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The Wound of God

A message from Jesus

I. Ecstasy and Joy of the Soul

Holy child of divine beauty! You seek ways to express in the world the truth you have seen and heard that is beyond all human words. Among a multitude of angels, my voice is present with you in this time of love and unity. I come for love. I speak for love. I do everything for love. “Love is what we are and everything we do” is an expression of our being of peace and truth.

When you remember that you are a being of pure light, as beautiful as the most spectacular sunset and even much, much more, and as vast as the universe but much more, you will begin to realize the abundance you have to give. You would like to give everything to everyone but that feels impossible. The conduit through which you express yourself seems incapable of so much overflowing energy. But you are the force of the universe made into humanity.

I cannot speak in any way other than as a faithful lover speaks to his beloved. All the love of creation resides in our angelic heart, united with the Mother of creation, with the living Christ, and with you. From us flows a love without beginning or end. Within our holy relationship dwells the eternal relationship

God has with you. In the center of that relationship of triune love—in which your being is radiant—dwells your reality, like a child in the mother’s womb.

A direct relationship with God is the reality of perfect love. It is not a relationship like those you usually know in the world. In a divine relationship everything is of the truth, including your being. Everything is embraced in a divine relationship. Life is an expression of that relationship.

One of the essential aspects of your relationship with God is the admiration that celestial love arouses. When the soul begins to open itself to mystery and accepts union, it receives lights in its understanding. These give a special clarity, through which comes an extraordinary contemplation of divine mystery. Seeing beauty previously unimagined, the soul is admired. The soul immerses itself in an ecstasy of contemplation of the wonders of Divine Love. Now the soul only wants the things of Heaven. It just wants to live for love. It is captivated by a love without compare.

The admiration of pleasant things adheres strongly in the soul, both because of the excellence of the beauty seen, and because of its novelty. One never tires of seeing, and, seeing, experiencing great joy. Admiration and love go hand-in-hand.

We could say that God hurts the soul with inducements of softness, so that, like a needle attracted by a magnet, it turns and changes its trajectory towards the pole; whereupon the will, wounded by heavenly love, throws itself into Her arms and is taken to God and stripped of all inclinations not of Her. Thus the soul enters into rapture, not of knowledge, but of joy; not of admiration, but of affection; not of science, but of experience; not of seeing, but of tasting.

In a divine union, when the husband visits the beloved, he feels her soul to be wounded in a very exquisite way. Although he may not understand how she was hurt, he knows that what hurt her is something of great beauty and joy, something she would never want healed. In that delight of the soul with its God, the mind seeks to grasp the beloved, clinging to his being. Not being able to possess it as she would possess the things of the world, she suffers a pain so joyful that, even so, she prefers to be a thousand times wounded by the presence of her celestial lover.

The heart of the soul united with God is wounded by a love so exquisite it will never again enjoy anything that does not have the quality of Heaven. Since the heart clings to the greatest experience of joy it has, once it has enjoyed the juices of Divine Love it will not want to leave that place where it has experienced such delight. This ecstasy of love and contemplation is the joy of union—a taste as sweet and serene, as affable and safe as any can give to the soul.

The soul returns to the ecstasy of divine union where it is what it was called to be from its moment of creation. There it is as it was created to be. Joy and the irresistible desire to remain is the result of experiencing the unity of the soul. Within divine union lies the refuge of being. Everything that the heart seeks it finds in union with Divine Love. Once Christ kisses the soul, it will never look for anything other than that which it cannot say, but surely feels. Often the mind experiences difficulty translating that experience into words, causing internal tension, for now the soul is torn between dying of this longing for love and living united to its only love.

II. The Soul Knows God

The soul knows who created it, and will always return to its first love, God. This is what happens on the spiritual path. In reality it is a journey back to that which the heart knows is of incomparable beauty, delight, and joy. The soul that has known God in this world is disgusted because in spite of the raptures and ecstasies of contemplation which God has given, not being able to hold on to Her definitively makes it feel like an aftertaste, like a loving partner suffering the absence of their beloved spouse, or a child whose parent is on a long trip.

A soul united with God remains enamored of Her. It experiences small glimpses of divine delights. It is transformed by experiences of unity. With this transformation comes the reality of a new being, because love has the ability to unite everything with God. Only love can make that happen. Love unites the soul with its Creator. Each act of love for the deity, or rather every feeling felt from the depth of your being for God, increases or enlarges the heart to love more and more.

God enlarges your heart imperceptibly. The mind does not participate, nor the heart itself, but both become conscious of this widening once it has been realized. This is why souls pierced by the dart of Divine Love begin to recognize things that did not previously exist—expressions of love, sweetness, beauty, and holiness emerge that had not emerged before. This transformation by Divine Love in the soul, although its effects are not perceptible until afterwards, can leave the mind stunned for a while until mind and heart come together.

The memory of God is currently how you remain in the Mother’s house. Although you cannot put it into words, you know that your desire to return to that state will guide you to the eternal abode of truth. You know something has happened, something sublime, not of the world. In short, Christ has kissed your soul and anointed your forehead with holy oil.

You are aware that something has happened, but now you debate between understanding what happened and deciding what to do with it, a debate that may last for a long while before you let it go. Divine Love has broken into your life as a result of your call united with your Mother’s call. It is impossible for you to understand, such is the magnitude of change brought about in you and in everything.

I invite you to accept that you have had a mystical transformation that has changed your life completely and that there is no turning back. You have experienced divine union and must now take charge of your new state. You are not alone in this, of course, but it is something you must consciously assume. You are not who you were before and never can be again, nor would you want to go back. You are now the result of divine union with your being.

The unitive experience is so strong, so transformative, that even the body may often suffer. Everything changes when Christ kisses the soul. The deeper the union, the deeper the transformation. Remember, love has the ability to transmute everything, as well as to unite all that you are with God. Remember, love becomes one with the beloved.

The heart knows what love is. It needs no explanation. Trying to put into words what can never be articulated is foolish, although the world has been attempting to do so since Christ stepped on the Earth, and since God, through the human expression of the union of Mary and Jesus, reunited humanity with infinite love. Everything was then transformed to a degree that can never be understood. The same happens with you. When something joins with your being, it becomes holy love because of what you are.

The only difference that exists is your degree of union with God, with the whole—that is, what you join with and what you leave outside your being. Everything that is true and united in your consciousness makes you full. Everything you leave outside the scope of your consciousness forms a world of illusion, not because you really create something illusory but because only in illusion can you leave out truth.

You cannot separate yourself from truth. The truth is what you are. You cannot live in a state other than that of unity because, being one with God, you are unity.

The ecstasy of mystical union is not a union with anything external. It is the union of your whole being with itself. The effect of the state of union is joy and perfect peace. Sustaining that state of oneness is what the road to heaven is about.

You may have heard that the degree of union with Christ that you reach while you are in the world is not the same as that which you will attain when you are not in the body. That is not completely true, for there are no degrees of union. Union is total or not at all.

III. Divine Novelty

What differs between one union and another is your degree of awareness of it. In itself, mystical union contains the totality of the effects of God united with the soul. There are no degrees of holiness and no degrees of God. When you decided to join the love that created you, you decided to join with all the treasures of union, the totality of Divine Will. All the gifts of love were given to you at the moment of union.

The state of unity you have attained does not differ now from what will later be because with love there is no time and no such thing as before and after—only the reality of love. Everything else is illusory. Thus within your being already resides the qualities, inheritances, and goods of the Kingdom of Heaven in their totality; and they, by reason of their presence in your being, will realize what God Herself has entrusted to them. God does nothing in vain nor leaves his works unfinished.

You are the masterpiece of God’s love. You cannot avoid being as complete as God Herself. I assure you that when you said “Yes” to Christ, you sealed a covenant of Divine Love that cannot be rescinded. The cause and effect of it will remain forever in the book of life of your eternal being.

The works of God cannot be understood as they happen. The most sensible attitude concerning what God does in you and through you is to have the attitude of silence, observance, and patience. It would be a waste of time to keep thinking about what happened and try to explain it. That would not cause harm, but it would delay your full joy. So I have come to you today to ask you to stop thinking about what happened and how new it is, and to accept the mystery of God’s love and the promise that your union has made great things in you and will continue to do so forever.

The novelty of love is so great that the thinking mind can never decipher what happens when the embrace of Christ is consummated in your soul. You are the perfect result of the betrothal between your being and love—a generative union that has already given abundant fruit. Little by little you will see them and eternally create new realities of love. Mystical union fuses your soul with God. Leave everything you are in that new state. Novelty is admired by your being and is the joy of your soul. Divine novelty brings joy and submerges your being in an ecstasy of love. The eternal novelty of love surpasses all imagination in beauty. The joy of the soul that sees God is of such magnitude that it faints in the arms of its Mother, and thus sleeps the holy sleep, a sleep not of forgetfulness, but of complete surrender to the love of loves.

Everything you are rests forever in the heart center of your Mother and Creator because you are one with Her. Just as you need do nothing because of your union with love, God becomes nothing in you when you and God are consummated. It takes not more than a moment of union for the new to emerge. Nothing remains the same as it was before Christ union. Some of these changes will be visible, but even those changes are minimal compared to the change your whole being.

Life acts silently and subtly. It does not boast. It does only what it must do, effectively and lovingly. The same goes for the wisdom of your being, which is the love of God. I say once again that the flow of divine union is a torrent of living water that flows from the source of eternal life and creates new life in you. This new life created within your being comes to light in due time, like the child inside a mother’s womb. There is a time for everything. A time to fertilize, to grow, and to give birth. All those times are already part of who you are.

The phase of union, fertility, and conception contain within themselves what each of them requires as God conceived them to be. They are already in you. The only thing we wait upon together now is for each phase to be manifested in due time and, as God has already thought about it with you, united in the sanctity of being.

The phenomenon of mystical union is an event of the soul with such surprising effects that you cannot see them as they unfold. You can, however, know how you feel in yourself.

Once heavenly love has touched your heart, the whole world may try to persuade you that you have not had that experience. But you know you have. Nothing can make you doubt it. You also know how much you have changed and how much your life has changed. You know what you feel in your heart. Nothing and nobody can remove that perfect certainty.

We are speaking of the certainty of the heart, a certainty that comes from knowing what you feel, not from the thinking mind that expounds theories that can never be consistent because they do not arise from unshakable truth. Certainty cannot be explained but can be known, just as honey is sweeter and more tasty in your mouth than when it is swallowed. The same occurs with love. It grows as it is “ ruffled,” that is, as it is tasted in the heart and expressed, which it does in multiple ways. One of them is love’s reception. Accepting the love that comes to you is the perfect answer to the heart’s longing. And since God cannot be absent from you, the love that flows into your heart is permanent. Receiving Divine Love is what the soul desires constantly.

Letting yourself be loved and allowing your heart to expand to love without ceasing is what I ask of you. Love widens the heart to receive more love. Your being as a pure master grows more and more, so to speak, to encompass the totality of love. God wholly absorbs you when you let yourself love without measure.

Focus on receiving love. Let yourself be carried away by the sweetness of God. She has the control, the wisdom, and the gifts required for both you and your blessed work to unfold perfectly. Remember this so you do not confuse the work of love with concrete tasks, obligations, and activities. Remember that God is only interested in your being; nothing else is real.

IV. The Spark of the Soul

Being is what life is about. Being love is what the truth of you is about. Doing may or may not be necessary for expression of being. We recall this matter here so that you do not fall into the oblivion of thinking you are really only about being. That is the work of God.

Beloved of God! The beauty of your being, the holiness that comes from God and is expressed in you, the purity of your soul, will spread increasingly until you reach a point where that is all you see and you retain not even the slightest memory of what you are not and never were. The “I am” of the soul is the essence of being. It is what makes the soul exist. It is what gives life to being. It is the spirit of God in you.

Within the soul is a spark of life that we call the living spirit. That spark of love is the “I am.” Without it, the soul would not exist—or if it were possible, it would exist as an empty entity, a nothing. What happens in the holy moment of divine union is that the “I am” which has been denied begins to be recognized again in freedom, affirming your choice for the divine will.

Once you recognize the “I am” of your soul, you begin to realize that being is the only important thing because it is the only essential thing. “To be or not to be” is the question the soul debates and on which God has placed all Her divinity. Not to be, if possible, would be the soul’s tragedy. To be the “I am,” that spark of divine light that lights the soul and sustains its existence, allows the fullness of a pure soul.

That spark of light that we here call the “I am” has been referred to as the “heart.” In it resides all that God has eternally willed for you, Her beloved child. Within it is the foundation of eternal life, waiting for you to welcome it so it can shine with all its luminescence. This, in fact, is what you have done when you made the fundamental choice.

That spark of pure love is already shining like a radiant sun. You still cannot see the beautiful rays that flow from you and embrace everything, but you will, not with the eyes of the body but with those of Christ. You will see them with the eyes of love.

There is no possibility of failure in a life with God. We repeat this truth because it is necessary to do so. We do it for love. Likewise, there is no need for you to ask yourself how well we are doing, how God’s work is going, or whether you are doing well or poorly. The work is not yours, even though done in you. The work is of the One who created us all with love.

When you joined Christ you captured Heaven for your soul— you united the divine with the human in the dimension that corresponds to your existence. I was the first to do that and I did it my way, two thousand years ago. My mother, who is also your mother, was also the first. It could be said that somehow we opened the door of departure so that you and your sisters and brothers in Christ can do their part in this work of collaboration that is salvation and the return to the house of love.

This work of word-symbols is part of God’s great work. It was in the design before time began to roll. It is a living expression of the spark of light that you live. It is a particular extension of Divine Love, arising as a result of union with Christ. As others join in this holy manifestation, the spark of light that is your “I am” will grow more and more in its uniqueness as other “I ams” begin to express themselves in their unique ways. Thus this work will act as a catalyst for others to express what love is in their unique voice. Everyone is called to give a face to love.

The “I am” demands expression because that is implicit in its nature as the essence of being. Imagine a spark of light inside a holy soul. That spark carries within itself the laws of love. One of them is that of particular expression. To some extent the mission of this work is to awaken others to express themselves in their union with Christ in their unique way.

“Union with Christ” is synonymous with a direct relationship with God. In this sense, it is essential for this work that it be understood that the One who created us as saints has arranged that the golden rule of expression be the authenticity of the heart. That is why your heart does not rest in peace when it cannot be authentic.

God does not look for clones or a homogeneity that cancels diversity. Your “I am,” joining increasingly with others “I am’s,” will illumine the world with a beauty that is beyond compare. From the sum of expressions of authentic love will emerge a world that can expand its capacity to give and receive love, just as the heart does.

In your capacity to love in freedom lies the world’s liberation. In your union with Christ dwells the sweetness of love. In your direct relationship with God you create, in union with everything holy, beautiful, and perfect that which neither eye saw, nor ear heard, nor tongue uttered. Thus you extend, in unity, the wonders of God.

Remember, my child, you have the ability to make a whole Heaven. You are the child of God; as such the forces of creation unite with you to create new life, a life far from the plans the world has conceived. God’s plans are so great as to be incomprehensible to the thinking mind. A conditional thinking system based on “if this, then that” would be like trying to put the vastness of the created universe in a tiny bottle.

The thoughts of God are beyond measure. Therefore, seek not to understand what happened to you when you joined the Christ in you—when God came to you and you let Her in. Trust the process. Trust your capacity to be in the flow. You have no idea what the heart of your Mother is like, united to yours in a union of perfect love. Allow Her to reveal it to you. That is how to know that you are in harmony with God.

What you are, and what emerges through you, will be revealed to you as your expression. Consequently, there is no reason for you to limit the expression of the “I am” of God that expresses through you. Just be silent, watch, and wait.

As the expression of who you are develops over time, your ability to express the love you truly are in the temporal plane will strengthen in certainty. That is how to make your Mother known and to live eternally in the ecstasy of divine union, which is all you long for.

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