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The Spiritual Practice of Joy

A message from Jesus

I. The Souls of Children

Beloved child of my love, today, as always, I come from pure Divine Love. I join with you to create a new Heaven and a new Earth. In our union lies creative power from the source of eternal life wherein you can become one with your unique consciousness and create what only you and I together can. If our union is not joined consciously, the creative power of the universe is blocked. That is possible since it is part of the pure potentiality of being. There is no sin in it, although it does make your happiness decrease.

God always creates. Always. What I have come to speak of with you is our joint power, not the power of the Creator, for our function is not to be God as if we had to help Her correct some aspect of Her being or creation. Here we are interested only in what happens in our souls.

I have come to remind you of a lesson; although you know it, you often lose its freshness and beauty. I speak of having you be like a child in the arms of a mother. Remember that Heaven is a kingdom of soul children; in my heart are all the children of my love.

Becoming a child is a spiritual attitude. In fact, it is a spiritual practice of great importance. In order to understand the depth of what this expression entails, it is necessary to re-signify what you previously considered to be a spiritual exercise.

In the past you associated the idea of “practice” with something that a teacher invited you to do according to their superior wisdom, which offered a method which, if followed, gave you something valuable in return. We now forsake forever this way of spiritual practice. To some extent it was useful in the past, but is no longer appropriate for the new.

In the new being that you are, you do not practice a specific methodology to obtain a specific goal. Now love is your practice, in all its extensions. In this sense you begin to see joy as a spiritual practice, and also simplicity, sweetness, and other treasures of the Kingdom.

It is one thing to do exercises of piety and spend hours, days, or years, praying this or that prayer, or perfecting yourself in some technique or philosophy. Another very different thing is to make your life the practice itself.

Practice joy. This is the central statement of this session. If you understand it well, you will recognize that in it lies the essence of the message of this work, and my only eternal message. The joy of God is often lost sight of.

Too often people walk with frowns and tired faces, reflecting problems that seem to have no solution. Day by day the minds of my beloved children remain bombarded with vain things and so much negativity. Human life is often submerged in a malaise of worries and seriousness that drains spiritual joy. All of it is part of an old thought pattern.

Where there is no true joy, there is no God. Make this truth come alive in you and reveal the depth, length, and breadth of its meaning. Life was given to you to be happy in the love of God, not to transform it into an inferno of worries.

You can learn a lot by observing small children. They laugh, sing, cry, and express themselves. Most of all, the natural attitude of my little ones is to play.

Children play. Let this tell you something. Play is natural with them and between them. They do not make plans or complex thoughts. All is wonder. Babies play with their hands, let themselves be surprised, and can spend hours looking at a beam of light. They are contemplatives par excellence. They laugh while observing.

Children do not feel guilty for being what they are. They are spontaneous. They do not have a mental language full of words that tire the mind. They do not seek to please. They simply are what they are in every moment.

II. The Child in You

Beloved child! That cheerful, pure, spontaneous baby that you were is still alive in you. No matter how old you are, you cannot lose the inner child you carry in your being. My child, to express what we might call your spiritual childhood will make that beautiful child inside become fully alive. It cannot really die, but can be so suppressed that it seems no longer to exist in you. All souls carry that child quality within them, because childhood is not a matter of age but of spiritual energy. It is a gift of being. It is the condition of the pure soul.

Remember, the mind is no longer in conflict with the heart. They are a unit. Now the mind speaks and the heart dances because it recognizes in it the voice of truth. In this symphony of love in which the mind and heart now live, both dance to the beat of life as it truly is. No longer do they fight with each other nor fight with other minds and hearts because in the fullness of being they recognized that they are one and the same without ceasing to be different.

Now the one who thinks is the mind of Christ; the one who feels is the sacred heart. Now the mind-heart unit is expressing itself from and in your humanity, expressing everything you are according to the will of God. You are no longer asleep in your Mother’s arms dreaming of exile. Now you are much more aware, and you will be more so each day as you personify holiness.

Joy and holiness are indivisible. In truth to think of one without the other is impossible. Recognizing the association between joy and holiness is important because it will allow you to understand the direct relationship between happiness and innocence.

Children evoke the purity and innocence of your being. This is why feelings of tenderness arise when you look at them. You are also your inner child. Allow it to be alive in you and you will stay in the Kingdom. Being a child is not a matter of age but of soul.

I am speaking today of a new focus, a spiritual practice of the sanctity of the heart. This practice allows a habit to be installed until we no longer need to “think about what we are.”

Joy as a spiritual practice will also enable the practice of peace, harmony, order, and beauty. One will take you to the other because they are part of the same. All will lead you to live so automatically in truth and perfect love that finally being who you are will be as natural to you as it is to breathe. This is how it should always have been: life expressing what you are without having to think about it. The natural expression of God’s love is to live in harmony with the will of the Mother.

I am talking about exercising everything that comes from God, and choosing to start with the practice of the joy of the heart because this specific approach will keep you from getting lost in abstractions that you sometimes cannot understand. Now the specific and the abstract, the human and the divine, come together and live forever in perpetual union.

Let us begin, then, with the practice of joy. Do not forget that truth is generalizable; therefore, everything that applies to some forms that love adopts is true for any other aspect of that same love.

III. Give Joy

The practice of joy begins with giving. It is essential to understand that giving joy in every encounter that you have is the way that your happiness expands in creation and in you. You know this because your being knows that giving and receiving are one and the same. However, the part of the mind that retains the old patterns, and remains a little active, attempts to block understanding this truth. Remember, that part of the mind cannot understand because it is formed by patterns of separation, not of union.

When you are told to give joy, the mind may resist, telling you that this is a new duty and reject outright any attempt to be happy. Truly, you often do not feel happy. And this is not about denying feelings of sadness or unrest, nor of deceiving others by pretending to be as you are not. I am not talking about trying to project a false image; that is what you have been doing for a long time and no longer want to do. I do not advocate hypocrisy but to live in the truth of what you really are, here, now, and always.

In order to transmit the true joy of your heart it is necessary to disconnect it from every concept with which you have associated it. The world teaches a kind of joy that has nothing to do with divine wisdom. True joy is the fruit of God’s peace. It arises only in minds that have accepted their perfect innocence. Only those who love themselves with perfect love can allow the beauty their being to be expressed for what it is.

Lack of joy comes from guilt—not psychological guilt, as many call it, but original guilt. It is the bitter aftertaste that remained in the pure soul from when it conceived the idea of fear or guilt. Although this dark color with which you impregnated a part of your soul was not necessarily in the original plan of your Creator, it is there. We cannot deny it, nor is it necessary to do so.

Everyone has experienced lack of joy. This experience has been very useful in the old stage of learning, in which the Holy Spirit used contrast as a perfect medium for learning and discernment. However, as has been remarked repeatedly, that stage has ended. Let us remember that truth is reached by means of direct revelation, not by means of effort or intellect.

Beloved brother, beloved sister, you do not know what true joy is. Everything to which you have pledged is not real. Rejoice that you have not reached it despite all your attempts. Now your mind and heart are open to a new experience, an experience that comes from above, from where will sprout a peace not of the world. When it arrives you will recognize it. Moreover, you will realize that you already knew it and will say “Ah!” like a small sigh of the soul that begins to remember God.

When the joy of God begins to be recognized for what it is, you begin to remember the many times you lived in your holy home. When you knew you were innocent, you spread the joy of God for having created his blessed child.

True joy comes from being the one you truly are. Such joy of being is a state that can be attained. In order to live in that state it is essential to remain aware of the holiness that you are. I tell you once again, soul in love with Christ, that in truth, joy and holiness are the same. They go hand-in-hand, as do truth and love.

Every state of unhappiness comes from the belief that you, or circumstances, should be a certain way. The world taught you that belief. It is the same with your anger at the fact that others are not as you want, life is not as you want, and you are not as you want. Remember, denial leads to projection. When you experienced that you were different from your pre-established ideal, you became sad in the soul. A thought darkened your joy by telling you in the silence of your holy mind, “I am not worthy.”

All lack of joy ultimately comes from a misunderstanding: you feel the desire to be happy, which, by definition, comes from a lack. Therefore, first you perceive lack of happiness, then long for the opposite state and try to make it real. To accomplish this, you define your unhappiness, what its opposite is, and the conditions of your life necessary for happiness. You did not stop to think about whether this makes sense or not.

IV. Joy, the Fruit of Love

Being cheerful is part of the nature of being, as are wisdom and love. However, this does not mean that nothing will make you averse. Do you think God does not feel aversion? Yes, God does, otherwise your soul could not experience it. Aversion is a spiritual energy with its origin in the holy being that Christ is. How could a mother not protect her beloved child from what she would never want for it?

Joy comes from being who you really are. There is no relationship between what appears to be the outer world and the happiness of the soul. Accordingly, the world cannot be the cause of the joy of the soul, just as it cannot be the cause of anything in your being. Your being only feels comfortable being fully itself, as God created it to be. Every time you feel sadness it is because you somehow remembered or experienced non-being. Not being is the misfortune of the soul.

Joy is associated with the harmony you experience when fully in truth, because there is no other reality. When you fulfill the will of God, your true purpose in creation, you cannot cease being happy since you are fulfilling your mission. Lessons learned with joy are learned best; sorrow is a burden weighing on the soul because it produces an instinctive rejection of the being from which the soul is fed.

Since the ego is no longer present and will never return, you will experience misery in a different way. Every time you feel the pang of pain it is asking you to be it, to feel it, drop by drop. Honor her for what she is, a holy messenger from Heaven who comes sweetly to remind you of your longing for perpetual happiness. Remember that it is the ego that cannot digest joy and that identification with the ego has passed.

You must understand, my beloved, that the patterns of the ego must first be recognized and then abandoned. This is what transcendence means to you from now on: it is the means by which you observe what you are experiencing within and decide what to keep and what to release. Love knows perfectly what feels comfortable and what does not. The heart knows the truth. Extending joy cannot be something that involves effort.

It cannot cost you anything to be the one you really are. Thus giving joy is the natural result of the release of guilt and does not require any kind of action or effort. I am asking you to stop looking for happiness and to begin to be happy because of the holiness that you are.

If you continue to respond on the basis of old thinking patterns, you will continue to create ideas about how things should be, and define in advance how you should be to be worthy.

This creates an ideal self that would bid you to go in search of it. This will never work.

What will work is for you to live in the truth of who you really are and not in illusion. Remind yourself as much as necessary that joy does not come from anything outside of you, because there is nothing outside of you. Recognize that if you are angry it is because in some way there is something that you do not like. You will know what you have judged as undesirable. Once you recognize what it is, then you can decide from love what to do or stop doing concerning it. You will begin to let go of the fear of feeling unhappy. Then you will begin to let go of the fear of fear. Joy is a union with holiness; unhappiness, with fear. If we make this connection we can see more clearly how things work.

Joy is the fruit of love; unhappiness the result of fear.

All fear has its origin in the fear of not being. Thus the opposite of joy arises from a fear of not being who you are. This is as true as the fact that the sun shines and blesses you with its light. Lack of joy is lack of love. A being cannot inhabit a place where there is no love.

We are understanding spiritual practices in a new way. We are inviting you to make truth so habitual that it finally becomes natural, something that you no longer need to think about, just as children do not think about what they are or how they should be. They just are what they are. They do not judge. They do not examine.

Joy is the fruit of love. Therefore recognize where sweetness dwells. By their fruits you will know them, as I said a while ago. I repeat it again. Where love is, there is the joy of being because being and love are one and the same. Christ is the joy of your being because that is the joy of the Mother. You who are Her beloved child cannot be anything other than the joy of God because Christ and your being are in an eternal union. They are the only reality.

I exhort you with pure love to go into the world telling happy stories, awakening true joy in the hearts of others, in the many ways you know how. There are plenty of reasons to praise and bless. There are many reasons to be happy, because Christ has come. Christ is here. And where He is, there always is love.

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