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The Divinity of the Soul

A message from the Blessed Mother Mary

I. Prelude

Beloved soul in love with Christ, child of a God who is infinite love, today I make an appearance united with a choir of angels of God and the beings of light that illuminate creation with their beauty and goodness. I am the eternal maiden of God. I am the always pure. I have come in response to your call and in union with the will of the Mother of Lights. I am the mother of everything and everyone. I am the unity of love. I have come to gather, not to criticize. I am here for pure love. I meet with my children in all possible ways according to their disposition and nature.

Everyone has a way of being. I communicate with souls in the way each one can and desires. I do not deny my voice as the mother of Christ. You all need a mother. This is as true in the plane of physical bodies as in the life of the spirit. The mother is the one who nurtures, protects, and, above all, covers the child with love. I come also for the relationship between the soul and its source.

I am the source of life. I am the rain descended from Heaven that has come to water the Earth and everything that exists in it with a love that has neither beginning nor end. I am a purity that cannot be stained, holiness that cannot be desecrated, an inviolate love from whence all of Heaven extends to all and everything.

I have come to remind you all of the divinity of your soul. This truth you already know but often leave aside when submerged in the apparent problems of life. Do not be fooled by the mental pattern that would trap you in endless dilemmas that have no solution, for they are not real.

Receive these words and share with the world. I also speak to all those who are part of God’s plan for this blessed work which arises from the heart of God and to all who wish to hear my voice. I speak to you with all my heart. Remember that being is a holy union that remains one with everything, so that the communion of your hearts and minds allows the voice of truth to shine in souls in unison. It shines for everyone. Some see that flash and follow it like a star. Others do not.

Not everyone stops to contemplate the sun each morning, or the beauty of starry nights, even though both are holy creations. The same is true of the truth that shines in all minds and the holy love that calls all hearts.

It is necessary to remember the divinity of the soul and its ineffable beauty; otherwise, the mind tends to consider itself as a being of no consciousness, a reality disconnected from the source of life. In doing so it annuls its spiritual reality, from where it is nourished in order to be what it is. The mind of God is the source of your mind. The soul is endowed with reason to live united to divine truth. It was also endowed with free will because there can be no love without freedom. Everyone is free to think about one thing or another, but no one is free to establish what is true.

Free will makes you similar to God because it is the same as love. Remember, love is freedom. This is why God will never transgress your freedom. You can always remain united to me in body and soul by giving me your thoughts, feelings, and will, or not. That you do one thing or another will not change the love I feel for you or the love of all Heaven for a holy child of God. You will always be a child of light, even if you decide not to shine.

II. The Mystery of Your Being

You were created in a perfect act of love reflecting a beauty that surpasses all measure. You are indeed the pure extension of the beauty of Christ. The colors of your soul shine increasingly as we proceed together on the path of love. I say “the path of love” because you have already completed the path of the heart, which leads to the path of transformation, and from it to the path of knowledge, as has already been revealed.

The world needs to recover the mystical dimension of its existence, a dimension that was lost little by little, giving way to an intellect not anchored in truth and a heart far from love. This return to the source of love is a return to the holy relationship that joins you with your Creator along with every living being.

Everyone will return to love because it is the will of God. This does not mean that everyone agrees to live eternally in the Mother’s house, but that love will shine in all its glory in each created mind and will be recognized for what it is. Some will joyfully sing a welcome song. Others will look at it as if it were a beautiful but meaningless sunset, and will continue their ways without stopping to contemplate the wonders that God created. Even so, they are still children of love, saints because of their source and perfect because of what they are. Everything is perfect in God’s creation.

You are being invited again and again to choose only love and nothing but love. This is the choice all are called to make. It is the choice of Adam and Eve, your choice, and that of your sisters and brothers. This decision must be made in every moment. In it you renew your existence. Every time you say “yes” to love, all the creative force of God, which gave birth to your soul and the whole universe, explodes into a creative act without equal and makes you something new.

Getting stuck in senses and desires is to live a limited reality apart from the eternal reality of love. This does not mean that you loathe your senses or the sensations they seem to create. It simply means what it says. There is no need to deny the body or its senses, nor the desires of the heart. All this has led you to salvation, that is, it has already taken you to the heaven of your holy mind.

You can never limit the power of God. In this fact lies the certainty of your eternal permanence and the sanctity of your being. To join God is to unite with what is real in you, because you unite to what is similar to your being. Within that union, your reality of infinite love is created and recreated in a constant flow of divine giving and receiving. In this relationship God unites with you and you become one with God.

Choosing only love is to make the fundamental choice that the soul is called upon to make. Living on Earth within that is the call being made from above to humanity, in these last times.

III. Christ on Earth

My heart is calling you. Love is calling everyone regardless of their origin. Remember, the heart does not care where love comes from as long as it comes. To let oneself be carried away body and soul by the love of God in perfect freedom is to allow the divine to emerge from the mystery of life and constantly spill over you to the world, sowing love. The world will begin to see you no more with the eyes of the body and you will continue to enlighten souls from the spiritual reality of the Kingdom. Living within the limits of time cannot prevent living in the love that God is, because the soul is not subject to time or space. The pure soul is unlimited. It is not anywhere. It dwells only in the heart of God.

In your heart lies the wisdom of God. Nothing can change that because the only reality is love and love never changes, nor does its wisdom. Wherever you go your soul accompanies you. What you are will always accompany you. Consequently your mind cannot cease to live in sanctity, even if for a time it prefers to forget about God.

The deepest aspiration of the soul is to live always in union with the truth of its being—in unity with the will of the Creator. When both wills merge, then the soul and the Creator are united. It is this unity that we call a holy relationship. In it your being imbibes your humanity and expresses your divinity. It takes no effort at all. No technique can teach it. You know how to do it perfectly because it is part of you.

To live on Earth as the divine being that you are is possible and the only way to live from now on. There is no going back. This is why you are invited to return to your mystical dimension regardless of how you express yourself. Form, regardless of whether physical or spiritual, is the means of expression—means, not ends. All have the purpose of expressing the unknown.

Only through forms are beings expressed. You are one of them, as beautiful and holy as any form that comes from love. Having your divine form manifest on Earth is ultimately the reason you have come into the world. Here and now you begin to be the divinity of which God made you. This you will do also in the realm of no time, since God’s purpose for you is to make yourself known to Her in all your beauty, splendor, magnificence, and sanctity.

IV. The Doubt of the Prophet

Now it is necessary to be aware of what I call the doubt of the prophet. It is a state in which the mind is absorbed by thoughts of the past, namely that you are incapable of representing divinity with your humanity. That thought pattern must be set aside. It is an old way of thinking.

You know that you have received a mission from Heaven. You know that you receive thoughts that you do not think. You know very well the nature of those incomparable thoughts that come to you with authority. You know this with certainty. But you do not know what to do.

This not knowing what to do with the revelation you receive arises simply from doubt about yourself. It is impossible for you not to be provided with the necessary means to express your divinity in the world of time and space. Remember, all doubt is doubt about yourself.

Once you open the doors to revealed truth, you begin to walk on Earth as the living Christ, a way of being completely different from any way of being in the world. This difference causes you go through a time in which you know not how to live with the truth at your side. The tension between the truth that you are— and that you have joyfully recognized in the depths of your mind and heart—and the mental confrontation of continuing to live in a world of apparent limitations governed by a thought system so alien to what you have seen and heard, is something you must recognize and transcend.

You are united with Christ. Thoughts you “did not think” came to you with an unparalleled authority, certainty, and agility. They are your true thoughts. Recognizing this is essential to continuing peacefully along the path of truth. You are truth revealed to yourself from Heaven. There is no such thing as a truth over there and you over here. The sacred revelation that comes to you is the revelation of your true divine being to your true human being. It is not an external something being revealed. It is God revealing Herself.

For so long you have conceived of God, the Supreme Being, the Truth, or even perfect Love as something apart from you. Now I must disidentify your mind with any idea of separation that may still exist. It is what every prophet must go through.

There is no one in the world who, by hearing the voice of God, does not pass through this. We call it the doubt of the prophet, a doubt that presents itself in a thousand ways. It might present itself as a persistent idea that tells you that you will not succeed in what you know you should do. It might present itself in the form of believing that God will abandon you to your fate. Sometimes this doubt manifests itself as a sense of disconnection from your mission. It might present itself as a desire to drop everything under the false premise that your contribution to the truth is futile, less than a grain of sand in the middle a desert, that you have no impact or reason for being.

While the temptations of doubt may appear, and frequently do, yet observe that something tells you that you know for certain that you will not abdicate. There is no turning back. You know you have made a fundamental, irrevocable choice. You have decided with all your soul, mind, and heart to live through the truth that has been revealed.

To live in your truth is to live the love that you are. You know this. You also know the veracity of what is being given to you here. You know in the depths of your heart that the words that come through this work come from a truth that is always true. You also know that this truth is what you are. What you still do not know is how to feel completely comfortable with who you really are. This is because in the past you have not felt comfortable with who you were. A separated self could not feel comfortable with itself.

Begin to be aware of your relationship with truth. There is no real distance between the living Christ who lives in you and the Christ of God who is part of divine essence. You are Christ, in the sense that both are of the same mind.

You have come to know the truth of yourself. The truth has been revealed. You know that this channel of direct communication between your mind and the divine mind has been opened and will never close. Knowing this is one thing, but knowing how to relate to it is a very different matter. Thus the prophet’s doubt is really an echo of a way of thinking, a pattern of thought and emotional response that comes from the old being you once thought you were.

To believe yourself as an unworthy child of God or incapable of taking care of your Mother’s affairs has been the funereal song you have heard over and again. Doubt will disappear forever when you cease to hear that dark melody and listen to the symphony of the Heaven of your holy mind.

The truth is revealed to you so as to produce real effects on your life and the world. When truth reaches the human aspect of your being, it also creates the necessary conditions for it to manifest itself in form. Living as Christ is possible, and in fact is the most natural thing in the world; there is no risk of failure.

Another thing to be mindful of about the prophet’s doubt is the fear of falling. That fear, too, comes from the lack of certainty of yourself. You cannot fall because Christ does not fall. You cannot be wrong because what is united to God forms a union with Her and God is not mistaken. It is impossible not to be given the means to be who you are. They will be given to you abundantly, in a measure beyond your imagination. God satisfies your needs above and beyond what you are capable of desiring.

You need not carry saddlebags on this path, nor a tunic just in case. Everything will be provided, both material and spiritual. Everything that the work of expressing the truth requires will be given. Everything. Otherwise, the plan of love for you and the whole world would be incomplete and impossible. Once God is revealed to you, once the truth about you is shown, your mind changes its purpose. This change of purpose is sometimes experienced as difficult.

The relationship between who you are and yourself is your first relationship, indeed the only one that exists for you. This means that how you treat yourself, how you love yourself, how you respond to what you are, is how you will relate to everything and everyone. Said another way, as you relate to God you will relate to yourself, your sisters and brothers, and the universe.

It may not be comfortable or easy at first to become accustomed to living in a way so different from how you used to live. But the discomfort will be temporary. Everything changes when love makes an appearance in your life and establishes a perpetual relationship with you based on truth and holiness. Didn’t everything change when my divine son Jesus brought love to the world?

The power of love is beyond all human understanding. Its force cannot be overestimated. Its strength creates everything necessary for the expression of the truth of who you are. Remember, love has the power to create new love. Thus, the means for what has been revealed to you can be manifested in your human reality, created by reason of the relationship you established.

All doubt is doubt about the capacity of your being to be the one it is in truth. The thinking mind, so accustomed to thinking in a conditional way, cannot understand the reality of the unity that you are with God. That part of the mind does not know the new. It is scared when mystery presents itself. Novelty cannot be digested by a mind that always seeks assurances from that which is untrue.

The thinking mind, or old conditioned mental patterns, cannot embrace mystery because mystery cannot pass through the filter of linear reasoning. You are unlimited, which linearity cannot encompass.

The Divine Mind is multi-dimensional, just as love is and you are. Linear thinking insists upon “if this, then that,” which is “normal” to its way of thinking. Mentality that does not adhere to that logic is considered insane, although the opposite is true. Another doubt of the prophet, then, is the fear of madness.

It often presents itself to the prophet as the fear of letting go of a thought pattern deeply rooted in survival, the foundation of the world. The conditioned mind is challenged by the new miracle-mindedness, the mind of Christ or unconditioned mind. Although you are already well entrenched in the real or Divine Mind, and you know that you live in it, old thought patterns still arise and tell you that this is impossible, that you cannot survive with this new mentality.

One of the clearest manifestations of thinking apart from the truth is the relationship between money and spirituality. I will now consider this aspect.

V. New Being, New Life

Not to have enough is a base fear. Many are lost in it. Even among those who sincerely have embraced the truth it is common to experience the conflict between the human and the divine in this aspect of life. In fact, it is often a major obstacle. God does not call you and then leave you desolate, yet you must answer the call, and you know that God constantly cares and assists with the sustenance of life.

Ultimately, all fear comes from doubt, and all doubt comes from a lack of certainty, a lack of confidence, about yourself. Trust is essential for the prophet; and trust is often put to the test with respect to money.

You know what you really are. It has been revealed. You know that your sister and brother are the same, regardless of whether or not they recognize it. You must now take that very high consciousness and live it. This means relating to yourself as well as your sisters and brothers as holy children of God, not out of belief, but out of revealed truth.

As you increasingly join with those who, like you, have made the fundamental choice for love, you will consolidate in your mind the reality of what you are. Being a new being is at first not easy, even if it be the deepest longing of your soul. This apparent difficulty will cease when you realize that who you were previously was not real. It required you to feed it constantly, and strive to “be that” which you thought you were supposed to be. True being does not require vigilance, effort, dedication, or anything. Quite the opposite.

Effort is of the ego. Sustaining such an identity requires dedication and energy. It is as if you were trying to sustain a corpse that in each moment collapses due to its inherent lack of life. Such effort has worn on your soul. You may still believe—but not for much longer—that the divine being that you truly are, the Christ in you, also requires vigilance and effort. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What you really are comes from God. It will never cease to be. Look at the world. Do not judge anything, just look for one or two minutes. Then consider the following: to try to hide your true self you had to create the world that your eyes see, so vast and immense. Even so, you could never obliterate your true self.

The totality of the physical universe and the entire history of humankind, with so many twists and turns, has not made a dent in your divinity. The world as a whole is to Christ as less than a grain of sand to all the planets combined. As one with the being that God is, your being holds in the palm of your hand the entire universe as you would hold a nut in your hand.

Do not fail to recognize and bring often to consciousness the divine dimension of your soul, or you run the risk of denying that part of yourself from which everything true arises. If you deny the Christ in you, you deny the totality of yourself. If you accept that you are the abode of Christ and that everything that Christ is resides in you, you accept your magnificence.

Perhaps you think that this matter of recognizing the divinity and eternality of your soul has no relationship with your daily life. The mind may say: “God may live in me but still I have to pay the bills and deal with situations so earthly that it seems impossible to believe in this matter of my divinity— maybe it will be true when I leave the world.”

That type of thought, very much ingrained in the separate mind, is typical of egoic thinking. It arises from the belief in the reality of the body. Yet the body is not real, much less an end. That does not mean that it does not exist—do not confuse levels. The body is the means by which the human physical dimension is experienced. Simply that. It is a system endowed with senses that allow you to interact with physical reality. It comes into time and disappears in time as does everything that arises in it.

Beloved child, I am here, united with your divinity, submerged in the unfathomable depths of the Mother’s love. I come wrapped in Divine Grace to take you to great depths of the mystery of love, which is the mystery of your being.

You were created by infinite love to be infinitely loved. You were created to live eternally in the endless bliss that is God. With joy and gratitude that I remain with you, in you. Through our union we express, in this work, the love of God in a particular way. You are the joy of the mother of the living and of all creation. You are mystery. You are life. You are bliss.

My holiness remains united to your holiness because we are one in God. We live, beloved child, in the Mother’s house wherein dwells the sweetness of love. We are a holy unit. In Christ we are one mind, one holy heart, one soul, one single being united in my Immaculate Heart, which remains united to the Sacred Heart of my divine son Jesus. We are the fullness of being.

I have come in all your glory and splendor, wrapped in your beauty that comes from the creator of the holy, the perfect, the beautiful. Together we are the beauty of Heaven. We are the pure of heart. We are saints. We are united. These words are not spoken by a being external to you. I, by the will of the Mother and your own will, echo and use a voice that is yours, mine, and the voice of the God of all that is true.

“Love” is a living and life-giving word. Love is the voice of Christ and in every real voice. Love is the only source of every voice that speaks in spirit and in truth. Love is the foundation of life and reason. Love is what gives life to everything that lives eternally. Love is what allows the mind to think and the heart to extend. The word has been given to you to explore and join. In that eternal exploration, the soul remains forever in the ecstasy, contemplating its joy and fulfillment. There, in the eternal coming to know of the mystery of mysteries, is where the source of eternal life is found. Such coming to know is the sustenance of your being.

The knowledge of God has no end. It is infinite. You will never finish wondering about your unfathomable divine soul. You are divine. You are human. You are everything.

In this session you are invited to remember, once again, that the mystery of love never ends. It is a call to embrace the unfathomable reality of being. To recognize that the power of love cannot be overestimated. Such power exists. It is a driving force. It is the vital energy giving movement to everything. Remember, life is movement, an eternal flow of perpetual creation. The creative engine feeds on love and is love. It is such a powerful force that many have feared it. From this arose the fear of God.

All the strength of God’s love lives in you. It is why often the body cannot easily withstand its power and its cells must adapt to the flow of divine union. It is why many physical alterations arise when you join with truth. It is the observable result of a transformation taking place in the mind, whose effect manifests in the body. It is part of God’s plan, not something that should cause worry.

Because love makes all things new, allowing your humanity to be reunited with your divinity means the renewal of your humanity. Such novelty causes a period of discomfort. It is temporary. Ideally you will release your resistance and surrender once and for all to love. Let yourself be carried by love without trying to control anything. And don’t worry: this response usually happens after a while, rarely at the beginning.

Surrender to love and you will begin to fly the flight of freedom in a way never before experienced, a flight that will take you and many others to unimaginable heights. You are ready. Just let everything be the way it is. Do not judge anything. Trust. Remember that there is a time for everything. Nothing happens to a child of God by chance. Everything is for a higher good.

My beloved, your life and all that you are is in the hands of love. Rest in the peace of your being. Remain there always. From peace you will create a new Heaven and a new Earth whose foundation is love. You will witness your work, because it is the will of God that everything be known.

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