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The Wisdom of the Self

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. The Guided Self

Going from a life marked by intellectual knowledge— worldly knowledge—to that ruled by the wisdom of God is your goal and where we are now heading with certainty.

The wisdom of Heaven is inherent in being. When we speak of the wisdom of the heart it is about the wisdom of your being. Remember, the heart is the name we have given to the center of your being.

There was no need to dethrone the wisdom of Heaven from your soul and replace it with a strange mechanism of intellectual reasoning based on trial and error, and effort. Yet that is what happened. Now we recognize, first, that the wisdom of God exists. Then we recognize that it must dwell in some place or state.

We appeal to reason. She will tell us that everything created is imbued with wisdom. We accept once again the irrefutable fact of the great intelligence that gives order to everything, of the great creative power capable of creating souls, wills, hearts, thinking beings, irrational beings, and much more. We accept it because we see it. We do not deny the reality in front of us.

We already know for sure that God is love. Reason now tells us that love cannot have been left to itself but is accompanied by the wisdom that rules life and therefore our being. We know that love spares nothing. Love is eternally giving everything. We know that we are similar to our Creator. Thus we know that the wisdom of God, which is the wisdom of life, resides in every living being and in everything that has been called into being.

Ignorance is not what you have been created for. Wisdom is the natural state of being, and therefore of yourself. It is absurd to suppose even if you cannot hear the voice of the conscience of Christ that you would have to create a voice of a moral or social conscience.

The voice of Christ is the voice of wisdom because Christ is wisdom. You believed that the wise were those few who had been so graced, and did not know why their gift was one you lacked. Perhaps, with your sense of justice, you believed that God would not give to some what She does not give to all. But such a belief is not enough; it is necessary that you accept it for yourself. Even if you believe that God is fair and abundant, it may still be chal- lenging to accept that She is fair with you in particular.

One of the problems you had with wisdom is the thought that it is something alien to you and that it had to be given to you. But wisdom is what you are. It cannot be defined in any other way since wisdom and love are one and the same. Remember that the only way to define love is that love is. Thus wisdom is.

II. Wisdom and Unity

There cannot be a being over here and wisdom over there. A being is necessarily a being of wisdom, for it is a being of love. You are not ignorant. You never were and never will be. None of your sisters and brothers are either. Neither are the other beings that inhabit the Earth alien to wisdom. You are the wisdom of God personified. You are love extending eternally.

The question is not whether you are ignorant, but whether you are aware of the wisdom of the love that lives in you. You can only be aware of your wisdom if you live life centered on your being and allow it to ask the questions, give the answers, and decide whether you need to act or not. This is a matter of practice.

You can deny the wisdom of your being, although not totally. This is the same as saying you can deny the voice of God, although never in its entirety. To deny your being means to deny love, truth, and wisdom. It also denies the treasures of the Kingdom.

When you denied your being, wisdom remained in a state of immanence, that is, it only acted for the basic issues of your existence. You cannot stop existing because what God creates is eternal. But you can reduce your light to such a point that it is only a tiny spark.

While it is true that this spark is more than enough to sustain your existence, it is also true that with it you do not have the awareness of the Christ that you are in truth. Thus although the light of Christ will always shine in you, your expression of it may not. That depends on your free will. That is the space of your will.

Denying the wisdom of God in you is a clear example of the denial of true knowledge. Knowing is a matter of direct relationship. In wisdom there is no process of elaboration. Either you know directly or you do not know at all. Either you know something with perfect certainty or you do not know.

Certainty, knowledge, and wisdom go hand in hand. Not knowing submerges you in ignorance, which, although not a state created by God, can be achieved. The same goes for guilt, because fear, guilt, and ignorance go hand in hand.

Although wisdom, like love, does not need words, it can be expressed in words if necessary. You cannot explain what wisdom is because to do so would explain what love is. Nobody can teach you to be wise, just as no one can teach you to love.

III. Wisdom, Relationship, and Miracles

Accessing the wisdom of love is something you do in direct relationship with God. This is the reason you are urged to exercise the power of silence more and more. In the silence of your heart the wisdom of Christ whispers to you with all the softness of love. In the midst of noise it is impossible to hear the voice of wisdom.

We wish to remind you, blessed soul of the Father, that there is a place in you where a sacred silence reigns, where the voice of the consciousness of Christ communicates with you and is not only able to inform you but to act or avoid acting. To allow this is to allow wisdom to be the source of your knowledge and action.

Knowing before acting is wise. What is not usually recognized is that wisdom informs, speaks, and takes action together. There is no sequence. This is the basis of miracles. Wisdom is the source of miracles.

What is being revealed to you is access to miracle-mindedness. Let us review the basic postulates so as to hold on to this forever.

You allow everything that arises in the plain of your life to be as it is. You dare to feel whatever you feel. You do not seek to change anything. You do not judge anything you experience. You watch, you wait. You experience everything life has for you. You let the thoughts and mental patterns be as the mind wants them to be; you leave them free.

Once everything that arises within your interior is accepted and embraced in the love that you are, you take everything to the silence of your heart. There you allow the power of silence to do what it does. You allow the alchemy of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Thus does being transform your memory, understanding, and will in the realm of consciousness. The wisdom of love begins to imbue everything you are.

Then in the silence of your being, you listen to Christ: “Do you give me your soul?” And you begin to know the beauty of divine mercy. Stay quiet. Watch and wait. Listen as your being tells the love that Christ is: “I give it all to you. You take care of everything. Show me what you want to show me. Act according to your divine pleasure. Thy will be done.”

Then you wait. What has to be done will be done. What you have to say you will know to say without any doubt, as you will know when to be silent. It will be wisdom that acts for you and for others.

Certainly you can maintain a conscious dialogue with Christ at all times and in all places, just as you would with your dearest friend. You can ask him concretely to do this or that miracle for you. He will, because now you act from the wisdom of love and not from ignorance. Your whole being has been consciously given to God through the practice of the power of silence; the energy that you carry there is transmuted into love.

Truly, truly, I tell you that you have a right to miracles just as the bride and groom at the wedding of Cana did. Never believe there are limits to miracles. No miracle is small or large. All miracles are simply acts of love. And everything needs to receive the love of God.

Living constantly in miracle-mindedness is possible. It is the result of the transformation of which we speak. By changing false perception to reliable perception, you change from ego mentality to miracle mentality, or to the mind of Christ.

In truth you already live in miracle-mindedness. The only thing we are doing here is growing in the degree of awareness of it. Let this new mentality rule your life. Ask for miracles. Pray for miracles. Join God in the silence of your heart, feel the vibrant force of your being, and from that union allow Christ to live in you the life that He wants to be lived through you. He knows. He loves with perfect love.

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