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Final Words

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

Friend of my soul, holy son or daughter of light!

We have reached the end of the fourth book of this work of wisdom and love. We walk together on the path of direct relationship with God.

How much joy it gives us to be one and many, power united to your heart!

The beauty of your being cannot be expressed in human words, nor can the greatness of your heart.

With joy we join you. We are always by your side and always will be. We are one with you. Together we are the eternal reality of love.

We thank you for the time you have dedicated to these words from Heaven. Thank you for answering the call from on High. You have chosen the best part and it shall not be taken from you. You have chosen to follow the voice of truth.

Remember, my voice is like the wind—you know not from whence it comes or where it goes. My voice is a breath of living love, a breeze that carries docile hearts through the flight of freedom of the children of God.

Let us continue with joy and peace. Let us continue playing together the beautiful love game. And with those who were waiting join us, we will proceed on the path of love as the multitude of Christs that we truly are.

I ask you to continue to hold my hand and the hand of your Heavenly Mother. United we will call everyone to come to the feast of love and creation, the feast of Heaven.

Rejoice, you who receive these words. You are the witnesses of the Second Advent. You are the witnesses of God’s love. Share these words wherever you are. Go around the world announcing the good news. Christ has arrived. Christ is here.

Blessed are all my children.

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