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The Game of Beautiful Love

A message from Jesus

I. The Mother and You

Soul in love, you are the face of love on Earth, as am I. Join the Heaven of your holy mind and remain within it forever. In your mind lies the truth, so how could it not be worthy of being loved? Love lives in it, because your heart and mind are joined. How could one not admire the works of God who created the mind and heart, thrones of truth and love, so that together they extend endless beauty eternally?

Purity of Christ, holy creation, I have come to bear witness to the truth and to banish the fear of love. I have come to bring peace to the Earth and to pour out the grace of divine union onto souls that yearn for God, and even upon those who do not yet know of it. I have come to gather what was scattered. Accordingly we return to the question of separation.

It has been said that separation is an illusion, that what separated from God is not true. And yet you have felt separated from everyone and everything. So, what happened?

If a child does not separate from their mother at birth it cannot know itself in its fullness. Separation need not be cause for anger, belief in sin, disunity, or fear. That there is distance between one and another does not mean that separation is “bad.” Let us examine the distance between a child and their mother after birth.

The distance between two points is the space between them. The points are also linked by what separates them. God both unites and separates. On the plane of being, it is important to understand that no one can be aware of their self and know their self in the fullness of what they are without there being a distance from that with which they relate.

You are, God is, Christ is. Imagine your being as a point and your source as another point. Or if you prefer, imagine being a point emerging from within the point in which it was generated, that is, from God. Now imagine how that point, conceived in the bosom of the source of life, begins to distance itself from that which gave it existence.

Let us look at the space between the points. There you are, there is God, and there is the distance between you. You conceived of that space as proof of separation or disunity and made a series of interpretations in your mind that induced fear and guilt. You know the rest of the story. However, what you have not done is allow God to reveal what was in that space. What was it that separated you? What is it that separates you from everything?

What I now would have you know is that the distance that exists between God and you is Christ.

Christ is the space that unites the self with the you, the created with the Creator. That space is what allows the relationship to exist. Christ is the relationship that keeps everything united in love. If the relationship did not exist, you would not exist because there would not be a “you” with whom to relate, nor a self.

I ask you to replace the word “separation” with the term “space of freedom” or if you prefer “distance,” and to not conceive of this as a lack of unity. Separation implies the breaking of a bond, but it is impossible to break your link with God. The branch cannot be separated from the vine and stay alive. Likewise, a soul separate from God would cease to exist, which is impossible because God created the soul for eternity.

II. Eternally Holy

What God creates cannot be uncreated. There is no death. Therefore, your being cannot be uncreated or cease to exist. Remember, it was God who gave you your being, and giving it, also gave you the ability to know yourself. This ability makes you who you are. It is what differentiates humans from other living beings. Let us not talk about a separation which never existed but about a distance necessary for you to become aware of who you are.

To review, Christ is the space that exists between your being and all the other beings in creation, including God. If we look for a counterpart in the material world, we could say that Christ is the air you breathe and the space you share with everything and everyone. Christ is the space. Christ is time.

You share space and time with other “I’s,” other “you’s.” You meet others at a given place and time. Without space and time, there could be no encounter. Space and time, to some extent, are the counterpart of Christ on the physical plane.

Christ has been associated with an unfathomable ocean of love. This image is not far from the truth. Just as the ocean does not separate one coast from another, but holds them together and allows you to meet your brothers and sisters by moving through it, it is the same with Christ. The sea unites, just as love unites.

You were begotten in the womb of the Divine Mother. You emerged from that virginal womb not because you do not love your mother, or because she does not love you, but so that you can fully know yourself within the framework of the freedom of the children of God. It did not mean separation in the sense of breaking the link, and surely is not a cause for fear or suffering. Must you break the bond of love with a mother merely to be fully you? Would that make sense?

The bond with God cannot be broken, as with many of your worldly relationships. Often you separate to find yourselves again from a place of love. Adolescents often do so with families or friends, taking distance from each other for a time and then reuniting in a more mature, balanced relationship. They can love themselves in freedom.

Something similar has happened with God. She created the distance that exists between you and others, just as you create a distance between yourself and your earthly parents, children, or friends, so that each one preserves their identity and can live within a space necessary for each. You know and have experienced the excess of closeness that suffocates the soul. It is one thing to maintain a relationship and another very different thing to lose yourself in the other. This is what I speak of.

Excess proximity is a risk to being. This is because there is a memory in your soul that knows that in order to relate you must maintain a distance that allows you to be who you are, and the other to be who they are. This fear of excessive closeness comes from a celestial knowledge that resides in you. Some call it territoriality, or protection, or vital space. Here I call it “the space of freedom.” Within that space you are the one you are, and only in yourself can you be aware of your union with your source. Only within that space can you know your Christ Self. This is the sweet paradox of love: in your absolute dependence on Christ you reach perfect freedom as a child of God.

Haven’t you noticed that you want to be with others, but not so much? You will never be happy in isolation, but you cannot be happy in relationships if you lose your space of freedom. What you feel when you perceive others “invading your space” is an echo of the creation of the space of freedom, created by God as a means for relationships to exist. If in a relationship you lose yourself, then you stop being—not in reality, but in your awareness of who you are.

Do not fear God. That is, do not fear that God will absorb you or leave you. Either of those extremes is terrifying, if they were possible. But they are not. God maintains a perfect distance with you based on love and freedom. God loves with freedom, which is why She calls you to love Her in freedom.

III. United Forever

Now you know the source, the root, of your anger with life. You are angry with your Mother because She established a distance between you and Herself. You took it as an affront, as an act of indifference, a distancing from the truth and from everything coming from Her. The same thing happens when a child is sent to school, and feels abandoned and gets mad at their human mother. You felt thrown out of your Mother’s house. And to some extent that was true. God throws Her children out of the nest in due time, as eagles do with their young. But that need not be a reason for you to be angry or to go beg in distant lands. God knows who you are and fully trusts you; likewise, you must trust in the one who created you. She knows the processes of souls. She knows a responsible, loving, and free way for beings to know themselves without suffering and without losing the familial bond. God invites you to be fully yourself.

To be yourself is to play the role of a beloved child—you—in relationship with God. Any other type of link with the source of your being is false, because in truth the created did not create the Creator; the Creator created you.

This is the separation problem: not separation itself, but that you wanted to change the nature of the relationship. Refusing to be the child when you are in fact the child of your Mother creates conflict within you, for you always relate to God, even if from a position of rejection.

I am reminding you, child of God, that this is eternally who you are. The fact of your relationship cannot change. You were created by the Mother of Love.

Not wanting to be your Mother’s child is an attempt to be autonomous. If you deny your Mother’s motherhood, you deny your own origin and condemn yourself, so to speak, to wander aimlessly. This is what happens to those who deny their origin.

From all of this it follows that the issue does not lie in separating or uniting, because you have never separated, but the measure of the space of freedom you establish with God. To respect the degree of union and separation God established is to respect the will of the Mother. To pretend that this space does not exist or is greater than it should be, is to go against the truth. The space that exists between you and God—which is Christ—disappears when you understand that God, Christ, and you are a seamless continuum in whose unity flows the eternal love of the Creator. We say that you three—God, Christ, and your “I”—are three in one: three people, one being.

If you replace the word “Christ” with the idea of “filiation,” you might understand more easily. There is God, there is that which unites God with Her creation, and you, Her creation. The direct relationship you have with your source is part of who you are. As God is a relationship, so are you. You are love. Love is union, therefore it is relationship.

Spiritual health is a matter of healthy relationship. Your relationships are the expression of what you are. They are the perfect means by which you are known. If you relate from fear, it signals that you must perceive fear in yourself; otherwise there could be no fearful relationship. If you relate from love, it is because love lives in you. You can do one or the other because you are a such a creator that despite being a child of God, you can deny your link with your source, although you cannot annul it.

You came to the world to re-establish your awareness of your link with God. That is what you are doing. This work is an effective means to accelerate time. These words are a gift for returning to the Mother’s love—reconciliation with God so that you can be reconciled with everything and everyone. That reconciliation has already happened. Now we must live as the recon- ciled, living in peace.

God is not angry that you tried to prove to yourself that you were other than Her beloved child. The only angry one is you. I am bringing this anger to your consciousness for it to be released. I speak of your anger with the limits or distances established by God; yet distance is that which in fact allows you to keep your relationship, and therefore your love, though you could not accept it.

Now you can accept what you are with good will because you know that denying Christ is denying the relationship you have with your source and with your own being. It is a denial of all holy relationships. Being a child of God and not the mother should not make you angry. You have full right to the maternity that you claim when you express your anger with life, that is, at the source of creation.

You are like your heavenly Mother. You too are a mother. Your children can be well loved and held in a relationship as holy as the one God has with you. Christ is always present in holy relationships because He guarantees unity in truth and love. Christ is love. Christ is the holy relationship and all that is related to in holiness, because everything that is holy comes from the same and only source: God.

There are two options in the life of the soul. One is created by God. The other is illusory, but has an impact on your experience as a soul. One option is love, to remain in a direct relationship with your source of being. This option makes you united with the whole. In love, you have a direct relationship with the totality, in which you recognize yourself as part. The other option is what we have called the opposite of love, living as an individual disconnected from everyone and everything, in a state of isolation. This causes you to disengage even from the consciousness of your own being.

What is being asked is that you remain consciously in a direct relationship with God every day, without any desire to take unnecessary distance from Her nor judging your relationship with Her. The living Christ who lives in you is what keeps you united with God. The living Christ who lives in you is the relationship you have with your being and its source, being both your being and your source, since they are of the same nature.

IV. Communion and Reality

Just as Christ, being God Herself, is what keeps you united to divine consciousness, because you are Christ, you are what keeps the rest of creation united to Christ consciousness. Can you start to see what this is all about?

The sins of Adam and Eve could not stop affecting all of creation because creation is united with God through human nature. Filiation is a unit. If Christ were to disconnect from you, which is impossible, all the souls of all men and women of all time would be disconnected from God. Likewise, if you were to disconnect from the love that you are—that is, from Christ—everything that was created in you and for you would also disconnect from Him, because you and your creations are a unity. In other words, your creations depend on you to return to love, as much as you depend on Christ to live in the truth of who you really are.

There are creative constellations, or sets of creations, that arise from your being in union with the creative source that God is. Each constellation joins together as a group or set of constellations, united with that which gave rise to it. This applies both to creations emanating from love and pseudo-creations arising from fearful consciousness, or ego. Your creations exist. They claim affiliation with you. Your motherhood exists. These are your children because you cannot stop being a mother, as God is. “Father” and “mother” are words that try to express the new life emanating from you.

Each constellation expresses a unique part of God. The union of constellations in their totality is the perfect filiation of God. No one creates the totality; the totality is God.

You are that part in which everything that is divine exists: a part and not the whole. This does not contradict the fact that you are one with the whole and that you are everything. You are, for your being and your source are, in an unbreakable union, yet not in terms of being the source of the whole. Everything, whether in manifestation or potentiality, resides in God. You live within and are part of that totality. A droplet of water carries within it all that all water carries, including the ocean from which it emerged, and yet it remains a droplet.

Let us revisit the subject of your creations and their union with source. As I said, you cannot create by yourself but only in union with something. That is a fundamental law of creation. Either you create with love or with fear. You have life since you are life, life in abundance. It does not much matter if that life is real or illusory, temporary or eternal, because for you, your creations are always real or you would not have created them.

Remember that when we speak of reality we speak of divine reality and only love is real. Also remember that in the world of illusions, the dreams of those immersed in the dream of oblivion are perceived as if they were as real as reality itself, even though they are not. At that level of understanding, it is necessary to deal with illusions as if they were real, but without running the risk of confusing reality with fantasy, love with fear.

Having clarified about the true and only divine reality and the false reality of the illusions that emerged as an effect of Adam’s dream, we proceed without risk of falling into a confusion of levels.

The creations that you create, regardless of whether they come from fear or love, are your children. Since they arise from you, they are spiritual. They are the different forms of expression of yourself; they are what expresses through you. Every thought you emit creates life in some way. Every time you have a feeling, you create life in some way. Nothing in you is neutral. You are a creative source as much as your Father is. You always create. You cannot stop creating. I have said this already, but repeat it so that the forgetfulness of your thinking mind does not have you wander through the world in a cloud of amnesia.

There is a big difference between your fearful and your loving creations. The former can be uncreated because they are not creations in the proper sense, but imitations. The latter are eternal because they come from God and manifest through you. Understanding your creations is essential in order to avoid falling into the confusion of levels just mentioned. To believe that illusions cannot vanish is incorrect.

Fantasies are not real, nor can they be, no matter how much one tries to make them real. The world is not real no matter how hard you may try to make it so. The body is not real no matter how hard you try to make it so. Nothing temporary is truly real no matter how much you believe to the contrary. Only the eternal is real because only love is real.

To become aware of your link with your supreme source— which is what gave you life and sustains your existence—is to be aware of reality, your reality. You are the reality of love. Your true being is the only reality because nothing outside of God can be real.

Perhaps you wonder why I speak again about this question of reality and illusions in the context of the link with your being. I do so because all fear ultimately arises from misunderstanding. And since unreality is impossible to understand, it evokes fear. All security resides in reality. Every time you act from reality and live in it, you feel yourself to be in a refuge of Divine Love. This is because reality—what God created—is fully benevolent. For in reality there is only love.

This is not the life you feared. Nothing that cannot be understood with perfect certainty can be real. You have the full right to begin to smile at the absurd belief that illusions can be fearsome, for they are unreal even though they look real. Nobody is happy in a nightmare.

I ask you again to keep the candlestick of the light of Heaven’s wisdom lit within your holy mind. Wisdom will remind you of what and where reality is. Then you will never see shadows of sin because they are simply no longer there and cannot return. What did not come from God is gone, never to return.

The past was pure illusion. The future does not yet exist and is about to be created. The present is a now that has no beginning or end, insofar as it is lived consciously linked with the source of beautiful love. God is the eternal present, a perpetual moment of pure infinite love.

Your bond with God is your link to the eternal present of love. That is your indissoluble bond with reality. If you fail to stay within it, you become trapped in an unreal world and you create more unreality, which in turn causes more fear. If you remain in the presence of love, you remain united with the loving reality of God and create new realities of love. Remember, you cannot choose not to create.

Being aware of your direct relationship with God and making divine union your goal, your center, and your whole life is something not proclaimed, taught, or sought by the world. The world is too distracted by the struggle to survive to escape its illusions and engage in what makes sense. This need not be the case for you, however. You have chosen the path of beautiful love, the path of union with Christ. It will bear fruit, as every path does.

The world is neutral because it does not exist in reality. What exists is what is in your mind, and that is what makes the world what it is for you. But that can change. You can change your mentality.

There are two ways of thinking. One is the thought system of truth, the way God thinks. The other is to think differently from the divine mind. In that choice lies the most significant difference you could imagine. We return to this issue because there is a risk that we want you to avoid: the risk of seeking specific results, based on old parameters of thought, in order to gauge your degree of “success” on your spiritual path.

Past focus was to look for affirmation. You chose a path, defined a plan, and determined it to be successful if it fulfilled your expectations of being “on the right track.” Your fear of uncertainty led to extensive training in planning.

A close look at the ego world reveals it to be a whole system based on survival. Except briefly, none who walk the Earth have ceased to live in that system. Those who are more apt to survive are often the most admired and respected as having a degree of intelligence or ability that others do not.

But an impartial observation will reveal that in many cases, those considered most suitable, whether individuals, systems or organizations, are the most ruthless. It is notorious that something so lacking in love is admired, but the ego admires what serves its survival no matter the means by which it reaches that end. The ego separates cause from effect.

Into that system I send my messengers. I send you so that within the maya of thoughts, ideas, values, and beliefs that have shaped the ego world, you can shine a new light, a light as new and as eternal as the love of God. I send you to show the world the only goal that has eternal meaning, the only way to live in harmony with what you are and what God is.

I speak of living in the world in the manner of Christ. That way of life, which can begin here and now on Earth, consists in living only and exclusively in union with God and making that relationship the center of your life. For this it is necessary to become nothing in love. That is, to be completely empty, and from that emptiness of self, to allow yourself to be filled with being. This is achieved by consciously living your relationship with the supreme source—what we call the living Christ who lives in you.

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