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New Temptations

A message from Jesus

I. Prelude

Soul in love! I am here again, united to the countless beings of pure love that are part of this holy manifestation. I come in the name of love and the truth that is always true. I come to remember wisdom in union and relationship with you, and through you, with everything created. We are spreading the light of infinite love, the light of holiness.

I thank you with all my heart for listening to my voice and following it. Thank you for answering the call from On High. Thank you for the love that you profess as I stay in our relationship of loving intimacy. Thank you for being the light of the world.

Beloved of eternal beauty! As you advance on the path of knowledge, new temptations seem to arise. This is what I want to speak with you about. God does not put Her children in danger. God’s way is safe and serene. I cannot risk that you stumble into the pitfalls that appear often along the spiritual path. Be aware of them. Do not run but walk attentively. When the blindfolds are removed you will cease to live in darkness. That is the case with your soul. Now you see how the light has entered. Your mind and heart are well grounded in knowing that this light is not of the world.

I speak not of new temptations to scare or worry you; I do it for love. It is an act of pure, holy charity to calmly warn of what could cause harm that you are capable of avoiding. Your being is endowed with intelligence, prudence, and discernment. Put these three virtues always into practice, so that you may habitually walk safely, serenely, and peacefully.

In the past, temptations scared you because you did not know how to deal with them. You felt as if you had no strength against such adversaries. They seemed to come from everywhere. Some rushed on you from the outside world, others from the flesh, still others from your inner world. Your mind and tired heart were overwhelmed. You did not realize then that these “enemies” were nothing but impulses whose vital force seemed overflowing and impossible to control, like forces of nature.

Now your relationship with temptation has changed because everything changed when you decided to join Christ, or rather, when you decided to allow Christ to shine eternally in your mind and heart with all His glory and splendor. Now love is driving. Love has become the lord of all that you are, as God has set for you eternally.

Temptations are but beliefs torn from love. You know that what is not love is fear, and that what does not unite in holiness does not come from God. You know you need not live in conflict and are not at the mercy of dominating external forces. You are the master of your life, creator of your experience. You know that nothing external to you can be a cause because everything except your thoughts is neutral.

Conflict disappears when you define a single goal in your life, the goal of union with Christ. You have chosen to live the truth and nothing but the truth. You have decided to make a direct relationship with the source of eternal life your reality. You have chosen to live uniquely and exclusively in God’s way.

Now you can observe temptation and simply recognize it as a thought that would separate you from your function, from the path of love. Now that you are free and nothing imprisons you nor can take you where your heart does not want to go, when temptations arrive you will simply observe them peacefully and let them go. Once done, you will continue to travel the path of truth in union and relationship with the Christ in you. Nothing has power over you except the love you truly are.

II. Immovable Love

To live God’s way is to live according to Her will, in harmony with Her nature. This definition is so foreign to the teachings of the world that you cannot hope to learn it there. Further, it cannot be taught or learned. This is why you must accept that the end of learning through effort—through the intellect—has come, and accept that you can and must be informed by the source of wisdom. Love cannot be taught, nor can God’s way of being, for they are the same.

If God is eternal novelty—and I assure you that She is, because love makes all things new—then the new cannot be anchored in the past, in the teachings of the world. To ask you to leave the world is not a request to be alone with your God, living in the desert or atop a mountain where nobody can find you. This temptation always exists on the spiritual path.

You might live on another planet—and maybe soon some can do so, even physically—yet unless you are a new being, you will take the world inside your mind and heart wherever you go. Nothing will change because wherever you go your soul goes with you and will express the system of thought that exists within. If you were to enter the Kingdom of Heaven right now with an unchanged mind, you would enjoy it for a moment. But then your thinking mind would ask, “Now what?” And in that moment you would lose Heaven entirely.

The truth is true for both Earth and for Heaven. Truth has no width or height. When you recognize the truth, you can generalize it and apply it to everything in your human experience. Thus if your soul lives in the truth it matters not if it descends to the underworld, or remains in the world until the end of time, or lives in Heaven, because it will always be in unshakable love.

Being one with God is a way of being that cannot be affected by anything or anyone outside yourself. Nothing outside of you has power over you, simply because there is nothing outside of you. Remember this.

You know how to live God’s way because that is your nature. Indeed, it is important to accept that any other way is so unnatural and absurd that it is incredible to have devoted such effort to something so alien to your being as the thought system we call “the world.”

Today may be the day when you smile serenely and remember that child, a bit crazy and impulsive but always full of life, trying to show her Mother how to live foreign to Her will. How ridiculous to have made such sacrifice to live as you neither want nor desire! Truly, child of my heart! Is it not already time to leave all this forever? Certainly you have already done so, but still the temptations of the world present themselves, albeit with less intensity now.

The frustrations that come to your mind and heart every so often come from the old world. Discard them at the root. There is no need for them, no reason for frustration.

Often frustration comes from the thinking pattern of the ego that looks for a reward. This search for recognition is linked to determining whether or not you are “on the right track,” whether or not your plan is being successful. That old mental mechanism of the past uses certain facts as confirmation. A very common example of this error is the number of followers you have as a spiritual person. Another, just as common, is based on the magnitude of the work carried out.

The path of spirituality has been, and may continue to be plagued by ego. Remember that the ego can be spiritualized. Remember that the devil can quote scripture, and very often does.

III. The Trap of Success

There is a trap that the ego has used a lot in the past that too many people who have traveled a deep spiritual path have fallen into—the trap of the spiritual ego. Remember that the ego can disguise itself as any virtue, such as beauty, charity, responsibility, and sincerity. But it cannot disguise itself as obedience. This is the only virtue the ego will never try to imitate. This means that humility is the safest way to keep all ego thinking and any feeling that is not of pure love away from your mind. Only the humble will see God, because true humility is to walk in truth.

We could call it an authentic trap of success, for which the ego has used my name and my life. I bring it to your attention to avoid any risk of falling into it.

Observe without judgment how often you use the grandeur of my work—as also the work of my Divine Mother—to lose your way. So many majestic cathedrals were built in both names, so many figures sculpted, carved or painted, so much celebrity. So many talk about us. Somehow you believe it to be the irrefutable fact of our success as teachers or spiritual guides. The ego whispers: “There is the proof of the greatness of the Son of God. That is the miracle.” In fact, the ostentation you see in religions, including those that have assumed custody of the truth, has always happened in the history of the world.

An ostentatious religion full of worldly power to impose ideas, erected on superstructures and which would measure my success in terms of the number of proselytes, has nothing to do with me nor with the message I gave two thousand years ago. What I shared with my brothers and sisters of all times has been highly misunderstood.

Many of my teachings have been used to harm rather than to love perfectly. Many of my actions have been distorted, interpreted with fear. The religion using my name has caused pain to those who love with infinite love. Child of my being! If you could only know how much pain it brings to my heart, you would cry bitterly. Can that religion be in harmony with the way of Jesus and Mary when we came only to bring love to the world?

To think that you can succeed or fail on the spiritual path is to misunderstand. Nevertheless, since you have accepted the concept of success and failure, you can use that belief in your favor until you are ready to abandon it altogether. You can tell yourself that the only possible success for your Christ to be loved is to unite yourself more and more to it. In other words, the only thing one could call real success is to remain consciously in a direct relationship with God. That is where you are your true self. That is where you are as God created you to be, the informed and the informant, the created and the creator of the new, the holy, the perfect. That is where you are pure love.

Ask yourself: How much time today have I spent with my God? Am I now listening to your voice and talking to my beloved Christ? Begin to use time for what it is for, to allow yourself to consciously join more each day with your Creator, until you are so deeply attached to Her that time is based in eternity.

Being yourself is the question. That’s what my love work has always been about. And I have shown it—in union with my mother, who is also your mother—by making known your direct relationship with the Creator of all and who you call Abba.

IV. The Only Message of Jesus

The only message that comes from me is that of your direct relationship with God. There never was anything else and never will be. This is because the only reality is a direct relationship with the source of your being, since only love is real. Love is union; therefore it has to be a relationship. Love is a relationship, a relationship with God, with your source, with your being.

Do you think that my value as the voice of Christ consciousness that I am, and that speaks to you through these words, resides in tinsel, or the gold of a chalice, or in buildings that sooner or later will crumble? Do you think that to remain God my being needs grandiose museums and mausoleums? Can the unstable and limited power of the world add anything to my divinity? Can a song, a ceremony, or multitudinous pilgrimages give me more? You know the answer is no. And yet you still are dazzled by flashes of gold that distract from my essence.

My child, the day has come for you to get rid of all that deflects your mind from your only goal and has your heart lose its peace. The only thing of value is love given. Remember, giving is as blessed as receiving.

Do not measure your spiritual path by any understanding that you attained, because nothing you understand is part of that path. The only sincere goal of every spiritual path, if it comes from God, is to take you to your true self. This can only be achieved in relationship, since you are a being in relationship, in relation to the whole. And since you cannot attain totality by yourself since you are a blessed part of the whole, then you attain the fullness of your being by uniting yourself with the whole. What I call “the all of everything” is love. Love is everything, so remaining in it is how you continue being the totality that love is. A goal like this, which is the same goal of bringing Heaven to Earth or becoming aware that Heaven and Earth are united, is not something the world can understand or give.

Child of my Sacred Heart, emerged from the heart of my holiness! The world will not understand you. You will not understand the world. This is because as you join me more you begin to live in a way that has nothing to do with the survival of the ego, which has been the goal of the world since the origin of separation.

To try to find something to add to the luminosity of your aureole of holiness is futile. Therein lies a transposition of the error of the ego thought system to the spiritual path. In the past you sought career, money, recognition, a mate, friends and many other things. You wanted them to be more, in one way or another—smarter, more apt, more admired, more loved, more secure—more of something. That mechanism might be transferred to the spiritual life if you are not diligent. Being more than others cannot precede love, because love knows that only it exists and that everything else is pure illusion.

What is done with love exteriorizes love, therefore is benevolent. What does not extend love cannot come from God, even if wrapped in the guise of holiness, devotion, or love. Love never hurts. It does not make anyone feel bad. It is always sweet, even when it must be severe. Love only does good. It is soft even when unyielding firmness is necessary. Love is always secure, respectful, and inclusive. Love embraces.

Do not waste time planning the ways of the Lord. You cannot control God. Remember that you created planning as a tool to deal with uncertainty. You have a plan for almost everything, even for your salvation. Be glad that your plans have not worked. Here, when you become aware of your frustration, you are but a step away from achieving surrender.

If you do not surrender completely to Christ, you cannot enjoy lasting peace. The path of eternity is too vast to be enclosed in the world’s small trifles. The work you are doing through spirit, as an effect of your relationship with the living Christ who lives in you, is so wonderful and holy that it cannot be measured with old parameters. The work of spirit cannot be measured.

Without doubt, love can arouse the creation of great buildings offered to the deity, and other external works of art. All of them are welcome because of the love that engendered them. It is also true that the world is brighter thanks to the attraction that the Holy Spirit evokes in hearts that are open to love. However, it is important that you do not confuse form with essence. The essential is always love.

You are called to join in relationship with Christ, in which your being lives. What this means is that you who receive these words have reached a state of oneness with your true self. You are the living Christ who lives in you. This is the same as saying that you no longer live, but it is love that lives in you. To become aware of this truth is to take charge of what you are: to live and walk in this truth, and be humble.

The example you must follow—and this is said to you who you have come so far and have joined this work in one way or another—is the path of Mary, a path marked by pure unconditional obedience to one’s source and Creator. Mary has given you the example to follow. With this we do not offer an idol, but a concrete answer to the path that you are called to follow, and to have a perfect reference according to your nature.

V. Mary, the Star of Your Soul

There are many paths that reflect truth and love; all end up in the way of Jesus and Mary. You are invited to follow the path of the Mother of Love, a path that creates a new world from a direct relationship with God: being, not necessarily doing, although obviously there is action and movement.

Before proceeding, reflect calmly on your confidence that your relationship with Christ has the ability to transform your life now and forever. God is the great transformer. Indeed, nothing other than God can transform anything on an essential level. In the history of men and women of all times, the changes resulting from the ego changed the form only, not the content. Much has changed the world, but its foundations are still intact. What is of the world cannot change the world. What is of God changes everything because God is eternal novelty and eternally present.

Your life does not have to be the same every day or every moment. Conscious union with your true self, the living Christ that lives in you, can transform your whole being every moment, no matter where you are or what you think you are. This includes changes to the external conditions of your life.

Lack of change is alienating because beings cannot live in nothingness, and lack of movement is nothingness. This is why the world rotates incessantly. Whether you move from fear or from love, you still prefer to move than to stay still. This is because you associate stillness with death, lack of change with apathy, and movement with life. But observe carefully: not everything that seems to move is actually moving. There may be a feeling of mobility, which makes you think you are changing, but there is no real change. That type of change will not work.

Changes that emerge from a relationship with the source of eternal life is true change because they are not anchored in anything known. It is eternal novelty. It is not an adjustment or modification of what exists, but something new. You are being called to life with that degree of novelty.

You cannot know the effects that love is creating through you because you cannot see love. However, you can see its effects, and you will. Your life will be a reflection of the union you have with the love that God is. It is always so—whether your relationship is one of rejection or acceptance.

Mary gives you a loving example to follow, a life whose conscious, unyielding relationship with God has engendered a savior. Her union with love made possible what no human hand and no intelligent mind in the world could imagine. Through her, the greatest change that the world has ever experienced was conceived and manifested.

A change like the one that Mary brought as a consequence of her bond with God is a change that can also be manifested in you. Actually, the change will not be made by you. It will be made, and indeed is now being made, by the spirit of God that lives in you. If you let it, it will continue to work miracles in your life and in the lives of all those who are part of your constellation. This is how the communion of souls works.

Do not worry if you are followed by many or few, or even none. Do not be concerned whether or not your work is a wonderful organization or community. None of that is essential. Love is essential. Remember, you will not see the totality of your work here on Earth. It is too big to be complete in the years of a human life. Your work will be great, as great as is my trust in you. Your work will be as holy as is our relationship.

We cannot fail; feelings of failure make no sense. We are the union of the eternal wisdom of God. Can God be wrong? Can Christ sin?

VI. God Already Has the Plan

My beloved child, keep going. We go together on this path of love. We treasure the remembrance that we are the whole of Heaven. You are on the right track; do not doubt yourself. The world changes when you change. Even the ego creates change. Wherever you are, in some way, change manifests. Change is a product of human nature, which constantly creates.

Your life changes when you join me. And you change the whole world, not because of a plan based on what was learned in the past, but because of what cannot be learned. What world will emerge from your direct relationship with God? No one can answer that question because it is a world so new and a world that will never stop renewing itself. Life is always new, as you are.

No aspect of your life will be unaffected by your direct relationship with God. Trust in what Christ and you do together. Do not try to define what that change will be. Be assured that if you think you understand beforehand, that understanding will not be what happens.

Naturally after so many years of planning, it is challenging to abandon that tool. But when you realize that your plans have all failed and will continue to fail, you begin to open up to new options. This is the magic of failure. It is the gateway to the triumph of truth over illusion. It is the threshold to Heaven. Thank all your failures. They have brought you to the promised land. Once you recognize that not only have you failed in everything but that it was your good fortune to fail—because if your plans had been successful you would be condemned to live in a dark world—then the blessed light of the new begins to emerge in your consciousness. Finally you are ready to release a whole system of plans, goals, and methods alien to God’s plan.

God does have a plan, but it is unlike the plans of humans. God’s plan is a design, a system that comes from Her mind and heart. It has nothing to do with the way the ego’s world is created, for it is not based on the fear of not being, but on a love that seeks to share.

If you are called to the novelty of God, you cannot be burdened with the exhausting yoke of defining what is new, how to create it, and how to dwell in it eternally. What planning could help you define such matters? Fortunately, you need not do anything in advance. The creative source from which you emerge at every moment will do it with you because of your unity with Her.

When a liquid is made by mixing two other liquids, often the original liquids that make it up cannot be distinguished in the product. So it is when your being joins the being of Christ. What emerges from the union with Divine Love cannot be defined. It is literally a new divine creation. The only thing we can know is that it will be a creation of pure love and eternal life.

Observe how in this work we speak to you on certain occasions more emotionally, and at other times more mentally. The mind participates in what the heart knows. Mind and heart are joined. Do not exalt one to the detriment of the other. Feelings are as important as thoughts. Both are a unit. Every thought arouses a feeling; all feeling comes from thought. In effect, feelings are thoughts made into emotions reflected in the body so they can be known.

Remember, God is almighty. It makes no sense to limit your power by assuming that union with Her will not transform everything that is part of you. Ultimately this self-limiting act is the basis of all conflict. Fear shows up in the lack of confidence you have in the power of God’s active love. Fear manifests itself in many areas of your life. Money is usually the most evident, along with relationships and health.

It would seem that if you walk the path of God, the ideal partner would come to you so that you are finally happy and have enough money to have no needs, or not to feel those needs. Often you might think you are on the right track because you have good relationships, or because you enjoy good health.

Never underestimate the power of the ego’s thought pattern to demand rewards. One of the temptations of the spiritual life is demanding others, or God, to reward you for the great work you do and for how wonderful you are. Falling into this temptation causes great pain.

Or it may seem that God can only be love if She rewards you with “little things” valuable to you as a human being and with which you self-affirm. But what happens when none of that comes? Did God abandon you? Has God been angry with you? Did He stop loving you?

What happens when, on the path of spirituality, you find a cross—the contempt, abandonment, incomprehension, and lack of material security—as happened to me? Do you get discouraged? Do you get angry with others, with yourself, or with God? If you understand well the message in the lifestyle I lived when I walked on the Earth with a body like yours, you will understand that I had a life without human success or anything the ego values, precisely so that no one would be tempted to measure their worth by any standard of the world. From the mundane point of view I failed in everything. And yet I cannot fail for I am the King of Hearts.

You will always have what you need to carry out your mission in life. God not only gives you a function, but provides the means to carry it out in addition to the material and spiritual things you may need for the journey. The quality God commands is holiness. That is why it is so important to abandon yourself to divine providence in all aspects of your life and release the plans of your thinking mind. For how could your thinking mind know what it needs when your mission is so sacred that it surpasses all human measurement? She knows what to give, how to give, and when to give without the temporary things that would delay your entry to Heaven, drown your soul, or take away your peace.

In a certain sense, God is like a mother who decides to take a trip with her child and prepares the saddlebags, the tunic, and the food that will be needed on the journey. God never fails to provide—for birds a nest, for humankind a house and bread on the table. In God there is no risk. Christ is a safe refuge that never forsakes. He makes the sun shine and the rain fall on everyone; how could He not so for those who listen to His voice and follow it, serving the cause and effect of love?

To who belong those who are no longer of the world, even though they live in it? You know the answer. Therefore, we leave it in the silence of your heart to be the beacon that illuminates your mind. Now we take silence, and allow the truth of this response to shine the light of Christ in our being and extend to all creation. In this silence of love we remember that our kingdom is not of the world. We live in the heart of God, together.

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