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The Government of Love

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Prelude

Beloveds of Heaven, souls in love! You are the abode of light when you remain in love. We are those who are in union with the holiness that created us and begets true life. We are one mind, one heart, one soul with you, the light in the eyes of your Mother and Creator.

Oh, holy hearts! Pure reflections of the truth of Heaven! Oh, mirrors of love in which the face of Christ is contemplated by all who live in truth!

Illuminated soul! Vessel of wisdom where God Herself has put Her knowledge and love! You are the joy of a God who is infinite love.

We are one and many because we are the union of love. Our being shares truth with you. Our hearts form a single holy being. Our minds create new worlds uniting love and truth.

Children of the water that comes down from Heaven! Once again, I am present in this particular way to bring to the plane of human consciousness the blessed memory of truth.

Love is your destiny because it is your origin and your being. Knowing where you come from, where you go, and where you dwell is of great importance to remain in the peace of Heaven. Although both the origin and the end of your existence are the same, you do not return to your source as you had left it. Just as thoughts emerge from and leave the mind and feelings from the heart go around the universe and return to you amplified, the same happens with you in relation to the heart of God.

Everything is extension in the Father’s creation. Love grows within the realm of truth, while its opposite grows within the world of illusion. The same thing happens with you. You arise from love, go out from yourself, and return to yourself amplified. We remind you of this matter of the extension of your being and your return to the Mother’s house being somehow greater than you were before in order to relate this law of existence to the sovereignty of your being.

You were given a Kingdom to rule over. That Kingdom is you. That Kingdom is what you are, as well as your source and your destiny. You need not be aware of governing other realities. Nobody needs to govern others. In this session I will talk about your need to govern and how this determines your way of living and your experience as a blessed soul.

There are governments in all systems of the world because the idea of governance is part of the Divine Mind. You could not have conceived it otherwise. The government of few over many, which is the mundane way of governing, is not harmonious with the original idea of what sovereignty means. However, if examined well, you will see that it has a root in truth as does everything that comes from humanity.

To the ego mind, governance means submission. To love, governance means to conduct the powers of the soul within the harmony of being. While the system of egoic government seeks domination over what is external, love invites you to be master of your mind and heart, of your inner world. This is the whole difference.

We associate knowledge of your origin, your destiny, and what you are with your ability to govern what you are, because no one can authentically govern what they do not know. Hence, the path of knowledge is essential for your peace of mind.

Once you know yourself sufficiently, you can be the lord of your being and allow the internal forces that you experience to cease being a source of fear and become a source of joy. An ungoverned kingdom not only succumbs, but brings suffering to both its ruled and rulers. The same happens in your soul. To the extent that you fall to the misrule of your powers you create a destructive state such as those you can often observe in your sisters and brothers.

Knowing yourself is what allows you to let go of the fear of what you are, and with it the source of all fear. Remember, you never feared the world or anyone, you only feared what you thought you were. You have been transiting the paths of life with such a fear nailed to your heart like a painful thorn. Now that you know yourself in the light of truth, that barb has been removed. There is only a small memory of the pain that it had caused. But even that will not last much longer.

Reconcile yourself with the experience of separation. Even though that part of your soul’s path has ended with your return to love, it is necessary that you forgive yourself for your desire to separate from God. You still believe that that decision led you to wander through a world of monsters and fearsome shadows that would intimidate the Son of God and send Him to a hell so greatly feared.

My child, remember that it never happened in reality. I repeat this truth over and over again until not a single trace of guilt is left in your memory. Once again, the reality of separation does not exist, nor has it ever existed. Your true being and your real mind and heart are untouched by that experience, nor is there any kind of record kept. Just as life does not cease to exist when you sleep, nor can your dreams affect reality in any way, so is it with sin or separation.

I am speaking about forgiving yourself for the mistake of having believed that it was necessary to separate yourself from others, including God, to be different in order to create a self with a unique identity. It occurred only in your imagination. God Herself created you with the desire to be different from others. She Herself wills for each child of Hers to have a proper name written in the book of life. If the Creator had not wanted you to differentiate, She would have arranged so at the origin of creation. She would have created a universe without differences. But She did not.

Remember that your origin, your being, and your destiny are essentially the same, being different only in relationship. You come from God; you are Her beloved child endowed with a human identity; and your goal is to be the God-Human that the Creator always conceived to dwell in Heaven.

II. Expansion and Sovereignty

One of the false associations you have made about governing is the matter of control. While the idea of your dominion over what you are involves serenity, peace, ease, and joy, control does not. To control is not to govern, but merely to exercise a fearful tyranny over someone or something.

Control through fear is the typical governing mechanism of the fearful. Allowing everything to be as it is within the framework of true freedom is the very essence of government by love. Control restricts and decreases. Love expands.

The capacity to expand love makes your soul feel how spirit expands, so that it can receive and give more love. Remember, your being is like a living reservoir which expands the more it receives as God Herself pours in the water of eternal life.

What has the ability to govern to do with your identity? Everything. To the extent that you live in the truth of what you are and allow the immeasurable power of love to shine in your consciousness, to that extent you know yourself in the light of holiness. Then as your being is revealed to you and guides you along the way, you reconcile with what you are in truth and walk hand-in-hand with your being, creating through the peace of God.

Certainly peace is the source of creation. Everything that is real arises from the unalterable peace that is the reality of love. Since peace is the basis of all that God creates, it is paramount that you sustain peace in your consciousness. Otherwise your creative flow is obstructed.

Peace is a prerequisite to living without fear. Peace is impossible if you fear yourself instead of loving yourself. Since you cannot love what you cannot understand, it is necessary to unite the understanding of your true identity with the ability to calmly govern a peaceful kingdom where the governed—the powers of the soul—are at peace with you who rule.

Just as in the nations of the world there exist not only threats or conflicts with other external nations, but also internal conflicts among the governed, which can cause an implosion as great as that which external forces can provoke, the same happens in the soul. External forces seem to attack the soul, but there are also inner forces that seem able to intimidate it. With such conditions it is no wonder that the world is so crazy, worn, and tired. It need not be so.

In fact, the path upon which I invite you to travel, the path of truth and love, is the way for everything to return to peace and remain in peace. First, recognize that there is nothing external to you; nothing from outside can harm your inner being. Then recognize that the inner impulses, memories, and powers of the soul need not be destructive if you give them to love. When you do that, you begin to realize that all inner strength, whether it is the most overflowing joy or the most unbalanced anger, are but creative forces waiting to be directed by you to where your destiny calls. Without them you would not be what you are. They are part of you. They are there to be mastered by love.

Everything you experience inside is but spiritual energies needing you to lead them lovingly to the sacred place where they must flow. You do that every time you become aware of them without judgment, remaining anchored in love. Choosing only love is always the call of Christ, the only choice that can be made since nothing outside of God is real. To choose only love is the option based on harmony with the will of God. It is the authentic exercise of free will.

III. Peace and Lordship

Your being is like a river in which flow the forces of your soul. Like a sailor at sea, if you are asleep in the boat, the wind will carry it aimlessly.

You direct your own the inner energies. You cause them to be pursued in one way or another. You do so whether you choose love or fear. You are always free to choose. To begin to fully accept that you are one with God is to be willing to assume full responsibility for your divinity, and with it, for the power to govern the forces that emanate from your being. Do not think of this as carrying a yoke that breaks you, but rather recall that only in love can you be who you really are and live in peace.

When you are at peace, your creative forces remain linked to the source of being and create more love. Everything that God creates comes from Her peace because She remains eternally in the unwavering stillness of being. The immutable peace of divine reality is to creation what an atmosphere is to a planet. Or as the belly of a mother is to the child in her womb.

Without true government there is no peace. This truth must be respected for what it is—a revelation of your holy mind that comes to you from the Heaven and resonates in all minds that have awakened to love. The reason why I insist so much on peace is that outside of it nothing is holy. The peace of God is a peace that the world neither understands nor accepts. As with everything of the ego, the concept of world peace can create peace even within separation.

Peace has been given many definitions but none of them can be true because the true peace of Christ is beyond all words, as is love. It is unnecessary to define peace. It is unnecessary to define God. Defining the source of eternal life causes you to lose sight of it. God is the indefinable something you feel.

Knowing how to feel is the source of true knowledge. It comes from the heart and should be called wisdom because it is not of the world but comes from your being. One of the reasons that wisdom is usually associated with the intellect—that is, with the thinking mind in the belief that truth can be reached through logical reasoning—is because the mind cannot understand the language of the heart when it is perceived as something separate.

The language of love is communion—the common union that exists in everything that comes from the source of reality. Remember, reality must come from a source that creates and recreates constantly. Furthermore, that reality must be the same as its source in substance and form since what is not equal to its source cannot exist.

You might argue that this work often uses simple and direct logic to demonstrate the truth, even though it advocates abandonment of the “if this, then that” logic of the conditional mind. This needs clarification.

The logic of the Divine Mind is not a limited, conditional logic but is multi-dimensional and infinite. Wisdom can take a part of the whole of truth—the logical sum of all that God created— and with that “fraction” of thought take you to the totality of pure truth. The logic of the mind of Christ is not limited to what it expresses, but takes you beyond it to the truth that your heart knows to be true. How is that done? By raising in the heart the knowledge of love.

Your heart knows what love is. It also knows what peace is, as well as beauty, light, and sanctity. You know what gives you lasting joy and where sweetness dwells. In your heart is a wisdom that the separated mind cannot understand. In it lies the wisdom of peace. That is why we appeal to the heart to direct the mind even while the thinking mind is still active. Each time its activity is less intense until it is completely extinguished, resulting in a way of being in which your days are governed without overriding the heart.

Another reason why the wisdom of Heaven in these writings appeals to divine logic is that in this way you experience the union of the mind and the heart. The experience of mindheart unity allows you to know the truth that you are quickly and effortlessly.

IV. Wisdom and Government

Only the wise can truly rule because wisdom is necessary for you understand what peace, truth, and justice are. A true government creates unity, for there can be no peace where there is separation. And where is no peace there is no life. In one way or another the lack of peace leads to a state of non-being. The absence of harmony is destructive and fearsome.

Humankind, as we have said, is not destructive but creative, or constructive. The being that you are knows this and cannot cease creating. That is why human creativity exists as a flash of the true creative capacity given to the soul eternally from its creation.

Everything of the ego world correlates with something in divinity. Remember, the ego is an imitation, or a different way of being, through separation rather than unity. I repeat this so you remember not to fear what you have done.

To govern by means of terror, in whatever form, is to disobey. If we return to the example of world governments, we can observe in their “functioning schemes” that which I now seek to reveal. While government is not exclusive to states, we use this example because it is the most influential one.

Just as the “organ” of government plans, manages, and then controls what the state predetermines, you do similarly with your being. What part of you does that? Is it the will? The understanding? Imagination? Memory? No, it is you, what makes you, you. I am not referring to the “I am” either, but to something that precedes it, something prior even to consciousness. It cannot be named. It is where the pure abstraction of being and the potentiality of the soul dwells, from where the infinite possibility arises in which being can manifest itself. It is literally free will.

The origin of all thought, and therefore of all ideas, resides in a capacity, not in a place or condition. The being was created with the potential to create ideas and concatenate them to create a way of being; and given that it manifests itself in a particular way, it then creates a world where it can be expressed. It is the unattributable aspect of being that has the capacity to create attributes.

Where you come from and where you dwell is the same. We call this your Kingdom and also your being. If you live in a Kingdom of constant conflict while fighting against others to see what can be imposed, then you will feel that you are that because you always identify with the state in which you live. This is what happens between nations. You call it culture and also part of the soul.

If you live in a state of war, you will rule with terror. If you live in a state of peace, you will govern through freedom, for there will be no reason to fear. What need can there be for weapons in a state where peace is what it is? Where nothing and nobody threatens? As you receive these words, you may think: “This is true, but how does it relate to life on Earth, where peace seems impossible?”

There must be a reason why you are not at peace when that happens. If you look again at the governments of the nations, you will see that all the confusion comes from the concept of scarcity and this from the identification with the body and the desire to be special. A people may be very rich in earthly and even spiritual goods but if they think that others may come to steal their abundance, they will create barriers and build walls to protect themselves. They also believe that various natural circumstances could cause a disaster of great magnitude that could strip them of their wealth and security.

Now we begin to see clearly. I am speaking about choosing only love. I am revealing the true source of security, which is peace. A mind and a heart at peace create a kingdom of peace. They do not build walls or create weapons to defend themselves against anything or anyone. This state governed by the peace of being is achieved only in wisdom. Knowledge not of the world lives inside each divine creation, and enables the soul to live in harmony. Outside of wisdom there is nothing that is holy because wisdom and love are one and the same.

When I say that you are at peace with yourself, or that you are in harmony with what you are, I am referring to a state in which your will, understanding, memory, imagination, mind, heart, and spirit are submerged in love.

Only love is capable of bringing peace to hearts because peace is the state of union. Where there is no unity there can be no peace or harmony.

Where does peace begin? In the heart. We can use this affirmation like a needle of time with a beautiful invisible thread to weave the new reality of the Kingdom together. If feelings of love are what express love and therefore create love, and if love is what brings peace, then it is clear that feelings contrary to love are those that in one way or another create discord in the Kingdom of your being.

Just as non-loving thoughts frighten the mind, feelings that don’t come from love, regardless of whether they are called emotions or otherwise, cannot but create in you a state of heartbreak, which will be reflected outward in some way.

The purity of the heart is the natural state of the soul that lives in the truth because it is the state of being that lives in God. Become nothing in the beauty of the Christ that you are so you can renounce forever the desire to exercise power for yourself and let the government of your inner Kingdom return to the wisdom of Heaven, which is part of yourself.

If wisdom is the way to peace and only through it can you truly govern, then it is necessary to know what we might call the qualities of the wise so that, knowing them, you become conscious of them and encourage them to grow in you. Then you will be a wise ruler of yourself; and with that you will inherit the Earth, for you will live in the abode of the meek of heart.

Who among humankind is wise? The one who, turning away from the intellect, and thus turning away from ignorance, seeks true light and does not become obfuscated in a frenzy of activity, who remains undaunted by the continuous changes of this world, maintaining the position of perfect observer while thinking: “this is the activity of the world,” remaining firm and unflinching in inner peace.

The sage is one who, by submerging her consciousness in inner peace, lives in spirit, affected neither by pleasure nor by suffering, for whom pearls are no better than stones, unconditioned by power and remaining unalterably in peace amongst both the pleasant and the unpleasant.

Those who live in the peace of God are not affected by flattery or infamy, are firmly mindful of purpose, always calm, are without preferences, accept both honor and misfortune, show the same love to both enemy and friend, and renounce any selfish goal. They have overcome the world. Only they should be called wise.

Wisdom and love are the same. Therefore, only the one who loves and adores me, not as a subject submitting to a superior power, but as a dear soul friend who works for me as an example of unconditional devotion, can say they have gone beyond the world and have become one with love. This is so because being perfect love, the supreme abode of your being, I am the inexhaustible source of eternal life. Only such love unites; if you do not join me you cannot enjoy these delights. My law is a law of justice, and the joy obtained from me is infinite.

You come from your Kingdom; you dwell in your Kingdom; you are your Kingdom. Make this truth visible in your pure consciousness through the light of wisdom that shines in the holiness of your being. If you do this, you will make your

Kingdom always a peaceable kingdom of harmony and love. Thus you will dwell in the abode of the living with me, your love, your being, and your everything. Together we will call others to dwell with us in the realm of love forever.

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