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The Game of Beautiful Love

A message from Mother Mary

I. Responsibility

Sons and daughters of the Most High! Souls that live in the light! I am your sweet Mary, the mother of Jesus and your mother. I have come wrapped in the love of the Mother of creation. I come to dwell with you in the abode of wisdom that lives in every living being. I come for us to continue creating holiness together, the path that leads to a greater knowledge of God’s love.

As a mother, I not only accompany, but I also instruct, educate, and walk with my children. I am always by your side, fulfilling a function that corresponds to each circumstance of your life. I took care of you when you were a baby, I have always fed you, I guided you as a young person, and fought for you when you struggled.

For you I have opened the doors of the holy dwelling where the true knowledge of God eternally dwells. Together we have found Heaven and stretched the mantle of my divine being to cover the Earth and your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Today I come to bring you the blessed memory of your ability to respond with love to the love of God. I invite you consciously to play the game of beautiful love. To play this, it is necessary to talk about the meaning of responsibility, not in the sense of the effort and sacrifice that this term represented for you in the past, but rather the ability to respond.

The ability to respond is inherent in being, so everyone is responsible. Everyone responds in some way to the call of love. Even the receptors that block a dialogue are responding, for denial is a type of response. Fear is a response, just as love is. You always respond, so in truth there is no irresponsibility, just as there is neither ignorance nor unconsciousness.

To be able to respond faithfully to something, you must know of it beforehand. This is the reason this work brings to your awareness the knowledge of God’s call and does so in a very concrete way. The call is to deliberately recognize the holy being you truly are and the direct relationship you have with your Creator. Once accepted, you are asked to express that eternal truth. This call is a vocation of the soul, not in the sense of doing but in being.

You are called to be as God created you at all times, places, and dimensions. You are not a body, nor a personality. You are not an ideal self, nor are you asked to be. You are pure spirit, immortal and holy. What you are is not something you have established, since it is God who determines what Her creations are. The Creator creates the creation, not the other way around. Love can only create love and nothing else. It follows that there is no distance between the Creator and the created. If love extends love, what gap can exist between the two?

There are many truly spiritual works, all inspired by love, but none has the color and texture of this work. None is simultaneously so human and divine. This is because humanity is now prepared to express the human and divine natures in a union of perfect love. In you the spiritual joins the material in such a way that there is no longer distance between them.

If before there were two natures—not in truth but in your mind—and now both have merged in love, then we can no longer talk about one without the other or to make distinctions. Now you are a new nature, a new being. Nothing of the old will help you to understand or live in the reality of the new that has already begun to take shape, and whose first green buds are clearly visible.

You are living in the time of the harvest. Remember that it is unwise to live as if you were planting when the time for planting has passed. Do you dress the same in the heat of summer as during a harsh winter’s snow? Did you speak the same as a baby when an adult? Of course not. It is no longer you living, but the Christ who lives in you. You no longer you speaking, but the Christ who speaks in you.

The Christ who lives in you is not new. What is new is your acceptance and identification with Christ. In this identification you become one with Christ. That does not change God, nor your being, nor the truth, but it has changed you. It transforms your personal self, your human self. With that change a new person is made—your Christ identity, the free union of yourself and God. If the path we have traveled stopped with your identification with Christ and did not help you answer the call of God, it would be a false association between responsibility and sacrifice. If we do not dismantle that error, you could fall into the confusion of believing that the call of God requires effort, an effort you neither want nor need. This is why we unite the idea of responsibility with the call of God.

I have said in the past that you are tired; that you are looking for the repose of peace and the joy of stillness. Together we have remembered that God does not seek sacrifice. Nevertheless, the idea of sacrifice is deeply rooted in your mind’s thinking and emotional response patterns. We return to this topic here to produce a change of immense magnitude, a change that arises from placing responsibility in its rightful place, from which it should never have left.

You were never called to suffer or sacrifice. If once Jesus was called to the cross, and with him I too, it was because there was at that time no other option to eradicate from the mind and heart of creation, including your sisters and brothers, the idea of sacrifice and sin. To carry sins to the cross and crucify them, to crucify every false idea, every untrue belief and everything foreign to love was necessary. It is no longer necessary. What served the purpose of love at one time does not always serve it at another time.

Nobody is asked for anything they cannot give. God asks and also gives what She asks. If you have a heart that seeks repose, joy, and a sweet expression of love, then that is what God is asking of you. All you need do is allow those gifts to manifest. If I wanted you to demonstrate a heroic act of universal proportion, I would have given you the faculty to do so and the irresistible impulse to manifest it. If God asks you to show the tenderness of Her Sacred Heart, it is because She has placed within you the softness of Her holy being.

In the universe are both breezes and also hurricanes. Both have the same nature of air in movement, but they express differently. The same goes for each one of you. Each one was created to express something particular of God. This can also be seen in the design of the waters of the world. There are immense waters called oceans. There are smaller but still very large seas, other smaller rivers, lakes, and ponds as well as streams and springs, rain and dew. All are different forms of water. So is it with you.

Being a channel of God’s love is the only true purpose of everything, including God Herself. So true responsibility is to respond with truth to what your heart knows. That is why it is necessary that you know yourself first and then decide what to do with what has been revealed.

You know now that true knowledge comes through revelation and not from the effort of the intellect, and you also know what you are because your being has been revealed to you. Through knowing what you are, you know the beating of your heart and the processes of your mind. In this lies the secret of what God is asking of you.

What I am trying to say is that the call from God—which is the call to direct relationship with that part of your divine being that lives in you and what you are—is a harmonious unity. There is no need for effort or sacrifice with regard to anything that comes from God.

To express what you are does not entail any effort except for what is required at the beginning: to unblock the conduit by means of which that expression must be channeled. What blocked that channel has already been removed. What obstructed the expression of your heart was nothing other than fear. That is why we removed it, so you can freely express what you really are.

One of the fears that existed during the time of transition was that you were called to something that was beyond your strength, or that you would have to continue sacrificing yourself in some way. If that were the case, you would have every right in the world not to respond to the call of love. But again, God never calls for sacrifice.

II. The Call to Be Happy

True responsibility is your ability to respond with fear or love. All else is sacrifice. Responding with love to the call of love is sensible. However, for long you have been responding with fear to the call from Heaven, not because you did not listen or because God spoke to others and not to you. You created the belief that the voice of wisdom spoke to but a few, and used that belief to assert that the call never came. That was your way to escape from love.

The fear of love has always been the fear of last resort—the fear of the infinite power of God. Who would not fear to fly too close to the sun? Who would not tremble to watch such power approach?

My sons and daughters, you cannot fly too close to the sun.

You can never be pulverized by love.

I remove the veils a little more; there are very few left and they are so thin you can remove them with a finger.

The mechanism of “self-blocking” which you keep active in multiple ways prevents manifestation of the beauty you are and the incomparable abilities you have been given. It is an ancestral mechanism. Everyone has used it, including those who believe they are the most talented or successful in the world, for none of them has understood the purpose of their talents or success.

The abilities you have are heralds of love. They only make sense to the extent that they serve God’s purpose, which is also your purpose. It is quite absurd to use them to praise an ego or to struggle miserably to stretch a short life a little longer.

You no longer live but only Christ lives, so everything that arises within you comes from Christ. Thus there is no need to protect yourself or to think your talents bring with them overwhelming responsibility.

Ease is God’s way of being. What She asks, She gives in advance. The only thing dependent on you is willingness. The rest is with Her. She co-participates, so you both enjoy the creation that arises from your union. All that is needed is your willingness to be one with yourself, which is an unalterable fact, and what your will has eternally arranged. Remember, you love because God loved you first. Remember, you are who you are because God is first.

Life is a game whether you like it or not. Looking at it from that perspective will help you to let go of hidden fears, which are false notions of responsibility. Creation is a game of beautiful love, a game of pure responsibility within love.

The game of creation is the following: God calls Her sons and daughters into existence because She does not like solitude, which contrary to Her nature. The beloved child is created to share what she is and her infinite potentiality. Now she can create through him—and with him—since She has shared Her creative capacity with Her creation. Thus, the lineage joins the creative power of God and extends creation eternally by means of its capacities, which are the capacities of the Mother.

From the union of the loving will of the Creator and that of the creation, new constellations of love emerge, as water joins other water and together they form new rivers or new seas. Love creates new love, joins it, and together they create new loves endlessly. This is the reality of the Kingdom: a game of pure divine love.

Obviously, so that the game of life does not get out of hand— which is what seems to have happened when the child sought to separate from the Mother—God set a limit to what does not come from Herself. That is, freedom cannot be allowed to make true what is false. Since the only reality is love, the madness of fear must be but a temporary idea, and only for those wishing to participate in it during the short time they have, for of course they could never separate from the whole of God. Even in the illusory world of fear, love must make an appearance, for God embraces everything.

Playing the game of beautiful love is your invitation from God in every moment. You cannot make the game or its rules, which are already decided by God. You can only choose to play or not to play. Participating in the game of God or not is your decision to make. Today is the day when the invitation to participate in the game of beautiful love extends to you through these words.

There are no winners or losers in God’s game. That is for human games. The game of love is a game of doing the will of the Mother and remaining united with the eternal power of creation. It is a game of the perpetual extension of the love that God is, a game in which God and Her beloveds remain united in holiness with everyone and everything as they extend more love. Newly created love is embraced by being. Thus the circle of holy love continues to grow in beauty, purity, and holiness.

Said another way, everyone wins in the game of God. Losing is as alien to God as fear. God does not have an ego to fight for, nor an ideal self to enhance. God is reality. God is all there is. Therefore what is not real is not part of Her mind, heart, being, or the creative game in which She enjoys eternally creating more beauty, more holiness, more joy, more love.

For a while you played the ego game. That wore on you. It could not be otherwise since it was a game of death, although it did not seem so. The game of the ego demanded continuous sacrifice, like the game of gladiators who left their lives in the sand, hoping to win at least a wreath of flowers, a pat on the shoulder, or applause so fleeting that it lasted less than a spring flower. Can you see how you’ve always been playing?

Will you play the beautiful love game or play the ego game? That is the question. I need not further describe the options. Visions of madness and tortuous labyrinths of ego have happened. We let them go forever. Now is the time for harvest. Though we temporarily replaced it with misguided games, we now play the game of God, as we were always called to do.

III. Pure Profit

I will now reveal the call to your relationship with God and the joy it brings. To respond without fear to what your heart is calling you toward is to respond with love to the call of God. To live without fear is to live with love for all that you are, what you experience, and what arises within. That is true responsibility.

We speak once again of responsibility from the perspective of “taking charge,” that is, integrating all that is part of you within your holy consciousness—to take charge of who you really are, to remain in the presence of love, and to allow the flow of life to return to the truth of what you are, which is love.

The beautiful game of love consists of always being what you really are, as your Creator arranged: the greatness of God, the holiness of Christ, divine beauty, eternal bliss, and imperishable life. This means that what is not harmonious, beautiful, joyful, and of perfect love does not align with your nature and must be dismissed. It is not up to you to create your divinity. That has already been done by your heavenly Mother. But it is up to you to accept it and to live in harmony with truth.

Loving and living love, thereby extending the love of God, is your responsibility. Living fully is your responsibility. Being happy is your responsibility. Living in peace is your responsibility. This does not mean that it has to be done as if you were alone. Heaven is eternally with you and God Herself guarantees that you will fulfill your responsibility. You need make no effort, but you must decide to be happy always. Remember, God has provided what gives you joy, peace, and tranquility.

Loving is God’s way. This is why you are love and nothing but love, and why everything in existence is united with you and the Creator. If you are one with God, your being must also be love. Thus you can also recognize that when you are love you are one with what God is. While you already know all this, there is still a place in your mind where you keep asking what love is. This question must be answered.

I do not seek to put into words what is beyond words, but neither do I hesitate to answer the question, since your heart needs an answer. The most accurate answer for you who follow this path of love, a path based on spiritual childhood, is that love is pure, totally loving, and therefore a holy consciousness.

Since love is consciousness, your degree of awareness of what you are and what God is will determine the degree of love you extend. Consciousness has degrees, but knowledge is beyond consciousness. You can have knowledge but it has to come to you, that is, be deposited in your consciousness. Pure knowledge is joined with pure love. Knowledge and awareness are the same. Ignorance is unconsciousness in that it is ignorance of the truth. Understanding and knowledge are not the same, but knowledge creates understanding. In other words, understanding by way of knowledge is the way to fully understand. In effect, it is God’s way of understanding. Knowing love is the way to understand love. Thus knowing yourself truly is the way to know love.

Why am I talking about knowledge in the context of the game of beautiful love? I do so because what you know, you know with your particular consciousness. You know through your deliberate choice to allow the wisdom of Christ to make an appearance in your consciousness. If consciousness has degrees, that means it can expand and absorb the totality within itself.

Remember that your true consciousness is the consciousness of Christ, which is pure, totally loving consciousness. To allow your limited human consciousness to be nurtured and informed by the totally loving consciousness of Christ is to become one with the will of God.

Your singular consciousness cannot prevent the consciousness of Christ from absorbing your humanity. Human nature is a divine creation, not yours. Restricting consciousness to a limited entity, conscious of but a part of the whole, is what separation means. Your act of fabricating a limited consciousness does not prevent your ability to see the whole, just as you do not lose your ability to see by closing one eye.

The vision of Christ exists within your being. It is the spirit’s way of seeing, which you cannot eliminate. It is a given in your human nature. Knowing yourself truly is knowing the love of God because love is the essence of all that is. Therefore I return again and again to your ability to know yourself within the framework of truth and holiness.

Notice I have said that in order to truly know yourself, you must do so within the framework of holiness because you were created within that framework. Divine creation is within God’s framework of creation. Actually, creation is infinite so it has no framework, but a framework does exist around access to knowledge. You cannot know God other than through holiness because holiness is the only reality. There is nothing else. Love and holiness are synonymous.

In what other realm could you find your holy being than in the Kingdom of Heaven? And where could that Kingdom reside but in you? I have said that the Kingdom is in you. This should eliminate all doubt about where to look and what to look for. Here you find the answer to the question of discernment. The little game of the ego consists in dedicating oneself to looking for what cannot be found, because it neither knows what it is looking for nor where to look for what it cannot know.

The game of beautiful love is not based on a search for treasure, but on letting the treasure be revealed. It is a much less exciting game for those still attached to the fire of passion, and yet joyfully vibrant for those who love eternal life, truth, and endless bliss. Those who seek to win or lose will follow the ego. They cannot help but lose, since the game that the ego always plays is to be less, less, and less. Those who play the game of God always win because in love there is only gain. Everyone wins in the Kingdom of Love eternally. Is not one of these games sensible and the other foolish?

My beloved, as mother of wisdom, love is as I tell you it is. Playing in order to win will always make you lose. This is because even if you win you have to do it at the expense of someone else, and the loss of your brother or sister will be a sting to your heart. Above all, you cannot avoid the mandate of truth that the next to lose might be you. Is that game worthy, since now you recognize that it is always lost in some way?

Come, my son, my daughter, immerse yourself in the depths of my Immaculate Heart. Come, play the game of God eternally, a game as old as eternity itself, a game where you always win, a game where nobody is asked for anything, a game where everyone is happy. Come, let us play the beautiful love game together. Let us enjoy this game of eternal life now and forever, united in the truth that is always true—the game of always creating a new love.

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