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The Power of God in You

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Being and Power

Holy ones, perfect expressions of God’s love! Today I have come to dwell with you who are the presence of love and perfect unity. I come from where the light of truth dwells, a place that is not a place and yet exists, eternally created by the Mother, where only the tenderness of love dwells.

I am one with you here where the truth shines in all its glory. This dimension of existence in which we dwell in unity with God and with your true self is your link with unity.

I am here in response to your call and because of the will of the Creator. I come to reveal even more of the mysteries of Heaven. What a joy it is to discover holy truth. What a joy it is to dwell in your heart and for you to live in mine. I am one and many at the same time. I am everything.

In this session we will speak of power. Every creation of God is clothed in power. There is no impotence, no unconsciousness, and no ignorance. No absence exists with God. God is perfect plenitude.

Feeling powerless has caused you to live submerged in fear. As an individual and as a species, the impotence of the forces of your life has scared you as you tried to survive.

Holy creatures, that is not true life. Living is fullness. The fearful cannot be full because fear prevents the expression of love, and only through love can the fullness of your being be reached. Please listen well now: In you lies the power of God.

Do you not feel helpless? Regardless of whether you would answer “yes” or “no,” please follow me in this session because true power is unknown in the world.

Because everything that belongs to God belongs to you, there must be a way for you to reach it. Where does real power reside? How do you get and hold on to it? And why? How do you access your inheritance—the treasures of the Kingdom?

I speak here of how to claim what rightfully belongs to you, your divine inheritance bestowed upon you from the very moment of your creation.

The power of God is the power of love. It exists in the mind and Heart of God, remembering that we no longer distinguish between mind and heart, thought and feeling, since both are the same, an undivided unit, although expressed differently.

II. The Heart of God

God created you in perfect holiness and beauty. She is Creator of all that is true—a being whose intelligence surpasses all human understanding, whose wisdom surpasses all measure, an eternal Father whose authority is beyond the imagination, a divine Mother whose sweetness exceeds the tenderness of all the mothers of the Earth.

God’s mind has only thoughts of pure love through which She creates. God also has a heart, the source from which love springs. Her heart is an infinite universe from which everything emerges in perfect peace and holiness. The Sacred Heart of God is an eternal fire of creation without end. It is a creative nucleus of infinite power.

Once again I ask you to extend your imagination far beyond its usual limits. Imagine the most Sacred Heart of the Mother as a sphere of diamond light in whose center burns an eternal fire.

Begin to see with the eyes of spirit how that sphere enlarges more and more until it covers the entire universe. It grows so much that you can no longer distinguish its outline. It is a circle of light with neither beginning nor end. It is the eternal circle of the life of God. Observe how the circle rotates incessantly in an endless rhythmic movement. The fire that burns inside the Heart of God grows, and grows, and grows. It is the fire of the creative passion of the Creator, a fire to which nothing and nobody can get too close. The fire you see is the divine essence. It is the being from which everything arose. It is the burning fire of God’s love.

The power that resides in the Heart of God is the only real power. It is a power capable of creating with infinite intelligence the multiple dimensions of creation. Remember that existence is not of a single dimension. The dimension of time and space is only one of the infinite realities created and yet to be created.

What we have called the condensation of fearful consciousness, which is what the ego is, is that somehow you made the deliberate decision to disconnect yourself from the power of God. You wanted to be separate.

To move away from love and truth is to distance oneself from God. We already know this clearly. The rest follows. If you separate yourself from love, you separate yourself from the Divine Mind and the Sacred Heart. By doing that, you renounce the power of God in you. Obviously that power is not absent from your mind or heart, but it is reduced to a minimal expression.

On the physical plane you have been using a small fraction of your true mind, a minimum of your mental abilities, such as, to put it in simple terms, ten percent of your abilities.

You are clothed with an immeasurably greater power than you can imagine. Not only can you fly, literally speaking, you can be in more than one place at a time, as well as see all past, present, and future time. You can create dimensions of existence in union with God.

The power that comes from God, as well as everything that emerges from Her, resides in your being. It cannot be anywhere else. As I have said, do not look for happiness, but be happy. In the same way I must now say: do not seek the power of God, but be that power. This means that you become one with Her.

You cannot create the power of God, but you can remain attached to it, just as you can remain attached to love.

Your mind is an extension of the Divine Mind, just as your heart is an extension of the Sacred Heart. If you were not connected with the mind of God you could not think. You literally think with the mind of God or not at all.

If life is thought and you are life, can you then stop thinking? No, you cannot stop thinking, because you would cease to exist. But you can become unaware of the thoughts that God thinks of you. You can block the expression of love through you. In other words, you are free to allow love to be accepted by you and to flow through you.

III. Power and Love

Let us return now to the vision of the diamond sphere with an immense blazing fire within it. This vision is a representation of the power of God, which is the power of love. We cannot speak of power without speaking of love because only love is powerful.

Does it not make sense that God has put power and love together as an inseparable unit? What would happen if the power of God could be used for something other than perfect love?

Ultimately, all fear originates in the fear of the power of God. Fearing God is something that the fearful know very well. We have already spoken of this.

What we are doing now is reconnecting you with your true power. For this, it is necessary that you first recognize it, for what you do not accept with your mind and heart cannot serve what you really are.

Power can be active or potential. It can be manifested or not manifested. The same occurs with love. All power resides in love, therefore in your being.

You are powerful. You have the power to make your mornings be as you wish with all your heart. You have the power to make a whole Heaven. You have the power to work miracles. You have the power to heal bodies and raise the dead. The power that resides in your being can do all this and much more.

Let us examine why you would fear the power of God. You think that if you use that power, it could turn against you because you have had the experience that what you created— your ego—turned against you with all its perversity.

Let us assume for a moment that the power of God can be turned against you. Realize that if that were true, that which would turn against your being is nothing other than the ineffable sweetness of love. The power of God is Her love and vice versa.

You can communicate with us and with the entire universe that lives in love. There is no limit to real communication. You can be aware of other dimensions, as well as the dimension of time and space. Limiting your awareness is an option but it is not God’s will for you. The same applies to your abilities.

To reconnect with the power of God you must remain in the presence of love. It is important to understand that there is no question of whether or not you are a bearer of God’s power but how to access that power and remain in it eternally. I said the same thing when I spoke of access and permanence in Christ consciousness.

It is in Christ that all power and all glory reside. It is through the living Christ who lives in you that you are as powerful as God in being one with Her. It is in the mind of Christ and your Immaculate Heart that your being and the pure love of God are united with all that is holy, perfect, and beautiful. You will not find power in any place other than in your own being.

Outside of love there is no power possible because outside of love is nothing. Remember, only love is real. Therefore, only the power of love is real.

Creation exists because of the power of love. Her love sustains its existence. Her power creates and recreates eternally. Her wisdom establishes it in an inalterable order. The power of life that you see with the eyes of the body is the power of God manifested in form. Nothing can stop life.

IV. Power and Fear

Fear of the abuse of power engendered in you a mechanism that annulled the awareness of your own power. Certainly the power of love is something you know well.

You have replaced the power of love with the power of anger, which is nothing but fear. That apparent ego power, which is all that you associate with violence, aggression, anger, and many other different forms of fear, is the substitute for love.

Fear seems powerful but is not. Your weakness is evident, and that is what you fear most. Thus you fear fear. In other words, you are not afraid of fear because of its power but because of its weakness. Fear weakens. Accordingly fear has the power to eliminate from your conscious experience the extension of love.

The love of God, which is the only real love and therefore the only reality, does not stop spreading because you do not want to welcome it and allow it to manifest voluntarily through what you are. Love will spread with or without your consent. This must be clarified.

Your consent is one with God’s. When you were created you gave your Yes to your Mother and Creator. But concerning the matter of not allowing the extension of love, the consent I refer to is that of your human aspect.

Your divine nature does not block the extension of love or reject the power of God. Your human nature does, but now that will cease because both natures have met in love.

Giving your humanity the power of God is absolutely possible. I proved this when I lived on Earth as a human being, as you do now.

The fear of the power of love is so great that it is buried in your mind and heart, and is the fear of not knowing what to do with power. You think that if you take charge of your power you could use it to harm because that is what you have seen in the world. You know from experience that the powerful of the world almost always use the power they acquired to hurt others, or at least on behalf of their ego—nothing you want.

You created a mechanism that originally came from love but that is far from truth. By this mechanism you annulled the expression of the divine power that lives in you. Ultimately, you think it is better not to be powerful than to succumb to the abuse of power, especially if that power is as great as the power of God.

What would happen if you used God’s power for harm? This question is in the pattern of your thinking, even if you do not think much about it. So we must dismantle the erroneous associations that exist in this matter.

The power of love cannot be used. God knows not of use or abuse. Everything that God is—and therefore everything that arises from Her heart—comes from love and is love. Therefore the power of God can only serve the cause of love. It cannot be for anything else.

Holy sons and daughters, you cannot succumb to the abuse of the power of love. You can never love too much. Love is powerful, and has the ability to create whole universes of infinite creations. Remember, everything that surrounds you comes from love and is the power that gives you life.

Once you recognize and accept the absolute inoffensiveness of God’s power, you begin to feel comfortable with it as your own power. There is no difference between the power of your being and the power of love because your being is love. Nor is there any difference between the power of God and your power because your Mother and you are one.

If I have demonstrated the power from above, and that that power did not necessarily come from me although it expressed through me, it was so that you could recognize it. I am not more powerful than you, since you and I are one. All power and all glory belong to you forever and ever.

Remain in love and the power of God will do in you and through you what only She knows and can do. You need not manipulate it or know how to use it or what to do with it. You do not need to do anything but recognize and welcome it.

As long as you remain in union consciously, to that extent your feelings of helplessness will fade away. Finally you will recognize that the power of God and the sweetness of love are one and the same, just as you are one and the same with the living Christ who lives in you.

To let the power of God be manifested through you is the same as saying, let yourself be loved. I am calling you to claim your true power, now and forever. Do not worry about how this will come about. In the direct relationship with God all Her power will shine in you. You will know what the power of the Most High is about and you will rest eternally in the security of love.

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