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Words of Eternal Life

A message from Mother Mary

I. Prelude

Beloved sons and daughters, sweetness of my being! Once again I unite with you in time and space in this particular way. I do it in the will of God, who loves you with immense Divine Love. Through our dialogues, the world becomes more and more illuminated. Heaven extends to Earth through this holy relationship. I am your mother and I love you with a supernal love.

I manifest myself in this way for reasons incomprehensible to you. There is a divine plan and I am part of it, just as that you receive these writings is an aspect of your part of the plan. Nothing happens by chance. These words carry eternal life. They come from the union of my Immaculate Heart, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and your heart.

Within this holy relationship, the tender relationship between you, Jesus, and me, is everything that God created as a perfect extension of Her divine union. I have always manifested to humanity in countless ways and each way has a raison d’être according to a wisdom not of the world. Where there is love, there I am always.

These messages are messages of light, love, truth, and peace. Receive this blessed gift. Let the words touch your heart and when they do, so will you make them words of eternal life. Your heart is one with me and with the heart of God. In Her everything becomes holy because of what you are. In the center of your being is the power of God. Divine power is so immense that everything that comes close to it is fused, just as any element of Earth that comes close to the sun would be.

No one can look directly at the sun, nor join it without being reduced to ash. The same goes for the love of God. Its strength is such that if you do not limit its extension towards you, you cannot resist it, nor can anyone. The power of my love is literally infinite, just as is yours since there is only holy love.

Do not worry about the effects of this work. The power of my voice, which is the voice of Christ, is behind every word. I am doing miracles in every corner of Earth through this living expression of the love of God that lives in our relationship. I assure you that these words will turn the world around and transform many souls, so many that they cannot be counted. God will do it mysteriously. Remember that the Word of God has no barriers. Nothing can limit it. This work will attract innumerable souls, like the stars of the galaxy, to union with Christ.

II. I Remain in You

Child born from the very heart of love! There is no turning back. This mother of all will not rest until she sees her children shining fully in the glory of God. Where my children are, am I. There are those who accept the truth of their filiation with me even though none are bound to join my Immaculate Heart. Nobody is obligated to love. Nobody is bound to anything.

I offer an open invitation to the entire universe. The star of Mary is illuminating the eternal firmament of universal consciousness. I am the call of love made flesh. I am the star that illumines minds and fills hearts of humble purity with the light of the eternal sun that is My divine son Jesus, your beloved Christ.

I have come so that, because of our union, your elevated being of form, that is, your ascended humanity, rises to unimaginable heights. Do not try to understand the magnitude of the miracle of this work. I assure you that all who receive it are transformed into new beings as soon as they welcome these words in their loving heart of Christ.

Remember that these words come not only through the symbol of writing. My voice, our voice, joins the wind of the spirit of love and causes it fly to all dimensions of creation because we are one mind, one heart, one holy love. United we are the concord of the world.

Pencil in the hand of God, from the moment you accepted your function as a scribe from Heaven, when you accepted listening to my voice and following it no matter how much or how little you understood, by giving me your Yes, a movement occurred in divine essence. A small ripple, which later became a wave, began to move out of the ocean of infinite love of the being that God is. That wave grew and will continue to grow eternally in an endless movement that will create whole universes of perfect harmony. You cannot now see the whole, but you will.

This manifestation is unique. It is in itself a perfect means of extending the love of God. This work is Christ made manifest. It is a divine essence come to Earth. Whoever drinks from this source of eternal life—the words, space, and time of this blessed expression—receives in their soul the divine grace of its totality. These writings are not a book of literature, nor words that simply bring comfort or enlightenment. They are miraculous writings because they come from the love of God, the source of miracles, and carry within them the power of Heaven.

Each of you who have been graced to receive this work, let yourself be touched by the flow of love that springs from each word. Let the energy of divine being flow more and more in you by remaining united to Christ, receiving my voice. Do not be afraid to receive God. You can never receive too much love.

The secret of this manifestation lies not in the wisdom it imparts, nor in the dormant knowledge that it awakens. The power of this work lies in relationship. Everything happens within holy relationship. In the time you spend reading or remembering these words, or listening to what is said, you are consciously joining Christ. This is how you make more visible the relationship of divine unity in which you exist as a beloved child.

I am speaking of a dimension that until now human lives have not experienced so explicitly. I speak of maintaining a sensitive relationship with spirit—and therefore with the reality of God’s Heaven—in your human dimension. You do it individually and collectively as never before, except at the source.

I am saying that the holy relationship with the living Christ that lives in you has literally entered into a phase of awareness that has no turning back. That relationship, which once seemed to be reserved for a chosen few, is now the reality of the plane of the world.

III. Here I Am

The expression “Christ has come” means that you can live in the relationship you have with God every day in a conscious way. You can talk to God, feel with God, undertake projects together, create ideas together, establish rel tionships in which God is present, create universes of beauty, holiness, and perfection in unity with the creative source that God is.

What I am saying is not heretical. Neither is it megalomaniacal, nor reaching for grandiosity. It is simple truth. Every time you join this work you join my Immaculate Heart, whether you do it once or hundreds of times, and whether or not you understand what I am saying.

I assure you that nobody can fully understand the depth of love that this manifestation arouses, not because you are incapable or ignorant, but because a dimension of God will forever remain mysterious. The mystery of love surpasses all understanding because it is beyond the mind and even the heart.

The virtue of this work lies in making you aware of your direct relationship with God. When you establish that relationship, you establish a dialogue. One cannot exist without the other. The capacity to dialogue with love is where the true awakening of consciousness resides. Everything else is a means to reach this end—the direct relationship with God.

Sons and daughters of light! You can accumulate much information. You can participate in many retreats, seminars, events, and groups, and receive much wisdom. You can do great works of solidarity or devotion. You can exemplify very high moral behavior. What you do may come from the memory of God’s love, but it cannot compare to deliberately accessing the unitive relationship with the Christ who lives in you.

You may perform marvelous miracles, heal the sick, raise the dead. But if you do not consciously live in a direct relationship with God, ultimately all those things will be transient and eventually vanish. But your relationship with your heavenly Creator can never vanish. The holy relationship is eternal.

Children of all the worlds! My voice is always active. I communicate uninterruptedly to each soul, and to every aspect of universal creation. I am the universality of love. Some of you erroneously think that I communicate more with some than others. This would be impossible because my love does not exclude anyone. I am love and nothing but love, therefore I communicate love and eternal life. All receive the divine flow of love that flows eternally from my Immaculate Heart. I love with Divine Love. I love with equal love. No one is excluded from my mind or my heart. No one is excluded from the love of God.

My words feed the soul and bring eternal life. Hearts sing, vibrate, and rejoice to hear the voice of love. In this joy of your soul you recognize the relationship between child and mother. It is a pure love relationship that creates life constantly, a love that does not limit but gives freedom. Perfect love. Free love. Salvific love. It is love wounded by children who leave as an act of their freedom, never intending to return. It is love grateful for the children who live in union with the mother without losing their identity, sanctified more every day in holy relationship.

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