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I Have Known You Forever

A message from the Blessed Mother Mary

I. Prelude

Beloved child, observe how your soul grieves when you do not meet us, how much joy is lost when you wander through a world without meaning. And how much happiness you experience when you remain in the arms of your mother, wrapped in the warmth of my Immaculate Heart.

Holy child, you emerged from the heart of God and this loving mother, and there is no equal. The restlessness that springs in your heart when you are away from me is a holy feeling and a grace from Heaven. It helps you to be aware of how important these dialogues are. It reminds you of what comforts your being.

Feel the sadness of the soul when it is not with God. Recognize your joy when returning to the Mother’s house. My heart is a safe haven for your mind, a perfect balm for your wounds. Its grace can cure all sickness. Whoever comes to me is never unsatisfied nor ever feels helpless in a world without holy love.

I am the source of the sweetness of love. I am the spring from where the pure waters of Christ flow. I am Mary, your mother and your being. My heart is the abode of eternal bliss.

Today I come to rescue you from the waters of oblivion. I have come to restore the holy communication that exists between you and me and between your being and God. We are a unit. We are the union of the three hearts made holy humanity.

Sometimes, as part of God’s grace, you need to experience aridity of the heart. Although now you experience it in a new way, this feeling of not being connected with Christ serves to fix in your memory what makes you truly happy. It is a perfect means to remember that only love can make you happy. And that only in love can you be who you really are. This is why, again and again, we speak of love—we speak of you.

What else can I converse with you about but you, when you are my sleeplessness, my joy, and my being? As mother of the living, I have eyes only for my children. Child of my Immaculate Heart, nothing is important to God except Her beloved children. Just as my being would be torn apart if you separated from me, so is your soul able to receive the echo of that pain of separation. Never separate from your mother. Never separate from love. If you do, you will feel the cold of indifference.

There is no love other than the love of God. Thus I say that love is God and nothing but God. Your soul was created to live eternally in the joy of Heaven, in the joy of the Creator which is within your being of infinite love where you are safe and sound, forever cheerful in the certainty of being. Outside of God there is nothing. Within Her is everything, all created freely by Her holiness and mercy.

I have come to take you to dwell again within the circle of infinite love that extends from God the Mother to the Son and the Holy Spirit. You are not alone. You never were and never will be. When you feel that this mother has been somehow absent from your soul, remember that would be impossible, yet accept that sometimes it is necessary for you to experience the feeling of separation.

The memory of separation is deeply rooted in the human mind. I come to liberate you from that memory. That liberation is what this work in its entirety is about—to be free of the emotional memory that fear has caused in your mind and heart. Remember that when you created the unique consciousness that allowed fear to be perceived and to enter your mind and heart, it generated an outburst in your soul that stunned your mind and caused your heart to ache.

Do not be afraid to experience aridity of the heart; it will allow you now to remember your strong yearning for God. Remember that the awakening of that holy yearning will bring you to the truth that dwells within you.

The purification of the soul is a grace given by God. Nothing can happen in divine creation outside of the mind of the Creator. God knew that you could choose the path of fear, trying to create Her differently. God also knew before you were created the effects of the illusion that fear causes. She knew what was necessary to make Her children return home in due time, without limiting their freedom. God knows everything, because all is thought, feeling, and material and immaterial reality. God is everything of everything.

II. Purification

Within the pure potentiality of being, there is always and forever the possibility because of free will of denying reality. Its effect inevitably is projection—a desired reality alien to truth. However, along with that, God in Her infinite wisdom also created whatever was necessary to return to truth. This is the same as we have previously said, that your Mother and Creator not only gave you existence but also endowed you with whatever was necessary to sustain you within reality, so that you are safe and healthy even when you create realities that make you sick and alien to God.

Perfect love is the medicine for your soul as well as the source of your creation. The love of God can heal anything. This is why my Immaculate Heart is the source of your healing, because in it is only Divine Love.

Not infrequently the body experiences trauma, and yet you get closer to Heaven. These physical “events” which can manifest in multiple ways are clear evidence of blessed changes that occur within you.

The energy of God’s love, if given in its totality without regulating its intensity, would cause the mind, the soul, and even the body to disintegrate. You could not bear so much love. This is the underlying reason for the feeling of being in a spiritual desert.

Often those who already savor the delights of God experience what is perceived as a departure from eternal love. If this were not so it would be detrimental to the soul. God knows when to give and when to take away, how to give and how not to give. There is a harmony in the flow of life. Giving and receiving must move at a pace that forms a melody of grace and holiness. Within the purity of the Creator is the rhythm of life, that which makes everything perfectly paced.

I have said that purification is necessary. This acts not only on your senses but on your beliefs. If what the body’s senses show and what your beliefs tell are not revealed truth, then both dimensions of perception must be transformed. This transformation is not always easy, and in fact virtually never is.

Unlocking a false self to allow the true I, the Christ, to shine in all its glory is something of such magnitude that it is only possible thanks to the miraculous capacity of love, which is linked to infinite mercy. Nobody can do that except God.

Only the creator of souls knows each one in its totality. This is why, although there are many tools that are undoubtedly very valuable and beneficial for my children, none of them is essential. The essential is the revealed truth because only from the mind of God can you know what you really are. And if you do not know yourself, you will not leave the dual state of consciousness, which is the central problem of your existence. I say “your existence” because there are other creative dimensions beyond space and time, and in them are other challenges.

Not infrequently you have to confront nothingness, even while being everything in God. This situation need not become a battle. Simply go through it with trust. Doing so will make it possible to travel through life in peace, with greater confidence, and greater serenity. The more serenity, the more joy.

There isn’t a single feeling in you, nor a single thought, that does not come from Christ. This must be reiterated until you feel comfortable with it and have recognized the Christ being as your true being, in perfect harmony with the will of your Heavenly Mother. Trust your being. Trust your soul’s process. Trust everything that you experience.

Be afraid of nothing, even those states that are sometimes called a creative block or a momentary loss of inspiration. They are simply that, momentary. In being, nothing is lost. Consciousness cannot go back but always advances.

Sometimes it seems difficult to discern between reality and fiction, between truth and illusion. This difficulty will persist for a while, and then disappear. Have patience with yourself, blessed soul of our Mother.

The wall that used to demarcate a limit that separated Heaven from Earth is beginning to disappear, little by little. It is no longer as clear and immovable as it once was. That old wall is now but a bit of straw, as easily removed as for the wind to blow a leaf in autumn. Now you can unite the human and the divine, understanding that love is the source of every being, and that everything in the material world is either a manifestation of love or of a lack of love.

You are now in a perfect condition to accept that there is nothing external to you. Therefore, there is no longer any need for concern or fear of what you used to call the outside world. The belief that anything outside of you is real can no longer precipitate panic. Who would not fear such an impersonal universe, if it were perceived as something alien?

What is not part of you never was created and is not real. This is the basis of your fear of the world. When you consider something alien to yourself, you fear it because you cannot understand it. All true knowledge is knowledge of yourself. You need no other kind of knowledge except what God reveals to you about your being.

You need not know the laws of nature or the universe. When you try to understand them, even as humanity, you fall into a trap: the trap of believing that what you are seeking to know is the essence of things, when in fact you are seeking to govern life, to master it. To believe that knowledge is a method of control in order to be more secure is to believe in manipulation as a means of protection. God does not manipulate. You need not either.

Manipulation is one of the oldest schemes of the ego. Even children do it. In fact, babies know how to manipulate. The attempt to manipulate truth is equivalent to the desire to create without God—to transform divine creation into what you would like it to be, rather than love it as it really is. Remember, the problem of separation originates in the belief that you can change creation, that you want to do it, and that you have. This cannot but breed fear because if you could change reality, you could eliminate it, including yourself.

Child of Heaven, you cannot change what is real. You cannot change the holiness that you truly are. You cannot adulterate anything, because reality cannot be modified. Herein lies the peace of God.

III. Loving Love

If Heaven and Earth are one, then human and divine reality have to be one. If this is true, and I assure you that it is, then you cannot escape the challenges of the world by thinking that since you belong to Heaven, you should not get involved in ordinary life. It is on Earth that you begin to live your Heaven and where you show others the God you truly are. This means that solidarity of love is essential to the soul.

If love were not in solidarity, God would not be so directly involved in your salvation. Every problem of the child is the problem of the Heavenly Mother. She takes on the affairs of every soul at every level, as a matter of honor.

For those who hunger, God is a plate of rice because that rice represents the possibility of being alive and God is the source of life. For those who do not have shelter, a home is God, because God is one’s safe refuge and souls know it. What I am trying to say is not to disregard the issues of life, of what your brothers and sisters experience.

To think that the problems of your sisters and brothers do not concern you is not to believe in unity. Unity does not have to create a weight of worries or efforts to change a world in ways that seems futile. The world must change. And it will.

Creating a new world is a higher way to change the world. By saying this I wish not to create divisions but to make clear the difference that exists between modifying a system and replacing it anew. Creating “a new world” is an expression indicating that the systems that govern the world cannot be lastingly modified because their foundations are inharmonious with love and truth.

Fixing the world, as if it were a matter of repairing a deteriorated house or mending a tunic, is what humans have been trying to do over and over again. Sometimes the patches seem to fix things, but they always generate disharmony and finally do not work in a lasting way. You are not called to patch up the life you know but to replace it with eternal life.

Surely the ego can show solidarity and often does. But it is also true that love is solidarity; otherwise the ego would never have disguised itself as solidarity. Remember, the ego is the great imitator of God—emulated and simultaneously distorted.

To feed the hungry or give a drink to the thirsty in the name of love means that every act of charity must be born from a dialogue with your true being, the living Christ who lives in you, from that place where contemplation, meditation, or whatever comes from within must emerge. You can do a lot of good even while self-centered, but you will not be extending the love that you truly are. That need not be the case. You can make solidarity with love a living expression of love in action; in fact, love will always claim that union.

A love that cannot include material reality is a limited love and therefore cannot be the love of God. The Creator of the holy, beautiful, and perfect cannot be excluded from a reality according to your wishes. If you could live where it would be impossible for God to enter, you would be in a dimension outside of creation. That is impossible. I assure you that even in that place called hell, Christ can make an appearance if your heart allows it.

Love has no limits. Therefore, there is no reason for any aspect of your life to be excluded from its healing, restorative, and salvific power. To believe that the world cannot be transformed by the love of God is absurd, since love is infinite. You may accept this mentally, but acceptance in the mind alone does not achieve unity of being. It is necessary for this truth be experienced, so that the heart and mind are absorbed in it.

The salvific aspect of love is often overlooked. You must carry this in your awareness. Although the plan of salvation was not devised by you or by your sisters and brothers but by the One who created the universe, it is also true that God does nothing in an exclusive way. God is perfect inclusion because love is that.

Salvation is typical of love, as are so many other dimensions of love. If God, who is love and nothing but love, has a salvific aspect, you must also have it because you were created in Her likeness. That you do not connect with that aspect of being does not mean it does not exist.

You can and must save the world if you are going to live in the truth of your being. Everyone is called to do so. There is nothing unusual about this. Wouldn’t a tender mother or a loving father do everything in their power to save their child from anything? If this feeling exists in the human heart, it must also exist in God.

The heart of every woman and every man is a perfect reflection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of my Immaculate Heart, for nothing in human nature is separate from spirit. Even the body is in union with the soul, its being, and its source.

Because the body and everything that you are is in union with spirit, the salvific aspect of love cannot exclude anything that constitutes the experience of human life. Remember, to God everything about you is important.

To save is to heal. To heal is to make happy. To make happy is to live in the fullness of being. So body, mind, and spirit must be in harmony to live in peace. This harmony is reached when there is unity between the purpose of mind, heart, and spirit or being. Undoubtedly, if the mind goes to one side, the heart to the other, and the being to another, your inner self is bewildered. Once more I speak of living in integrity with all that you are.

Do not think of salvation as necessary because you are a miserable sinner or unworthy. Understand it simply for what it is: the restoration of harmony in all that you are and wish to be.

If tomorrow you were told that scientists had found a pill that eliminates every disease and every problem in your life, before taking it would you spend years trying to understand how that would be possible or how it would work? Or would you simply determine whether the person telling you is trustworthy, and if so, take the medicine?

That is how it is with salvation. You know that only love will save the world, and love will do so because of what it is: salvific love. Therefore, you need not be concerned about how love will manage to replace a world without love with one whose foundation is truth. It will be done because it is God’s promise. My child, peace will be attained. This is more certain than the path of the sun each day, or that rain falls, waters the grass, and then return to the sky.

The peace of God will reign in the world because the Creator has ordained it. This will be achieved not only through God but through unity among all men and women, and between them and their Creator. Do not leave everything in the hands of God alone, nor in the hands of humankind alone, for creation is an act of union, an extension of holy communion. We are one mind, one holy love.

IV. The Abode of Heaven

It has been said that in Heaven there are many mansions and that the whole is the Kingdom. This means that each mansion is something like a face of the love of infinite faces. Certainly, the whole cannot have divisions. Therefore, what the mansions of Heaven represent are different aspects of pure love. Since your soul is the likeness of its Creator, then in your soul all the mansions of Heaven must exist, all forms of the expression of love.

Love has infinite aspects or dimensions. It is present love and also inclusive love. It is love that teaches and also saves. It is love that corrects and also illumines. It is love that creates new love, love that renews the face of the Earth and everything that exists.

The salvific capacity of love and the ability to make all things new are the same. Therefore, it is necessary that the feelings of solidarity in your heart be manifested as a living expression of a love binding you and your brother and sister as a unit.

Trying to improve a world like the one you have been seeing is an endeavor that belongs to love. Remember, when the ego interfered you perceived a contradiction in your mind and heart between what your egoic thinking proposed as salvation and what the Holy Spirit knows is always true. One believes that improvement comes from the individual action of a person, a group, or of all humanity collectively. In other words, God is not needed. The other knows that this is impossible, because salvation comes from the love that God is and manifests in humanity as a whole, in unity with its source. The ego cannot know what salvation is because the ego is ignorant. Love knows because it is the wisdom of God.

Humanity, united with one another and with God, will cause a new Heaven and a new Earth to arise because in that union resides the peace of the Kingdom. And only from lasting peace can a peaceful world be created in which love can reign without limit.

Another reason why true charity can only be expressed through union with Christ is because only it can know what is best for a soul in the totality of every time, place, and circumstance. Being in union with Christ, each soul is affected in some way by each aspect of creation, and the totality of the universe as well. To interconnect all these relationships for each action, feeling, and thought is proper to Christ because it is the totality of love.

To find solutions to the problems of the world by leaving Divine Love aside is the way of separation. That cannot be a true solution because separation is the basic problem. Any system of thought that does not include the totality, the human and the divine, putting them on the same footing, perpetuates division and lack. Living as if you were just a body is living in separation, as much an error as living as if you were just spirit.

Equanimity leads to harmony. The balance between the Earthly and the Heavenly must be recovered for peace to reign in hearts. You restore that balance every time you seek unity with the being that you truly are because when you dwell in the abode of truth, you cannot deny your humanity, your Christ self, or the union you are with all creation.

Living in the unity of being by staying united to my Immaculate Heart, in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is how you reside in the abode of Christ. You allow Christ consciousness to inform you of the action or inaction required. Once informed, the being will do or refrain from doing whatever love inspires. This leads to the true solution because everything done from that union cancels separation and its effects.

Again and again, I ask you not to separate yourself from my Immaculate Love because in holy love you reach the fullness of being and create a new Heaven and a new Earth. This is how divisions disappear and how you become aware of the union that everything is.

It is from the peace of the soul that you will create the new world. In that peace you are one with your sisters and brothers and with God. This is how you call upon love and invite it to be part of your relationships with everyone. This is how you help your brothers and sisters out of their dark cells of ignorance and the desolate corners of separation. You save the world by being the peace of Christ.

Brother of Christ and of everything created! Sister of light! You are not called to strive, nor to change the world, but to allow the old illusory reality to be replaced in all its dimensions, in you and the whole universe—not amending things, but creating the new based on the love you truly are—replacing what is not real, because it was never created, with what it is, which comes from God. Discord is abandoned. Harmony reigns.

The only way for you to live in the reality of love—and thereby allow everyone to live in it because of the unity you are with everyone and everything—is returning to and remaining in a direct relationship with God. From this relationship the miracle of creation unfolds before you and through you. It is from your relationship with Christ that you create a new love, because Christ is that unity. And from that unity you abolish separation now and forever, from the love that you truly are, from where Heaven touches Earth. It is in your direct relationship with God that the greatest effect you could ever imagine is produced.

Child of holiness, remain always in unity with God and you will be living in the Kingdom of Heaven. Your sisters and brothers need you. They, more than anyone, are calling you from every corner of the world telling you: Beloved brother, dear sister, let us dwell together in the Heaven of direct relationship with God now and forever. Let us live united in the concord of Mary, mother of the living. Together we will sing a new song. We will live forever in the mansion of light. We will be one forever and will shine in the presence of love.

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