy in the soul that contemplates them. Everything is peace, the heart is happy, and the mind muted with love.

Shanti, Deo Maranatha.

Sweetness of love! Tenderness of God! Happiness of living! Wisdom of Christ! Arcane voices come to you in this glorious hour where high meets low, Heaven meets Earth, and a new light shines in the immensity of the material universe, creating new realities in all dimensions of creation. A new world is being born, a world of beautiful love. A new Heaven is being created to the beat of a new Earth whose existence is already glimpsed.

In the Heaven of your pure heart, as crystalline as my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, are rivers of pure, deep water, rivers of love. The dancing waters are formed, not of atoms and molecules, but of graces and blessings. Souls travel shoreline paths of wisdom and truth on whose margins grow herbs of holy virtues. In Her all forms are sacred because they emanate from the holiness of the Creator sun.

Shanti, Deo Maranatha.

A new love has been born, emerging from the union of our three holy hearts, emanating from the holiness that springs from the being of this tender mother, mother of all and mother of God. I am divine nature made word. I am that force of love from whence comes everything that exists on Earth and beyond. I am the living expression of holiness.

O child of the wind of my spirit, born from the waters of the Lamb, in your soul are ineffable truths of Heaven because your Mother put them there at your creation. Without you there would be no life because there would be no love. So has God arranged.

You are the wonder of a God whose love is without measure. You who have responded to love with all your soul, mind, and heart, know that Heaven creates in you a unity whose truth is beyond every word, a truth that your heart knows how to discern. You have created new life. You have created new love. You will continue to create it for all eternity because your union with me and with the Sacred Heart has brought forth a fecundity of God beyond compare. You are unique. You are mine. You are holiness personified.

In your being are potencies of God that, united to the truth that Christ is, spread like an explosion of love. Out of you arise perpetual springs of love and holiness. A war stopped because of your choice for love. A punishment annulled. A broken heart healed. A troubled mind now peaceful.

A hymn of gratitude resounds in your hearts for the service you render to love, extending God Herself from Heaven to souls and all creation. You who have come to the world to save it, to make the divine visible with the human, day after day you bring Heaven a little closer to Earth, healing injured bodies, igniting holy passion in hearts, making them yearn for the Second Advent.

My child, you are one of the flowers I planted in the garden to which my divine son Jesus will return. I am the preparer of the Second Coming and I have my helper sons and daughters. You are among those who the Father chose to be faithful servants of the Second Advent.

You are the blessed flowers of the new Eden, the garden where Christ is walking, purifying, transforming, recreating, sanctifying, creating new life in abundance. This is how beautiful the land in which you live is and to which you have come, not as punishment but with the holy mission of taking it and everything in it to Heaven. The material universe and all my assistants, servants of the love of Christ, thank you for fulfilling your mission to unite everything in the holiness that you are and thereby transforming it into the beautiful, holy, and perfect.

Peace be with you, children of God, that in everything you do and think is the seal of holiness. Make the sun of your being shine brighter every day. Do not intermingle your emotions, which come and go like clouds that cross the firmament, some thicker, some faster, but all come and go.

Remain always in the equanimity of love where the waves of the emotional body cannot reach. Remain in the inner silence where nothing is judged, nothing is feared. Cling to nothing.

As the days pass, so do the illusions. One day they tell you that you are the majesty of life; the next, misery personified. One day they sing; the next they cry. One day they laugh; the next they dream. The wave that tires, confuses, and saddens you is not real. Its name is the emotional body, or the body of illusion.

You have already left that space in the mind where the illusions are created and perceived. It was the house of fear, but now you dwell in the abode of light. That body of illusion is not what God has made of you. It need not be judged, but must first be accepted, later to be set aside and never worried about again.

II. Remember to Release

Attachment to emotions and the sensitivity of the ego mind is what we become more aware of now so we can get rid of it completely and let the Heaven of your holy mind shine like a diaphanous morning.

A quiet mind and a soul in repose are the perfect means for your being to remain in the consciousness of peace in which your being lives eternally.

Remember, although God created you to be the holy and enlightened being we call the living Christ who lives in you, in the mind there were two realities of identity, the ego and God. One has already disappeared, in the sense that you no longer absorb vital energy from it. The source of fear is not active nor does it exist any longer in your reality. Nevertheless, there are some painful memories that need to be healed. It will take much less time than you imagine for this healing to be completed and for the memories of lasting peace, bliss, and harmony to be restored, and from there imbue everything you are.

Bring to your conscious memory that God created your being. Be patient with the spiritual process. Nothing happens in an instant on the plane of time, even though it takes but a fraction of an instant for you to choose love or fear. The time it takes to decide is almost nil, although the time you take to make that decision may be long.

Joining with everything you feel is how to remain in the truth of your experience here and now. Such joining is necessary to transcend the experience in time, and go beyond it to the realm of no time.

While you remain in the spatial and temporal dimensions of the body, there will be emotions, perceptions, and dualities. This is part of the reality of that sphere. It is what it is. The only way to be at peace in such a world is to understand and accept the truth of who you are. This is why I repeat again and again in multiple ways what is true about you. The thinking mind tends to quickly forget the eternal. However, this will happen less and less frequently. The mental attacks that illusions cause in your mind will be perceived with less and less force until the day comes when they disappear completely.

My love will never pass. As the prayer says, “Let nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you, all things pass, but God never changes.” This prayer is a blessing you can use for your benefit every day, and even every hour if you still worry about something.

Your role is to show that in this world you can be happy and at peace. You do that by letting yourself be loved. By playing your role, you show others a simple path to the peace of God, a path in which you disidentify yourself from your thoughts about the past and the future, as well as your emotions, recognizing that none of them mean anything.

Staying in the present in my love is how you adhere to the truth and are happy because it is the only way to remain in reality. Remember that love is the eternal present and only love is real.

These last sessions of this fifth book, which is a love letter from your Father for you to grow in greater knowledge of His love, are simple reminders of what needs to be gently reviewed so your mission is understood and carried out in a serene, cheerful, and peaceful way, leaving nothing important outside the light of consciousness.

It is neither fear nor ignorance that I bring to light. These are simply mental and emotional patterns still active somewhere in the mind. When we see them, we let them go.

Shanti, Deo Maranatha —Divine peace has arrived in the voice of God.

We remember the sole purpose of letting go of what is not true because it is not the will of God. We let go of what does not come from love. We choose love every moment. We opt for the truth every day, first as a conscious choice, then as a habit without any need to be aware of it, like the beating of your holy heart.

We are the light of the world, shining. We extend love to what we are, and that is how we give it to the world. We honor every thought that crosses our mind, every feeling that arises in our hearts. We honor life and everything in it. We extend the vision of Christ to everything we see. We observe with benevolence and compassion. We are aware that we are passing through this world and very soon will return to the nothingness of God where we will again be totally ourselves, from where we will continue to extend love forever.

III. Love What Is, As It Is

The temporal experience of human reality is just that— temporary. Nothing born in time lasts forever. We love this aspect of the world. We are going through a time with a dimension of impermanence, change, limitation, duality, illusion. And still we love with pure love.

We live in the truth of what is, accepting everything as it really is and not as we think it should be. We are peace living in a world of war, truth living in a realm of illusion, love ruling in the house of fear. We are transformers of reality.

Recognize the transforming capacity of love not only with your mind but with your whole being. It is the reality of who you are. One day you dared to think about changing reality precisely because you are the transformative capacity of God incarnate. That capacity is what I will speak of in this session.

Transforming reality is inherent in being, not a change in divine creation or truth, but transforming the world of form. The path of transformation, which is the salvific reality of love, is part of the reality of the world. Everything can change in the world and everything does change. You are called to be an agent of change. Have no doubt about it. You have the ability to impact the world beyond measure. You can do it from the power of your being.

When your being remains in the peace of Christ, you remain within the transforming power of love because love resides in peace. Outside of peace you cannot access the treasures of love because out of peace is nothing.

Peace is the basis of life and being, therefore living in peace is paramount. Without peace you cannot create the new or truly transform anything; without it your heart becomes clouded over by the fear chaos brings.

You were created in peace to live in peace. Nothing other than the serenity of spirit will please you, simply because anything else is contrary to your nature. To some extent we can define your mission as living in harmony with the nature of your being, whatever it may be. If your harmony is to leave the busy world and live on a mountain, you will do it since you must follow the call of your heart. If living in harmony means living in the hustle and bustle of a city creating jobs or anything else, you will do it for the same reason, for your desire is to be at peace with yourself.

There is no longer room for war in your heart. That conflict existed but has ended. A truce has been established, a peace agreement signed, the soldiers withdrew, and peace reigns as a perpetual sovereign full of beauty and wisdom. Now you live in the realm of harmony where love is the king of your heart.

IV. Prince of Hearts

I have been rightly called the “Queen of Peace.” That title, simply a symbol, contains the reality for which your function exists in this world and in any world you may wish to inhabit. You are called, together with me, to bring peace to hearts. When you occupy that place in creation you are the prince of peace. Those hearts that yearn to live in peace will make space for our love to govern and to guide them to the holy dwelling place.

Now I say one more time: Shanti, Deo Maranatha. And we immerse ourselves in the invisible. We live in the house of God that our being is. We are happy to be alive, being what we are in every moment. We are a union. We live within the union of the three hearts and we remain in harmony with all creation. We are the holiness of God, manifested.

Now you live in the truth. You are a means of divine expression and express the creator of life in a way that only you—in union with Christ—can.

We do not look to the side, nor to the back, nor forward, but only on the sun of life, the love of our existence in Christ. We care not where to go or not to go, regardless of path or distance. We are the reality of love extending God’s way. We are happy to deliver our desire to love and the truth that is always true.

We are the union of Heaven and Earth. A window of life open to divinity. Whoever looks at us with their soul sees God. Whoever seeks the truth will find it in us who come from the mountain of resurrection. We are a unit with the redeemed of the Lamb. We pray. We sing. We cry. We laugh. We embrace. We separate. We unite. We do everything in the name of love.

A new light shines with a new luminescence. An old truth is restored and put on a candlestick for all to see and enjoy. We do not deny to the mouth what the heart would shout. We express joyfully that God exists and that God is love.

We no longer fear the mind because we know what it enjoys when it thinks. Now the mind is free to fly to where it wants to go. We no longer hold it back with crazy, limiting ideas. We are the free expression of grace. The body collaborates with the work of God and helps us witness that love is the only reality in a world that has forgotten the truth but can always remember it. We are creators in love. We are the ones who bring Heaven to Earth through our union with the truth that is always true, with the wisdom that no thinking mind is capable of conceiving. We are that which is beyond imagination. And yet, by means of a physical body, we come to the world to give a unique face to love. We are the last loneliness of a being that knows no loneliness. We are creative. We are audacious, which one day led us to think we could create a reality contrary to God’s and establish the realm of fear as opposed to love. That same boldness led us to challenge even our own thoughts, our ideas, our perceptions. And we dared to say no to fear and yes to love—a boldness without equal, a creation so daring, so perfect, so challenging, that it would leave mute the most experienced novelist.

Oh, beloved co-creator! You who receive these words, begin to challenge the laws of everything that can be framed into law. That power lives in you. Begin to see everything through the eyes of truth. The veils have been pulled back. The light of divine reality has begun to dawn.

Beloved of God! Realize how much creativity is in you, so much that you have, literally, created a world so alien to what God conceived that the mere thought of it seems crazy. But is not. It is the reality of the creation of the son of God when he decided to create a world separate from love. That creation—so sublime, majestic, and ineffable as is true of all creation, is real insofar as it exists in the united mind of the children of man.

Can you begin to see what it means to have created such a world? How much defiance it took to stretch the limits of reality far beyond the conceivable and establish a kingdom where the impossible became possible, even if you had to create pain and suffering and live enclosed within a dream of illusions?

Once again I say Shanti, Deo Maranatha. And we leave the mind and the heart with that question so that in the silence of contemplation the creative power of being may be present in your consciousness and you will begin to see a new holy reality arising from the desire to dissolve what you once did and to re-establish in your being what is eternal.

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