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Life is Communion

A message from Mother Mary

I. Prelude

Beloveds of Heaven, the floodgates of God’s heart have been opened as never before. You are repositories of a love without beginning or end, a love that can neither be taught nor learned, an eternal, alive, life-giving love. Drink now and always from the fountain of this beautiful love. It is here, closer even than the air you breathe. My being is one with your being. I am in your heart, in everyone’s heart. Nobody is outside my being.

I am revealing a great truth. This mother not only prays every day for each of you, but protects you and calls to you incessantly. Be you asleep or awake, aware or not, I communicate with each one of you and with each aspect of creation. True communication is not body to body but heart to heart. It is this of which I speak.

Communication can be unidirectional, in a certain sense. This occurs when the receiver does not actively respond. This is the case with those who say they do not hear my voice. But everyone receives my voice in some way or they would cease to exist. My voice communicates life because it is the word of eternal life. Communion has no limit. As a unit, we all participate in the whole. This reality is what makes it impossible for anyone to receive more than others. God gives to all equally.

Love does not separate, it unites. It cannot create a divided situation. If it creates special considerations for some and not for others that would be alien to the truth of love. The sun shines on everyone. I have already spoken of the equality of love. Much has been said about it, but little progress seems to have been made in understanding that we are all equal in love and yet also different in its expression.

No two hearts are identical, so no two relationships can be identical. No one can love instead of another. Everyone has the heart God gave, capable of harboring the divine totality and at the same time the freedom to express according to each one’s will. Love and freedom are a unit.

II. Answer and Identity

The difference between one person and another lies not in their source but in their response. The voice of love communicates to everyone and to everything, but not all respond in the same way. I am bringing to light a mental trap, a thought pattern, a mental program that we will dissolve and release forever. I speak of the thought that you are not worthy to be chosen by God. That false belief has convinced you that Mary, Jesus, Buddha, Christ, a Swami—or whatever name you give to various spiritual realities such as Archangels, Angels, or Ascended Masters—cannot communicate with you although they do so with others.

The key is not whether Heaven speaks to you or not. The key is what you do with the fact that God is constantly communicating love to you, regardless of whether you respond reciprocally.

Love is life and life is being communicated to you incessantly or you would not exist. Love communicates not only with thoughts or feelings, desires or longings, but also through being. If love did not communicate with you, you would simply not be. Being exists because love sustains it. And it does so through its relationship with you.

Sisters and brothers of the world, you have a relationship with love, just as you have a relationship with life. It is a relationship with God that exists in the depth of your heart. You can cancel it to a large extent from your consciousnesses, but you cannot eliminate it. You can try to be indifferent to the call of love, and to the holy relationship that exists with it, but you cannot make it nonexistent, since divine relationship is the foundation of creation. Love is relationship; thus the communion that exists between the soul and God cannot be annulled.

Love is inviting you now to forget all that you have lived. To leave behind your way of thinking and your belief that direct communication with God is for the few, and certainly not for you. Christ wants you to open yourself to express very concretely what happens with Christ within you. There is a dialogue. You know it well. When you are silent you can observe and hear that dialogue. What if you start right now to experience it?

If you follow and express the inspirations of your heart, which come from the spirit of love, you will be making the relationship you have with God observable. You may do it by writing messages or a book, or painting, curing the sick, listening to the afflicted, creating organizations of various kinds, or going to live on top of a mountain. Who knows how? Only you will know.

Only you can respond in your own particular way to what happens in the inner universe of your soul. In fact, you always do so, even while asleep. Only you can make observable the relationship you have with love and thereby extend the love you are.

We have reached the point where we have united love with relationship, and your expression with your direct relationship with God. In effect, you are always expressing your direct relationship with love in some way because your life is the external manifestation of what happens inside you. You can block the expression, yet that very blockage is your response. You can deny the dialogue of love that exists between your Creator and your being, but that does not mean you do not respond.

What I speak of is responding affirmatively to the love that God is which lives in you by accepting the holiness you are— deliberately accepting yourself as a holy child of God, created perfectly for the purpose of being happy in perfect love, and extending the Kingdom of Heaven forever.

What is not manifested is hidden from your consciousness, so if the dialogue of love that occurs incessantly in your soul is not manifested in a direct relationship with God, it will remain veiled to you and your sisters and brothers. Denying and not reciprocating your direct relationship with God and failing to express it is like deciding to marry the person you love but not acting on it or telling anyone about it.

To conceal your marriage from everyone, including yourself and your spouse, or to conceal the love you have for a friend, a child, or any loved one, would be crazy, even to yourself. Yet for some strange reason you do not consider it madness to deny the direct relationship that you have to Her whose love exerts an irresistible force that even you cannot control.

God’s love for you and yours for Her is literally the force that moves the universe. It is so massive that it encompasses all existence. It is so unconditional that nothing and no one can ever remove it. It is so sublime that it cannot be expressed in words. And yet this is the love you have hidden from the gaze of others. Why?

Sometimes one may hide what is valuable to protect it. Often you hide what you consider sacred in temples and places where few can enter.

My child, it is your own being that you protect so jealously because you know it is holy and are unwilling to have it trampled or desecrated. You hide not only your being, but your holy relationship, your relationship with God.

Being and relationship are one. This simple affirmation is the essence of the truth about who you are. If love is union, then it has to be a holy relationship. If you are the being that God created, you must also be the relationship that God created. We call this a holy relationship, which is the relationship you have with all creation. In this relationship all of God’s thoughts exist to an infinite degree. It is a triune relationship—your being, God, and the spirit of love—that gathers within itself all things. It is where I am taking you.

This work, clothed with words of eternal life, has and will continue to take you ever deeper, to the love of the most Holy Trinity, a love that has no beginning or end. A perfect love. God’s Love. The manifestation of a direct relationship with God. Remember that every time you think of God you are consciously in Heaven. That is why the mind is at rest in the memory of the Creator.

III. Divine Relationship, Holy Love

To become aware of the relationship that exists between the Creator and creation is to make visible what is invisible. Behind everything that exists is a mesh of interconnection that allows everything to be as it is and unfold as it does. There is an intelligence or wisdom behind everything created and also a flow of what many call “spiritual energy” that is constantly creating manifested life. That intelligence, which has been given so many names such as Abba, God, Being, Spirit, and Love, is a divine relationship. It exists. It is the source of life.

You cannot see the interrelationship of everything with everything. That would be to see God face to face. But you can see its effects. And because cause and effect are one and the same, you can see the Creator in the created and the created in the Creator. You can go from the abstract to the concrete, and from this to that in a harmonious flow of knowledge through the inherent relationship that exists between the two.

Does all this seem a lot? And yet it is not. God does not hide Her relationship with Her beloveds. God is not crazy, nor seeks to protect what nothing and nobody can attack. Nothing real can attack love. Nothing can put the child of God at risk.

Do you leave the direct relationship you have with God locked in the vaults of your heart, blocked with barricades of untrue beliefs? Let the holy relationship express itself by reason of what you are. Accept your direct relationship with the love that God is. Express yourself!

Make it a habit to praise the Creator of the holy, beautiful, and perfect. Sing to love. Dance to the beat of life. Smile with the angels. Speak to the mother of the living. Live life immersed in your vibrant force of being. Be yourself at all times. Let yourself be loved. Do what your heart tells you and you will be making visible the God that you are in truth. You will be showing the face of love. You will be fulfilling the will of God—the will that Her child be known forever to everyone and everything.

Your concrete relationship with Christ is the only way to be aware of your direct relationship with God, the divine unity in which everything exists, and therefore the truth of your being. Refrain from speculating about the infinity of God and Her immeasurable reality; it will not help much.

The knowledge of who you really are will make your ordinary life extraordinary and make sense of everything. And since that knowledge can only be achieved in the relationship you have with God, the awareness of your unitive relationship with Christ becomes the foundation of your happiness. You are a being in relationship, as all beings are. Nothing and nobody exists outside of holy relationship.

What I am revealing, the foundation of your life, is something you already know but have not done: to express your direct relationship with God, to listen to the voice of love and follow it. This is the sole function of every living being. You are a relationship, and therefore are in incessant dialogue, which is why you listen to the constant dialogue in your mind regardless of its quality.

The mind and heart are always active because they are in relationship. Through this your being joins everything and everyone. This is the simple repeating of what I have said many times: we are one mind, one single being, a single reality, a single holy love. We are communion.

Life and love are identical. Therefore, if life is thought, life must also be relationship. And since you communicate life, then you yourself are relationship.

These words are words of infinite life, imperishable life, the expression of our relationship. They are a universal dialogue happening in all minds and hearts. They are a perfect expression of the direct relationship of a soul with God, expressed so that everyone knows that the soul speaks with God and God communicates life abundantly. In this way others are encouraged to express the relationship of love with the Creator and their pure souls.

All are called to make invisible love visible, to manifest what until now has been hidden in the depths of holy hearts. All are called to live consciously in a direct and observable relationship with God.

Children of all times and places! Do not deny to speak what your hearts would scream. God exists! And God is love. You know perfectly well that your hearts beat to the rhythm of love.

Go through the world announcing your direct relationship with a God of infinite love. Go around the world awakening your sisters and brothers to the truth of the holiness they are. Be happy in the knowledge of God’s love. Experience the direct relationship with the mother of the living.

I am here at the door of every being. I call incessantly. Who opens, receives me. And I enter with my divine son Jesus to dwell in your heart. Together with the angels and the Creator of perfection we prepare a dinner and fall in love.

I invite you, all of you, to the banquet of life. Leave none outside. Go through the squares and the streets to call the diners. Christ has arrived! The time of the fullness of love has arrived. Come all, to Mary. Come all, to the sweetness of the love of God. Rejoice eternally in the treasures of Heaven.

Be not content with less than holiness. You are literally the creators of the new Heaven and the new Earth. Live more consciously each day in the relationship you have with Christ and allow it to be expressed through you. In that expression you will see Heaven in all its beauty and grace. Your direct relationship with God is Heaven.

Children of my heart!

Thank you for answering my call. Thank you for the time you allow me to spend with you in a union without compare. I love you with supernatural love. I love you beyond what you can imagine.

Thanks to all who receive these words of eternal life. You have chosen the best part and it will not be taken from you. You have chosen love and truth.

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