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The Rest of the Pure Soul

A message from the Blessed Mother Mary

I. Prelude

Come, pupil of my eye longing for my mother’s heart, sons and daughters of perfection, you who have dedicated so many hours, so many days, to unite yourself to the Eternal. You, whose hearts beat to the rhythm of eternal life, are the abode of light. You are that from which all luminescence is born. You are one with me. Everything that belongs to the Mother belongs to you.

Come, be my light. Be the mirror of wisdom where others can see the face of love reflected.

Come, drink from springs of pure water. Come, dwell in the abode of saints, in the Kingdom whose light never wanes. Come to the Heaven of your holy mind where colors shine with unequaled beauty, where all is joy expressed and where no sadness dwells because there is no opposite to love.

Come, stay in me. Your soul is a delicious Kingdom that the Mother of divine delights has created for your joy. Come, play the game of Divine Love. Come, stay forever in the arms of Mary, the always-awake, tireless mother of all. My longing heart is torn with joy in union with you. Every time one of my children returns, my whole being shudders and the sky lights up to celebrate the joy of reuniting with the mother of the redeemed, of the Lamb.

My love! You have no idea how high you have come. You cannot even imagine how many souls you have brought to Heaven, to the heart of God. Here, where the sun is perpetual and the breeze perennial, where love is the food of life and sanctity the source of all light, is where your being dwells. From this abode of light in which you exist eternally, you extend the will of the Mother like universal, majestic waves.

An infinite ocean of love exists in the Heaven of your holiness, and from that unfathomable depth of beauty you extend life to everything. You have consciously joined the flow of life. Your mission as a channel of extension of the waters of eternal life has been restored. Billions of beings enter the Kingdom because of your union with love, just as the species of the Earth entered the ark of salvation from the waters that flooded the Earth, out of obedience to the love of those who responded with confidence to the voice of truth.

You who let the world turn in its own way without mingling in its madness but immersing yourself more and more in divine depth, know that your gift is Heaven, wisdom, and eternal life. Nothing can stop your treasure from manifesting. You are like the house cemented on firm rock. You are the delight of God, the restorer of creation. You are the living expression of the eternal joy of Heaven.

My unparalleled purity belongs to you. My virginity is given to you forever. My wisdom is in union with you. I am the source of life. I am the vital breath of eternal life. You have united with my breath and become one with love. There is no longer distance between child and mother. We are joined by an invisible thread of perfect love that cannot be cut. That golden thread bonding our hearts with divine unity is a conduit of grace and blessing.

Go, be my breath. Carry my strength of love and tenderness. Take in those as you yourself determine, because you are now given a grace without equal. I give to you the power to infuse life and life in abundance, the power to breathe life into living beings and to call eternal life to the ones your good will determines. I give you the power to bind and to loosen. To do and undo. To create universes of love and kindness. Accept the gift that comes from the Mother which is given you this day in my Immaculate Hands—the gift of creating eternal life.

II. Light of Life

It is no longer necessary to continue giving lessons. You know what you need to know. Now is the time of the fullness of love. The time of miracles. The time of the expression of truth. Every day that we walk together through the world will be a day of blessing for the Earth, since from you emanate miraculous and holy forces that will enlighten minds and heal hearts, healing the wounds of the soul.

From today you will be as a beautiful flower whose perfume wafts through air impregnated with the fragrances of holiness. The wind of my Immaculate Spirit will move over you, and your being will give comfort wherever it is asked, wherever love is welcome.

A new Holy Spirit from which the divine emanates has arrived to Earth. Dance to the rhythm of its breeze. Sing a new song in harmony with the sweetness of love. The delights of God spill over the Earth like morning dew that descends from Heaven, waters the grass, and returns to its holy dwelling.

A light as ancestral as eternity has come to shine with a new radiance, giving warmth to living beings, melting cold hearts, and straightening what was twisted. All who seek rest will find it in your pure soul, because you have been given the gift of being God on Earth, Christ in humanity, Mary in hearts. Together we are the light of life.

Your spirit has been reborn from On High with new treasures and lives in the land where it will dwell until the end of time— that Holy Spirit that is yours, that only you can give, is the gift I have been speaking of so often as the reason for your life.

Giving your Holy Spirit is your goal, your destiny, your joy. Begin now to become aware of the spirit of love you are called to give. Give it so that Earth stays forever united to Heaven and souls find the rest they need.

You are Holy Spirit. You are that which will remain forever, even when the body that today houses your divinity is no longer. Just as my divine son Jesus at the time of his departure announced that he would leave so that his Holy Spirit could be given in a full way, and created a divine embodiment by making himself the bread and wine of the Eucharist, the same happens with you and with all those who have become nothing in love.

Your spirit longs to be given. Only you can make that gift. Many benefit from such unlimited generosity as you step aside and give way to the spirit of God that lives in you. Such giving is not of the world. It is the only way to give truly because what more could be given than the spirit that makes you exist, move, and live?

Rest now and always in the depths of the peace of God. Allow the swell of stillness and holiness to emanate from your being and take you sweetly down the roads of agape to the homeland of Heaven where you dwell eternally.

Only by raising yourself to the Kingdom of Heaven do you allow the Holy Spirit—in its unique identity that has been given you—to be offered to others as a gift of your love. In effect, until you give your spirit, the expiation plan will continue to be active for you. But when you decide that it is She who is given to everything and everyone, then I can say that salvation has been consummated and your resurrection shines in the light of glory.

Today is the day when for love I come to make you aware that your spirit has been given on Earth as an act of supreme love. It is your Holy Spirit, united to the sanctity of your mind and the purity of your heart that now flies among men, women and living beings of all times and places, together with the spirit of God and those who have completed what God has arranged for them in the world, who continue to extend love from the realm of no time.

Your Holy Spirit, extending from your heart, moving from the body and the mind without excluding them, is spreading more and more; and as this happens it embraces all that God has arranged. In this way your being joins the embrace of love. Become the embrace itself. Now you embrace the creation of your love. Now you are the rest where your sisters and brothers seek rest, and the clarity for confused minds that comes from the light of wisdom.

III. Extend and Give

Feel your being expand. Be silent and begin to see with eyes that go beyond the known to unravel the mystery of love. You are no longer that which one day made me say you should seek to unveil the mysteries of heaven or you would descend to the level of irrational creatures. Now you are the wisdom of love, the sanctity of Heaven, and the beauty of truth. Now your spirit guides. You go where you need to go, moved by the propelling force of the life that God is, which, like the wind, is unstoppable.

Your spirit moves, flying with those who have joined the flight of love. It goes where the heart calls. The soul is subtly infused with divine nectar, according to the design of the Mother.

Just as Angels come to you if you invite them and remain constantly at your side in a divine relationship, influencing your mind and heart and creating a renewing dialogue of perfect love, so does your spirit come to your sisters and brothers in Christ from now on. Little by little you will become more aware of this. You are no longer subject to time and space. This was always true in the realm of no time, but this truth is now realized in the dimension of time. In other words, every day you will become more aware of the communion that exists between you and your brothers and sisters in Christ, the communion of love, a communion of beauty, Holy Communion.

What is new now is the action of your spirit within the dimension of space and time. There is no longer a need to wait for the death of the body for this to happen, because the resurrection of Christ, and of the Christ in us, has opened the doors of Heaven for those who make the choice for love.

Since death is actually the death of the ego, which was never born, death does not exist. If it does not exist, then why wait upon pure illusion for what is true to be expressed?

If releasing your spirit is the purpose of the atonement and the resurrection completed it for you, then the free extension of your being cannot await anything. You have extended, and you continue to extend within the harmonies of Heaven, embracing souls, living beings, and the whole world with a serene and enveloping force.

Become aware of the permanent extension of your being. Feel it expand more and more, embracing everything. Feel how you embrace the stars and the sun, how the pale moonlight rises from your embrace, how the flight of eagles has its origin in your Holy Spirit. Observe how all movement arises from within your being and is one with that which gives life to the living. Experience how every grain of sand of every ocean is submerged in the depths of your heart. Feel how you expand as you embrace all humanity.

You need not, and never needed, to move in space to give love or for your purpose to be fulfilled. Although everything in the material universe is in movement, the truth is that this movement of your being has no comparison. The movement of the body is not the same as the movement of thought, nor the movement of the desires of your heart. The movement I speak of is pure spirit, not something that can be conceived by the world which knows only displacement from one place to another.

Why do we associate the rest of the pure soul with the movement of spirit and its extension? Because for the soul, rest is love, the extension of love. The concept of rest, which you generally associate with a cessation of action and the absence of movement of the body, has no relation to pure spirit that you are in truth. The soul does not sleep; mind does not cease; life does not stop.

Everything in creation is movement, and in movement lies the rest of God. To sleep is not to rest but to disconnect. Sleep is how the body and the lower mind disconnect from perceived reality and re-process thought and emotions. When you sleep, you dream because reality is blinded. Even so, what you are and the vital body functions continue without substantial alteration. The heart beats, blood flows, feelings arise, the world keeps turning and life keeps creating.

When you remain attached to your source, you remain aware of the extent of your spirit. Now that you have accepted this truth about the expansion of your being and consequently the extension of love in you and through you, you will see its effects. Remember, you cannot see love with the eyes of the body or understand it with the mind, but you can see its fruits. The effects of love will be increasingly visible to you. That will strengthen your confidence in your being and with it, your confidence in love.

Unlimited trust in the capacity of your being to do the will of God is what trust truly means. Your spirit blows through the entire universe and does what it should do according to its holy nature. Just as the wind moves the tops of the trees and causes the grass to dance, so your spirit moves hearts, bringing them to love more, just as my spirit of perfect love has moved your heart and brings you here now to remain united in the fullness of my being.

You reach fullness by giving yourself. Therefore, by giving your spirit you remain in the state of being for which you were created. This is not something the world can understand, but you understand because you are not of the world although you are in it. Your free spirit does not identify with the limitations of the body and the lower mind. Body consciousness is a limitation of pure consciousness that, although illusory, manufactures the reality of limitation. In that state of conditional awareness you cannot become aware of your flight of being.

IV. The Consciousness of Giving

To expand your being is to expand your consciousness. The goal of liberation is to allow your consciousness to encompass its totality. The only thing stuck, to put it in one way, is consciousness. Having created a state of bodily consciousness—because the body was necessary to experience the physical plane—your vision was narrowed to a tiny part of the creation. That restricted vision which accepts as real only what the bodily senses perceive and the intellect believes, I call the unconsciousness of the world.

True consciousness encompasses everything. Consciousness is what needs to be expanded and freed from its limits. Consciousness is the window through which the soul sees. The light of consciousness is the light of Christ. When consciousness is not conscious of being, then it seems not to exist. When consciousness is smaller than the totality of being, then you do not see what you are but only a simple portion. This is what happens among those who are said not to have awakened.

In reality there is neither forgetting, nor the dream of the soul, nor ignorance. What exists is a consciousness that can be either enlarged or reduced. That is why I speak of degrees of consciousness. In expanded consciousness, remaining in union with the sacred bond, you become more aware of the totality of your being. And since what you know about yourself you know also about your sisters and brothers, then as you raise your awareness of yourself, you become aware of what your brothers and sisters are. What had contracted now expands. That expansion began so long ago that you cannot remember it. That extension is itself the return to the Father’s house, and manifests as the expansion of the universe.

Consciousness allows the self to know itself. It is characteristic of every being. You create images and ideas about “I am.” To some extent, consciousness is what defines what you are, not in the truth but in terms of what being means to you. Let me clarify.

There is being. What follows is an inherent and irrepressible impulse to know one’s being, otherwise there would be no notion of existence. You do that by means of consciousness. In consciousness, the knowledge of being is poured out so that it can “see” the being that seeks to be known. Within consciousness is everything that is of being, including the conscious mind, the heart with all your feelings and emotions, and the body with its impulses and movements.

When the totally fearful consciousness began to see, it saw everything from the point of view of fear because it emerged and became aware of the fearful being that the ego is. Without ego consciousness, the ego would not exist. There would be no way to know or perceive it. The being that fear is could not have been conceived without the consciousness that gave it birth. This is why the ego tries so hard to have you cling to fear consciousness. Simply put, totally fearful consciousness gives the ego existence and for its survival tries in every possible way for you to be fearful. To some extent love does the same thing, since the being of pure love that you are also constantly calls you to be aware that love is in you and surrounds you. The logic is always the same; it is the logic of every being.

Being seeks to know itself and perpetuate itself by being aware of itself. To do so it seeks to extend, or express, itself. If the expression is in “harmony” with that being, then that consciousness grows until it reaffirms itself to such a degree that it can annul the idea that anything different from it exists, despite the fact that in the pure infinite potentiality of God, all beings can be.

What enters into consciousness becomes one with it or it would not be aware of it. What happens in consciousness becomes your sense of identity. This is because the consciousness of being, and being itself, is an undivided, inseparable unit. A sense of self is possible only with consciousness.

Understand that having consciousness is not the same as being consciousness. This is the answer to the question of who you are, understood from the perspective of consciousness. To believe that you are not the consciousness which makes you aware of your being, is not to understand. What you are and how you know yourself are one, because consciousness and knowledge are one. God created you with full knowledge because He is perfect knowledge. Therefore, it is impossible for you not to know your divine light. Let me say it clearly: limited or fearful consciousness, that which gives the perception of fear, is a pseudo-consciousness.

God’s knowledge has no degrees, so it has only true awareness. Either you know or you do not know at all. Therefore “degrees of consciousness” cannot be the true consciousness God gave you. Remember, the ego but imitates. Fearful consciousness is not and never was, properly speaking, a kind of consciousness. Perception is not knowing, in the same way as interpretation is not knowing.

Your consciousness is unlimited, as is your being. You can be aware of the love that lives in you and surrounds you. If you are love your consciousness cannot be anything other than love. That being the case, you can only be aware of love. Thus if you live in the truth of who you are, you live in love and perceive nothing but holiness.

To rest in the certainty of what you are is to be aware of your eternity and beauty in the light of divine truth. Perhaps you could argue that you can still perceive fear and experience separation. But that is not true. You are the gathering of love. You are the one love made. Therefore, fear no longer exists in you; it is but an echo of the emotional memory of the separation experience, which shall soon disappear from your memory without a trace.

V. The Union of Love and Reason

You are love, extending. Fear no longer nests in you. Unity is your only reality. Division is in the past. It is not here nor will it come back. The reality of who you are does not reside in your personality, nor in your body, but in the being that you are in truth. This is beyond the limited interpretations of the thinking mind.

If fear does not exist in you but you think it does, what is happening? You are not appealing to reason. Remember that reason and love are a unit. One cannot exist without the other. Reason will tell you that you cannot be anything other than holy because of your origin and your destiny. The heart will tell you that love is what you are because it knows the holiness of God.

Reason will tell you that the old ideas about who you are can be released without making a fuss or mingling with them. It will also tell you not to judge anything, including the past. Love will tell you that forgiving yourself for what you once thought was true but was not, is the only sane decision you can make.

Reason will speak to you of love and the heart of truth, and in this way the heart will be the consciousness of the mind and the mind the consciousness of the heart. Between them will love and truth flow in an eternal exchange, a holy relationship established that will make it impossible to distinguish between them. Love and truth will come together to form one flesh, one holy being. From that union will be born a new world, emerging from the union of love and reason.

In the meeting of reason with love—of mind and heart, the seats of truth and love—dwells the tenderness of God. The soul reposes there where all divine beauty lives forever, both in power and in action. Remaining within the union of reason and love is way to maintain consciousness of the totality of your true being.

It is impossible for reason to betray you, just as it is impossible for your heart to do so.

Now you can and must fully trust the capacity of your being to extend the will of God eternally and shine the light of Christ. In that unity you can live always in peace; and in that peace is your safe refuge and that of your sisters and brothers in love.

I speak again of rest. And when I do, I speak of the movement of spirit, of true consciousness, the consciousness of Christ, and of the union of reason and love. I do this because the peace of God dwells in spirit. It blows across the wasteland, giving life to the lifeless. Within that movement of love dwells the eternal truth that reason knows.

Interlacing reason with the heart is how you remain in true knowledge. Remember, love without reason is madness; intelligence without love is cruel. Love, reason, and truth: in this Holy Trinity the children of God rest.

Come, now and always. Dwell in the abode of Heaven where true reason remains united to perfect love, and from whose union the new eternally arises in holiness, beauty, and perfection. Come to me. I am the reason of your life. Come, rest forever in my Immaculate Heart. I will caress your hair and sing a new song for you, a song of light. And you will rest with me forever in the arms of love.

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