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The Light of My Glory

A message from Jesus as the Universal Voice of Love, being full God, fully Christ, and fully human

I. Prelude

Whoever remains in me lives in the abode of light and therefore receives eternal life.

I am the abode of love. I live in it. I come from it, and to it come those who are of the truth.

In My dwelling there is no sunlight, nor does the moon shine, not even the light of fire, nor any other known light, for only the light of My glory shines. Those who come to this abode will never have to return. They are those who were reborn in the waters of the Lamb; those who returned to Me, brought by My spirit as the wind brings the fragrance of flowers. They see with the eyes of the spirit, and love with the heart of God. They know the mysteries of Heaven because truth was revealed to their enlightened minds.

God Herself has securely preserved the treasure of wisdom that She Herself is, to give it to those of Her children who seek Her with all their heart because they know the truth and follow it.

In My Kingdom is only the light of My glory because I am My Kingdom, in it I live, from it I come, and in it I am who I am.

Let it be known, child of truth, that the splendid light that the sun spreads to illuminate the Earth, the faint glow of the moon and stars, and the brilliant glow of fire all come from Me and return to Me, because everything emanating from My heart returns to Me.

I am the light of the universe in whose beauty all perfection is seen and enjoyed by the saints. I am the source of all heat. I am the divine essence. I have come to Earth and support all things on her, giving my revitalizing love to everything. I am the fragrance and taste of divine nectar.

The soul is the spark that emerged from My effulgent divinity and clothed itself with bodily senses to enjoy the beauty of the universe. To understand that each of your sisters and brothers, just like you, are a bit of divine consciousness through which I become aware of the material kingdom is to understand that you are God knowing yourself, just as everything that lives is.

Love came to Earth when you incarnated yourself. This is true because I am the life force that animates all breathing beings. All remain in union with the continuous flow of My breath. I am the air that you breathe and the breath itself. I am in every ray of light, every drop of water, and every cell in every body. I am the whole. I am at the heart of everything that exists. With Me I bring memory and wisdom, and with Me I take them. I am the knower and the knowledge of the wise. From Me came the wisdom that they hold, and I am the goal to which they point— the abode of life. I am divine beauty that shines in the light of the glory of love.

Two principles govern the world. One is perishable; the other, imperishable. One is physical creation, and everything in it, everything that changes. The other is that which does not change, the immutable. I am beyond both. I am the spirit of perfect love, the source of life in abundance, penetrating everything. Those who, having known the truth, see Me through spir- itual vision as the Supreme Spirit, know everything there is to know; and for this, they adore and love Me with a whole soul, whole mind, and whole heart.

I am knowledge and knower. I am the union of created and Creator. Who knows Me has reached the purpose of existence, because what else would have made Me human in you but to know Me? I know there is nothing outside of Me, therefore I know there is no other true knowledge than the supreme knowledge of the wisdom of love.

You are love incarnate. You are the pure consciousness of the Mother of lights made human in order to know the physical universe with all its beauty, magnificence, and unfathomable laws. A world of changes, of principles and endings, of times and destinies. A world of diversities. A wonderful experience, full of beauty and stories that come and go. A world where the unthinkable became possible. A world of opposites yet where the One is present.

I am the breath of My creatures. I am the breath of living love that spins the Earth and gives life to the planets. I am the inert and the animated. I am the manifested, what has not yet been made known and what will never be known. I am infinite mystery. I am the light that shines everywhere.

You are a flash of My light of wisdom and love. In you lies the beauty of My being, expressed in a particular way so that I know through you My divinity and all the realities created from the source of My holy being. Without you I could not know Myself, just as you cannot know yourself without Me. We are the observer and the observed; the known, what knows, and knowledge.

When you feel that you are alive—and this you always do— what is happening is that the Supreme Being by means of pure consciousness is experiencing itself. To manifest, consciousness became flesh. The being creates a consciousness of itself, which is an essential part of what it is. This is as true for the being of pure Divine Love that created your being with its “I am,” as it is for you.

II. Transformation and Action

Remember that action comes from being, be it from what you think you are or from what you really are. Therefore, nothing happens in your existence that has not been deliberately orchestrated by your being in union with God. In some way your life is a pact that has been made between the Creator and the created, between the knower and the knowable. While this truth has already been clearly stated, what we will now do is put it all together so you can see how an idea is transformed into action and how action is the form of thought. We will do it in a new light.

Ideas are conceived by and in the mind. Then they join with desire and with the will that they are to come true, in order to be known. Once you have decided to be aware of an idea, you begin to create the reality where it can manifest. If this process is in harmony with spirit, then you create spiritual reality and extend love; otherwise you create temporary or physical realities. This will depend on the idea itself, and the will to remain or not to remain attached to the reality of spirit.

The physical plane is a particular plane of experience. It is not the only one. It has its rules, and if you identify with it you must abide by them. To identify with something is to become one with it in some way. If you identify with love, you allow Christ to do everything that can be conceived in you. Otherwise, the action you take to make the idea come true becomes something contrary to love. In either case, what is created within you depends on you. You are the only ruler of your soul. You can be a serene and peaceful ruler who unites and extends, or a dictator and warrior who would conquer new lands to protect yourself from hostile neighbors.

The thinker, the mind that thinks, and the thought that it creates exist in relationship. This relationship, once united with the will to make the thought become real, moves towards a new relationship: that of executor, the executed action, and the kingdom in which it is executed. Then this relationship becomes transformed into another relationship which exists between the creator of the idea and the created, a relationship that can be based on love or fear, but a relationship that always exists. You cannot disconnect from what you think; that would be to disconnect from yourself. Thus it is your being that begets the thoughts, desires, feelings, and finally the actions that it conceives.

Let us now consider three types of wisdom. Although only one of them can be properly called such, it is important to distinguish between a type of apparent wisdom and a true one, given the common confusion that any “knowledge” is wisdom. Why is this important? Because it is from the wisdom of your mind that your actions proceed, and with it your experience, because it is for your experience that actions are executed, so you can consciously experience what you want to be true—what you want to be real.

First is a kind of wisdom that knows itself to be true, knows what time to leave and what time to return, what to say and when to be quiet, when to give and when not to give, discerning clearly between fear and love, slavery and freedom. This type of wisdom corresponds to the Christ nature of your being and was given at your creation. No one can escape it completely, although it can be denied.

The second kind of wisdom does not distinguish between what is true and untrue, what is just and unjust, between divine reality and illusion. Such distinctions do not come from it.

There is a third type of “wisdom” that has been obscured by the fog of forgetfulness and loss of knowledge when we consider the unreal to be real, love identified as fear and these confused with one another. This type of wisdom, which cannot be properly called that, seeks through thought to create things that cannot actually exist, yet will consider them to be real. This might be called the wisdom of deceit. It knows how to cheat, which is a characteristic of the ego. The difference between the second and third types of wisdom is that they differ in the degree of their denial of reality. The second denies it; the third would make illusions real.

Prayer is the way to remain united with eternal wisdom, for prayer is the vehicle through which divine knowledge flows from Creator to created. When you remain in the state of prayer-contemplation, that is, in the stillness of your being, you join with wisdom. In that state, the movement of mind and vital breath are harmonious, bringing inner peace and concentration. I call this pure concentration. It is the only state where you can think with the right mind.

III. Ancestral Wisdom

Thoughts engendered by a mind at peace are alien to those produced by the discordant state of fear. You can easily experience this when you focus on your heart. Thoughts of peace create harmony and are serene. Thoughts that arise from a state of fear are coated with anxiety and are selfish. Remember that selfishness is the basis of all suffering and love is the basis of all true liberation.

The light of thought shines from the mind. That is why I have told you that together we can enlighten the world. All light must come from a source, and every thought must come from a source. Nothing in creation gives us thought; there must be a mind that thinks what it thinks about everything that exists and what is about to exist. This applies also to your world. With this reminder we seek to unlock the blockages of fear that exist in your heart which prevent the free expression of your being.

There is no source external to you, not even God, because She and you are a unit. From Her your being takes the vital energies and the nectar of life that flows through the veins of your body and through your holy spirit. Nothing can subsist disconnected from Me. You are a ray of sunshine emanating from the light of My glory. I speak to you about matters such as discernment and wisdom because you will soon begin to understand more about your redemptive mission. You have a job to do for God. You want to do it with all your strength and your whole heart.

Before going out to the world announcing love, a period of instruction is necessary. It is the period you are spending with this work. It does not matter from where you come or where you think you are. You who have received these words dwell in the design of the Mother of wisdom and were chosen as a pure soul to play a very specific role, even though it comes from the pure abstraction of the being that God is.

Preparation before activity is wise, which is why we spend this time together with all these messages that are being given to the world, to grow in a greater knowledge of God’s love. That is the only wisdom necessary, the wisdom of perfect love, the wisdom that allows you to recognize love when it makes an appearance.

In your united heart and mind is the knowledge necessary to discern what comes from love and what does not. You can discern it because, as I have said, your heart knows what love is. There is no reason from now on to confuse respect with fear, reverence with submission, being with separation, ego with holiness.

To live in love is to remain united to the source that gives you life because you come from love. Everything that your eyes see comes from love and exists within it, because the Supreme Being embraces everything. All sin is contained by holiness. All fear by love. All illusion by truth. This is so because there can be no reality outside the one reality. Just as the dream is contained within the mind of the dreamer and thought within the mind of the thinker, you are within the heart of God, being what Her will disposes you to be according to your will.

Your will is contained within the divine will because nothing can be outside of it. Literally, all light you know and even light you do not know comes from the Creator. The same is true with every bit of land, every breeze, every soul, and every thought.

Because actions are the effect of a thought, there is a relationship between who executes it and the action itself. This relationship exerts an effect in two directions, as does any relationship. If the act arises from what is not love, then you are involved in a non-loving relationship. This is true regardless of how that act is seen in the eyes of others, whether it involves a person or is simply a way of structuring a thought. There are visible and invisible actions, but they are actions nonetheless; and those who execute them have a relationship with them. Nothing happens outside of relationship. This is why your heart knows that certain acts create disharmony and others do not. The heart knows very well if a thought, sentiment, idea, or action comes from truth or illusion, from love or fear.

Because you have a sacred role to play in the world of time, space, and activity, I will distinguish between certain types of actions. An action arising from the first type of wisdom is a creative action, therefore I will call it “creation.” The others are actions based on doing. Creating is not the same as doing. I will describe this in more detail so that minds and hearts can see in the clarity of truth.

In God there is no such thing as doing. God does nothing. God simply creates because She is a Creator. Creating does not involve the action itself, although it can be translated into one since form can represent content. Doing always involves fear because it starts from an idea in which something pre-established is planned, then the idea is executed to make possible what the plan establishes. Doing always is part of a predetermi- nation. Determinism has no space in creation because life does not anticipate anything. There is no time, and therefore no place, for anticipations of any kind.

Doing is always guided by a series of ideas related in some way to the ego. Thus planning generates slavery and takes away your freedom, in addition to increasing the feeling of fear. Non-planning is part of the life of the spirit. It is the path that must be taken followed to serve love. Love does not plan because it has no structure.

IV. Creating and Doing

Creating comes from spirit. Doing arises from the thinking or lower mind. Love creates the birds of the sky. Doing can build a bridge. Clearly discerning the source from which an action arises is essential to the spiritual path. Since spirit is attached to all that you are, it also joins the reality of the physical plane, hence the world of action.

In the world the execution of acts is the result of pre-established ideas. It does not make sense, nor is it necessary, to deny the dimension of what we call the world. Doing is as inherent in the world as movement. Movement and action go hand-in-hand. In this way doing resembles both creation and action. Both are manifested movement. But they differ from each other in their source.

Creative acts are those that arise from the wisdom of love, from a wisdom not of the world and which cannot be accessed through the thinking mind. This type of wisdom lives in the peace of the soul. Therefore, such creative acts are in harmony with creation or with the creative potency of the soul. I am distinguishing those acts from creations that are egoic acts arising from fear.

When you do something in order to get something in return, you act from an egocentric mental pattern. Love seeks nothing in return. It does not understand the reasoning of benefits. Love is what it is without expectation. It simply gathers within itself all that is true and extends it eternally within the beauty of God’s heart, which is where its sweetness dwells. Love has no rules since it is its own law. It does not compete because it knows that nothing outside of itself is real.

Acts not coming from the wisdom of love will always be tinged with fear because they lack the truth and therefore the benevolence that only Christ can manifest. Doing, when disconnected from love, is indeed destructive. Herein lies the cause of much hurt in this world, which no one living in the peace and unchanging harmony of being and its stillness could ever do. Those with hearts remaining attached to the peace of Christ would never think of ideas so far outside of love.

Love in its knowing cannot conceive of anything unloving. Peace is the refuge of the soul and the medium in which every creative act finds its source because love dwells there. Peace cannot be without love, just as there can be no life in the seas without water.

I can use a simple example from your daily life. When you prepare a dinner you could intend to seduce someone and convince them to sign a very beneficial contract and close a deal important to you. Accordingly it will be an ostentatious dinner that you organize. In this case there is an action without love being present, only the desire to obtain a benefit.

When a dinner is prepared from love, for the sole joy of love, that dinner will be very different. You can express a lot of love when preparing the dinner, or a simple breakfast. When you use the ability to express the love that lives in you, the form will not be essential, although it will be a perfect reflection of the love that has given it life.

Form is paramount when doing that which does not come from the Christ in you. Such form is empty of content because love is absent. But when love is the engine of your life and everything you do or refrain from doing emanates from union with Christ, then form becomes sacred.

Here you have the perfect discernment for doing. For this reason I have given you a prayer of wisdom through which you may invoke her so that she, and only she, is the source of your knowledge and activity.

Doing is to creation what form is to content. Doing that comes from spirit has an effect different from that which arises from any other place, such as by obligation, desire for approval, convenience, or convention. All is tinged with fear because it arises from the thought of survival.

You can paint a picture, develop a spiritual work of great scope, establish a world-class scientific theory, or write books and be seen and celebrated in the world as a genius, but if what you do is not the effect of your being in Christ, it will not be creative, however “genius” it may seem. Those works will not be eternal, even if they last as long as time lasts.

The works of wisdom are eternal. They are not for time but for eternity, although time cannot prevent their expression.

The only creative act is love because only love is real and only love creates love. Therefore, doing works is not part of creation, as the concept of doing works is conceived of in the world. Attachment to doing is typical of the ego’s thought pattern and emotional response. We have already discussed this, but it is important there not remain even the slightest glimpse of the crazy idea of believing you are what you do.

Detachment from action is not attainable through passive inactivity. Neither is truth reachable by mere renunciation. You cannot be inactive in the world even for a moment. Everything is irrevocably driven to action by vital forces. If you abstain from action, but remain identified with the body and what your senses show you, you cannot enjoy the peace of God because neither the body nor the intellect are the source of wisdom.

Inaction is a bronze idol, just as damaging to your heart and mind as building a god of doing. Sooner or later from the idol will arise anxiety, anguish, and the sadness of not being, or on the other hand the frenzy, wildness, and lack of control arising from fear.

Likewise, not planning in itself means nothing. The important thing is not to stick to the results of an action or a plan. In this world, spirit can establish plans in harmony with the divine plan rather than the planning mode to which you are accustomed.

Truly, the world does not know what a true plan is because God’s plan comes from an unconditioned mind in unity with the Sacred Heart. When you live in love, everything is realized by love. Doing is not the same as realizing.

When I say you are the realized one, I am not saying you are something that God has done. You are not the result of a potter who takes clay and makes you like a statue and then gives life by breathing into you a vital breath. That metaphor should be properly understood. Your being has been “molded” by the spirit of wisdom and therefore was created in perfection with all the elements of divinity. That is what is meant by, “and breathed into him the breath of life, and man became a living being.”

Many myths and stories try to explain your origin. They try to explain the creation of the soul, but none could do it exactly because creation cannot be put into words. No one understands where inspiration comes from or how spirit breathes the life of a divine idea into a mind.

To act with a human spirit united to divine spirit, and to remain in that state, is what it means to be a God-Human. It is something not only possible but natural to what you are. Acting from outside of inspiration is to manufacture things devoid of reality; this is why they are strictly temporary.

Just as there are joys that come from the heart and from the experience of unity with the mystical being and embed in the soul a joy that it cannot be described but surely felt, pleasures of the world are a pale and transient reflection of the enjoyment of a soul that lives for God. Remember, the temporality of pleasures is what makes them so infused with fear.

Know how to discern in the light of wisdom—the only light under which something can be considered true knowledge— between creating and doing, joy and pleasure, being wise and being cultured. This is the basis for carrying out the work of God that you must perform in the world. It is why we are going through these matters here again.

Beloved, meditate upon these last three sessions as often as possible, without applying the slightest effort, because old patterns of thought can interfere very subtly with your sincere desire to live in love.

Holy friend of God! Beautiful thought emanating from the Mother of Perfection! Remain forever in Me. Throw yourself confidently into My arms and you will be united with wisdom not of the world, but yours because you are the light of My glory. From our holy union will arise all inspiration through which the Supreme Informer will dictate to the Informed Saint every thought, work, or omission that, as a means by which God Herself extends, will be carried out as arranged by Divine Love and blessing. Stay in love. Desire nothing but to remain in Her. The rest will be added.

Beloved soul! Close your eyes and the doors and windows of your room. Set aside your past, your present, your future, time, and everything to do. Let all thoughts flow freely, without getting involved in them. Sit relaxed and immersed in the depths of the purity of your soul. Wherever the tenderness and wisdom of Heaven dwells, it delights eternally. Remain in unwavering stillness. Let love embrace you. In that embrace the work of My hands will be realized in you. Stay there and listen to what love has come to tell you. Listen to it speak in a language without words, arising from the infinity of being in which you will forever be the light of my glory.

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