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The Power of Silence

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. The Return to the World

As you traverse the plains, after having “descended” from the top of the mountain, you will experience new things. It is important that you be aware of some of them. In reality you already know them, because for a long time the spirit of wisdom has taken you to the mountaintop and spoken to your heart, and in those dialogues of love, you became aware of the being that you truly are.

You were raptured, literally enraptured in spirit and truth. You were taken to the peaks of Heaven and from there you saw panoramas of the universe, including those of the world of time and space from God’s perspective. This is not a metaphorical expression. It is the truth about the path of your soul, and of all souls who have come this far. Dear one, the rapture of the soul exists.

You knew that the return to the plain would not be easy. Once you have tasted the sweetness of God’s love, tasted the honey of your wisdom, and vividly experienced the tenderness of your unwavering peace, who would want to return to a world in which the light of truth does not shine, nor does it rest in the arms of love? And yet, we went down to the plain. We descended once more to the world. For what?

If you do not know the purpose of your return to the life of the world after having had the experience of the Kingdom, the path becomes rough. But if you adhere to your purpose, you will begin to live with much more serenity and ease.

There is a feeling that we must come to the light and unite with it. That feeling is related to the return from the mountaintop. That is what we will speak of in this session of love and truth.

Once you have found yourself, you will never want to stop living in union with the living Christ that you are. You have found the pearl of great price, the hidden treasure. You have found yourself, joined your being. Now you are the realized one. You are the one who has found. You are the enlightened one. In short, you are.

This feeling is the aftertaste of the transcendence of mundane things, arising from the value you have found in the eternal. The world stops having intrinsic value to those who know Heaven. No one who has left the world and returned to God’s Heaven has the slightest intention of returning to the experience of human life. The life of opposites had no meaning to those who know a reality that has no opposite.

So what is the point of returning to the world? Why did I return after my forty days and forty nights in the desert? For the same reason you did. Remember, you and I travel the same path.

Because I knew that you would find certain parts of the path difficult, I gave you my gospels. They reveal a lot about the challenges I had to face in my public ministry: conflicts, diatribes, invasive behaviors, anxieties of all kinds, not to mention the anger that was almost always present.

II. Extended Consciousness

Truly, not a single day in my public life was free of difficulty. Observing this led me to say: “Do not worry about what you will eat tomorrow or how you will dress. Each day has its sorrows and joys.”

This is true not only for those who have returned from the top of the mountain, but for all. Yet for those who savored the sweetness of beautiful love, it is experienced in a different way.

It is not that the world rises up against you because you have returned; it is that now your degree of consciousness does not allow you to ignore the slightest strand of truth. You do not deny anything anymore. You live in the reality of what you are. You embrace each feeling for what it is. You do not try to give a false name to a feeling or try to reject what you clearly feel—whether joy, pain, anger, enthusiasm, discouragement, hope, vitality, depression. In short, the color palette of emotions unfolds in all its expressions.

My beloveds! For what else would you be enraptured and taken to Heaven, where we love and speak in the deepest intimacy of our being, but that we can begin to walk the path of the heart together?

I did not touch your heart “just because.” You gave it to me. And I made it one with mine. Now we are one holy heart, a single true being. When I put my finger on the center of your being, your soul was ecstatic. Your mind was submerged in the reality of love in an indivisible union with your heart. You became one in yourself and one with me. From the integrity of all that you are, you joined my divinity. This is how the new being that you are was born.

The path of the heart, which is the one that all those who receive these words are called to travel, does not simply ask you to accept everything that you experience within yourself and embrace it in your consciousness. It is a path that leads you to walk in truth. It is a path of deep honesty with yourself, and consequently with others, with the world, and with God.

Honesty is essential to your being because you cannot live in any reality other than the truth. Deceiving, denying, and evading were mental and emotional mechanisms of the ego. Those patterns are what the path of the heart dismantles and deprograms.

You have returned to the plain of the world with your heart wide open. This has made you much more sensitive than before. When you opened your heart, love came to dwell in you. With a sensitive heart, we must now walk through a world about which we previously were discouraged. With a mind imbued with wisdom not of the world, we must tread where we previously perceived ignorance. We know that this world cannot give what only God can give.

III. The Mundane and the Spiritual

Why travel the path of the heart in this world? Why were you not taken instead to other dimensions where there is the beauty, harmony, peace, and happiness that your heart longed for? How long before we are finally together in our Heaven?

These questions remain in the depths of a mind attached to a heart when it returns from the mountain of God down to the plains of human experience. These questions denote a tension between the mundane and the celestial, between the human and the divine.

We begin by accepting that tension. Observe your body and soul, and you may feel that tension. It may even be so strong that you develop physical illnesses. This is no longer the tension of the past, between the ego and God. It is the tension between living in the world and being of it and living in the world and not being of it, and the possibility of completely abandoning mundane reality to live definitively in the Kingdom of Heaven where you know you dwell eternally.

These tensions will pass. They are the manifestation of the feelings of rejection that your being naturally develops to everything that does not come from the eternal reality of love. You would like to flee to the mountain and disconnect from the world. You would like to seclude yourself so that nothing distracts you from our direct relationship. In short, we have called this feeling the desire to get out of life.

The path of the heart is one of deep honesty. Henceforth you must accept that life is now your teacher in a new way: Now, for you, life is God. Now you realize that when I said I was life, I was not speaking metaphorically. What does this mean? It means that every event of your life on this path of the heart is the perfect means that your Mother uses to transform you, more and more, into what She and only She has for you. Now life itself is the great teacher, the shaper, not of your personality, but of you. I shall clarify.

Experience is perception because it is its cause. Cause and effect are one. You might argue that it makes no sense to live a life that molds you if your being is immutable and you do not need to be molded into the real you. You might also say in truth, although in part, that perception is not necessary in Heaven, for there one enjoys perfect knowledge. All of this is true. But it is also true that it is necessary to deprogram perception to the point where holy perception leads to the recognition that no perception is necessary. Simply put, collective and individual thought patterns and emotional responses must be dismantled.

Your mind and your heart are united with the collective mind and heart. For this reason it is always necessary to return to the plain. I told this to my beloved apostles on Mount Tabor. The life you experience is the perfect medium for memories out of harmony with God to be erased, reprogrammed, and emptied of everything untrue. In this way you receive the memory of God. We could say that the events of life on the plain are the perfect means for you to forget the world and remember God.

I said that the way of the heart consists of walking in truth. In this sense it is the path of humility. It is a way in which you do not seek to modify anything—not the world, not the events that come to you, not the people, not yourself. We only seek to gather everything that arises in our interior. We accept that God knows what the events, things, and characters are that must act together so that this process of memory healing occurs.

IV. Perfect Love Consciousness

Just as God Herself took us from the state of spiritual amnesia to the state of Christ Consciousness in which we now live, She will also take us to the state of the fullness of being or the consciousness of perfect love.

The world is now the perfect medium for the chrysalis to become a butterfly and for it to know how to fly.

In this path of the heart it is essential to accept everything you feel, think, or experience inside without trying to label it, name it, or decide anything about it. This path is not about doing but about feeling. Feeling is the key word. Remember that the fear of feeling is basic. It is present in all fears because ultimately fear is a denial of being and you deny your being by not feeling what your being feels.

In the way of the heart, when you feel anger, you say to yourself: “I feel anger. I do not like how I feel, but it is what I feel. I allow myself to feel every drop of anger that has come to me. I will not do anything with it except to feel it in all its breadth and width.” If what emerges is joy, we accept joy and feel it. We do not try to label it, nor say that it is better than other emotions. We just feel every drop of joy as we did with anger, or as we do with the deepest sadness or the greatest pleasure.

The key is to feel. Why? Because it is through your emotions and feelings that the process of transformation is taking place and means to complete it. Remember that in feelings as well as in thoughts is life. Remember also that we no longer make a separation between thinking and feeling, but take them as a unit. Both are aspects of a single reality, the reality of your soul.

When we emphasize feeling, we do not do so to put aside what you think. We do it because the fear of feeling has been much greater than the fear of thinking, although both exist within the palette of fears you have experienced.

The fear of insanity can be as intense as the fear of losing control of your emotions. This must not be forgotten. Both fears are unfounded. However, merely by saying that these fears are illusory does not accomplish much. You need to experience this truth. You need to experience how, when certain thoughts or emotions arise that you previously denied out of fear, they have no real effect on you. Life now will bring you situations to dismantle your fears. And you will see that it works.

An essential aspect of this path through the plain, which you walk with your heart in your hand, is to become an inseparable friend of silence. You will experience its transforming and miraculous power.

Before, when you experienced something you did not like, you reacted more or less with anger. You manifested that anger either outwardly or inwardly. You will no longer do so. Now you will simply remain with silent feeling. At the outset you may feel as if you are standing in front of the cross as I am being crucified. Maybe you can withstand this mystical experience, or maybe you cannot. It does not matter. What matters is that you keep every drop of feeling and thought in the silence of your heart.

V. Divine Silence

We now speak of the power of silence and its importance to you. In silence everything becomes one with God. In silence is where metanoia happens, the coal becomes a diamond. Silence is the divine matrix in which everything is born. Silence is an aspect of divine nothingness.

In the stillness everything is born. Therefore if you take your emotions into the silence of your heart and allow them to be as they are, you will see them being born, growing, and then disappearing. They are like waves in water, like a musical note that is born out of silence and then vanishes.

If you exercise the power of silence you will see, little by little, that all power returns to you. Many times the external expression of emotions is but the desire to dissipate their energy. Now we no longer do that, but we let any energy that appears in our soul be as it is. We do not think anything about it, whether an emotion, a feeling, or a thought. We do not identify with anything.

In every feeling, emotion, or thought that arises inside you is a message of love, as well as in every event of your life. The circumstances of your daily life help you elicit the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that you experience.

The messages that events bring cannot be understood in words nor put into thoughts. Their language is not the language of the thinking mind.

The message of feelings, emotions, and thoughts is in the energy of each. Some bring the energy of fear, others of love. What they bring can only be appreciated if you allow each one to be integrated into your consciousness as it is. But you must feel them. And you cannot feel them in their fullness if you are not silent, focusing your gaze on your soul, and allowing everything to be felt.

This is not about trying to understand, but about allowing everything to come to you without resistance—no matter if what comes is the strength of an anger that you feel to be devastating, or a disgust that makes your stomach turn, or a calm and peaceful feeling.

Practice the power of silence. Allow yourself to feel everything you feel and to experience everything that you experience without doing anything about it except to feel and absorb every drop of its energy. If you do this, you will be lord of a spiritual practice as powerful as any other, the power of metanoia. In addition, with this practice you intertwine the path of the heart with the path of transformation and that of knowledge. The union of these three paths is what we call the path of the wisdom of the heart. Through the power of silence you perform miracles for yourself and others. In peace you create a new Heaven and a new Earth. By remaining in the silence of your heart you are the perfect expression of the power of love.

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