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The Name of God

A message from Jesus

I. Symbols and Expression

Soul in love! Here we are again, reunited in the presence of sweet love. I thank you for answering the call from On High. Thank you for receiving me in your heart.

These words are full of love. Absorb them. Make them yours. Let their power transform you.

I am the light that comes from the Father and manifests in you. I am one with you. I am where you aim to be.

Before going further into the sweetness of love it is important to remember that names, like words, have no meaning of their own in the realm of Divine Truth. Remember that love has no words. Nevertheless, in the plane of perception, words can mean a lot. In this work we have deliberately used names with a high emotional content, words endowed with many meanings over the centuries, such as Jesus, Mary, Holy Spirit, God, and many others. Some may consider this to be contradictory.

The laws of perception cannot be evaded while you are ruled by them. Nor need you do so. The love of God does not skip anything you have created in your world. Rather, love joins it, and from that union transforms it, together with you, so that the truth freely shines from behind every word.

This work does not seek converts or followers, or to evangelize a wisdom that others do not know. If this were the goal, this work would be meaningless because it would try to teach what everyone knows: love.

So that this work comes to light, we have selected names and a context for multiple reasons, many of which exceed the purpose of these writings. The essential reason is that of the healing of memory and the reinforcement of your true identity.

Everything could be summarized as a matter of identity. There is a risk when you decide, more or less consciously, to travel the spiritual path. The risk is that of losing identity or creating an identity that is a composite of many spiritual currents—a kind of spiritual hybrid that does not help sustain you within your true identity. Worse, it can increase your confusion and make it more difficult for you to resolve your identity crisis.

I do not advocate confusion, but certainty. And I do not advocate an amorphous identity without a solid anchor.

II. Diversity and Uniqueness

A great challenge in spiritual life, as in every way of life, is to remain totally yourself without losing the flexibility that the universality of love demands. The whole does not annul any part, nor does it need to. The part—you—can be who you want to be.

The names chosen in this work may cause controversy among some and even cause some to reject it. Even that is in accord with the purpose of these writings. Resistance to the word “God” or similar words often reflects a lack of forgiveness or an inability to accept differences. Achieving an open mind and a broad heart that can accommodate everyone equally is part of the goal of this gift of written words from Heaven.

To reject this work because of the names that appear here is like rejecting it because its prose does not seem exalted. That would be staying on the surface. Nevertheless, in certain cases this or similar responses are inevitable and necessary.

Everyone who approaches these writings will experience what love wants them to experience. Everything will come to light and imbibe its sweetness in due time.

To you who receive these words, let me address some things before moving on. It is not you who have come to me but I have come to you. It was not you who chose to read these words, rather they have been looking for you from all eternity.

These words were written in the Heaven of your holy mind and have been calling you ever since. They are not simply letters written on paper or words said and captured on a recording device. They are pure love. They are drops of dew falling on your mind and into your heart to allow your soul to germinate the beauty that you are and bear abundant fruit—the fruit of light and holiness, the fruit of truth and love.

III. Beyond Words

Do not stop at certain words. Refrain from being angry with your past experience with the names of God. Absorb them with the heart. Let them be your guide. Remember that I told you that where you found separation you will now find unity.

Feel how much love the Creator, who has the kindness to write to you, has for you. Long have you been waiting for doors to the Love of Loves to open, and to live more deeply in the holiness that you really are.

These words are a testimony of God’s love for you who are His delight. You are a holy, pure, perfect soul. You are as lovely as a beautiful snowflake but without its coldness. You are the living expression of Divine Love.

This work is a diploma for you who have concluded the search for the spiritual life. You have reached the point where you can begin to live as the incarnated Christ you are.

You are Christ. You are what I once was and proved to be two thousand years ago. Now the time has come for you to prove it.

Do not be deterred by symbols. Throughout this work you have experienced much. You have changed greatly, even in ways you cannot yet understand. Your heart knows who is speaking.

Perhaps some part of your mind is still reluctant to believe this call, claiming that you are not worthy to be Christ. No matter. All that is past. Keep going. You know me more than you know yourself because I know you more than you could imagine. I know very well who you are, and why and for what I have chosen you among the multitude.

You are a soul chosen to let the light of Christ shine in the world in which you wish to be. Your past choices do not matter. All that matters is that you live in truth. And this is the truth: you no longer live but Christ lives in you. And you are called to make this truth the center of your existence.

Christ does not care what you call him, nor what associations you make about him. Christ does not have an identity problem. He knows who he is. Neither will you stop at such insignificant matters as whether the name of God is this or that, or whether such and such is the right spiritual path. Those are matters for spiritual children. You are no longer a spiritual child. You are the living Christ who lives in you.

You may think that replacing the word “God” with “being” or “love” would resolve the issue of God’s name and associations. But that is incorrect. Every word is charged with emotion and triggers some kind of reaction. What for some is a sign of inclusion for others can be a sign of exclusion.

I am not only addressing those who would reject the names for the Divine used here but also those who have mental idols that would separate rather than unite.

It is a misunderstanding to believe that God gave the truth to some and would have them monopolize it and build institutions. It is part of the thinking pattern of the child that you once were but that must now be left behind.

Everything coming from love unites. What brings about disunity comes from nothing. God is love, and therefore is perfect inclusion.

You can transcend names and forms, and fill them with true uniting love in one way or another.

I am not calling you to do anything in particular, nor to live in any special way, nor to change the world. This is a much more radical call—the call to be fully you as God knows you.

To be as God created you is what I have been talking about all along, for two thousand years. I do it in a multitude of different ways and I will not rest until my voice is heard in every corner of the universe.

This work is the ringing of the Lord’s bell. It is the call for which you have been waiting. It is the call to follow what the wisdom of love tells you, so that she, and only she, is the source of your knowledge and action.

This work is prompted by wisdom not of the world. It is the voice of Christ speaking within you in a way that only you can recognize.

It is important to begin to realize that the only relevant thing in you is your direct relationship with your Creator. Be aware that by going through this work together we are growing in the degree of knowledge of our love relationship. It is at this level where this work makes sense. It is in our direct relationship, in the relationship you have with these words and, with them, the Christ who lives in you, wherein lies the power of this work to transform your life.

As you join in peace with your being all the days of your life and remain there in every moment, you will be creating a new Heaven and a new Earth. Do this and you will have returned to love.

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