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The Power of Sweetness

A message from Jesus

I. Tenderness and Strength

You may find it a bit strange to see that this dialogue is called the power of sweetness while I also speak of the power of God and of your heart, which are one and the same. Clarifying this is important. The ego used to associate sweetness with weakness, and kindness with impotence. Is it not true that the world often treats the kind and tender with harshness, or even with violence or disdain?

I was called the Lamb of God. What was intended by that symbol was this: a lamb is the perfect symbol of the docility, tenderness, goodness, and sweetness of Christ. During the process of my redeeming passion, one of the things clearly demonstrated was that tenderness is justified under all circumstances. My message was that there is never reason to disconnect from the sweetness of your heart. That message is as relevant now as then.

Brother, sister, the tenderness of God is Heaven’s gift given to you from all eternity. Do not reject it; do not despise it. Rather, receive it with joy and love. I give it to you with my sacred hands. Accept it.

If there is a reason why the world seems to be a cruel place, it is its lack of sweetness. The ego cannot be tender because it knows nothing about power or love. Remember that the ego is impotent. It was an identification with a being that was separated from the essence of life and, with it, from wisdom. Now that the ego is gone and there remains only the patterns of thought and emotional response that the mind and heart have used over the centuries, we can begin to reconnect and come into union with the tenderness of Christ.

When you look with the eyes of love, you will see that everything around you is tinged with tenderness. Where love is, there also is sweetness. Where tenderness dwells, there also dwells truth. The Earth that you know of as your home is no exception since the spirit of God dwells in it.

How often do you show the sweetness of your heart? How often do you receive it from your sisters and brothers? Is it not true, beloved of my soul, that tenderness is greatly absent from the world?

Please listen: Who were those who accompanied me to the cross? Only a handful of people. Who were they? Why only they and not others? It took a lot of strength, inner strength, to be by my side at such a difficult time. Only those strong in spirit could do so. Only the tenderhearted could be present—the little group that came up to the mountain of the cross with me. Disengaged on the outside, they were perfectly united within, in the unity of love.

Sons and daughters of divine tenderness, I am not bringing to mind the episode of my crucifixion to cause distress or to burden your soul with pain and guilt. That is impossible because you have already transcended the ego and you know that the crucifixion is no longer a cause of suffering but of joy in the resurrection. I bring up the example of my life, and very particularly that of the cross, to eliminate any doubt as to the direct relationship that exists between sweetness and strength. The union of the power of God with the sweetness of perfect love is what the symbol of the Lamb of God means.

The lion and the lamb will rest together, it has been said. This means that goodness and strength will once again be joined. Only when both energies of the soul unite in your singular consciousness are you integrated. Roughness is not part of love, unlike fear. Where one lives, the other disappears. Like water and oil, they simply cannot be joined.

II. The Language of Love

One of the easiest ways to determine your connectedness to the sweetness of your heart is to observe your language. A hard heart speaks harshly. Hard language disunites, is intolerant and always leaves an aftertaste in those who speak and in those who hear.

We discuss these things now because you are in the perfect position to let go of everything not coming from love. By their harshness you can distinguish between loving and unloving thoughts. Some are crude and lacking in subtlety. Others are subtle and extend joy to both the one who gives and the one who receives. Some give fear, others give love. Remember that these are the times of Mary, the times of the sweetness of love. You are living in a time when spirits are able to express the beauty of the soul as it was in the beginning. Let us start here and now with this call that love makes to you, wherever you think you are, without delay, without stopping for considerations that only delay the arrival of your expression of the tenderness of God.

Only the pure of heart can express the goodness of the Lord because only those who live in the truth allow their being to express what God is.

God is truth. This means that for God to manifest fully in you, it is necessary for you to live in truth. To live in truth is humility. To live in truth is a path that begins with yourself. In other words, being truly yourself is the basis for the love of Christ to be expressed by reason of what Christ is. You are nothing but Christ.

Beloved of the truth! If you fail to live as the living Christ who lives in you, then the perfect love that you are must wait. It waits in the center of your being, as if locked inside a very beautiful chest, waiting for the time to give birth to a whole universe of love and truth.

Is it not true that despite the fact that bodies have the potential to create new life, they do not always do it, for various reasons? The same happens in your heart. If you do not allow fecund love to give birth, the light of Christ will not extend from you, even though it lives in you. If you do not allow the power of God to be founded on the tenderness of love, then the being that you are is prevented from spreading freely and your abilities or talents are overshadowed.

Ultimately, what we are stating here is that truth lies in the unity of your expression with the tenderness of love as two aspects of the same divine dimension. Remember, in God there is no separation of any kind, no such thing as power here and sweetness there. Both are one.

III. Unity and Sweetness

If there is a uniqueness to this work, it is that of the union of the three hearts—the union that exists between your heart, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Given the importance of this union, you have been given a pearl of inestimable value in the devotion of the union of the three hearts. To unite all that is of God in holy unity is the purpose of this work and is the purpose of all spiritual work that comes from love.

For many I am the symbol of God’s power, a power unmistakably demonstrated as the rational, leading, miraculous, and even heroic aspect of Christ. Mary is for others the perfect symbol of the sweetness of God. Both are inseparably united and form the union that is Christ. Not that they are two parts, for in them is nothing that does not exist in God and in each of them in unison. Both are the pure incarnation of Christ consciousness. Simply put, in them is only God and all God.

In Jesus there is all Mary and in her is all Jesus. They are a unit. However, the world usually makes a distinction between the masculine and the feminine. You have been given the power to unite with Jesus and Mary in a unity that does not distinguish between one and the other.

Just as Jesus, Mary, and the Holy Spirit are inseparable and form a most Holy Trinity, you too live in the union of the three hearts. From one you absorb the power of God; from the other the tenderness of love; and in the unity of both they merge with each other. From that fruitful union is born the Christ in you. This says that within the union of the three hearts you become nothing in love, allowing love to spread by itself.

You have tried many things as an individual and as a species. But you have almost never tried pure love. Not that you have not loved; you have certainly shared the love that comes from God and that lives in you. The beauty of who you are has extended beyond limited consciousness or individual self. What I am speaking of is trusting love completely. When it comes to making decisions, if you think about trust and associate it with love, and make this your only thought until it has become a habit, you will see that each day you will express more and more tenderness. You will be more and more subtle.

Trusting in love is essential when it comes to attaining and preserving inner peace. Trust and love go hand-in-hand. This you know but rarely remember: trusting in love is trusting in yourself, since you are love and nothing but love.

Now we are ready to comprehend: total trust in love eliminates fear. By trusting like this, you claim for yourself the power of Heaven and Earth, which belongs to you by birthright. Once you have restored the awareness of love, and with it the power of God in yourself, then tenderness becomes the only possible expression because love and sweetness are one and the same.

Forget all the ways you have lived and express yourself from pure love only starting now. Thus far you have more or less been fluctuating within the continuum of love and fear. Today I ask you to stop fluctuating. You can do it. Fluctuation between fear and love is commonplace during part of the spiritual journey. You have vacillated between almost total fear, to a little bit of fear, to a little bit of love, to much love, and back to little fear. Now you are being called to make a conscious decision. It will be easy for you because of your longing for peace. But you must decide every day to live solely and exclusively in pure love.

Soul in love, you are tired. You have come a long way. You feel you have gotten dirty along the way. Sometimes you are dejected and often discouraged. You have shed many tears. You long searched without finding. Even though you have reached the point where you are aware of God’s love, and you know you are holiness personified, still there are painful memories. Over time they are less intense but the records of madness that guilt engendered remain in your memory.

Open your arms and hold on to love. Feel how the warmth of our union shelters your being. Feel the tenderness of my heart. Merge in me. Release resistances. Put aside the armor that separated us. Dwell with me in the precinct of true light.

Come, blessed soul! Come to that place where nobody except you and the Creator can enter. Come to inviolable love and drink steadily from the source of beautiful love. Immerse yourself in the depths of my heart, where sweetness dwells. Enjoy the delight of hearing love speak to love. Let love make you fruitful every moment. Let it be the lord of your universe, the God of your existence, the refuge of your past, the certainty of your future. Let love be the gateway to the eternal present where the light of the Christ dwells in you.

My sons and daughters! There is a place where only sweetness dwells. There is a place in your heart where God eternally rejoices in the delights of beautiful love. That place is your own being. That is what you are. You know it very well because it is your home, the place where you were created and from which you have never been absent.

That place is not on Earth but beyond the noise of the busy world, beyond the stars and sun, a sublime place that words cannot describe: the abode of Christ. There you are who you really are. There you live in the Mother’s house. There your heart rests. There your mind creates eternal creations of perfect love.

Come, dwell with me in the abode of Heaven in your holy mind. That place, and what you are, are always united, which is why Heaven is wherever you want to be. This is why it is perfectly possible to flood the world of lovelessness with tenderness, and why you can create a new Heaven and a new Earth.

Where your treasure is, your heart will be also. This truth is a reason for joy and freedom. Your heart, the center of your being, is what you are. You are a holy heart, just as I am the union of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We are one heart. If what you are and where your being dwells go hand-in-hand, then that sacred place we have been talking about—the source of beautiful love, the abode of the sweetness of God—has to be where you are. There is no difference between the being that dwells in the abode of Heaven and the Heaven in which the being dwells. Your being is Heaven.

Heaven is you. If this were not true, the goal of bringing Heaven to Earth would be chimerical. But since this truth is the truth of who you are, it is as attainable a goal as breathing. Wherever you dwell, Christ dwells; and wherever Christ dwells are the treasures of Heaven in their totality. You cannot be a little bit of Heaven and a little bit of hell.

When we speak of the earthly world as a hybrid in which Heaven and hell seemed to be joined, what we are saying is that you can either join the Heaven of your holy mind, or fear. In one case you join the longed-for Heaven; in the other, the hell so feared. Either you join with what you really are and live in the authenticity of the heart or you deny yourself.

Extending the sweetness of love is typical of the enlightened, the wise, and those who have chosen the option of love with a greater or lesser degree of consciousness. The states of enlight- enment, wisdom, and love are different facets of the same state, the state of loving consciousness.

A lack of tenderness is an unequivocal sign that you have disconnected from your being. Only those who are hurt can hurt others. Remember that everything is ultimately spiritual energy. Matter is molded by spiritual energy into form. Energy fields, as scientists call them, are nothing but spirit. It is spirit that gives life to all things including body and the soul. Every- thing is energy.

IV. Healing and Sweetness

There is no real distinction between matter and spirit. They are one. The field of spirit that gives existence to matter is inseparable from the matter that it manifests. Everything lives in unity. Nothing exists in separation. Sepa- ration is an impossible condition. Thus wounds create wounds since they are an energy field and can mold only pain. It is a simple but powerful rule. Every field of energy must manifest in one way or another. This you can observe easily in your phys- ical environment. From whence come the objects that you see in your room, in the water of a river, or in the forest? An energy field gives them their existence.

The words that come out of your mouth, or that you write with your fingers, the pencil that you use to write, the brush with which you paint, or the piano that accompanies you as you sing sweet melodies, all emerge from an energy field that ulti- mately is spiritual. Nothing is born from the material; matter arises from the immaterial. Form is how the unmanifested is expressed.

Rough words, gestures, actions, or omissions are visible expressions of the energy of lack of forgiveness. They arise from unhealed wounds—that is, from the unforgiven. That is why forgiveness is so important. The ego enters the soul through the cracks of wounds. That is why it causes them. At this point you must have already realized that the ego has only one goal: to cause damage, mortify, hurt, inflict pain, and create suffering. Hurt is the unique faculty of the ego. Within this illusory capacity, where wounds are never real although they seem to be so, the ego is sure to enter your mind and dominate your will and your being.

Wounds, which always come from illusion, cause an energy field inside your soul. What else could create such hurt for oneself and others?

Even though Christ dwells in the heart eternally, a heart full of unhealed wounds, a heart without forgiveness, cannot express the sweetness of love because a broken heart cries in silence, submerged in the depths of its immensity.

The healing of wounds is the foundation upon which the tenderness of Heaven will manifest itself through what you are. To do this, you must take into account your own wounds and bring them to the light of forgiveness and love for the living Christ that lives in you to transform them into greater aware- ness of the love that you are. In addition, you must also heal the wounds of your sisters and brothers. Simply said, you must be a healer. Only healers can be tender. Only the tender ones live in love.

In this session I am speaking of your healing ability. Some- thing needs clarification. Often healing is associated with extraordinary powers or miracles that, more than love, reflect a desire to be special. Remember that you are called to pray for miracles and to live in miracle-mindedness in such a way that you are literally a miracle worker. That is your function. Have no doubt about it. However, it is important that you understand the purpose of this function.

Working miracles to win followers, respect, or gain admira- tion is so out of place in Heaven that the very idea is worthy of loving compassion. It is not part of the thought system of truth. The miracles I performed had a high symbolic content. None were random. They were always expressions of healing love. I healed wounds. I healed bodies. I included those who had been discriminated against. I joined what was separated. I restored movement to the crippled. I taught healing. You must do the same. In effect, you are already doing so, as with these words, we are restoring what you already know and are reinforcing your new system of truthful thinking.

To heal hearts, your first goal is fully to heal your own, that is, to become aware that your heart has already healed. Certainly your wounds have healed; I anointed them myself with the oint- ment of my love.

Being a healer is your destiny not only on Earth but in Heaven. Healing is not necessary in Heaven, since Heaven has only perfect purity. Healing means to know your brother and sister. Everything around you has a heart, and caring for the heart is a sacred treasure. The healing proposed in this work is always to be the ointment for hearts, to treat them with the tenderness and angelic care as befits the children of God.

Restoration of the hearts entrusted to you entails holding them in the embrace of the love of Christ. True healers not only heal but never hurt. They are harmless. You can do this because you love yourself with perfect love.

Children from all corners of the world! You who receive these words in whatever way they have reached you are called to be true healers—healers of hearts. For this, you must use only medicine that calms the soul, the tenderness of love. Be docile to the call of love. Be tender in your dealings, thoughts, and feelings. Be sweet to everyone, no matter what your sisters and brothers in Christ may do.

Worry not about how the history of the world will unfold. That is not your business. I call you not to change the world but to go through the world from now on as a healer of wounded hearts, restoring what is broken within souls, uniting the separated, lifting the fallen, loving the unloved, including the excluded within the embrace of love, and illuminating darkened minds so they shine in glory and splendor. Remember often that we are one mind, one heart, one holy being. United we are the harmony of the world.

Tenderhearted healers are healers par excellence. It is useless to heal a body but leave a wounded soul. An encounter from which your brother or sister does not come out happier and better is meaningless. There are many who seek healing and many who have a sincere desire to heal. Indeed many do give healing to a degree. But only those who heal through the love of God who lives in them, who offer healing in the holiness of truth, can be considered true healers. This is not a reason for disunity, nor does it suggest that some are created as superior to others.

Those who live in the truth know that there is no separa- tion and that nothing and nobody is superior to anyone. They also know that the universe needs multiple forms of expression of love and healing. Therefore they judge nothing. They do not examine other forms of healing. They simply dedicate them- selves to their function, which is to heal the hearts that God sends to them as they are. True healers know that nothing is by chance. Where there is healing, it is because they are a living expression of God’s love. They do nothing by themselves; they simply place themselves in the position of being channels of the love of Christ. They let the Holy Spirit heal through them. They do not speak of themselves, but rather allow love to speak through them. They are Christ. They have come to the world to liberate, to heal, to illuminate, and they do so with their very existence.

In the tenderness of God resides the power of Heaven. In it resides all glory and all potency. There is nothing that the sweet- ness of love cannot do for truth, peace, and holiness. Only the strong can afford to be sweet because in the world it is easier to be cruel than kind. Therefore, it is necessary that you be alert for God so that the habits of the world do not throw you back into harshness.

Since the world’s system of relationship is strongly based on the attack-defense relationship, on the struggle for survival, the patterns of tenderness and love have been set aside. However, this should not be a cause for concern. You can open yourself to the new: the tenderness of God spreading throughout the universe.

Begin right now to extend the realm of the tenderness of love and you will see great changes in yourself and your envi- ronment. Remember that as within, so without; so treat yourself with tenderness and you will find tenderness in God, the world, and others.

Beloved sister! Beloved brother! The world is tired of violence and blunders, and cries for you to give God’s tenderness. Do not deny such a treasure. Give the world the beauty of the love that lives in you. That is true healing.

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