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A New Beginning

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Prelude

Sons and daughters of inextinguishable light! We are clothed with pure love to dwell with you in the presence of the holiness that you are in truth. You are holy because God is holy. You are beautiful because God is beauty itself. What a joy to have arrived together at this time without equal, a time full of blessings and divine Grace.

You are tired. You have traveled winding roads to arrive at this point. Lay your head on my shoulders. Let me caress your hair. I invite you to rest in my heart and to shelter your being. Let me fill you with peace.

Beloved of the Creator, the time for planting is over. The time of harvest has arrived. Be happy. Begin to relax and live serenely. Little by little you will feel more comfortable in these lands of peace and endless harmony. They are different from the territory you once knew, but they are what your heart has desired. Do not be afraid. We are always by your side. United we are the light of the world. Together we are invincible, for the strength of love lies in our unity.

We are speaking of living in times that are no longer those of sowing. Remember, Christ is the sower; the harvest is His gift of love for you. You receive, you give.

The “living Christ that lives in you” is simply an expression that tries to name that part of you capable of uniting Heaven and Earth. That part of you is real. It is the reality of love that has become your identity. Everything that belongs to God belongs to you.

The living Christ who lives in you is that part of God that extends to you and keeps in your being all that is divine and human, because your humanity, as well as your divinity, belongs to God. Remember that the outside world is not separate from the inside world, just as Earth is not separate from Heaven; these are two aspects of the same unique reality, the reality of love. There is no separation.

Your humanity and your divinity are not two different realities that come together in a relationship. They are one. As you progress in the discernment of truth, you recognize that a relationship and its parts are one and the same. There are no separate parts in a holy relationship. Thus the name of the most Holy Trinity has been given as, “Father, Son, and the Spirit of love that unites them in an eternal holy relationship.” We have already discussed this, but we recall it now because it is necessary to remember that the path of life is already the path of beautiful love.

There is no reason to wait to begin living consciously in the reality of love. You are the reality of love. My son, my daughter, you are living in the reality of God.

Just as you were told that the world has long since ceased to exist, the same goes for your return to love: it has been a while since you returned. Since long, long ago, you are the living expression of love extending eternally in everything and everyone. Perhaps this is not perceived as true, because percep- tion is subject to time and sees everything as a logical sequence of “if this, then that.” Thus thinks the mind: “If I am still in the world, then I am not in Heaven.” Such thought patterns exist, and now we abandon that patterned thinking. We let it go without judging anything.

Even long before My voice manifested itself in this way for you to hear—and all those who receive these words hear it— came signs that you are not of the world, despite being in it.

You are the Christ of God who has returned to Earth in your true identity. Accepting this as true for you and making this truth the nourishment of your life is what it means to accept the harvest. Christ sows. Christ harvests. Christ is.

The harvest is abundant. Day after day you will see its manifestation in your life. You will walk the path that your being longs for, because what you long for in the depths of your soul is what God longs for in you.

From now on you can travel the roads of the world without being a stranger in a strange land. Souls are not alien to you. Your sisters and brothers are not alien to you. The beings that inhabit the Earth are not alien to you. Now that you see with the vision of Christ, you recognize the truth in each being, which is why you can live in the world without losing yourself in it.

II. The Treasures of Being

You will be what you should be. You will be the Christ of God, awakening your sisters and brothers with your single existence, along with all beings that inhabit Earth. Your radiance does not come from the thinking mind, which is not the living Christ. You illuminate by the mere fact of being, because you are true light. You are a being of light.

You will increasingly unify with children of light according to the law of attracting that which is alike. Love attracts love, light attracts holiness. Where light exists, darkness cannot. Children of light are already enlightened, just as you are; do not judge their different ways of enlightening.

Remember that fireflies, stars, and the sun all illuminate in their own manner. Each give beauty merely by being what they really are. Children of light are the saviors of the world. Without them there would be no hope that the physical universe would return to the love of God. These children of holiness are reborn from the spirit of God for the salvation of the whole world.

They are the co-creators of the Second Advent. They have accepted holiness for themselves, not because they have won it in some way, but because in humility they recognized that holiness is the gift of God for all, and they have received it with joy in their hearts. They are those who love themselves as God loves them.

Beauty of Heaven! Your thinking mind is a blessing from God, an ineffable gift of love, as is everything that comes from the Creator. Honor your mind, let it serve what it was created for: to be a blessed mirror of divine truth, the abode of wisdom, a sacred temple where the sweetness of love dwells.

Brother, sister, you were also given a heart that allows you to do what it always knows how to do, that for which it was created. Allow it to be a pure vessel where love overflows to such an extent that it floods the Earth with its peace, beauty, and holiness. You have a heart for love. Honor it as the treasure of Christ, the temple of God.

You have been given a spirit capable of holding both mind and the heart, united with will and memory. This union is similar to God.

Soul in love, with so many treasures received, with so much beauty given, how could you not be the perfect reflection of the Christ of God? Christ lives in you. Christ is what you really are.

You need no longer strive to know who you are. What sense would that make, now that you know what you are? You need no longer fight to try to show what you never were nor could be. You need no longer fight for survival. Why would you believe that you need to survive what is eternal?

Harvest time has arrived. What you have sought has in truth been given to you in holiness, deposited in your mind and heart, united in a divine unity.

We tell you clearly what the living Christ is that lives in you so that you do not get lost on the path to truth on which you already travel, and to protect you from ramblings that have no relationship to the will of God. What you are has the inherent capacity to express itself and always has. Therefore worry not about what the expression of the living Christ living in you will be like.

Just as water that fills a container assumes its form, so God’s creation fills your soul and adopts your way of being. In this way God Who has no attributes takes on attributes, a process by which love takes form. This is what happens in you. We have called this metanoia, or conversion.

III. Fruit of Planting

A harvest consists of collecting the fruits of the sowing, in this case, the fruit of love. The way this fruit germinates in you is unique. In the Garden of Eden that is expressed in all souls, no flower is the same as another, even though all are perfect expressions of the same love.

Remember that what you were looking for was really looking for you. And since what you really wanted was love, that is, your being, then your being, which never left you, found you first. This is not a play on words; it is the reality of spiritual life.

You are not a body. You know that. You are much more than that. You are a human spirit, created by God, with the ability to create worlds. From the inner world arises the outer world. From an inner world without love, a world arises without love; from an inner world full of love, a world full of love emerges.

Herein lies the answer to all your questions. Did you ever sin? No. You just stopped filling yourself with love, and thereby emptied yourself of your being. Did you ever hate? No. You simply blocked the reception of love from your consciousness, leaving your consciousness empty of the recognition of the love that you are.

What you are never stopped being you. Neither did your true consciousness, which is the consciousness of Christ. In Christ consciousness resides the knowledge of self.

Christ knows its own consciousness. God knows Herself in Her own consciousness. This is always the case: being knows its own consciousness. It is not that consciousness creates knowledge, but that the being has deposited in consciousness part of what is. And since there is only one true consciousness, that is, Divine consciousness, then only in God can you really know yourself.

Everything is given by God. Nothing is not given by God. What She does not give does not exist. Who would create it? You may argue that God does not give cars or houses or material things such as money, phones, and harps. That is true, but who gave you the material to make those things? Who gave you the mind capable of making them?

What you are is the work of God. Accept everything as a gift of your loving will because it is so. Remember that what you sought with all your heart found you first. Otherwise you could not have looked for it with all your heart.

The life you want is calling you. This abundant life, full of meaning, joy, and lasting peace, resides within you. Let it manifest more every day. Remember that love is infinite and always creates more love.

Stay connected to that part of you where the Heavens reside in Their totality and you will see how everything that happens in your life will be holy. No matter what arises within the framework of your consciousness, everything will shine in the light of Christ.

The issue is not to avoid the problems of the world, but not to get lost in them. Remember again that life is neutral; what is not neutral is your way of seeing it, your interpretation of it. The mind and heart are never neutral, because the power of thought causes everything to have an effect on some level.

If you fear something that may happen from time to time, be not scared or self-judgmental. You are no less spiritual if you feel panic or feel useless to do something your heart asks of you. None of that matters.

It is not about living in such a way that you do not feel fear, but that you do not allow fear to paralyze you. You can live fully in love and perfectly walk the path in harmony with your being even in the midst of fear. The day will come when it will end.

You are not being called to be a brave warrior who advances where no one in his right mind would in order to demonstrate his superiority even at the cost of his life. We are not looking for heroes. We are not looking for anything. We are love extending.

What you are being asked, out of love, is that as you walk together in harmony with our being, that you open yourself to embrace everything that arises within the love of our being. Remember that you are simply experiencing human life, but now you do so with the purpose of being who you really are.

Truly we tell you that where one day you lost yourself, you will now find yourself. Fear will no longer cause unrest. You will only want to live in the harmony of your being. You will recognize that the closer you get to love, the less you want its opposite. You will not want anything other than peace and harmony, the result of union.

Love your vulnerability. Love your weakness, your fragility, your limitations. Love also every time you experience your immensity, your boundless vastness, your irresistible power. Love the fact that you are all this and much more. Love everything that arises inside you.

Begin now to travel this new path with us, the countless angels of Heaven and the bearers of the voice of Christ, in union with all creation. This way expresses more each day the love that you truly are, in your particular way. This is a call to immerse yourself more and more deeply in truth, a call to travel the path of love, the path of being that God created to be you.

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