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Communication from Above

A message from Jesus

I. The Dialogue of the Soul

Child of the three times saint! Child in the arms of love! Once again I am present in your life here and now in the dimension of time and space, although our communication is not subject to either of them and its source resides in the realm of no time. We speak from heart to heart through the one mind and the sanctity of our being. Communication between God and the soul, between the wisdom of Heaven and humanity, develops between the “I am” of Christ and the “I am” of your being, whose qualities and realities are identical. Our communication is two ways: I give love, you receive love; you give me love, I receive your love; and again I extend to you more love.

The flow of communication between the soul and its Creator, between you and me, is a flow of love that makes the communication channel through which it flows expand and be able to receive more. We use terms like “channel,” “flow,” and “more” simply to say in metaphorical or allegorical terms the truth we are trying to express. Obviously, in the reality of being there is no such thing as a channel, a flow, or a you and a me. All is part of the same reality. All is a unit, otherwise there would have to be a separation between one aspect of being and another.

Certainly there is no such thing as love over there and you over here, or between God above and Her child below. Those distinctions are as unreal as everything else in the world of illusion. There is simply one united being. I use the term, “united” to try to reflect in an accurate way what you are. The soul and God are united in the sense that your soul is at the center of the soul of Christ, and is at the center of God’s heart. The flow of divinity is a constant between those three concentric circles— the Divine Being, the Christ, and you. Those three dimensions of divine truth are like the most Holy Trinity that gives origin to yourself.

Everything in creation has a triple reality, so to speak. Observe and you will see this is true. The triune dimension of your being is something that few remember and almost nobody honors. Forgetting this truth is the cause of much misunderstanding and suffering.

There is creation, the Creator, and the relationship between the two. This is a trinitarian dimension. There is Jesus, Mary, and the Holy Spirit that unites within the reality of God Herself and all that is holy, perfect, and beautiful. This is a dimension of the Holy Trinity. In the plane of bodies there is the mother, the father, and the child. According to the body’s thought system, unless two separate things come together in some way, there is no option of a third being engendered. Even in the so-called social systems, this triune reality exists. In governmental systems, for example, there is the ruler, who cannot exist without the ruled, and there is the relationship between the two; otherwise neither could exist.

Just as everything in creation has a trinitarian dimension, because everything comes from the most Holy Trinity, so does your being. Your being exists; there is not the slightest doubt. Your being has an origin to which it is united. I call it Abba. It goes by the unnamable, the Alpha and the Omega, and many other names. In addition to your being and your Source, there is a relationship between them, which is love.

In the communication between the soul and God, there is also a trinitarian reality. God communicates Her being to the soul so that the soul can be. It returns to the Mother the love received from the extension of Her being. In that way a new being is created as a result of the union of God and the soul. The relationship that makes this possible is what we call Heaven, Christ, or perfect love. Communication is a flow of being, just as a river is a flow of water. This is why love has no words. It does not need them. In the reality of being, the only thing that exists is “I am.”

We can exemplify the dialogue of the soul with its Creator as a flow in which God communicates to the beloved, “I am your God,” and the soul communicates to the Mother “I am the one you have arranged for all eternity. I am your will. I am your love.” In “I am your God” there is all the power of creation. Through this, the divine spirit infuses life to the soul; it is created and recreated within the ecstasy of heavenly love.

The flow of Divine Love communicated from God to the soul does not leave God, but is a circle of infinite love with no beginning or end. When the soul extends Divine Love by extending its being as a sign of the gratitude of reciprocal love it shows to its Mother and Creator, this extension takes place within eternal life because everything happens in the life of God. Outside of love, nothing exists; nothing that is holy, true, or real. Therefore, what is done between the soul and its Creator is not within time and space although it may extend to them.

II. Stay in Being

Divine Love created you. Divine Love sustains your being. Divine Love is what you extend because of what you are. Divine Love is the only thing that exists in truth.

The flow of inner thoughts, feelings, and realities that arise in you, all of which are non-physical, come from the spiritual world and can then create the physical or the spiritual. Remember, every thought creates on some level. Nothing is neutral in your mind, even though everything created is neutral. Recognizing and sustaining in consciousness the neutrality of creation is an essential aspect of your liberation from fear. Life is neutral in all its dimensions. It is always like a blank canvas to which you and your brothers and sisters endow value or meaning, assigning the values you freely wish. That makes nothing neutral for you. Everything in your experience is the result of your valuation. As you interpret, so will you experience. Interpret under the prism of fear and everything will engender fear. Interpret in the light of the truth that the Holy Spirit reveals and everything will speak to you of love.

Nothing and no one has the ability to hurt you, nor can you hurt anyone. This is an eternal truth, but it does not mean it is true for you. Why do we speak of wounds, the neutrality of creation, and the relationship between your soul and your creator? Because there is a relationship between them that needs to be brought to light.

Whenever you felt hurt, it was because somehow an ancestral memory activated in you, older than time and the physical universe, in which you felt the pain of separation. It was never because someone hurt you. The situation that had come to your consciousness was what made you remember such pain. That is actually what some have called “karma,” although certainly there cannot be a scheme for the distribution of faults by means of punishments or painful experiences wherein you pay your debts. Nobody pays anything.

You did not come to the world to pay your debts with God. If it were possible for you to owe something to the eternal life that God is, how could you pay it? What could pay a debt to infinite love? Life understands nothing of punishment, or sharing of sacrifices to expiate ancestral faults. Life is love.

III. Sustain the Truth

You came to the world to heal from separation, not in the sense of making separation not exist—since it has never been real—but in the sense of healing your perception. A distorted interpretation of love causes suffering in the mind and heart of the child of God. That is the level at which healing is required, and the world exists for that to be possible. Truly, truly, I tell you that the physical world is the perfect medium for your salvation, that is, for your healing. This has not always been the case, as has already been explained, but is true since my resurrection.

Because of the world’s immutable neutrality, nobody has the ability to hurt you and you do not hurt anyone for the same reason. If you still feel hurt it is because you have not yet changed your perception completely. Actually, your perception has changed, but what really needs to be left behind is your habit of looking for culprits.

What you call inner life is the sum of your responses. You respond to the clock that dreams of waking up every morning, the sun that enters the window of your room when you open your eyes, the cold or the heat that the body feels when leaving your house, and the swarm of cars on the road when you go to work. You respond in one way or another to each phone call, to every wisp of wind, to every person who you see or talk to. You assign meaning to everything.

The habit of assigning meaning is the origin of assigning blame. This statement is very powerful and if you can accept it with all your heart you will be able to put truth at the service of your fullness.

Observe the mechanism of assigning blame and you will see the relationship that exists between your wounds and the neutrality of everything, and the relationship between your being and your source. If you follow this thought you will be free of pain forever.

Giving meaning to things is how the ego tries to be equal to God. This egoistic desire to be equal with the Creator is a substitute for the truth that your true self—not the egoic self—is one with God. The mind always knew it came from something other than itself, despite the confusion introduced by the ego. To attempt to resolve the dilemma of its origin, ego identified with the body. To do so it had to assign meaning to the body, and did exactly that. Thus arose the ancestral mechanism of the mind to grant a purpose to everything.

Much has already been said about the confusion that occurred when the mind separated from the heart. It is a matter of great importance, often overlooked. Therefore please heed what I am saying.

Every present memory of past wounds originates from the desire to find the guilty ones so that they pay for the evil they caused. It does not matter if that assignment falls on a sister or a brother, on you, on a group, or on a collective event. If you want to find a culprit you will always succeed.

Guilt can be a way of relating. In fact, there are many, very many, world relationships based on guilt and sustained by guilt. Just as relationships with your sisters and brothers may be based on guilt, so too may your relationship with your own being. If you relate on the basis of guilt, then you are continuing to feed the guilt within. In some way you have blamed your being.

Blaming yourself for what you are or used to be and, according to your interpretation, you should not have been, is the foundation of the mental and emotional pattern that keeps guilt active. All guilt comes from blaming your being. As has been said frequently, it arises from a lack of love for yourself.

Once you have exposed the habit of searching for a guilty party or circumstance for your unfortunate life, and observe without judgment what happens inside you, you can notice when that pattern is activated. When situations arise in your life from deep down in your consciousness and set that pattern in motion, you have created the perfect situation to bring it to light and free yourself from it.

You need not continue to create pain for yourself or for others. Your human nature is not corrupted by an inherent tendency toward self-destruction. Your true nature is sanctity and perfect harmlessness. That in you which is not innocent or loving must have been learned from the world—not from your Creator.

Brothers and sisters! Listen once again! From Heaven itself I speak to you with pure Divine Love. I invite you from all corners of the world to accept the fact that violence is as alien to you as night is to day. Your reality is holiness. You are beautiful, beautiful in your being. Be not persuaded that you cannot live in the love that you truly are. Voices to the contrary are false. Judge what you see and hear with your heart, not with the judgment of the thinking mind.

Judge in favor of your desire for peace and harmony. Listen to the call to happiness that comes from your holy heart, for that call will guide you on the path of truth and will never lead you astray. Hear your soul’s call to innocence and purity. You will be happy and sweet in love.

Leave aside the search for guilt. Guilt only exists in your mind that assigns meaning. You have been accustomed to seeing the world as the cause of your ills. But that is not true. The only cause of tribulation lies in the erroneous perceptions of the mind, which can be resolved when you give yourself to love. Love heals all wounds.

Love can embrace everything, and in so doing transforms everything into more love. Therefore, I ask you with all my heart to give all thought and feeling, all mental and emotional patterns, to love. Bring love to your wounds if you still perceive them. That way you will be free of them and finally not feel pain any more. Wounds need not be carried on the spiritual path. They can be released, never to return.

IV. Harmlessness

Violence is so alien to love that you have no idea of its impact on your perception. Being harmless is the reality of love. When you respond with violence to anything, it signifies your disconnection from love. Violence arises from misplaced expectations.

When you assign a purpose to something, you evaluate and make a judgment, which creates an expectation. For example, you may meet someone with a certain personality and assign that person the function of being your partner to help you escape the pain arising from the fear of loneliness. When this result does not happen— no one can free you from your own creations—you get angry with them. You try to get your expectations fulfilled either by making the person change their attitude or by looking for someone else. The same scenario applies for the attainment you seek from money, fame, or other things.

Things of the world have no value. This statement may sound extreme and even pejorative to those who do not understand. It is the truth, however. Truly, truly, I tell you that if you assign value to what has no value—that is, anything of the world— you will fall into the trap of guilt. I am not suggesting that you despise the world or distrust it, but that you observe the thoughts and emotions that arise within you. It is not about the world but your relationship with it.

Relationship is everything because God is relationship. Thus, you can begin to understand the direct connection between your relationship with God and that with the world. What you think of the world, you think of yourself. What you think of, you think of God. You may not have clearly expressed this truth out of fear or to maintain the mechanism of guilt. However, if you are honest, you will recognize that the thought pattern is there. What is neutral cannot have intrinsic value. This is what I mean by saying that the world has no value. The idea of assigning

value is alien to Heaven. To value is to judge.

If the cause of inner pain is not outside of you, and if the reality of your being is Christ, then from whence arises your pain? This question is of great importance. You have been so accustomed to believing that both fear and love live in your soul or your heart that you have created a world of confusion.

My brother, my sister, beloveds of the truth, if I do not suffer, you do not suffer, for the one who is speaking is you. There is no such thing as a voice external to yourself. You hear only your own voice. I am the voice of your true consciousness. I am the voice of God that has been given to all creation. Your voice is my voice and also your voice. The one speaking to you is the reality of who you are.

What suffers is not part of you because it is not part of your relationship with God. What dies is not part of you because it is not part of God.

If you experience fear, remember that you must have been looking for a culprit for something you did not like. An ill-fitting expectation is going around in your mind. Maybe you think that those expectations are justified. In that case, remember that it is untrue. Once you have recognized this, stop searching for the cause of your pain. You will never find it because there is none. Fear has no cause. What has no cause cannot be real.

V. Liberation and Relationship

What suffers is not part of you because love cannot make you suffer and nothing outside of love is true. So who is the one who cries out in fear? None. There is no such thing as that “you.” The one who trembles in fear is not someone or something, but simply a memory.

If you diligently look for your fearful self, or the one guilty of having hurt you, you will not find it because it is not real. It is more like a shadow of the past, or like the flash of a star that thousands of years ago ceased to exist, but is still seen because a dimension of space continues to create an image of what was but is no longer.

Nothing is as it seems. The soul is wise. Truth is constantly being revealed. The soul does not need the interpretation of the thinking mind with its logical axioms. The problem is not in meanings themselves or in your soul, but in using the logical reasoning of the lower mind to assign purpose to everything. Without doubt, everything has a meaning because of your will. The issue is to set aside the insistence of the thinking mind to seek explanations for everything it cannot know.

Suffering is caused by the ignorance of the thinking mind. A mind disconnected from its source gives its own meanings to what it observes through the body’s senses.

I am speaking of the relationship you have with your being. Of the relationship that you have with that hurt self. Of the holy relationship that you may or may not have with life. Relationship is based on identity; therefore the question does not reside in the wound itself or even in the memory of it, but in your identification with it.

The mental pattern that continues to keep pain active due to the supposed wounds of the past and your identification with them is a pattern of what the mind believes you are. It is a matter of identity. What is meant is that the identity of the suffering victim is something that must be deactivated in order to switch off the energy that creates your suffering. The question is one of identification with the suffering itself.

The relationship you have with your being is the basis of your reality. In effect, your relationship with the Divine, which is the basis of your relationship with the being that you are in truth, can be based on fear or love, just as any relationship can be. We return to the subject of the wounded self to show how one can relate to one’s wounds from fear or from love. To respond with fear to the pain of the past maintains a judgment of guilt concerning something that is no longer. Memory is sustaining itself, identifying with the past. It says “I am that,” when in truth you are not.

It is important that you understand that I am speaking once more of the compulsion to suffer, to keep opening wounds, searching to justify your unfortunate life.

That which suffers is not you, nor part of your being. It is a system of thought, a mental mechanism that, like a motor, sets in motion the energy of fear. It is from that mechanism that you must be liberated. It is a dysfunctional mode of mind. It is necessary for you to become aware of it.

If you observe what happens when the energy of fear in your soul begins, you will see that it has no objective reason. It is simply your mind doing it out of habit. It is literally a form of addiction. Remember, addictions are a type of slavery caused by a debt that cannot be paid.

The pain body, your set of painful memories, exists in your memory and imagination although it is unreal and not part of your being. To dismantle those memories requires observation and patience.

In your relationship with your true self you cannot experience suffering.

The pain body is not a being or an entity, simply an emotional memory. If you observe what you feel when that pain is activated you will realize that somehow, at some level, you have ceased to be authentic. The experience of pain is actually the experience of the loss of being. Somehow you disconnected yourself from what you are, which triggered the memory of separation. By doing that, your true self was rejected and your injured self stepped forward. It is like reliving the pain of separation again and again.

In the past you believed that you were a separate being. That identification activated the suffering being that you identified with. Be aware of it. Your mind is asking and your heart is imploring you to let it go forever.

Just as the body is able to function in such a way that it can create pain, the mind can create suffering. This is a malfunction of the mind since the mind was created not to create pain but to be the means by which spirit creates the holy, the beautiful, and the perfect. In other words, when the body creates a state in which the cells begin to degenerate or function disharmoniously and create disease, it signifies that the mind is doing it.

The mechanism by which the mind creates pain and activates the energy of fear is a disturbance that can be healed once you accept your fears and recognize that none of them will hurt you because they were only in your imagination. The love of truth will set you free.

When you feel the pain body being activated, the important thing is to learn to observe it with loving patience, without judgment. Silence, watching, and waiting is still the way of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, remember in those circumstances that you do not know where the suffering comes from nor do you know where it is going. Remember also that it really does not come from anywhere or go anywhere. As it came, it will go. If there is suffering, there is fear; if there is fear, there is guilt. If there is guilt there is an error of perception. Therefore, returning to the relationship with God is how you break that chain which has nothing to do with truth but only enslaves you.

Never try to avoid what you feel, be it pain, joy, or fullness. If you try to eliminate it from your human experience you will create more pain, because trying to avoid pain is a decision made from fear.

Pain is feeling discouraged. Thus if you suffer, you have somehow disconnected yourself from your being. When we speak of the “connection with your being,” I am speaking of the unitive relationship with God. It is in that relationship where the soul lives in peace and harmony, submerged in an ecstasy of loving contemplation. It is by staying in that relationship with your true self that the being feels protected.

Not being is the cause of all fear and all suffering. Therefore to forever eliminate fear and welcome love it is essential to be the one you are, united with what you are, that is, to the Christ in you.

Union with your being is a communication. Relationship itself is communication. That common union between your being and your true Creator is the cause of your joy, your life, and your salvation. It is within the unitive relationship with Christ that you live the life of God. It is in the divine relationship where communication with the Most High is revealed and flows in a way that the mind cannot understand but your being can. That communication creates new love because of what it is.

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