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The Plain

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Prelude

Sons and daughters beloved of the Creator! Here we are, united to you wherever you want to be. There are no limits to our union. Wherever you go, there we are. We are the living expression of the Mother’s love, as are you. We have come to dwell with you. We have moved the events of life to be able to spend some time with you.

Remember that you are not alone. You never were and never will be. A multitude of angels and beings of pure love surround you everywhere. We know about your sleeplessness, your worries, and your weariness. We also know of your deep love for your eternal Mother. We know the beauty of your heart.

We want to speak with you once more about the sweetness of love. Everything that comes from God is soft, graceful, and accurate. Love knows nothing of harshness. The subtlety of love is such that only in the silence of the heart can it be savored.

Please close your eyes for a minute or two. Breath deeply. Immerse yourself in the unfathomable abyss of your being. Take my hand, the hand of your eternal friend, the hand of Christ. Begin to immerse yourself more and more in the hollow of the soul, where nothing and nobody unholy can ever enter. Let us enter the depth of your soul where God Herself enjoys you with an inviolable love.

Oh soul of love! Child, drink from the waters of life. Leave the world behind. Leave aside all that worries you. Stay in the solitude of God, where all of creation embraces you lovingly. Come, rest on your beloved’s bosom. Enjoy the intimacy of love.

No relationship is more intimate than that which you have with your being. Stay there. Consciously allow the direct relationship with God to be your food.

II. Expression and Feelings

We return once again to expression of feelings. We do it because the fear of feeling has not only made us deny what we feel, but deny the expression of feelings as well.

It is not possible for you to experience freedom if you do not embrace free expression. Drowning your heart is no longer possible. Remember that you are deep into this path of the heart. The transformation has occurred in such a way that you have accessed the perfect knowledge of your being. And with that you have completed the path that led you to truth.

We have come down from the mountaintop. Those who must join us are doing so. They are a multitude. God’s work in you is going on day after day, hour after hour. God works in silence. Love does not boast. Life unfolds in silence.

We are showing our sisters and brothers what it means to live in the truth of who we are, just as I did two thousand years ago. We express ourselves as the wisdom of Christ’s conscience tells us.

We give a message of encouragement to the fallen if that is what God wants to do through us. We lovingly rebuke if that is what we are called to do. We stay in silence and solitude if the love wants to spend alone time with Her beloved child. We share what we receive free of charge if Christ so disposes. We do nothing without your consent.

Now is a time of silence and solitude for the world. Here we are, you and me, alone in a union of love whose holiness is beyond human words. We are aware of the silence that surrounds us. We are together, united under the stars of a holy night—a night of moon and love, a night of angels singing, a silent night. Just you and me.

Everything that makes sense to you resides in our love relationship. Making yourself aware of our relationship of intimacy is the fullness of your existence. Nothing happens outside of that relationship. Everything that is true is created within our relationship.

You are the repository of all the love that exists in my divine heart. Remember, my child, that there is nothing that my love cannot solve. I am who I am. You are who you are. Ours is a holy relationship.

III. Times of the Holy Relationship

My beloved, the grace of the direct relationship with the living Christ who lives in you has been given you. That is a direct relationship with God. Remember that you are living in times of a new spirituality based on a greater knowledge of God’s love, one marked by a direct relationship with God.

Do not worry about the fruits of this relationship. The harvest is abundant. You can already see many of the fruits of our union. You will see many more. Yet they will be almost as nothing compared to the abundance of the fruits of holiness that arise from you because of our union.

Remember that demonstrating the direct relationship that you and I have is your mission. In the measure in which you manifest it, you make it visible; and to that extent you grow in the unity consciousness that we truly are. Unity with everything created resides in what you are. This does not mean that what is outside you need be inside. It means that your nature shares with all being the same essence and substance.

Let the world keep turning. Stay in my arms. Now everything is silent. The birds of the sky are silent. The rivers flow serenely without disturbing the night. All creation sleeps. But our souls melt more deeply. We are growing in union.

We have talked about the expression of feelings. It is necessary. For this, first we travel the path of the silence of the heart. Then we allow being to express itself. The manner in which this expression is realized will vary, given the vastness of what you are. Embrace, sing, dance, cry, moan. Express yourself! But always remember that you and I are one. That nothing can separate you from my love.

Your life is in my hands, literally, in such a way that you have nothing to fear. Fearlessly express yourself in this way or that. Do not make the matter of the expression of feelings into a new doctrine. Simply enjoy being alive with naturalness in every moment.

Remember that the love you need already lives in you, and nowhere else. It was never apart from you. Nobody gave it to you except God in your creation. It is unnecessary to ask for love or to seek love. What a joy to know this! You never suffered because you did not receive love; all pain came from your difficulty giving love.

IV. Expression and Sharing

To express yourself is to give. This simple statement contains a universe of wisdom and truth. It is important that you listen well. Keep these words in the silence of your heart.

The only thing that truly makes sense is love, given. It is true that you were created to be loved, but only to the extent that you first receive the love of God can you give it because of what love is.

From now on I ask you to become aware of the love you give. This love adopts multiple forms. It may be giving company to someone lonely, or tolerating something or someone who was difficult for you. Perhaps it is given in works of solidarity or in simple gestures of caring for a plant or a pet. It does not matter how love is expressed.

Every expression of love is a way to give love. This is why I express my love for you. Each time you allowed love to express itself through you, you felt it in your heart and also in your mind because your mind rested in peace. Each time you expressed your love, in thousands of different ways, you remained in unity.

At the end of life only the love given will remain. This is why I urge you, again and again, to express feelings. And I urge you to express love because only love is real.

You are ready to understand this matter of the expression of feelings and freedom of thought in relation to the practice of the power of silence. The only thing you should express is love and that you can only do from the heart, which is the center of your being. This is because anything other than love is nothing and therefore cannot be shared. Giving is sharing.

Expressing yourself from love, which is what we are talking about, is a way of extending the will of God.

Expression is not itself an act of will. It is a matter of being. There is no possible choice in this. It is the same as saying that there are no neutral thoughts—all produce effects at some level. Those effects are their expression.

Not saying something out of fear, or saying it out of fear, will generate guilt and guilt will be the expression of that fear. Saying something from love or being silent in love creates more love. It is not about expressing or not expressing. In one way or another you always express yourself. Your choice is to express yourself from love or from fear.

What is the fruit of the expression? Knowledge. What is not expressed is hidden. What remains submerged in darkness causes fear, not because it is frightening, but because it cannot be seen in the light.

Nothing need be hidden in God, or in you. There is no need to hide your feelings or thoughts. All are good. All come from your being, so that expressing yourself freely will allow you to know yourself and others to know you.

What we speak of is that you allow the energy of feelings and thoughts to bring you what they come to bring you. You should be aware of the tendency to quickly get rid of emotions or mental processes that you do not like. Do not think that the anger or dislike you feel is sinful. It has something to tell you. Listen to those feelings. Embrace them.

Fear is one of the obstacles to free expression that exists in the patterns of thought and emotional responses. For this reason I have talked so much about it.

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