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A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. The Path of Transformation

Being an alchemist is part of your function. An essential but rarely recognized power within you, or rather within creation, is the power of transformation. That power, arising from the silence of the heart where it resides, is what makes everything in the world of form capable of being transformed. This power is inherent in form, and comes from your being. The being that God is carries within Herself that power. Otherwise form could not have it.

The true power of silence lies not in speaking much or little, or making much or little noise, but in attention. It is a matter of consciousness. Mindfulness can only be achieved in a soul that has made silence its faithful friend and has developed a conscious love relationship with it.

If there is anything you acquired at the top of the mountain, it is the awareness that within you is a silent space as sacred as the most venerated temple on Earth. That core of your being, that silence in which you are fully yourself, that nothingness in which everything arises, is what we call the silence of the heart. In that space, the center of your being, resides all the power of God, and therefore of creation.

To live centered is to live connected with that silent space of your heart, your being. Whenever you move out of that silence you suffer because you have ceased to be aware of who you are. That silence is your being. It is that in you wherein resides all the power and glory of Heaven and Earth. There is no other place where this power resides, nor where it can manifest itself, except in the silence of your heart.

I assure you that the power that lives in the silence of your being is so overwhelming compared to the power of the world, that before it every army would fall apart were they able to see it. They do not see it because silence encompasses sounds, images, touch, and everything else that can be perceived by the bodily senses.

Since the senses of the body cannot enter that arena of pure silence, of nothingness, then the thinking mind cannot understand it. That is why we take sequential steps in your spiritual path. First you had to dis-identify yourself from your thoughts, and then from your feelings and emotions. Once you have achieved this, you can gather all that you are and take it to the silence of your being where it is transformed by love into greater loving consciousness.

II. A New Purpose

The life you live now, after the “descent” from the mountaintop, is what allows you to grow in awareness. It is the perfect means to broaden your heart in the awareness of love. You become more conscious as you wake from Adam’s dream. Your spiritual amnesia heals. All these descriptions will help you better understand the path on which you travel, and your purpose.

We said earlier that where you encountered fear you will now find security, and where you experienced separation you will experience unity. In order to become aware of this, it is necessary to take everything within you to that holy place.

Think of the silence of the heart like a place in your soul where there is nothing. Imagine nothingness. It is vibrant, full of unmanifested life. It is so immense that the physical universe is for it like a small nut placed in the palm of its hand. Begin to conceive of silence and vastness as a space without beginning or end. There is space for everything.

Stillness and emptiness are the reality of God. There is nothing in Her, yet within that nothingness resides the vibrant, pure potentiality of infinite totality. Thus God is everything, including nothingness.

Feel the vibrant force of that place of absolute silence. There are no sounds and no images—only one energy that vibrates incessantly. It is the matrix of your being, created in the likeness of the Creator. Within it resides all creative power. Feel it. Do not label it.

Stay in silence now for a moment no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Feel every fiber of the physical body. Each breath. Every heartbeat. Observe each thought silently. Feel whatever comes up. Listen to everything that can be heard around you. Savor every wisp of wind. Smell every aroma.

Begin to perceive the silence that exists between each sound, the space between each object, the absence of aromas when they have returned to nothing or when they have not yet emerged. Focus your attention on the nothingness that surrounds you everywhere. Nothing. Silence. Expectation. Emptiness. Empty of everything and everyone. Be silent. You are in the temple where She Who has no name resides. Breathe. Rest well. Be quiet. Observe. Wait. Stay.

III. The Memory of the First Love

As you practice the power of silence, which you already know well how to do, the memory of the love you experienced at the top of the mountain remains in your consciousness. Walking through the world centered in the silence of your heart, you are called to live as an impartial observer and to quietly look and wait within the shelter of your being. This way of living, so different from the way of living in the world, will manifest the power of your heart.

Remember that we are not advocating the non-expression of feelings, emotions, or thoughts; we are advocating the power of love and its necessary relationship with truth. To live in truth is to live consciously in the truth of everything that is happening in your inner world.

The Kingdom consists of ideas, memories, thoughts, desires, emotions, feelings, intuitions, and many other things. It is the realm to which the consciousness of every place, time, and circumstance must be brought for the alchemy of your soul to be completed.

If you do not express your feelings, you repress a part of your being. However, not all external expression, as you conceive it, is a true expression. True expressions of who you are arise from the wisdom of love, and she gives herself to you in the silence of your heart. If you express yourself from a place where truth does not reside, your expression will be an illusion.

But if you express yourself from the center of your being, your expression will be reliable. That truthful expression will, first, make your perception trustworthy, and then unnecessary. It will have you live in the knowledge of who you really are. This is why we have said that the path of the heart is linked to both transformation and knowledge. There is only one place where they meet and intertwine: in the sacred silence of your soul, your heart.

When you remain in your heart and hold everything there, you will know what to do or what not to do, what to say or not say, and everything you express will be in harmony with your being. It will not arise from social, moral, religious, or similar conditioning. It will be your own answer. Remember that the events that seem to arise before your eyes are in themselves nothing; the only value therein is in the true response that you give.

IV. All or Nothing

One of the central transformations that this process of spiritual alchemy performs—and please pay attention—is the following.

When you take everything to the center of your being and immerse it in the silence of your heart, allowing yourself to experience whatever you experience, you will begin to know true discernment. Such discernment does not arise from the thinking mind but from your being. It does not necessarily need to be expressed in words or sounds, for remember that love has no words.

This is the only discernment called for. What is not love is fear. What is fear is nothing. What is love is everything. Only love is real. Nothing unreal exists.

Begin to realize that all you can experience is nothingness or everything, fear or love. This is the basis of your salvation. Would you fear what you truly recognize is nothing? Does it make sense to do anything with nothing?

Beloved brother, beloved sister, this is where we begin to become aware of and to disarticulate the memories that told us that fear was fearsome. Being afraid of fear is frightening for those who have not recognized fear as nothing.

The fear of fear can be eliminated from your experience forever. When you are told not to be afraid of anything, you are also told not to be afraid of feeling afraid. You are afraid to feel anger, rejection, anger, or anything else that you do not like precisely because you will never like nothingness.

You were created by the All of everything in its likeness. Therefore you are everything. The fear of experiencing sensations that would seem to disintegrate you inwardly leading to an absolute lack of control and loss of reason is a fear we must now release forever. In the silence of the heart, this release will be made of love for yourself.

Fear creates a state of panic in you now. Since you have known the peace of God, you now fear losing it and returning to the past. With your love of truth and thoughts of God you fear to fall again. Your hair stands on end and your muscles tense as if trying to hold your being from falling back.

The fear of falling is a fear of returning to the past, based on the idea that love can leave you because you think you have abandoned love. It is important to understand that this notion is false and to cease harboring it. You never abandoned love. You always wanted to be.

Love never abandons. Love is what you are. You cannot separate from it or it from you; otherwise you would cease to exist along with all creation. Even God would not exist if you did not exist, because you are God. You are being God when you live your life as God created you to be, as the love that you really are. “My Father and I are one,” says the eternally living Christ who lives in you. “I do only the will of my Father,” says your being forever, truthfully.

A pedagogical way to overcome the fear of fear is to go back and review situations where you experienced fear, not imagined fears but those in everyday life, and thereby to realize that they have no power over you. There has never been a time when fear, expressed in any form, has had any true effect on you. This you already know. You have already walked this path. You have progressed enough to realize that what is being said here is true.

Allow yourself now and always the power of spiritual alchemy. Bring everything to the silence of your heart. Resist nothing. Accept all as coming from God because that is the way it is. Thus little by little you will begin to transform memories of fear into those of love. You will have taken countless sisters and brothers out of hell. Once that is done, you will ascend to Heaven where together we will continue to love each other, creating new love eternally.

The ability to discern between what is nothing and what is everything is ultimately all the spiritual path is about, and is the basis of alchemy or metanoia. As we have said, this is not a matter of intellectual exercise but a matter of experiencing yourself in everything you are on all levels.

Now you can begin to think differently about anger or any murderous thought. You can say: “I’m experiencing nothing. I do not like it, but it’s what I’m experiencing. I will allow myself to experience it. It has no real effect on me, but now I feel it and I encourage myself to feel it in its fullness.”

This understanding of nothing and everything will help greatly from now on, since the word fear brings with it many attributes that no longer make sense and have increased your confusion. While this is part of the past, remember that we are healing memory. We are beginning to remember the state of pure love, a state in which fear does not exist, nor anything like it.

In the silence of your heart give everything to me and allow me to do or undo it. To weave a new web. To work miracles. You will learn that you perform miracles from that place of silence where you give everything to your being and allow yourself to occupy yourself. This is the definition of miraculous mentality: a mental state in which you take to the center of your being everything that arises, literally delivering it to the Christ in you and allowing Christ to resolve all things according to His divine approval. This is how you stop being intelligent and become wise: you allow the holy wisdom of God to be the source of your knowledge and action.

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