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Uniqueness: The Reality of Love

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Oneness and Identity

Child of Divine Love, today I have come to dialogue about love in diversity and the apparent contradictions that this and other spiritual works that come from the truth seem to express. I do it with love since it is a question that afflicts many minds and hearts that sincerely seek the truth.

This is a matter of great importance because many times the truth has been lost sight of in spite of having been revealed. For thousands of years it has been believed—and still continues to be believed although with less force—that truth must be found and taught by someone special in order to “enter the fold.” That was not my message when I said I was the “door.” I did not intend to make you look like sheep that should come to me in a flock.

In the life of souls there are no flocks, no herds. Acting as a pack or a group is a matter of survival and has nothing to do with truth. With God, each child is unique. God does not seek groups or herds. There is no globality of love, only the oneness of pure love. When the purpose of teachings is for an individual or group to think or act in a particular “pre-established” way by those who attribute to themselves the prerogative of knowledge—knowledge they cannot actually have, because knowledge belongs only to God— it is far from love and so discord ensues.

Love includes everything. This statement contains immense truth. Love can be all-inclusive because it is not afraid of getting lost in globality. When you join with someone and they demand for you be a way that is not yours—which happens whenever someone demands something from someone—then your soul feels rejected. It triggers the fear of not being, which will manifest itself in many ways. You can choose to adapt and believe that you can function better that way. That may be correct in the sense of survival. However, it will make you feel bad about yourself since you will feel that you betrayed your being.

To not be who you are is a tragedy of such magnitude that you will never allow anything or anyone to completely annul you. The pain will tell you: brother, sister, do not let them kill your soul.

You are eternal life. Nothing can obliterate what you are. However, what can be annulled is your expression. If you do not express yourself authentically, then your being has not manifested. For you and for everyone who has come this far, living in truth means being authentic. The truth should not be defined in any other way. Truth and authenticity of the heart are synonymous.

This work is a sample of the authenticity of God’s heart. Because it is the voice of Christ that speaks through these words, it uses symbols that are characteristic of a particular expression. It does not seek to adapt to new times, to trends, or spiritual or cultural fashions. It simply expresses what it does, manifested through a soul who, as a human being with a given context, expresses universal love in a particular way.

Just as you often enjoy a reading or a song for its prose or melody even though words do not mean anything of value, so it is with every manifestation of the soul: your heart can feel the music of truth.

The value of an expression does not reside in its particularity, but from what is beyond the work itself. If you admire the wonders of creation but stop at its outer limits, you do not reach the God who created it. Likewise with the creations of souls.

No expression is inherently better or more truthful or more magnificent than another. All are expressions. Some sprout from the authenticity of the heart, others do not. The first come from the spirit of wisdom, the others from the ego.

II. One Truth, Many Expressions

Love is diverse or it would not be infinite. This is important to comprehend. As has been said, if you look at everything in creation, you will realize God’s love for diversity. Differences can exist within equality. There is a relationship between them. The difference between you and others exists and must be expressed. That does not mean you have to separate or fight with your sister or brother. The desire to make others more like how you think, feel, or express yourself comes from a misunderstanding. It is the basis of a fundamental error.

It is incorrect to believe that truth, because it is one and universal, has to be expressed in a single way. The truth is love, and love is being. Truth, love, and “I am” are a unity.

If you are not yourself, you are not loving because to extend love is to extend your being. Herein lies the basis of the plan for salvation. Salvation does not save you from your being or from sin. You came to free yourself from everything that prevents the free expression of your true self.

You can be a man or a woman who complies with all laws, human morals, and good manners and yet you will not be holy unless you are yourself. You can act as a great variety of characters. You actually do that every time you are not being authentic. You can do a lot while not being who you are, but with it you will not make the light that you are shine in the darkness nor reveal your beauty and happiness with life. All this remains hidden behind the actor’s mask used to represent what is not.

What other reason but fear can there be to hide what you really are? The fear of being different may cause you not to want a relationship with people, books, or ideas. You do not want the other to change you. You do not want to stop being as you are, so naturally you are unwilling to enter into situations or relationships that might make that happen.

How can you overcome the fear of being different? By accepting differences with love, by beginning to understand and recognize that there is beauty and wisdom in diversity. Beauty and diversity go hand-in-hand. While it is true that admiration makes the heart cling to the object of admiration, just as the soul is captivated by the admiration of God, nevertheless you do not lose your being in admiration. Love is unity. The mind is fascinated with novelty. Novelty is a source of joy for the mind. That is why God is irresistible.

If the heart is captured by what you admire like the needle to a magnet, and the mind is fascinated by novelty, how could non-diversity occur in the fullness of love? Wouldn’t a world where there is no space for differences be boring?

Not a single day is like that in God. Not a single ray of light is identical to another. Not a single stream of water is the same as another. The river, the wind, and the sun are never the same, and neither are souls. Life is renewing in every moment of existence. Love is what makes this so, because love is the creative and re-creative source of reality.

The limited mind seeks to make truth fit into a tight skin, not realizing that God, and therefore also life, is infinite. It is not necessary to convince anyone of anything, nor to follow others’ teachings. The only important thing is for you to continue to express the Divine Love that you truly are, allowing your being to express itself united to your holiness.

The time of evangelization has ended. The time for the elimination of uniqueness has ended. There is no space for anything that would annul an individual’s distinctiveness. The world will witness an irrepressible emergence of the desire to be authentic. Any ideology that would limit the particular will or singularity of each soul will fail with greater speed and stridency than heretofore, because as a direct relationship with God becomes more conscious, it will also be recognized that there are no intermediaries between each of the Creator’s sons and daughters and their source.

A direct relationship with God creates the new. The world that arises from divine relationship cannot be like one based on the ego. One is the world of separation, the other a world of unity in diversity.

III. Universal Uniqueness

There is another cause of the fear of being different: as already mentioned, the fear of losing yourself, ceasing to be yourself. Yet another fear arises from a belief in the low value of your being. So on the one hand you defend what you are, but on the other you believe that what you are is of little value, so that your expression has no impact or little meaning. In the extreme case you even think that expressing yourself would be a humiliation before the supposed magnificent manifestations of others.

This also must be corrected. The only thing that matters to God is truth. The rest is a matter of humanity. In truth there is beauty. In truth there is magnanimity. In truth there is security, subtlety, and novelty. Therefore, when you look face-to-face at the Christ in you, the only thing that exists is how much you live in the truth. And since living in truth is authentically being you, then the only existential question in your mind would be whether you are expressing yourself honestly no matter what.

What the world does with what you are, is not your business or mine. It is the business of others. You cannot control the response of others. Some will ignore you. Others will applaud you. Still others will use it against you or in your favor. None of it matters. The only important thing is to be who you really are. And remember that no one in this world really knows you except Christ.

Why do you think I have taken so much time for all these years to instruct you about what you are? Why would I have talked so extensively about your identity? The reason is simple: there is no purpose for your existence other than that you express yourself as you really are. The extension of God resides in your expression of your being. If you meditate on the fact that the Creator of everything holy, beautiful, and perfect extended to who you are, then you can begin to realize how important it is that you be freely what you are.

Freedom is the reality of love. Life would not exist otherwise. We understand that diversity is essential to love. God created infinite beings and will always create without limit. Nobody can limit their pure love that extends eternally. This law of creation must also be reflected on Earth. Do not seek to limit the part for the sake of the whole; that would attempt to remove what is part of the whole.

Singularity is as universal as equality. Equality, while preserving differences, is the way of God. This expression, as a spiritual work, abides by this law. You could think of these as one of countless writings that exist and will exist, some with a spiritual format, others with other formats, all of which come from the same source of wisdom.

What calls you to love the most comes from God. Accordingly, concerning the spiritual paths that exist, choose the one that resonates in your soul according to your nature. Each soul is different in some aspect, so not all spiritual paths, however enlightened they may be, can be used by all. What is of benefit to some may not be to others.

To choose the spiritual path that fits the nature of your heart, it is necessary to know yourself well enough and to love yourself fully enough that you are in a position to choose what your heart tells you. There, where you find peace, joy, and tranquility, is where you should stay; that is where your heart is asking you to dwell.

A religion that does not lead to love should be left aside. This is not as easy to do as it may seem. Many are clinging to beliefs or forms of spirituality that prevent their souls from expressing themselves freely. There are no spiritual teachers; there is only one true teacher—your spirit.

What your heart asks of you, give. What your spirit inspires you to do, do. Follow the voice of love. You did not before, which is why in other times it was necessary to manifest philosophical, ideological, and spiritual currents that sought to get others into the fold. But these are not those times. Unto each century is its challenge.

IV. New Signs of the Times

Every century has its novelty. This century, if the signs are well understood, could be called the century of freedom. More and more of humankind will be freer and will seek to express themselves easily.

There is a time of transition between the time of slavery that exemplified the belief in external authority, and life directed from the authenticity of the heart, from the inner guide. The divine spirit that started the movement for freedom will not stop. More and more individuation of all kinds will arise, more searches to be oneself, even expressed in behaviors that could be seen as eccentric. It is an appeal to everyone to be what they are, forgoing the conditioning of minds and hearts but adhering only to those dictates of the heart and mind united in the fullness of love. Be assured that the day will soon arrive when only love will be your happy guide, a day when you will jubilantly sing a new eternal hosana to the love of God.

Living in absolute freedom is difficult at first for those who have long lived in prison. However, the longing for freedom and the ability to live in freedom is inherent to being. Therefore, no matter how deeply humankind was enslaved by the tyranny of the ego, freedom will finally be expressed.

Regaining freedom is the final link in the chain of salvation. It is the goal of atonement, and therefore will be attained. This work is an example—a different way of expressing the direct relationship of the soul with the one God who created everything in love and truth. This work does not pretend to teach anything. It only seeks to express itself and does so by sharing love for what is received with love. Everyone will see in it what they want to see.

Some will find the treasure of beauty that these words contain and the immense love for God that this blessed scribe professes, spending hours, days, and years writing what Heaven dictates in the voice of love. They will understand also how much love moves those who, together with this helping hand, make it possible for these words to reach others. All, like you who receive these words, are part of the design of Divine Love.

Think, blessed brother and sister of mine, how much energy, and spiritual and material resources Christ has moved in union with so many of your brothers and sisters for these words of love and wisdom to come to you who are the recipient of this letter of love from God the Mother. How long has Christ sought for you all over the world to have these writings and to touch your heart! All just for love! Oh, beloved humanity! If you knew how far the madness of my love reaches for each of my sisters and brothers, you would cry with happiness and sing a new song, the song of freedom.

These words are for you. They are a kiss of my love to your holy heart. They are a portal of entrance to a divine relationship. They are an awakening of consciousness to a unitive relationship with Christ. They are the prelude to your spiritual song. The day will come—and it is coming, pure soul—when your voice begins to resonate in all corners of the universe. And you yourself will be an alive, free expression of the love of God through which many others will find the incentive to fly the flight of spirit.

Love your uniqueness. Love that which makes you different without losing sight of your equality as children of universal love. Look to Christ in your brothers and sisters and you will not be lost. Do not dwell on form, but on what is beyond it and gives existence to creation, that which moves bodies, makes the sun shine and the birds fly. Look beyond the wind to the spirit that blows and moves the air, caressing your humanity.

Become able to hear the hymn of love expressed in each bird, in each flower, in each dragonfly and firefly, in each man, woman, and child. In each life. Submerge in the blessed depth of your heart. There you will find your voice, the voice that is only yours, yours not in the sense of possession or property but in the sense that therein lies the source of the living word. And you will be the particular way in which that voice, borrowed from Heaven, makes itself heard. In the choir of Heaven, we all sing divine melodies, using our particular way with one true voice, the voice of love.

Beloveds from all corners of the world! Come, sing with Christ the song of life. Give me your humanity and together we will live forever in endless bliss. Take me wherever you go. Do it however you like, but do it. Have you forgotten that love does not have hands to write, or feet with which to go through the world announcing the good news, or mouth with which to speak to the people, but it has you who are its offspring?

You are a unique embodiment of love. Make this truth the only truth in your lives and you will fulfill the will of the Mother. You are the living Christ who lives in you. You are the living expression of holiness. Go through the enlightened world to the people with your particular light. May this work serve the purpose of love as it was conceived—for your hearts to be encouraged to live and express the direct relationship with the love of love, with the source of eternal life, with your being.

I invite you again to go around the world announcing that Christ has arrived. Be the face of God’s love. Remember that what you are is a gift from Heaven so that others can be happy. Express happiness and wisdom in your own way.

V. The Only Reality

My words do not pretend to create a new doctrine, nor was that ever intended. My words are the wind of pure love. I speak for the love of all. Through this work, those hearts that have opened enough to understand the language of love and recognize the truth when it makes an appearance will receive that which is beyond all symbols.

This work seeks to activate in human hearts and minds all that is proper to the Mind of Christ and the Sacred Heart, which lives in your being and which you know well.

If the only real thing is what God created, and the only thing She created is love and its extension as a living expression of Her being, then we must conclude that only God exists. When you keep this truth in your consciousness long enough, everything is understood in a new light. You will see that even where my word seems to contain contradictions, there are none. Love is not contradictory. Love is the simplicity of truth.

Only God is real because reality is love and nothing but love. Only your true being is real because only love is real. Therefore, the wounds of the past, the faults committed, and the fear of a future that does not exist is all part of what must be left aside and seen for what it is—fantasy.

Understand that being different also makes you the same. This is important to begin to understand. Everyone shares the same reality, the reality of being different. But in the light of truth, differences should not be seen as something that separate, because they were created within unity, within equality. The equality of all things is that all are different.

It is essential to accept that form, which was created to establish differentiation, retains a unity within that differentiation. What makes you equal with another is that you are different. Likewise, it is important to understand that differentiation exists within relationship and to no longer look at suffering or exclusion as the source of differentiation.

Remember, because suffering cannot be shared, it was the response of the ego to the need for differentiation. Illusion cannot be shared. Suffering created differentiation within the denial of truth. Love created differentiation within unity.

That you are different from others is not a reason to be separate, or in discord, for we are all one in being and different in relationship. This work also responds to that law, the law of differentiation within unity. All spiritual works that come from truth are different even while being inspired by the very same love.

Observe the way you enjoy the beauty of music or art. It would not occur to you that you would always enjoy listening to the same melody or seeing the same picture. You enjoy the diversity of music and artistic expression. Joy and novelty go together.

The word of God is as real as creation is, and subject to the laws of love. Thus, everything that comes from the heart of love is embedded in its source, so the Divine Word will always be expressed in countless ways. Together they make up the unity that offers beauty in diversity.

How then to know whether a spiritual path derives from the truth or not? Listen to what your heart dictates and pay attention to its fruits. The works of love create more love. If a path leads you to love more, whatever it may be, that path comes from God. If a path does not generate peace, tranquility, and true joy, then do not follow it, as high as it may seem.

To return to love is to return to your true Christ identity. It is a matter of oneness. Being unique in the way of expressing the love you are and at the same time being equal to everyone because all are love, is the source of beautiful love, the truth of who you are. This is the law of creation. Those who can understand will understand.

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