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Work for Love

A message from the Blessed Mother Mary

I. A Path to Fulfillment

Oh, servant of love! Soul that perfectly performs the Creator’s plan because love is your life, your longing, your sleeplessness, and your wisdom, eternal beloved!

I have come in the light of supreme knowledge to dwell with you. You are the perfect expression of the beauty of Christ. I have come to remember the truth together with you and to delight in it.

I have come to remember that those who have found refuge in the wisdom of love are one with me. No longer need you search for anything. You have found what is all. You need not worry about doing or not doing because you have understood that being is the essence of life. Your human identity need not be reborn, for you have been clothed in the glorious white garments of the Mother of Lights.

Light of my glory! Forget not that love sows the seed for all that must happen in the immensity of its nature. Love is the Father who gives life to everything in existence, and nature is the mother. From that union arises all things.

Remember, daughters and sons of the love that God is, that peace, much desired and necessary, cannot come from the outside in, but vice versa. It must be experienced inside each of you to manifest in the outside world, because of what it is.

I invite you to live in this world as the most beautiful of flowers; although they float placidly on the surface of the water, never are their petals touched by the mud of the bottom. If you live that way, then your hearts, pure and beautiful, will float on the surface, rise when the water level rises and descend when the level goes down without being affected in the least by the currents that flow in the world.

Beautiful divine flowers, perfect expressions of the beauty of Heaven, listen to the voice of love. Receive my words from the mother of the living with joy, devoid of all anxiety and fear. I speak to you in this way because I love you with a supernatural love. My love can change even the most rigid mind and soften hearts most hardened by the foolishness of the world.

Children of my Immaculate Heart, I want to show sweetly that you are called to eternity, so that you can choose now, or whenever you consider yourself ready, to go the way of Heaven here on Earth.

All those who, in the name of love, have been gathered in these writings and by grace from On High, receive the sacred gift of these words, for you are chosen by God to perform a function. I must repeat this truth as many times as necessary for you to keep it in the silence of your hearts.

You are called to recognize openly, with total confidence, that you have the inherent capacity to be channels of love. Therefore, you are fully capable of extending the love of God as no other creature in the world can do. Each being has its own way of being. Just as birds have flight and song, just as flowers have beauty, color, gracefulness, and diversity, you who receive these writings have a capacity that no other has.

Differences do not imply inequality. You have been created to give yourself. As you give yourself, to that extent you receive

Heaven. To give yourself completely is to let yourself be loved by Christ. This is because in your nature is the potential to channel divine essence, just as there is in mine and in the nature of my divine son and your beloved brother Jesus. This makes you different from everything else, despite being created by the very same love.

II. Separate to Join

I invite you to be aware of a certain confusion in the world. You know that you are different from other beings on Earth. This truth that you observe has to come from somewhere. Many of you consider that as human beings you are living in a world unnatural to your being. Somehow you feel that you do not fit. Or you differentiate yourself from the other beings inhabiting your world to show superiority. That mental pattern has its origin in truth, but is often misguided. You are certainly different. But it does not mean that you are superior before God or that love does not exist in every created thing, for this love is the invisible thread that unites you in gratitude and holiness.

You realize that you are not the same in form or in certain aspects of your being. Your consciousness is an extension of divine consciousness, yet is not the same as other consciousnesses. In God is equality and differentiation, that which unites and that which separates. God is the Creator of relationship and is relationship itself. The divine self that lives in you is created by God. It has no equal in the entire universe. That is where your uniqueness comes from and your desire to be what you are without anyone negating what you know you are.

This longing for uniqueness and differentiation through truth and freedom comes from the fact that you are unique as an individual and as a collective. The essential aspect of what you are is the capacity to be channels of God through which the love of the Mother extends eternally.

The truth about you is you are a being that can extend the love of God, making the nature of the Creator spill over into Her and unite with yourself. Therefore, the mission that you have— and that will make you happy forever—is to remain in the truth of your relationship with your Creator.

Your direct relationship with God exists. It cannot be undone regardless of whether you accept it or not, and even if the relationship you have with your Creator is different from the relationship She has with you. This relationship between the created and its source exists in every living being. But the quality of that relationship is not uniform, nor are its fruits.

You would not have been given the intelligence or the capacity to feel and transcend that you have, which is not the same as other created beings, if not for a holy purpose. The reason you seek God without measure—and there has never been a time when humankind has ceased to search for God—is that a memory in you constantly urges you to return to the truth of what you are.

God created you to extend Her love without limit. There is no other way for love to spread except through you. That is why Heaven has displayed such an intensity of holy resources for you to return to the abode of light.

It is an error to believe that without you, God will continue to extend eternally because of Her omnipotence and divinity. That is not the case. God, by inscrutable design, chose you to extend what She is. This cannot be modified. It is eternal.

Within God’s plan you can allow your being to extend and continue to spread forever. Or you can block that expression, even if God is your Creator. Obviously, She who created us all will not cease to be the Infinite if you deny to extend love. However, Her expression would cease to be known.

To extend is to make known. Perfect knowledge consists in making the Mother known, thereby collaborating with the work of God. Why do we say that you collaborate with the work of divine creation by making love known? Because others need—just as you needed one day—to receive the revelation of what they are called to be, and that knowledge must shine in consciousness for all eternity. It is necessary for one mind shows another what it really is, just as you can only know your face when you see it in a mirror.

Nobody can know themselves without others. Neither can God. To some extent your being is like a mirror which God wishes to contemplate, just as She is the mirror where you contemplate yourself. This is not due to something that you have done, or to your merit, or an imposition, but just what you are. A mirror cannot cease to reflect what is in front of it, but it can become cloudy or dirty and obscure the image. The same goes for your heart.

III. Mirror of Love

Love always remains unalterably in your consciousness; that is, you can be constantly aware of that your heart and mind are in oneness. They are the abode of Heaven and the vessel of wisdom where the Creator eternally enjoys a divine relationship with Her beloved. However, your awareness can cloud it, in which case the reflection of the love of your soul is distorted. Those who look at it will be unable to see the Mother but will instead see something that has nothing to do with truth.

Spiritual vision returns purity to the Soul and makes a marred mirror be as clean as pure crystal. Only love can keep your mind clear.

When you understand the term “clear mind,” you can begin to understand and joyfully accept what I am saying. A clear mind is like a transparent crystal that acts as a mirror in which the beauty of Christ can be seen. That is why mental discipline is so important—to focus the mind on truth, so that illusion does not blur the mirror of your soul.

The prayer of silence is the perfect way to keep your mind clear of all judgment and interference that comes from the mental noise of internal disorder. This type of prayer, which is contemplative, is to unite without judgment with everything arising within. As I have already said, true silence comes from the suspension of judgment. To judge others is to judge God; to do so you judge what you are. Judgment is an unnatural capacity of the mind. Judgments tarnish the clarity of your holy mind.

All lack of love blackens the crystal of your soul and prevents the reflection of the glory of the Mother. A mansion can be built with the most refined arts and majestic architecture, but its beauty cannot be enjoyed if it is dirty and disorderly.

The call you hear is the same made to your sisters and brothers. It is not many calls, for love is one.

When I speak of your role in the world as a worker for God, I do not emphasize specific aspects. The reason is that the Creator, creating through you, requires something only you can give and which is realized within your divine relationship with Christ.

Your function is to give love and to eternally extend the holiness of God, forever creating new love. This you can do only in unity with the living Christ who lives in you, because Christ is Heaven, love, and life, which is the same as saying that Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Merely by fully accepting this truth, pure knowledge will reveal itself in you and truth will make an appearance in the world. It is one thing to understand this with your mind and accept it joyfully in your heart, and another to make the truth one with your being. You are not called just to understand the truth or feel the sweetness of wisdom, but to make them both be what you are.

To become one with love is to be love. To become one with truth is to be the truth that you reflect. To remain united to the beauty of Christ is to be that beauty.

In order to fulfill your mission of being love in the world it is necessary to respect freedom. Therefore, the specificity of your function is something only you, in union with Christ, can determine,

Shaping the spirit is something only your heart can do because your way of loving will be unique even though you love with the same love. Your expression of beauty will arise from your freedom. Therefore, to answer the question in a direct way, I will say that what you consider to be the best way to make God known is your work for Her.

All joy of the soul comes from working for love, or in other words, to serve God. The work you have with God is work you do in union with Christ, with the angels of Heaven, with the Creator of the holy, beautiful, and perfect, with those brothers and sisters who have chosen to work for Her and with me, a loving mother who will always be with you. It is a collaborative work in which your unique contribution is essential.

Ask: “What work have I to do for God? How do I serve love?” Once asked in the silence of prayer-contemplation, the answer will be given. Your heart will beat full of vibrant life and beatitude, ardently desiring a particular mode of expression of God’s love. Let yourself be carried away by the wind of that holy desire. Remember that in God there is no effort and no sacrifice.

Your work with love is not to be done with suffering, but in the joy of being who you really are. For that you need to know yourself sufficiently.

You who have come this far—no matter which path you have walked or how you have come upon my word expressed in this particular way—are the ones who have already completed the path of knowledge and are ready to choose love and the way in which you will uniquely express it. When I say that you have completed the path of knowledge, I do not mean that you will not continue to know eternally the infinite depth of divine truth or the wisdom of Heaven. Knowing God is a matter for all eternity, just like your being. I am saying that you have the necessary knowledge to go a step further.

Now you are in perfect condition to start your work with me. I do not reject any sign of love, since I am the essence of life. The key to love is not form but content. Nevertheless, the form is important, extremely important, otherwise God would not have conceived it. I will speak a little more, then, about the relationship of form and love.

IV. True Expression

When love manifests form, there is no distance between them. They are a unit, with form serving content. Conflict disappears when you allow that harmony to be what your life is. As you go deeper into your particular mission with God, you will find new expressions because spiritual expressions of oneself are infinite. Love begins to express in the plane of bodies and personalities without difficulty. Indeed, this is what makes the body as enlightened as the mind, while preserving the difference in quality between the two.

To live a concerted life is to live in harmony with yourself and your expression; harmony with spirit, mind, and body. When those dimensions remain united in love and truth, then it is Christ who speaks, breathes, contemplates, is silent, loves; who is the one who writes and the one who sings; the one who gives and who receives.

Your function is to make known the love of God in your way of being. Then what the Creator is, extends through your being. My dear sons and daughters, you have long been searching for the truth about what you are. You have traveled paths distant from love to reach it. Love has found you. From that encounter

a new love has arisen, the love in which our relationship lives.

There is a memory in the depth of your mind and heart, the memory of the first love of the soul, which is God. That memory is what we bring to consciousness in different ways, repeating things and giving different expressions to the very same truth so that each thought, each beat of your heart, each cell of your body, is impregnated by love.

The union with my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus will always be your refuge and the source of your knowledge and action. You know the wheel that you must move in your soul to allow the flow of divine union to spill over you. You have turned and turned that wheel many times during this time we have spent in this work together so far.

But today I ask you to let that inner key remain forever turning. It is no longer necessary when you feel fear to run and ask your mother from Heaven to turn on the light so that the ghosts and goblins of the night do not scare you. You need not turn on or off a light anymore because you no longer sleep. You are awake. You are the illuminated ones of the Lamb.

You are among those who have deliberately asked yourselves what your work for God is, the ones who have asked the Most High to take them into Her hands so that they can work for

Her in the construction of the Kingdom of Heaven, which from all eternity God the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have conceived to carry out through you.

Working for God is an open invitation in which love calls you to be who you truly are in union with Christ. Being a creator is your destiny. You are the light of the Mother’s glory because you are the crystal where light is reflected.

Not expecting anything in return for work for God is the essence of love.

We have returned to a wisdom as old as time and remembered the basic principles of union between being and doing, governing and peace, wisdom and science. Everything that arises in you can be joined in love if you allow it. Because of this union, extension takes place as an effect of love.

Since what I am talking about is holy love, what extends into unity is holiness. Making Earth a paradise is your function wherever you are. You do it when you smile with love, when you pray with loving devotion, when you write for the sole joy of expressing, when you prepare a dinner with love, or when you lead a town to peace. Giving freely what you have freely received is love for love.

Those who have known love know that love is their destiny and their joy, and extending love in every moment becomes their only goal. They enjoy being what they are, by which means the divinity of Christ extends to the universe. They do not think about how others do it or not, they simply allow love to penetrate them and in divine relationship they are what the Mother of creation has arranged. They are one with love and the love of God expressed uniquely. They embody the uniqueness of love. They are like flowers that embellish the surface of the water, traveling imperturbably, carried by the spirit of eternal life where the light is born and where air finds movement and is transformed into a light breeze. They do not think about the world. They do not think about anything. They just rest in love.

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