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The Meeting Point

A message from Jesus

1. Prelude

Sons and daughters of eternity! Many have been looking to meet their brothers and sisters without truly doing so. It seems that something always emerges that separates—a discussion, a point of view, a desire, a belief. Almost anything seems able to disunite sisters and brothers around the world.

Unity, it seems, is so fragile that it is always on the verge of breaking down, or at least is so difficult that it resembles an ideal more than a reality. The reality of love seems alien.

Yet if we continue to live life without managing to live consciously and forever in unity, almost nothing has been achieved on the spiritual path. True spirituality is that which comes from love; it leads you to love more. Everything else is past. We have already noted this.

Unity is not possible if you do not love diversity. Remember, life is diversity. No being is identical to another. Even you are not the same from minute to minute. Everything changes. And yet you are immutable as created by God. How can both realities be reconciled? Immutable and yet constant change? Unity and yet diversity? They seem to be irreconcilable. But they are not.

To live in union it is necessary to recognize that what is one can simultaneously be different. Think of the Earth that your blessed feet tread. Think of yourselves like majestic trees. There may be thousands or even millions of different kinds trees on Earth, in all different shapes, sizes, species, and colors. Yet they share the same being.

II. Unity and Being

One of the great difficulties in finding a meeting point for living in unity is trying to convince others of the truth of what you believe.

Behind all attacks between sisters and brothers, behind all disunity, is a judgment that says, “Your way of being, and consequently of acting, is wrong. Either you must adjust it or there is no possibility of joining together, for I have the truth.” Such is the typical ego pattern, a thought pattern expressed in a thousand different ways.

Trying to unite in truth is dangerous. You do not know what truth is. Yet you know that great sacrifices have been made for the sake of truth and in the name of love.

So where is that meeting point? How can you know you are one with your sister and brother without excluding anyone or anything?

You cannot unite in body. You cannot unite in emotion, nor in feeling, nor in thought, because these are the most personal expressions of each being. The tone and timbre of each voice is different. Do not look for unity at that level. It is not necessary.

Unity does not mean equality. Unity is simply joining. What is united may be different and undoubtedly distinct in its expression. Observe nature.

To illustrate, we will take as an example this work of love, which was received, written, and given by the pure love of God.

This work is different from all other works that have existed up to now. It is a most personal expression of the love of God, manifested through a particular being and created in the likeness of love, just as are those who receive these words. However, he is not the same as anyone else and never will be. This work, which comes from the union of Christ and his being, has the coloration, the sweetness, of his soul.

For some, these words will mean nothing. For others, a little. Some cannot understand the meaning of this work in its entirety. Others will disbelieve it is an inspired work. Some will stop following these words somewhere along the way, tired of hearing “the same thing” or because I use certain words or expressions.

There will be others who jump for joy upon receiving these words and their hearts will sing a new song. Others will feel relief in their souls that finally their longing to hear the voice of God has been met through this work. Some will recognize in these words the voice of the eternal beloved of their souls. Others will go beyond the words to the love with which they are given.

For some recipients this work will be a source of inspiration, a trigger for creativity that had been blocked. Others will use it as a study guide to which they will return every so often when they want to inquire about something, or simply when they wish to experience again the sweetness they find in it.

There will be all kinds of reactions to this work, as there are to all expressions.

There is also a mystical dimension to this work. It has the capacity to transform and to work miracles through the power of the word of the spirit of God. Remember, wisdom is Christ, and everything coming from Christ is powerful and effective. Remember also that the word of God always accomplishes its mission and does so in ways mysterious to humanity.

III. Being and Diversity

Since each person receives what their being disposes them to receive, and since what they do with it is a matter for each being, there is no possibility that a work of this kind will touch all minds and hearts in the same way. Although we are one mind and one heart, we are not the same.

Trying to create a work that fits all brothers and sisters in all times and places is like trying to catch the wind. The value of these writings, and of the work that emerges from them, does not lie in their ability to reach everyone, nor even many. Its value resides in the expression itself.

Whenever you live in the truth of who you are and express yourself freely from that truth, then you are realizing the purpose of your existence. When you do that, what does it matter whether others believe in you or not, or follow you or not, or adjust to your way of being or not?

Let us leave the example of this work and consider nature which surrounds you. Observe the flow of a river. Consider every drop that is part of it. Is a droplet wishing others to accept it or to be influenced by it?

Is the larch aware of what other animals think or how to convince them of something? Do you think a flower is telling others what they should be?

Let nature be your teacher. She has much more than food and beauty to offer. She can show you the truth and love from the mind of the Creator.

Rivers, larches, and flowers are just what they are. They do not care about anything else. They do not even care about what they are. They simply are.

As for beliefs—there will always be room for debate and disunity. Likewise with feelings, because the mind interprets its thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Expressions also carry the risk of disunity. Those who judge can always find something to judge.

Union can only be true and indissoluble at the level of being. To be what you really are is that to which you are called. That is all. Union is not about convincing anyone of anything or trying to make others what you want them to be. It is about being authentically yourself.

If you live life as the perfect expression of your true identity in Christ, without letting yourself be led by external authorities, expressing only the love that you are, you will not need to convince anyone of anything. Nor will you be bothered by seeing others express their differences.

The expression of differences is necessary because they are the reality of creation. All are one in being and many in expression. In other words, even while being one in being, you are you and your brother is your brother.

Life is composed of infinite expressions of a single holy love. Your function and your joy is being the unique expression of the love that God is. If you observe well my life on Earth you will see that all I did was authentically to be the one who was revealed to me—the living Christ who lives in me—that you also are truly.

I never wanted to confront beliefs, dogmas, and doctrines. I did not come to create a religion. I came to be who I am. And that is what I showed. That is your function as well and that of every living being.

When you are authentically yourself, that is, when you live from your being and follow what your mind attached to your heart indicates from the wisdom of Christ, then if confrontation arises you act without fear from the authenticity of your heart.

If you are who you really are, then if a debate arises, you participate without losing yourself in it. If you feel you should give your point of view, then you will do it without the desire to convince anyone. You will simply be yourself expressing yourself in that situation. The same applies to every circumstance of life.

Resting in what you are is the only way to find peace, security, and unity.

The meeting point is yourself. From there you express yourself and who you really are. From this it follows that there are as many truths as there are created beings. This does not mean that the truth is not one. The truth is one and many at the same time, just as time is short and long at the same time. Love is one and many at the same time. Life is one but is expressed in infinite ways. The universe is vast enough for everyone and everything.

It is not in ideas, nor in feelings, nor in beliefs, nor even in love or truth that you can find yourself. You can only find yourself in your being, because there is no other than your being.

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