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The Joy of Being

A message from Mother Mary

I. God is Joy

Dear child of my Immaculate Heart! Thanks for answering my call. I am your Mother and I love you with perfect love. I am the sweetness of the love of God made woman, without ceasing to be as God created me to be. I am the one your heart seeks. I am the safe haven of your soul.

Come now and always to draw on the treasures of my heart as the Mother of Pure Love. Again, I tell you that everything that belongs to me belongs to you because there is nothing in me that is not of God. Pray, my son, my daughter. Pray for miracles. Pray for the healing of hearts. That is the greatest miracle. Pray that your sisters and brothers in Christ will return to the joy of being.

You were created to be happy in God’s love, just as is all creation. Smile more every day, so the world fills with joy. Your heart, in union with my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of my divine son Jesus, is the source of joy. To remain united with joy is to live in the truth of your being.

God is joy. This is the same as saying that God is love, since love and joy are one and the same. Those who live in the presence of love are joyful as well as strong. I have come by the will of the Creator and by your willingness to reveal to you the mystery of the joy of being. I say mystery, which is the right word, because for those who have lived for so long without the joy of living, the power of love has become a mystery, even though it is the best known power in the universe.

God does not hide from anyone or anything. That is why I, as the Mother of the living, do not hide myself from anyone or anything. There is no reason to hide. I am the light of truth. I am the light of the world that shines in you. I am Mary, Mother of God, of Jesus, and your Mother. I am the Mother of creation. I am the joy of God and of the saints, as are you.

Just as it has been said that sweetness seems to be in great absence from the world, so is its eternal companion, joy. This is due to painful memories, remnants of times of struggle—times in which the identification with the ego-body caused you to live submerged in an unbridled race for survival, forgetful of the providential power of God’s love.

The ego is lack of love so it cannot digest joy. Living with a frown is the signature of the ego: looking serious, worried, and talking about painful or “important” things. The experience of pain indeed exists in the dimension of time and space, and often pain angers those who do not yet understand who they are in the light of holiness. However, it is also true that the world is neutral. It has no real power over my children.

Those who live in God have nothing to fear. They can afford to be happy and live happily in love because they know they have a loving mother who watches over them as no other mother can or ever will. They know the power of love. They accept it and rejoice in it.

II. Only God is Real

I am your sweet Mary. I am the tenderness of God. Thoughts of God give joy because they are thoughts of pure love. What is not of love is not of God and therefore is not real.

God is the only reality. Therefore only love is real. Although you have already heard this, you have not always established this truth as the rule of your mind. When I say “rule” I do not mean to create new mental structures, merely replacing old content with new without changing your mentality. Remember, you live at the onset of miracle-mindedness; you have abandoned iden- tification with conditional mind. It is decidedly time to deny all that is unreal.

We, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in perfect unity with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and eternally united to your heart, are the only reality God created. We are the totality of beautiful love. We are a pure and holy trinity. Nothing outside our union really exists. All else can exist only in puerile fantasies or sickly imag- inings, and even if temporary, do nothing but cause harm.

Fantasies or illusions cannot by themselves cause pain. For that to be possible, there must be a desire for them to be real, that is, you apply faith to the illusion. Sooner or later those who live in unreality suffer, because creating and identifying with fantasies is out of harmony with the will of God and therefore with the mind of Christ. Unreality is unnatural to your being. Reality is; unreality is not.

I speak of the reality of love and the illusion of fear or fanta- sies because our topic is the joy of being. All joy comes from God, just as does all holiness, purity, and love. It is necessary to live in union with what you truly are to live in the state of lasting joy.

There is a direct relationship between truth, love, and joy. Nobody is happy in a lie. No one can experience the joy of being if they do not love what they are. The fantasies or illusions that I speak of have been created by the thinking mind to deny true being, and with it the truth. Since the being that you are in truth is love and nothing but love, when you deny your being you also deny love and all its treasures, including harmony, happiness, and endless bliss. I have already said this, but I repeat it because your salvation depends on your daily remembrance of this truth.

I do not say this to induce concern. I know with perfect certainty that truth brings only joy. Be well, for you no longer fear truth. You have abandoned fear and live in the presence of love. I tell you all this because I love you. What my mother’s heart desires most of all is that you be happy. I can show you the way, draw aside veils, reveal patterns of thought to quietly abandon, and many other things. All that is important but not essential. What is essential is love.

Our mother-child relationship is not only the gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven but Heaven itself. This is why I manifest myself more every day and will continue to do so forever. I do it for love.

The Father who loves you with Divine Love has arranged for our triune relationship of love to be your reality, for you and for the whole world. All of creation lives in me and I live in it. This statement is as true for me as it is for you. Divine reality lives entirely in your most holy heart; you live in all creation. In the unity of all that God created lies the joy of being.

Observe, dear child, that often in the past your sisters and brothers, and even you, could not find sincere joy in life. It is a fact that there are few who serenely give thanks to God for having given them life, although everyone should do so constantly to activate the joy of being. This lack of gratitude for life, or distrust, is the result of a confusion of levels. Being an ego—or what society, family, culture, or any other type of struc- ture determines as appropriate—is identifying with what is not real, since it does not come from God. Such identification with a way of being alien to what you really are is what made a calvary of your life.

III. Being Happy

To be fully yourself is an inescapable condition of authentic happiness because it is simply the joy of being. When your being expresses as yourself, you know yourself. When you do so, it is as if you very literally contemplate yourself through your spiritual vision, which is the vision of Christ.

What else can Christ contemplate but reality? And what else is reality but the beauty that love created as an extension of itself? If love is the source of creation, and I assure you that this is eternally true, then what else can the eyes of spirit contem- plate but the most beautiful panoramas imaginable? What God is, is beyond all imagination as are you, too.

What I am revealing here is the relationship between joy and being. Creation was birthed from joy because God is joy. This is why, despite the tenacious, tireless attempts of the ego to make life seem dark and defective, it fails. The ego is incapable of uprooting the joy of being because it is incapable of knowing what being is. Remember, the ego was simply an ignorant idea of your true self.

When fear has left never to return, only love remains. When present, the joy of living the true life of the soul that God gave is an eternal treasure. A split mind prevails among those who have not yet recognized that the ego is gone. One is mindful of the passing life of time, the other of the eternal life of God. Although this split between the dimension of time and that of eternity is unreal, for those still enmeshed in the idea of duality, dwelling in one or the other makes all the difference.

The mind can deny truth as it can any other idea, even though your being rests eternally in the joy of Heaven within our most Sacred Heart. The experience of the soul, not the being, depends upon the acceptance or denial of what you are. Acceptance gives you the eternal experience of endless bliss; denial creates the experience of fear. Remember, experience is not for the being but for the soul. The being is immutable. It does not learn because it has no need to learn. Being simply is.

The joy of being resides simply in the joy of being itself. Thus happiness is the relationship that exists between being and knowledge of oneself. Joy is the effect of being. God is happy being who God is. By now you know that happiness cannot be separated from truth. The authenticity of the heart is the basis of happiness for it does not deny yourself at any level.

The world cannot make you cease being who you really are. This I have demonstrated in union with my divine son Jesus, and many others have so demonstrated and continue to demon- strate in many ways.

When I say the world has been defeated, I mean that it has been demonstrated that it has no power over you and cannot any longer cause you to live submerged in a cloud of amnesia. To forget the holiness that you are and the beauty of God that lives in you is not the will of God, but it is a possible choice, not in reality but in illusion. At any time or place you can live in the reality of love or you can create fantasies, illusions, or even other states foreign to God. This manufacturing of illusions or pseu- do-creations does not affect reality, just as your fantasies do not make the sun stop shining or the birds stop happily flying. If it were possible for the mind of God to begin to deny Her being and fabricate fantasies of Herself, She would not change anything in creation because what God creates is immutable. Nothing and no one can change it. Love does not change, for love is real. The eternal God creates only eternal love because of what God is and it cannot be uncreated.

I have been talking about joy and have taken a rather rational, instead of emotional, approach. This is deliberate. Feelings must be accepted as they are, along with all internal activity— thoughts, imagination, memory and will. But love, in truth, is not a feeling. Love is what you are.

I am taking a very careful approach in this work. It is an approach of balance between the rational and the affective. Remember, you are a mind-heart-soul unit. You are spirit that emanated from the divinity of perfect love. Therefore we cannot run the risk of confusing love with feelings, just as we should not risk mistaking truth with intellectuality.

What we are doing in this work is manifesting the mind- heart union so that the fullness of who you are is expressed. Remember once more, child of light, that love without reason is madness, just as intelligence without love is cruel.

Joy and truth, as well as love and reason, go hand-in-hand. The world has not tried to teach you happiness. Happiness is but another word for love. Happiness is the soul in a state of purity. Happiness cannot be defined in words because it is the fruit of love. Put most simply, happiness is being.

You who have never achieved lasting joy, rejoice that you have not reached the elusive happiness that the world so insistently proposed for you, even though it has never been found, much less retained, by anyone,.

My child, let us together dismantle all the definitions of that which is beyond words. Love cannot be defined, nor its fruits. This is why you cannot define what you are either. It is too vast to contain. The same is true with the happiness of Heaven that dwells within.

Joy is the natural state of the pure soul, as are wisdom, truth, and love. As such, joy is inherent in being. Therefore to search for happiness or to try to create conditions for it is a notion so disconnected from divine reality as to make no sense. The being that you are in truth has no idea of such things. Being, Christ, is joy without end because it is perfect innocence. The innocent are happy because of the nature of what innocence is.

My child, do not look for happiness, just be it.

IV. The Joy of Sharing

You may wonder how to reach and sustain your natural state of being in which you experience lasting joy. It is a logical question to ask after so much time searching in vain for happiness. The key to the experience of joy is the same as I spoke of about love: express it, give it. Since giving and receiving are one and the same, then giving joy, expressing the happiness of being who you really are, is how you become aware of the joy of being, just as with love.

Remember that perception is selective. Therefore in the field of perception you must choose. The simple inner choice to be made is to convey joy instead of pain.

It may seem a bit difficult at first, especially for those long immersed in the cloud of amnesia of Adam—but it will only be so at the beginning. Being happy is as easy and as natural as breathing, and actually much easier. Allowing joy to expand from you to everything around you will be natural when you have joined your being with the living Christ.

Tell happy stories. Bring to memory joys you experienced, the love given and received. Kind feelings will lodge. Extend the bliss of the Heaven that dwells in you. By doing so you will increasingly allow your consciousness to receive the reality and fruits of love. You will find that a broken heart will become a happy heart. You will notice how your sister or brother comes to you with tears and leaves with a serene face, a smooth forehead, and a smile.

Make everyone you meet you happier and better. You have the power to do it. In fact, you have already done it often. What I, and all creation, ask of you is to make this such a natural habit that it becomes your only way of living. I assure you that it is the only way to live in Heaven. It is how, together, we bring Heaven to Earth. It is how we bring joy and peace to the world.

There are many ways of being, but only one way is God’s way.

Go through the world showing your sisters and brothers the beauty that they are. Tell them again and again. Do not miss a single opportunity. You can do it in countless ways. All are necessary. Be yourself in every moment. Do not look for a guide other than your heart. I, the sweet Immaculate Heart of your Mary in unity with Jesus, will always be your loving and cheerful companion. You will not be alone in bringing to Earth the joy of Heaven. It all resides in your heart.

Such joy to be certain! Now we remember again our eternal goal: to be the ones who bring our brothers and sisters in Christ to awaken to the joy of God. Wherever we go, we go in union with God, telling happy stories. True stories. Stories based on the beauty of souls. We show the nobility of spirit, the mercy of a God of pure love. We allow the smile of Christ to be drawn on our faces.

What a joy it is to have found the truth we were looking for! Now we know what we are. We are joy. We are light. We are perfect holiness. We are one with God. Now we go through life with a happy heart, full of joy. We walk safely along the path that love prepares. We are surrounded by the angels of God and Heaven.

Heaven is where we are going. Where we tread, we trans- form barren land into verdant and holy land. The universe in its infinite wisdom sends us those who long for pure love.

Now we are guided by spirit, which acts in our lives. Its breeze takes away that which must go and brings what is in accord with divine benevolence. The powerful energy of love and her daughter, joy, attract holy creations to us with a force greater than that of an immense magnet upon a small pin. We create a vortex of love, a portal to heavenly bliss.

Today is a day of jubilation. Today we consciously decide to channel not only the wisdom of Christ, but His perfect joy, imperturbable stillness, vibrant strength, and the treasures of the Kingdom. We recognize that we are the joy of God spreading in creation. We remain united to the joy of Christ. We remember that it is in giving that we receive, as a holy companion of truth that exudes joy with every step. We extend love. We remind our beloved but forgetful sisters and brothers of the holiness they truly are. We flood the Earth with the joy of the Holy Spirit. We let the joy of creation be expressed as what we truly are.

What happiness it is no longer to need search for shadows to illuminate! Light has now suffused all space. We remember that joy is a way of being, as is love.

Sons and daughters, you receive these words that spring from the heart of God. I ask you, with all the love and sweetness of my Immaculate Heart, to listen to what the mother of the living says in the name of the three times holy.

All shadows of sin have left your heart, as if they never existed. Your whole being, both in your humanity and in your divinity, is enlightened. Every single corner of your soul has imbibed the flow of divine holiness. You are light. Everything I am, you are. Accept this truth and fully accept me in your heart. Recognizing the truth of these words is how we remain united forever in the love of God and allow Christ to shine with glory and splendor.

Daughters and sons of Mary, sweet mother of God, I send you to the world once again so that you may spread the joy of Heaven and be happy in the joy of sharing. Shout to the world: Joy is God’s way!

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